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lesamourai_problem with ubuntu aquarius E5 phone , entered reboot loop .05:31
lesamouraiNeed help to reflash BQ ubuntu aquarius  phone.06:06
lesamouraiThanks anpok_!06:11
anpok_yw, sorry that you have to go through bootstrap..06:16
anpok_do you know what caused that for your phone?06:16
lesamouraii am not really sure , but im guessing it happened after I updated the phone06:19
anpok_on which channel?06:28
lesamouraiupdating the phone from System Settings  upgraded it to 15.04 and i suppose it was after then this issue appeared06:32
lesamouraireflash completed and its working fine now, thanks anpok_ !07:04
anpok_lesamourai: ok so you nevere selected a non-stable channel?07:06
anpok_this should never happen (tm) .. if you can remember the detais of what hapened consider filing a bug report to https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image07:07
lesamouraino i never selected non-stable channel07:07
lesamouraii am doubtful about something that might have caused it , but to be sure I will have to try it again07:21
lesamouraiok, i tested it my remounting file system in read-write mode , bug has not reappeared.07:35
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hypermistSomeone thats used. Ubuntu-Touch what is it like ?13:23
lotuspsychjevery good hypermist13:25
hypermistlotuspsychje, dayum dude your like everywhere xD13:25
ogra_it is like strawberries with cream :)13:26
lotuspsychjehypermist: works like a charm on my nexus713:26
hypermistI just realized if i changed to ubuntu touch it'd probably not work with android apps13:26
ogra_who needs android apps :)13:27
tathhui only need twitch :P13:27
tathhu... or if I can use livestreamer on touch..13:27
hypermistogra_, cause i use bitcoin mobile app's thats only built for androids13:27
ogra_i think there is a bitcoin app in the sotre13:28
hypermistogra_, naah this doesnt just have bitcoin13:28
hypermistis coinomi in that list13:29
hypermistIf not. it wont work :P13:29
hypermistIf i wanted coinomi or any android app on Ubuntu-touch i'd have to code it myself13:31
hypermistDamnit :(13:31
hypermistI dont think its worth it for me to change to Ubuntu-Touch13:33
hypermistUnless their is a way to use android apps on ubuntu-touch but i highly doubt that13:35
hypermistBy the awkard silence i probably say Thats a no13:36
ogra_not planned13:36
hypermistCause i would've liked to try ubuntu touch13:36
hypermistBut i dont have another android to play with13:39
hypermistso its staying with my android xD13:41
ogra_did you ever use a linux deskop ?13:43
hypermistI have yes13:43
hypermistI use linux os mostly on my servers though13:43
ogra_really ? why ? it doesnt come with MSOffice or photoshoop13:44
hypermistCause i do most of stuff with linux that is require for apache,etc ogra_13:47
* ogra_ just wanted to point out the analogy ...13:49
hypermistWell i'll leave here13:50
ThaurwylthSnapping back at people who are trying to point out serious flaws in your design philosophy isn't going to win you over that many new users or converts.16:46
dhbikerso.. i finally figured it out.. on arale if you connect it to a pc while on a lockscreen it doesn't show internal memory but after you unlock it it works16:52
dhbikerstrange behaviour16:53
dobeyThaurwylth: what are you talking about? who snapped back at whom?16:56
ThaurwylthWell, the response to Hypermist was the last one, but I have been getting these vibes in here for a couple of weeks.16:57
dobeywell he wasn't pointing out serious flaws. if "the apps from XYZ Propreitary Software Corp. aren't available" is a serious flaw, then nobody would be using linux at all16:58
dobeyi'd hardly call ogra_'s response "snappping back at people who are trying to point out serious flaws in our design philosophy"16:58
ThaurwylthI see.16:58
dobeyogra_ was just making tha analogy with a standard pc.16:59
ThaurwylthThe thing here is that these issues are actually pretty well handled in the desktop world.17:00
dobeybut they're not17:00
dobeyany day of the week askubuntu gets plenty of questions about how to run some favorite or necessary windows app, and complaints about it not working under wine, etc…17:01
tathhuMaybe all those "xD"17:03
tathhu.. say enough17:03
dobeythere are plnety of apps that i can't use, because the vendors don't support linux17:04
ogra_Thaurwylth, well, he didnt even make any effort to check the uappexplorer link i pointed him to, else he would have seen that there is a native bitcoin app based on the original bitcoin java client and yes, dobey is right, i didnt "snap back at him", i was just trying to point out that he would use libereoffice most likely when using a dektop linux .. sadly he left before i could type my next sentence17:17
tathhuBack to Ubuntu on my N7, still going to miss twitch :P17:18
ogra_Thaurwylth, also, if you think there is a flaw in our design philosophy, feel free to make suggestions, we have a mailing list where everyone is invited to post suggestions (touch i doubt you would really want to run android apps on your ubuntu device since it would not even have half the functionality it has on android and the majority of functions simply couldnt work)17:27
ogra_s/touch i doubt/though i doubt/17:28
maggot__hey guys/girls how do i run a .sh script on the ubuntu phone?17:58
popeysh ./foo.sh17:59
maggot__it says bad interpreter permission denied17:59
maggot__i got it to run but it throws errors   cannot create dev/null18:02
maggot__will nmap ever be ported to up?18:02
maggot__can anyone give me a basic script to test?18:03
ted_How do i open python from the terminal?18:07
lesamouraimaggot try /bin/bash scriptname.sh18:09
dobeyted_: type "python3" ?18:15
ted_Thanks a million guys you sorted all my problems :)18:26
