czajkowskimy new boss teaches kids how to program and minecraft stuff00:04
czajkowskihe and his son have written a book00:04
czajkowskiI feel like I need to go back and learn how to write code :)00:04
czajkowskihe teaches kids from 7:30 -8:15am each morning to kids00:04
czajkowskidaftykins: new boss is Arun Gupta00:04
daftykinsthat seems far less time than needed to get anything even started00:04
daftykinsi don't know who that is00:04
popey\o/ cats00:07
popeydiddledan: I used to teach kids to code, you can get them up and running pretty quick00:08
popeyAfter School code clu00:08
popeyTime runs out quick though, the fast ones end up running out of stuff to do early on while the slower ones need help00:08
popeyTis good getting the fast ones to help the slow ones00:08
daftykinsi'd think the first 30 mins is teething problems :>00:10
daftykinsi've taught, hardware lessons too - those were painful00:10
daftykins12-18 at once :(00:10
zmoylan-piwell depends on what size stick you use... >:-)01:01
zmoylan-piyou'd never have a cattle prod last the day for a class size of 12-18 :-P01:54
daftykinstoo true01:54
daftykinsunless it were powered off the mains, one benefit of a fixed room to teach in01:54
zmoylan-piyeah but stretching a power lead the length of a class. health and safety would be all over that :-)02:11
* daftykins installs it at the door02:11
daftykins*tzzzt* welcome x n02:11
daftykinswe never got shauno back after the fruity tech ribbing :(02:12
zmoylan-pithe rest of the school watching the flickering lights...02:12
zmoylan-pihe must have been stuck with a sticky problem, we've all had days like that, hope he comes back02:13
diddledanI'm not going to say anything about ribbed tech02:13
daftykinsdiddledan may know of his whereabouts02:13
zmoylan-pifishing for condoms in canal again? :-)02:13
daftykinssuch classy talk we have, here in late night club02:14
* daftykins fetches another Guinness02:14
diddledantis 'cos popey doesn't chastise me02:14
diddledanI've got a nice new simple logo02:15
zmoylan-piit's a coffee ring on a printout? :-)02:15
daftykinsbit of tractor feed era paper02:16
diddledanmuch less embiggened and complex when compared to my old one: https://www.behance.net/wip/359537/67153302:17
diddledanI might use the old one as a mast-head tho02:17
daftykinsi think my cat is high02:51
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mappppppHi alk05:30
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:51
zmoylan-pii spi with my little pi another pi? :-)09:38
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dogmatic69_anyone know how I can add wifi to a switch14:12
dogmatic69_my router + wifi is in the lounge, pc in garage via eth. phone is on 3G because no wifi14:13
dogmatic69_I have a range extender but it tries to connect to the existing wifi which is out of range, need something that can just plug into the switch14:13
popeydogmatic69_: i fixed this by having a second access point at the other end of the house, connnected to the first via devolo ethernet over power adapters14:24
popeyworks perfectly14:24
popeywhole house is covered by two APs, one in my office which is near me, so yay, good speed, and one in the centre of the house for everyone else14:24
dogmatic69_well I have gigabit eth here, just no wifi14:24
dogmatic69_mainly looking for AP that is eth->wifi and not just a wifi repeater14:25
popeyyeah, i have gbe in my office14:26
popeybut not all devices have ethernet ports14:26
* popey looks at 10 devices on his desk which don't14:26
dogmatic69_the one I bought has eth, but its out :/14:26
dogmatic69_the AP that is ^14:27
diddledandogmatic69_, are you sure you can't switch the mode on your repeater to be a bridge?14:27
dogmatic69_I am looking, its a WN3000RP14:28
popeyflash something else on it?14:28
dogmatic69_looking at that also14:29
popeyBoth my WNDR3700's have been flashed, one with ddwrt and the other with openwrt14:29
diddledandang, the faq on netgear.com has the bad news as the first item: http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/19070/~/wn3000rp-faqs14:29
popeythe openwrt one is a bridge14:29
diddledanspecifically the stock firmware won't do it14:29
dogmatic69_aw, "No. Your extender is designed to work as an AP-client bridge, not an access point." on the site...14:29
dogmatic69_diddledan: ta, spotted that just at the same time... checking for new firmware now14:31
TammytonHey, is anyone around?17:03
penguin42imagine we were17:05
Tammytonmy imagination isn't that great17:05
Tammytonjk.  I'm just about to install ubuntu. Are there any good getting started guides available? I've never used linux before.17:06
penguin42hmm, I've not done that for a long long time, not sure what the current best things are17:06
Tammytonoh okay17:07
Tammytonsomeone's just directed me to the help page. thanks anyway17:07
