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sexywoodenspoonTJ-: hey01:15
TJ-sexywoodenspoon: why are you concerned about the processing order?01:16
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: Didn't notice you were already here sorry01:16
sexywoodenspoonYeah, I've got rules (see this: http://pastebin.com/7AF12jSC) as my alias maps01:16
sexywoodenspoonIf I send to abc@example2.example.org I expect it to go to forward@gmail.com and not forward2@gmail.com01:16
sexywoodenspoonReordering doesn't change a damn thing so I'm assuming the regex pattern is over-riding it somehow01:17
sexywoodenspoonExpected functionality is: if a subdomain is listed, forward to a specific address (might change each time), if the subdomain isn't explicitly named - forward to another address - catchall style.01:19
TJ-It's a long time since I needed to configure postfix that way; but I seem to recall 'last matching rule, wins'01:19
sexywoodenspoonYeah tried both ways (with the explictly named one last) and it still went to forward2@gmail (as per my example)01:20
sexywoodenspoonActually that's how I started and decided to change it to see if it was first rule matches but nup01:20
TJ-I remembered wrong; it's first wins01:21
sexywoodenspoonHmmm in that case my first example should work but it hasn't... odd01:22
sexywoodenspoonFYI the pastebin, the newline between the two groups is the two alias maps I tried01:23
sexywoodenspoonWeird... I'm getting an error: warning: pcre map /etc/postfix/virtual, line 1: unknown regexp option "o": skipping this rule01:25
sexywoodenspoonhang on, they should *all* be regex patterns?01:25
TJ-That's what 'man 1 virtual' indicates01:26
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: I got that bit of RTFM ;)01:26
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: Sorry man, been staring at this so long it started to become the biggest task on the planet01:27
sexywoodenspoonWell, here goes01:27
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: I could kiss you right now, but you wouldn't appreciate that01:28
sexywoodenspoonThanks man01:28
sexywoodenspoonand thanks man01:28
TJ-"man 5 regexp_table"  ... "postmap -q - regexp:/etc/postfix/filename < ... "01:28
TJ-"regexp:" is a protocol/type indicator01:29
sexywoodenspoonQuestion answered. First rule match = win, every map must be a regex /@example.example.org/01:29
TJ-easy :)01:30
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: When you haven't had the day from hell, yeah! Should have been a two minute bit of fun but nup!01:30
TJ-I'm still having it! Snowed under and going backwards under an avalanche of 15.10 bugs01:33
sexywoodenspoonTJ-: to get you through: https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/20zg6j/sysadmin_of_4chan/01:35
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neurotuswhats the name of package that chekcks after apt-get upgrade that no processes are using old files ?06:54
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bekksafaik apt-get is doing that.07:23
neurotusbekks: the package is needrestart07:30
bekksah, TIL, thx :)07:30
neurotusbekks: found it from other systems alias definitions07:31
neurotushandy to put after apt-get upgrade in a system-update-alias07:31
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ren0v0hi, it seems mysql-server-5.6 doesn't install, (or isn't for me), on ubuntu 14.04. I'm getting a similar bug to this, but i have 4GB of ram free  >  http://askubuntu.com/questions/457923/why-did-installation-of-mysql-5-6-on-ubuntu-14-04-fail07:58
bekksren0v0: And whatd the exact output you get?08:07
ren0v0bekks, i've borked the VM trying to remove it, i managed to fix this error with installing "bsdutils", but then another PPA wanted "mysql-server" installed, and this is a metapackage that links to 5.5, what am i supposed to do about that ?08:13
ren0v0i have some broken packages  "pB" in dpkg output, how do i remove them?08:23
bekksSo you are using PPA which provide mysql-server then?08:26
ren0v0hmm i guess so08:27
ren0v0not sure how to tell that08:28
ren0v0add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder08:28
bekksapt-cache policy mysql-server08:28
ren0v0i can't get 5.6 uninstalled.... dpkg shows pB08:28
ren0v0everytime i try and install 5.5 it errors08:28
bekksSo pastebin the errors.08:28
ren0v0ok let me try again, i've removed all mysql named files on the box08:29
bekksThats a good way to break things.08:29
ren0v0fixed it08:30
ren0v0mysql-common i tink was the issue, remaining files in /etc/mysql etc08:30
ren0v0no errors this time around so hopefully thats it08:30
lordievaderGood morning.09:16