ThaurwylthWell, I think that an Android runtime environment and perhaps even HyperV like mobile Win runtime environment would be really good additions on to-do list. Perhaps not top additions, but having some functionality in that direction would be a real selling point for any kinds of Ubuntu devices, I reckon. Now I of course do not well understand the technical ramifications - if it indeed is so that Touch is mainly run on ...18:31
Thaurwylth... very, hum, let's say resource-poor systems and that developing, like, full HyperV support on those systems is simply not at all feasible, well, then I kind of see the point. I'm also sort of interested in how BlueStacks can exist for Windows - it's an Android RTE sort of - but nothing of the like has been discussed for Ubuntu.18:31
ogra_Thaurwylth, and how would that runtime env talk to the hardware, access files or any other data on your system ?18:32
ogra_(i mean without completely droppin all security ubuntu has today)18:33
ogra_i doubt it is hard to bundle the runtime env with a re-packed apk ... but it would really not be fun to use18:34
ThaurwylthIt's sort of obvious that I can't answer those kinds of questions, but I thought that would be like one of the least problems, considering that Ubuntu Touch can be installed on a device which was designed to be an Android device in the first place! From some earlier discussion I even recall that typical installation of Touch over an Android device retains a small virtual environment of Android functionality which ...18:35
Thaurwylth... answers to different kinds of system calls arising on the hardware level. But anyways, I was about to say something else...18:35
ThaurwylthIf that hardware problem is a serious one, then I'll take note of it.18:36
ThaurwylthAnd be less vocal about that viewpoint.18:36
ogra_right, there is a minimal android bit in every ubuntu ... it is the hardware abstraction layer ... i.e. the binary drivers and the glue to make them usable ... there is no bit of java or anythin in there and nothing on the ubuntu side can talk directly to it18:37
ogra_it runs shielded inside an lxc container18:38
ogra_the translating bit is libhybris that forwards system calls between the two envorinments18:38
ThaurwylthAnyways, how I see it, completely from a pragmatist viewpoint - either you offer emulator type solutions, or you use your own project resources to come up with 99% compatible ports or derivations or plagiates. It's all fair and noble to think that they'll support us if people nicely poke them about it, and this is definitely the correct path in some abstract sense, but my sense is the pargmatic one. It's impossible ...18:39
Thaurwylth... to win an uphill battle without trying to offer ways to mimic what everyone else is offering.18:40
ogra_if you can run apks, would you expect anyone to even care for offering a native app ?18:40
ogra_(apart from the techincal difficulties)18:40
ThaurwylthActually, I don't know how Windows mobile devices cope with this, perhaps they don't. If they do, then I hold it pragmatically shown that this can be overcome.18:43
maggotshi again, anyway to install pip on ubuntu phone?18:43
maggotsis it in the repos?18:43
ThaurwylthBecause I also hold it the be shown that since Bluestacks exists, it is or it will be possible to have Android capabilities in Windows mobile environments.18:43
ogra_maggots, use a chroot inside the /home/phablet/ dir ... there you can install everything from the archive18:47
ogra_Thaurwylth, sure, and it would work on ubuntu too ... but it would also have to completely break the security model and have to apply the android non-security model to have the same features ... not to talk about UI pieces that you would be missing on the OS side ... the experience would be rather suboptimal18:49
maggotsogra: are you sure that won't brick the phone18:49
tathhu(... and I could use livestreamer on my tablet? awesome!)18:49
ogra_maggots, a chroot ? nah :)18:49
maggotsok, thanks a bunch just got the phone and it's alot different to the desktop still just playing around with it18:51
ogra_maggots, wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/vivid/release/ubuntu-core-15.04-core-armhf.tar.gz ... mkdir /home/phablet/mychroot ... cd /home/phablet/mychroot .,.. untar the tarball here ... copy /etc/resolv.conf to etc/  ... then you can call chroot .18:51
ogra_and in there you can call apt-get update, apt-get instal as you like ... wont do any harm to the phone (will indeed eat your disk space)18:52
maggotsanother question can i run docker on ubuntu phone?18:52
ogra_(you might want to mount proc ans sys inside the chroot, some packages expect them to be there)18:52
maggotsas it is i mean?18:53
ogra_well, you would need the docker binary somehow18:53
ogra_but then, yes, indeed18:53
ogra_not sure how the performance would be18:53
ogra_i know its a snail on my RPi2 sanppy install18:53
maggotswhy dont they include docker by default for people who want a full "Desktop" like system?18:54
ogra_there will be something included eventually ... though more likely lxc in usermode than docker18:55
ogra_it is part of the convergence work18:55
ogra_(btw, lxc is preinstalled, it runs the container that holds the HW drivers)18:55
maggotsok, that sounds cool, i guess i'll just have to wait.18:55
maggotsis LXD install on ubuntu touch? if so how the hell do i use it?19:50
ZigguratI am working on porting regular Ubuntu Wily to my tablet and have gotten quite far. Is there anyway to install Ubuntu Touch as a login session in Wily?19:50
maggotsany ubuntu touch core developers on here?19:53
maggotship hop hippy20:16
ogra_maggots, during the week is a better time to catch anyone here :)20:16
ogra_people tend to relax on weekends20:16
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