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JerryK2pmatulis: thanks. In the end it showes up that this property has to be set at the time of deployment, not changed afterwards06:44
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gnuoyjamespage, I see you added tox support to glance branch. In theory I should just be able to type 'tox' and magic happens right? Because it seems to be exploding for me10:34
gnuoyERROR: InvocationError: '/home/liam/branches/merges/glance-272409/.tox/py27-trusty/bin/ostestr'10:35
jamespagethat sounds not good10:35
gnuoyjamespage, actually, I was looking at a mp to /next which explodes. When I take /next on its own the tox unit tests run. I'll investigate10:41
gnuoy(they run but some fail fwiw)10:41
jamespageooo I get a10:43
jamespageImportError: cannot import name wraps10:43
jamespagegnuoy, ^^10:43
gnuoyjamespage, I don't get that. I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/12601718/10:44
jamespagegnuoy, lemme just refresh my tox envs10:45
jamespagegnuoy, odd - I don't get that10:56
gnuoyjamespage, http://paste.ubuntu.com/12601815/ fixes it for me10:57
gnuoyjamespage, arch, sorry, that's not right10:58
jamespageits possible its a broken test that gets exacerbated by the parallel nature of ostestr10:58
IceyECI'm trying to configure the local lxc provider with a custom network config; essentially, I'm trying to modify lxcbr0 from to but having a lot of trouble getting that to work12:00
IceyECanybody here done that before?12:00
IceyEC(other netblock would be fine as well)12:00
gnuoyjamespage, got a sec for https://code.launchpad.net/~gnuoy/charms/trusty/glance/untest-tox-fix/+merge/272578 ? (fixes the unit test failure I was seeing with tox)12:22
gnuoyjamespage, nm, I have a +1 from ed12:31
beisnergnuoy, thx for landing the n-g updated tests15:11
gnuoybeisner, np15:11
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beisnerthedac, gnuoy, jamespage - fyi, bug 150055218:27
mupBug #1500552: rabbitmq services may not be started when add_vhost is attempted <openstack> <uosci> <rabbitmq-server (Juju Charms Collection):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1500552>18:27
beisnerthedac, gnuoy jamespage - fyi i believe niedbalski will be taking that bug ^19:11
beisnerjamespage, after resolving the p:i next.yaml mysql/pxc charm config options, bug 150058920:01
mupBug #1500589: precise-icehouse deploy fails (cloud-compute-relation-changed -> nova_cc_utils.py -> ssh_known_host_key -> IndexError: list index out of range) <openstack> <uosci> <nova-cloud-controller (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1500589>20:01
beisnerjamespage, pxc still unhappy >= vivid:  bug 148136220:11
mupBug #1481362: pxc server 5.6 on Vivid and Wily does not create /var/lib/mysql <amulet> <openstack> <uosci> <percona-xtradb-cluster-5.6 (Ubuntu):New> <percona-cluster (Juju Charms Collection):New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1481362>20:11
beisnerjamespage, fyi, reverted the mysql charm config options in next.yaml as discussed, given the above ^.  re-testing precise, vivid w/ mysql proper.20:17

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