cyberangerWelp, I broke down and got a digital ocean account01:20
cyberangerThey have toronto, which I want to compare to zunicore01:21
cyberangerwrst: you use DO right?01:28
cyberangerI'm not very impressed so far, might be the box I'm on, or maybe toronto isn't as impressive as NYC...idk03:48
cyberangerjust seems to have connection issues03:48
cyberangerAt least switching to mosh helped04:01
cyberangerFound a new (to me project) http://www.debwrt.net/05:41
aedendwrst, I was logged in with another client but I think you mentioned DO?12:16
Juzzyhah this is pretty funny, run a traceroute to
Juzzyor bad.horse12:32
aedendanyone good with fdisk? or partition anomalies...12:41
aedendgot it figured out...14:11
* aedend is thankful for VM's and the ability to be reckless14:11
* aedend wonders if cyberanger has avoided persecution from international brother of the big21:34

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