cmaloneyafternoon and all that.16:39
dzhoa'ight, who's going to OLF next weekend?21:06
cmaloneydzho: I have a room reserved but I think we're going to skip this year23:14
cmaloneyrelated to J's dad23:14
dzhocmaloney: oh, sorry.23:16
cmaloneyno worries23:16
cmaloneyAre you going?23:17
dzhocmaloney: it's pencilled in, but I am as yet unregistered for either the conf or for rooms.23:26
dzhowill probably go, then make a stop in pittsburgh on my way back for an IKEA run23:26
cmaloneyah, cool23:27
dzhoadds an hour or so to the drive, but hey, meatballs, you know?23:27
cmaloneyif you're planning on staying at the Drury I can let you know when I cancel the room23:27
dzhocmaloney: sweet, thanks.23:27
cmaloneyIt's a bigger room so you'll want a roommate. ;)23:27
cmaloneyJust canceled23:32
cmaloneydzho: ^23:32
dzhodamn.  thing is, I'm still up in the air about which nights.23:34
cmaloneyCall them anyway23:34
cmaloneyYou can change the reservation after the fact23:34

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