knomepleia2, sorry, nope, was a long day08:02
flocculantmorning knome :)08:03
knomehello flocculant 08:03
knomeyep, other flavors didn't fancy drawing a "real" werewolf either: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-15-10-beta-2/08:05
flocculantha ha 08:06
dkesselthat's a nice half-werewolf :)08:54
dkesselgood morning btw08:54
flocculanthey dkessel :)08:55
dkesseli just checked out the PDF version of the docs the first time. good work guys! i really like the layout and formatting08:55
dkesseloh, and russian and french could be included this cycle. i guess mentioning the 70% threshold helped motivate some people, slickymaster :)08:58
dkesselhey flocculant :)08:58
knomehey dkessel 09:00
knomedkessel, thanks for the feedback/praise! if you have any ideas on how to improve the PDF docs though... :)09:01
dkesselwas that new release of xfdesktop included in wily? i only read about it, but could not test it at the time09:01
knomejust let us know09:01
dkesselknome: huomenta! no, nothing to criticise at the moment :)09:03
knomeooh ooh09:03
knomeguten morgen09:03
bluesabremorning all10:28
bluesabredkessel: yes, it made it in10:29
bluesabreknome: kubuntu10:29
bluesabre's site is much cleaner than I remember10:29
bluesabreI guess we're not the only ones with a nice web designer on board10:30
flocculanthi bluesabre 10:31
bluesabrehi flocculant 10:31
flocculantyou always turn up just as I'm off out :)10:32
knomebluesabre, they have recently updated the design10:33
bluesabreflocculant: :D10:34
bluesabremakes you wonder if I do it on purpose10:34
knomeok, time to go10:35
flocculantbluesabre: I'm sure you do :D10:36
bluesabrebye knome10:36
ochosihey bluesabre 10:57
bluesabrehey ochosi 11:03
ochosihow're things?11:04
bluesabregood good11:06
bluesabregetting ready to start working on something11:06
ochosiwhat did you think of extending xfpanel-switch?11:07
bluesabrewell, I think that'd be better as xfce appearance settings11:08
bluesabresince it's basically a reimplementation of themes, which gnome used to do11:08
ochosithat'd also be an option, yeah11:10
ochosimy main concern with xfpanel-switch is the lack of checking whether the needed extensions/plugins are installed11:11
ochosithat'd be high up on my wishlist for 2.011:11
ochosinot sure what the easiest way of checking for plugins is though11:12
bluesabreoh, I just remembered, can you upstream the xfce4-panel integration code so we can get some translations for "Backup and restore"11:12
ochosiah right11:12
ochosiyeah, that sounds like a good thing to do11:12
ochosiguess i should add that as a workitem for myself11:13
ochosinot sure though whether to target w or x11:13
ochosiandrzejr: hey! we discussed this previously, but are you ok with me upstreaming our xfce4-panel patch to display a "backup and restore" button in the panel config if xfpanel-switch is installed?11:14
bluesabrewe have until october 8th for non-translation pack translations11:14
ochosiright, i guess i'll try to get this done asap then11:14
ochosianyway, added the workitem11:15
andrzejrochosi, sure. Can you do that or do you need my help?11:53
bluesabreandrzejr: I think ochosi is an admin, should have push rights for everything13:09
ochosiandrzejr: yeah, i'll take care of it either tonight or tomorrow13:25
ochosibluesabre: wanna pull those translations in as a patch then too or shall we do a translation release of the panel?13:25
ochosiandrzejr: humm, shall i push that to the 4.12 branch or master..?13:30
ochosi4.12 sorta feels wrong since it's a new feature, even if it's a small one13:31
ochosiit's a bit confusing that the branch for 4.12 was created later then the release. anyhow, i see there are a few more fixes, i guess we could do a 4.12.1 bugfix/translations release after a bit13:32
ochosibluesabre: humm, wasn't there some additional stuff you did because the settings ui was precompiled into the code or something..? (i've prepped the patch locally on top of master already now, so basically just need to push the button)13:36
ochosigotta run now, i can push this anytime later13:46
bluesabreochosi: yeah, since we don't run --enable-maintainer-mode in the package build process, I had to dump it into the precomiled _ui.h file13:49
ochosibluesabre: i guess working on that appearance thing you mentioned would be for xfce 4.16, we should really focus on making it gtk3 first20:15
bluesabreochosi: yeah, I think I'd agree with that20:36
bluesabremaybe even 4.1420:36
bluesabre1 new dialog might be easier than 2-3 converted dialogs20:36
ochosipotentially, but the code for that 1 dialog would have to be written first20:36
bluesabrewell, its already mostly there20:37
ochosibtw i have another hour or so, if you feel like hacking on something20:37
bluesabreand we'd probably just borrow most of it from mate :D20:37
ochosialso, i'm still waiting for gitolite to update my perms, seems i've never pushed to the panel repo myself...20:37
bluesabreochosi: ever work on thunar?20:40
ochosinot much20:40
ochosionly added that progressbar feature to the props dialog20:40
ochosiand i read parts of the code, but yeah, that's a huge codebase20:40
ochosiwhy? planning on working on that?20:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497175 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "File restore from wastebin not working" [Critical,Confirmed]20:42
bluesabrethe mate folks found a fix for caja, might also apply for thunar20:42
ochosiright, better to ask harald or peter to take a look20:43
bluesabreI'll probably see if I can find the relevant code myself20:44
