BiDi_Not sure if this is the right place to be, but I am having trouble after installing Win7 Pro and xubuntu 14.04 in a dual boot arrangement. It seems that the installation of xubuntu has stopped Windows Update from working (other than that, both OS's seem fine)05:17
cfhowlettBiDi_, nothing in ubuntu would stop a windows update.  look elsewhere05:18
BiDi_Well, the things is it's happened twice now. Complete re-install of everything (both OS's). Windows is fine until I put xubuntu on the disk. So, it's that action that is suspicious.05:20
cfhowlettBiDi_, I understand what you say but .. if windows boots correctly then the issue is with windows.  NOTHING in ubuntu would prevent windows from updating05:21
BiDi_OK, perhaps this is the wrong place. I don't think that ubuntu is preventing Windows from updating, I think that the action of installing ubuntu has done something.05:25
ObrienDaveonly if it's a UEFI issue05:25
ObrienDavebut i seriously doubt that. they require separate partitions. no way to interfere05:26
cfhowlettBiDi_, if windows can BOOT then the two are unrelated.05:26
BiDi_No, it's an older machine. No UEFI.05:27
cfhowlettBiDi_, ask ##windows what's going on?05:27
BiDi_Yeah, I bet they'll blame linux ! I have tried various Windows fix-it tools without success (same problem, they try to find updates and wait forever). I am inclined to blame the home router, but can't see how the act of installing xubuntu affects that either. Oh well, I guess I will begin to reinstall everything for the 3rd time :-(05:30
ObrienDavewhen did you reboot the router last?05:32
BiDi_Thanks anyway!05:32
cfhowlettBiDi_, you know you must register windows to update?05:32
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xubuntu818hello everyone08:22
* m3n3chm0 nasZ13:41
sjoshiHello, I am not able to change image in  about me? it still displays the older image during login screen.. any help?14:11
sjoshiI am on xubuntu 15.0414:11
holsteinsjoshi: what have you tried? did you try "Create a 96x72 png (PNG) and renamed it as ~/.face" ?14:13
holsteinhave you tried going to "Application->System->Administration->About Me" and clicking on the image?14:14
sjoshiholstein: nope, I am js following the UI process, clicking that image and changing it to another one14:14
sjoshiholstein: there its showing me the new image, but on login screen its shows me the older one only14:14
sjoshii mean in mugshot..14:14
holsteinsjoshi: look and see if you have a "~/.face", and if not, you can try creating one for that14:15
sjoshiholstein: there is a file named .face as you have mentioned14:15
holsteinsjoshi: cool.. i would backup what is there, and create a file that is the *same*, that has the image i want there, and see if the changes apply to the login screen..14:16
sjoshiok let me try this...14:20
sjoshiNow i am doubting the size of the image is big thats why its not able show it onthe login screen14:21
sjoshii have assumed that mugshot has this intelligence to trim to the size it needs14:21
holsteinsjoshi: i would, personally, just backup the image that is working.. the one that is there.. make a copy, open it up in GIMP, and use it as the template for putting the one i want on there14:21
sjoshiagree, doing14:22
holsteinsjoshi: im sure, you can file a bug for "mugshot" in this case.. or, it could also be a "feature"..14:22
sjoshiholstein: Let me reproduce it will file it sure, thanks for support14:29
sjoshiyour support*14:29
vista__Hey, I am having some trouble after upgrading to 15.0418:29
vista__I haven't had this problem on 14.1018:29
vista__Basically, if I intensively use my wireless connection (e.g watching a stream in high definition)18:29
vista__I just 'lose' the WiFi signal to my AP18:30
vista__as in, I can connect to another AP just fine, but my AP no longer shows up in the list and manually connecting to it doesn't work either18:30
holsteinvista__: sometimes, i have to choose "connect to hidden" and choose my AP18:30
vista__That's what I tried, it didn't find it that way either18:31
holsteinnot sure what triggers it.. not HD vid playback..18:31
vista__Here comes the weird part18:31
vista__to get it back on the list / be able to connect to it18:31
vista__I have to use the physical WiFi on/off switch on my laptop AND do ifconfig wlan0 down && ifconfig wlan0 up18:31
holsteinanyways, at this stage, i would just try 15.10, if i think, or find its driver related, and 15.10 supports it "better". since, 15.04 is just supported for 3 more months..18:31
vista__doing either does not help18:31
holsteini used to think i needed to reboot..18:32
holsteinanyways, im not sure for me if its driver related.. etc..18:32
vista__dmesg says:18:32
vista__wlan0: disassociated from f8:1a:67:34:f6:ba (Reason: 7)18:32
holsteini would probably just check and make sure my routers firmware is up to date, since thats just good practice, and flash that, if needed.. and make sure i have the latest updates for ubuntu.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:34
holsteinthen, personally, if this is something im going to have to address, i do it in 15.10, since, i would get 9 months of support.. rather than fixing it in 15.04, now..18:35
* m3n3chm0 nasZ18:45
SrWinuxBonsoir :)19:38
jontyhey guys i just installed xubuntu , my bluetooth audio handset in not working anymore ,, it is working perfectly in mint and ubuntu21:24
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