ahoneybunyea ahoneybunn itnet700:08
ahoneybunitnet7: I see your playing BL200:08
jck77damn one of my NAS drives went bad 00:15
jck77running testdrive now, but weird thing is that is a seagate 3tb drive and is only showing like its only a 756gb drive... 00:16
jck77have no clue why00:16
jck77anyone with similar issues before?00:16
itnet7ahoneybun: I left it running, I'm at Starbucks near my house... was supposed to meet up with my daughter, but she must be slammed at work :-1~00:20
itnet7I have remeber that this keyboard is weird00:20
ahoneybunitnet7: are you still around?02:14
=== balloons is now known as Guest62641
fsfsmariHey ahoneybun, can you post the link to the Ubuntu Hour on Saturday?21:06

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