bluesabrethe issue affects me as well, so will be easy to test20:44
ochosithat's good20:44
bluesabreochosi: so, this seems pretty minor... do we particularly want it for 15.10? https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/pull/10520:47
ochosiit's just an improvement for the compact theme, it's not particularly important to push it in20:48
ochosifrom my pov we can focus on bugfixes for 15.10 and ... well 16.04 :>20:48
ochosiit's more important to ship the a11y theme than that20:49
bluesabreand we did get that one out for b220:50
bluesabrelooks like the mate fix might be relevant20:52
bluesabre$ grep -rn "trash::"20:52
bluesabrethunarx/thunarx-file-info.h:48:  "trash::*," \20:52
bluesabreChangeLog:19372:    Make restore from trash work again. Add trash::* to default attributes.20:52
bluesabreChangeLog:19376:    to read trash::orig-file but it's actually trash::orig-path. Last but20:52
ochosithunar_application_restore_files was where i was heading20:53
ochosibut i haven't looked at mate's fix yet20:54
ochosiyup, already looking at that ;)20:57
ochosiso a workaround in thunar-file.c?20:59
ochosithat part already uses what is patched in caja20:59
ochosiat least these parts: https://github.com/mate-desktop/caja/commit/bc11ee765a8334020f02fd7802d6eb5802b80c3321:00
ochosiso not sure what to do about this21:01
ochosiare we sure they were experiencing the same issue?21:02
* ochosi starts reading the bugrepoprt21:02
ochosii'd rather look for the bug in xfdesktop not trashing files correctly21:02
bluesabre"Open wastebasket - right click on deleted file - select restore"21:03
bluesabresounds like thunar to me21:03
ochosialso because it has been confirmed with another file manager21:03
ochosiso you can confirm that from places other than the desktop?21:04
ochosicause it works fine for me within thunar21:04
bluesabrecreate it in home, delete it, try to restore it, fails21:04
ochosidelete file from home folder > restore > restored21:04
bluesabreso, wily?21:05
ochosii meant to write:21:05
ochosiwell, you know what i meant to write...21:05
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) will be the 23rd release of Ubuntu. Discussion in #ubuntu+121:05
bluesabrewoops factoid21:05
ochosiso if it works in vivid, i'd say it's not a thunar bug for sure21:05
bluesabrewell, its a change in gvfs most likely21:05
ochosiand adding workarounds in it sounds fugly21:05
bluesabreand thunar needs patched to support new gvfs21:06
ochosiwasn't aware of gvfs breakage21:06
ochosiapi break?21:06
bluesabreprobably, or just doing something for years because it worked, even though gvfs did something years ago21:07
ochosihm, well as i said, to me it looks like we're already doing what fixed it for caja21:08
bluesabrecould be we need to add to the namespace in thunarx/thunarx-file-info.h:3921:10
ochosiadd what?21:11
ochosiit's already trash::*21:11
ochosiand caja actually took out the trash-namespace references and replaced them with g_file references21:12
ochosi(or maybe i misunderstand this all, after all it's late over here :))21:12
ochosiplus are you sure this is the same issue?21:13
bluesabrewhen changing it way back then, he also added the properties to thunarx-file-info.h21:14
bluesabrecould be the missing piece21:14
bluesabreI'll hack on it a bit and see if I make an progress21:14
ochosii still dont really get it21:14
bluesabreme neither21:15
bluesabrebut if the patch works, yay21:15
ochosicause the relevant portion in thunar_file_get_original_path has been updated already21:15
ochosiso i wouldn't know what to patch21:16
ochosiback then it used the trash:orig-path reference21:16
ochosibut it doesn't anymore21:16
bluesabrenow it uses the constants21:16
ochosilike caja21:16
bluesabrebut the constants are not in that fix21:16
ochosiyou mean they have to be defined?21:17
bluesabreI'm confusing21:17
ochosithe constands come from gvfs, no?21:17
ochosianyhoo, you lost me there - i'm still not sure what you're trying to patch :)21:18
bluesabreif it works21:20
bluesabretesting now21:20
ochosiwoot, that is strange if you ask me21:21
ochosistill compiling?21:31
bluesabredidn't work21:33
ochosii'd love to say i'm surprised...21:33
bluesabresuppose I'll see if there is an upstream bug or not, then poke folks21:34
ochosii'm really surprised if this bug also appears in nautilus tbh21:35
ochosis/i'm/i'd be/21:35
SwissBotochosi meant: "i'd be really surprised if this bug also appears in nautilus tbh"21:35
ochosithanks SwissBot, good boy.21:36
ochosithat's why i thought xfdesktop might be at the bottom of this21:39
ochosi(you know, as in: below all other windows)21:39
bluesabrenautilus removed single file restore21:40
bluesabreochosi: yeah, but the delete and restore both take place in thunar21:41
ochosihow... user-friendly21:41
bluesabrein my test at least21:41
bluesabreochosi: removed everything from my trash21:41
bluesabrealso affects nautilus it seems21:41
ochosihumm, in v it also works from the desktop21:42
bluesabreI'll go ahead and tag thunar and nautilus as affected21:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1497175 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "File restore from wastebin not working" [Critical,Confirmed]21:47
bluesabretagged both21:47
ochosiat least it's not just our problem21:48
ochosii wonder though whether this is even reproducible upstream21:48
bluesabrenow we can watch if a patch comes in for gvfs or nautilus21:50
ochosisounds like a fun activity ;)21:51

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