penguin42Tammyton: One thing, try and mess with stuff - there's lots of stuff what ever you're interested17:08
TammytonWill do :) I'll just be using a VM so I don't have to worry about breaking stuff17:09
penguin42oh you probably wont17:09
TammytonDo you think 20GB will be enough to install the OS, and have a mess around with it?17:11
penguin42oh yes17:11
Tammytonoh great, thanks17:12
penguin42WH Smiths seems to be getting desperate on ice cream sales; 75% off in Manc, last magnum of the year for 47p17:36
Tammytonwow lol18:00
TammytonProbably trying to sell them all before the winter18:00
DJonesOr close to sell by date18:07
penguin42DJones: This was the whole unit with a mix of different icecreams, so I suspect they want to move it out of the way18:35
* brobostigon just had to explain to his gf, where the name dalek comes from, and that it is just a simple anagram.19:32
* penguin42 admits he doesn't know19:36
brobostigondavros who created the daleksbeing a kaled?19:37
brobostigondavros who created the daleks being a kaled?19:37
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penguin42see I haven't really watched Dr. Who since the Tom Baker days19:39
brobostigoni believe the fact was known way back when william hartnell was the doctor.19:42
penguin42well it was more of an indication of how long I'd been not paying attention to it19:52
brobostigoni see.19:53
Tammytonreaaaally late reply, but I haven't really watched it since Matt smith's first season21:43
ali1234my mum bought a pack of three usb flash drives22:21
ali1234they are all identical of course22:21
ali1234but in windows, one of them shows as a removable drive, the other two show as local fixed drives22:22
daftykinswell, there is that option for having drives optimised for quick removal or not, i wonder if that's related22:22
ali1234i checked that, setting is identical on all three22:23
penguin42hmm weird22:23
ali1234the software she uses, brother PE design, uses flash drives to transfer patterns to her sewing machine22:24
daftykinsoh right22:25
daftykinsso one's working and two aren't?22:25
ali1234because the software has a menu item "send to flash drive"22:25
penguin42ali1234: If you plug it into a linux system and look at /sys/class/block/sd???/removable what does it say?22:25
daftykinstried a 'clean' with diskpart?22:25
ali1234so it doesn't recognize that two of them are flash drives because of this22:25
daftykinsthough i don't really see my idea having any effect22:25
ali1234you can still "save as" and select the drive manually and it does the same thing22:25
ali1234penguin42: it matches the observed behaviour in windows22:27
daftykinsoh so it's lower level for sure22:28
daftykinsobviously cheap tat :)22:28
penguin42ali1234: Weird22:28
ali1234they're sandisk22:28
daftykinsi think sandisk are the #1 target of fakes22:28
ali1234also weirdly the one that is removable appears to have an activity LED, the other two don't22:28
ali1234bought from PC world22:29
penguin42ali1234: 2 possibilities, 1) They're not really sandisk  2) Sandisk used to have this weird thing where some drives would present both a flashdrive and a cd with some installation software to do something weird22:29
penguin42ali1234: What does /proc/scsi/scsi show for the 2 different types of drives?22:29
ali1234identical except the removable has a different revision number22:30
penguin42were these in a 3 pack?22:31
ali1234cruzer facet 8GB22:31
penguin42double weird22:31
daftykinsah yeah perhaps penguin42 speaks of the 'U3' drives22:33
penguin42possibly; my dad had some that were a pain22:33
penguin42ali1234: Perhaps you should try usb_modeswitch on them - although that shouldn't happen for a thumb drive22:34
ali1234i doubt that would do anything really22:34
penguin42agrres, although I'm out of ideas22:34
ali1234maybe if i install the sandisk software22:34
ali1234i reckon that they've manufactured a load of flash drives in different colours22:35
daftykinsi'd return 'em22:35
ali1234then taken the ones that didn't sell, and repackaged them with newer models in different colours as a three pack22:35
ali1234the odd one out has a lower revision number22:36
ali1234these were bought ages ago so we can't return them22:37
ali1234they seem to work fine22:37
daftykinsi've decided cheap flash drives are a false economy :) despite seeing a £24.99 128GB USB 3.0 with 90MB/sec read recently22:40
daftykinsi ignored it :>22:40
penguin42well the problem though is you say 'cheap' but generally would thing a sandisk drive would work22:41
daftykinsi just mean in general there22:42
daftykinsyeah their rep used to be good22:42
penguin42but I mean it's more potluck than being able to make a judgement on cost or brand22:42
daftykinsi'm not so sure it's that wildly open22:43
ali1234they do work tho22:44

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