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parapanhi all have some troubles with 14.04 LTS ..11:44
lordievaderWhat troubles?11:44
parapaninstallation stucked at select and install software ...it tells me an error has occured; I moved on to the next step which is grub install ..it tells me that grub cannot be installed11:44
lordievaderWhat error did it gave exacatly?11:45
parapanan installation step failed.11:46
parapanyou can try installing the failing item again from the menu or you can skip ....and so on . . .11:46
lordievaderSo what is it failing on? Updates?11:46
parapanthe failing step is: select and install software11:46
lordievaderRight, what did you select?11:47
parapanseems so ....it;s telling me running updates 1 up to 5% ,,,and then this error ...11:47
lordievaderEverything? Does it install when you select nothing?11:47
parapanall additional software DHCP and mail servers, php 5, all ...11:47
parapandidn't tried .....after the basic core of the server it presented to 5-6 options of different packages ...installed 600 and something .....not installed 1000+ ...and another 4 options .....11:48
parapanI've selected that 1000+ packages .....pressed "g" 2 times .....begin the installation .......and after that it reverted to the same screen with those 6 options ....11:49
lordievaderSo try it ;)11:50
parapanwhere the not installed packages are now around 600 units ....but after that I cannot move the process forward ....I am stucked on the Menu ....11:50
parapanok, then reboot again and so on and I select only the core of the server, no additional packages correct ?11:51
lordievaderYes, install the rest later.11:51
parapanlordievader: restarter, select to boot from USB it says ...network boot not available continuing with normal boot sequence ...11:54
parapanand it;s stucked here11:54
lordievaderNow I am confused. What are you booting?11:55
parapanthe machine again ..11:55
lordievaderThe installer?11:55
parapanI had to shut power off on the machine ..probably something was in the way of rebooting from USB disk11:56
parapannow it;s working the re-install started ...11:56
parapanlordievader: so next time i select nothing ? no mail server, no php, no nothing correct ? just the core of the server ...11:57
lordievaderparapan: Correct.11:58
parapanlordievader: I'll keep you informed on the status ...pls don't leave :D11:58
parapanlordievader: passed the software selection for install...selected nothing and than CONTINUE ...now is downloading 181 packages12:12
parapanlordievader: worked like a charm with no other software install options12:22
parapannow I'm upgrading the packages ..12:22
parapanit seems to go on the right way ...12:24
lordievaderGood to hear.12:27
parapanfinished. good to have support mates !12:27
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parapancan somebody remember ? I once encountered a simple command to make the current folder shared via webserver ....15:31
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Guest51163I am wondering without X11 and down loading any packages in a linux operating system or unix like os what is the builtin commands to remap keyboard keys and remap mouse buttons19:06
bekksDepends on the exact OS.19:07
Guest51163remember the terminal doesn't necessarily have to be a bash , csh , ksh ,...etc terminal i want the most general way that most unix or linux os's can do it with no-X11 ,graphical enviorment or any add-on downloaded packages or tar file programs... there should be a general way to do this after all keyboards and mouses have been around since the begining of time19:09
Guest51163there should be a built in way normally to do this ?19:09
bekksThere is no such general way.19:11
bekksSpecify the OS, then there is a way maybe.19:11
ogra_on ubuntu you would do: sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration19:12
ogra_(i guess on debian as well)19:12
ogra_for mice there is http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/gpm ... I havent used that in a decade, so i'm not sure it still works19:14
bekksogra_: for mice on Ubuntu / Linux, respectively. On Unix systems, there isnt gpm.19:14
ogra_sure ... just talking about ubuntu here19:15
ogra_(i dot even know if gpm still exists in other distros ... and dpkg-reconfigure definitely wont on non dpkg distros)19:15
ogra_there is definitely no general way19:16
Guest51163so under say a bash , csh , ksh terminal is there a general way to do it then or at boot up with grub to tell it to remap the keys so that you can actually type correctly19:19
bekksGuest51163: The answer still is no.19:20
