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holsteinis this yours?02:04
miraculixHello there! I am looking for help to understand how i can upgrade from LTS 12.04 to LTS 14.04 and keep all my settings and programs so forth and so on08:10
cfhowlettmiraculix, you can upgrade lts to LTS directly08:11
miraculixcfhowlett on the ubuntu website it says to reinstall08:11
cfhowlettmiraculix, I would be money you read it wrong.08:12
cfhowlettanyway: 12.04 >>> 14.04 upgrade is supported.08:12
miraculixok thanks I will have another look08:13
miraculixyou are probably right08:13
miraculixUpgrading is not recommended because of various bugs. One of those bugs is 1284635. But, if you still prefer to perform an upgrade, follow these instructions:08:14
cfhowlettmiraculix, then download 14.04.3, move your /home to a dedicated /home, backup essentials and clean install 14.0408:15
ubottuYour home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving08:15
miraculixperfect thanks I will have a go at it08:16
miraculixI have a slow connection will take a few hours, but i will get there thanks both of you08:17
cfhowlettmiraculix, you ARE using .torrent not direct download, right?   RIGHT?08:18
miraculixa no I think i used the direct one why?08:18
miraculixshould i use torrent ?08:19
cfhowlett1.  .torrent tends to be faster.   2.  torrent has WAY Fewer errors.  3.  always torrent.  ALWAYS torrent.  ALWAYS.08:19
miraculixok -will do I can just stop and re-do08:19
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