Guest51163under bash then would you uses commands like loadkeys and others see i would have thought there was some kind of standard ls /bin | grep "key" type functions built in to all unix / linux type os's bin files or sbin files but maybe i am wrong... though with x11 graphical enviorment it is pretty universal19:24
Guest51163but without a graphics enviorment your telling me there is no standard way hummm i don't think i agree i will have to look into later thanks anyway19:24
bekksEven for a graphical environment, there isnt a general way. But it seems thats not the answer you want to hear.19:25
ogra_the shell has no influence on the keyboard mapping btw ... that happens on a lower level19:26
TJ-!info console-setup | Guest5116319:26
ubottuGuest51163: console-setup (source: console-setup): console font and keymap setup program. In component main, is important. Version 1.108ubuntu5 (vivid), package size 126 kB, installed size 475 kB19:26
ogra_TJ-, hmm, i dont think thats accurate anymore ... console-setup only sets the locale and font nowadays keymaps are set using keyboard-setup19:27
ogra_someone needs to fix the package description to mtch reality i guess :)19:28
TJ-ogra_: I was about to type that one but got side-tracked locally19:28
TJ-!info keyboard-configuration19:28
ubottukeyboard-configuration (source: console-setup): system-wide keyboard preferences. In component main, is important. Version 1.108ubuntu5 (vivid), package size 745 kB, installed size 2588 kB19:28
TJ-I was trying to check when it took over from console-setup, because locally I'm on 15.1019:29
ogra_i think that was around 12.04 already ...19:29
ogra_definitely quite a while ago19:29
TJ-How time flies :)19:29
TJ-Today I've just had to re-fix a bug I fixed in 2009... took me an hour before I realised I'd been here before :)19:30
TJ-Would you happen to know who's active in the CD Image team; I need to persuade them to use an alternate MBR for hybrid ISO images19:31
Guest51163thanks for that i will have to look more into loadkeys and other commands to translate keys /tables... curious is there away with these commands to completely map your keyboard to unicode character set or some different action completely so that once can make a general language with his keyboard19:39
Guest51163And also curious when installing the os's and your allowed to select the keyboard language/type which is this doing interms of manually doing the equivalent is there some files with all the tables that one can loadkeys manually to switch keyboard layout/lanuages on the fly?19:41
* bekks is wondering about the actual issue behind all those weirdness.19:41
Guest51163I mean doing these settings for clock and timezone by hand after the os has been install is straight forward thru command line . so it stands to reason keyboard settings and mouse settings that the os's configures at install time can be changed as easy as the clock/timezone things19:43
ogra_the ubuntu installer calls the same "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" you call when changing it19:45
ogra_... like it calls dpkg-reconfigure tzdata ... which you would use to re-configure the timezone on an ubuntu system19:46
Guest51163yes but that is for ubuntu or os's that uses dpkg package manager was kind of hoping for a general way to do all linux branches redhat , slackware as well as the debian solution  you gave me19:49
Guest51163Also for the BSD flavors like open,net , dragon fly , free,...etc19:49
Guest51163basically is dpkg-reconfigure calling some program which uses loadkeys with some file for the tables that are located somewhere i am not aware of on the os19:50
ogra_well, even if these OSes would use the same files and configs to set the stuff you want, there is most likely in each of them something on top to manage the configuration ... in case of ubuntu all your selections from dpkg-reconfigure are stored in the debconf db ... in case of SuSE you likely have some yast db and so on ..19:52
ogra_if you modify the config underneath them without updating thir respective tools as well things will likely get reverted or break19:52
Guest51163ok got you but back in the day before package managers i.e the tar  or archive only days there most have been some unverisal or common way to go about remapping keys and configuring your mouse/keyboard buttons for a certain language/type19:56
ogra_you mean like 30 years ago ?19:56
ogra_well ... 20 rather19:56
Guest51163Obviously when package managers came out you just have to find the package manager setting to and the keyboard install program to reconfigure those setting similar to redoing the os's installation but for just those settings19:57
ogra_right, and these things even evolved over the 20 years that for exampe dpkg exists19:57
ogra_aand added more complexity on top19:57
ogra_so whatever you do on a low level will likely cause something to go out of sync19:58
Guest51163I get how its done now adays more package manager and program specific but back in the day  it must be mostly a bash,csh,ksh terminal command to do this that was built in and was hopeing still left there but depreciated19:58
ogra_i even doubt it is deprecated ... there is surely loadkeys or something like that used on a low level19:59
Guest51163I understand it could screw things up at higher levels but want to understand it completely from the evolution of it to now obviously know it is just relatively simple but back then you had more control over it or seems a better understanding of the exact thing not just layer up above it interfering with your understanding20:01
Guest51163yes but how with loadkeys can one switch languages/types all together ?20:01
ogra_like you can use setxkbmap under X11 ... but nothing will guarantee you that the desktop you use wont unset your setting because it manages keymaps differently on a high level20:02
Guest51163As one choses when installing an os's20:02
Guest51163No gui20:02
ogra_that was an analogy20:02
Guest51163ok i guess i have to research later thanks though20:03
ogra_some these desktops most likely even use setxkbmap for their management ... but perhaps they use a different DB on top etc ... same goes for loadkeys ... most of the config tolls might use it, but if you call it directly they will just revert your setting20:04
ogra_so even if you would find the magic builet tool that is usable on all these systems, you would most likely cause breakage here and there by using it20:05
Guest51163so how does one with these commands switch from english to japan keyboard say for example20:05
ogra_depending on the implementation of the higher level bits20:05
Guest51163well for mouse buttons i would imagine these would one be worth much in an X11 enviorment anyway but there is times with ncurser and other things that you would probably uses a mouse so curious if you can configure it in grub or at the bash prompt with no X11 as well20:08
Guest51163And what those programs would be for the mouse. Obviously X11 allows one to set it in his xinitrc to do this or call a configuration file for this but that is specific to x11 i am saying no x11 for mouse settings as well20:09
ogra_as i said in the beginning, there is the gpm package ... that gets (or got, you have to check if it still works) you a mouse cursor in a tty20:09
Guest51163is that normally installed by default20:09
Guest51163so what is the default built in commands like loadkeys, dumpkeys...etc for the mouse buttons /settings if one doesn't have x11 installed20:11
Guest51163man gpm20:11
ogra_there are none20:11
Guest51163seems like gpm is for virtual consoles and would need x11 ?20:11
shaunothere really isn't anything built-in for the mouse without X11. (it's doable but nowhere near default/builtin).  so there's no default to manipulate it either20:11
ogra_no, gpm is for ttys20:12
ogra_it wont work under X20:12
Guest51163ncurser doesn't uses x11  startx graphics enviorment20:12
Guest51163all i see in man pages is it is a mouse server for a virtual console so seems to be for an x11  server20:13
Guest51163though maybe i am wrong20:13
ogra_what does a vitual console have to do with X ?20:13
Guest51163and the mouse server is an independent server that is not part of X11 to translate mouse cursor movement from the loadable kernel module or builtin mouse driver of the os's20:14
Guest51163maybe i am getting mixed up with the terms virtual console and virtual terminal then20:15
Guest51163because virtual terminals have to run under x1120:16
Guest51163your saying virtual consoles /dev/vcs just are the different ctrl+alt + fn screens20:16
Guest51163other then what x11 is running on20:17
ogra_Description-en: General Purpose Mouse interface20:17
ogra_ This package provides a daemon that captures mouse events when the system20:17
ogra_ console is active, and delivers events to applications through a library.20:17
ogra_ .20:17
ogra_from apt-cache show gpm20:17
anternati cannot ping my server locally but it is already connected to the internet.What must i do21:02
T3DYBest VPN package for ubuntu server?21:51
bekksT3DY: There is no single best, since that is just your personal opinion. There are various VPN packages for Ubuntu.21:52
T3DYWell could I get some personal opinions then? :P21:53
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ponyofdeathhi, trying to boot from san. and am being dropped to initramfs after install. any ideas? it says device busy when initramfs tryies to mount the uuid22:42

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