ahoneybunDarkwing_:  started following me on instagram :)01:48
soeegood morning06:22
sitteryofel: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_baloo/101/07:03
sitterRiddell: why did you merge kubuntu_unstable into kubuntu_stable for kaccounts-integration?07:06
lordievaderGood morning.07:39
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yofelsitter: do we have a solution for adding CI stuff to the changelog yet?07:55
yofeli.e. how do say in the changelog that I removed the patches?07:55
sitterno solution yet07:56
sitterI'd imagine it needs separate files07:57
sitterand they need to get merged by the merge script07:57
sitterlatter is interestingly enough built into intiial upload because Riddell doesn't like my dedicated script...07:57
yofeldid you try gbp dch yet?08:03
sitteryofel: considering the hoops we have to jump through with gbp already... no :P08:10
sitterI decide that I don't trust gbp anymore08:10
sitteryofel: possibility, our messages are mostly garbage though :P08:11
yofelI know, this is like choosing between poison and radioactive waste *-.-08:12
sitterit's not terribly complicated. just needs someone to work out a scheme. we could also require that all changeslog be documented in the commit with a CHANGELOG keyword and have the release script parse for that08:13
sitteri.e. like gbp dch but only with useful entries08:13
sitterputting the data in the commit for the most part also removes the problem of having two logs between stable and unstable as commits are by and large unique unless someone screws up08:14
Nobofiive been trying to install kubuntu 15.10 beta 2 in vmware, but have no idea on how to get the tools working.09:22
Nobofican anyone help?09:22
Nobofiis this even the correct place to ask?09:26
Nobofiis anyone there?09:58
sitter15.10 support is in #ubuntu+110:08
Nobofisomehow it worked10:08
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BluesKajHi folks11:30
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clivejoRiddell sitter: you guys know anything about the new calligra?11:50
Riddellclivejo: nope, what's the gossip?11:51
Riddellclivejo: 2.9.7 is in wily11:51
clivejoRiddell: Im trying to package the new version 3 ported to KF511:52
Riddella beast of a task I expect11:52
clivejobut kexi seems to have been removed and main calligra relies on three new packages, kreport, kproperty and kdb11:52
clivejokexi apparently renamed kdb11:53
clivejoI couldnt find any packages of those names on luanchpad, does that mean they havent been packaged for kubuntu yet?11:54
Riddellclivejo: how did you get on with purpose and kamoso?11:54
Riddellclivejo: are you packaging from git for calligra?11:55
clivejoRiddell: they built and worked on my machine11:55
Riddellclivejo: are they in a PPA?11:55
clivejoonly problem is the kamoso version11:55
clivejofor the watch file to work correctly it needs to be 3.011:56
clivejobut I had been using 3.0.011:56
yofelas I said, nearly impossible, live with it until the next release11:56
Riddellam I marked as away?11:57
RiddellI've a feeling quassel is marking me as away but I've no idea how to unmark it11:58
clivejoRiddell: yes you are11:58
clivejoRiddell: LP complains "Version older than that in the archive. 3.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 <= 3.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu15.10~ppa1"11:58
Riddellright so reversion it to 3.0.011:59
Riddellah hah, no UI for it, just type /away12:12
Riddellclivejo: able to do that for purpose/kamoso? else just send me what you have and I'll play with it?12:13
yofelkdb will be a fun source of confusion. kerberos ships libkdb5.so.7, kdb ships libkdb.so.1.012:15
yofelclivejo: so yeah, all of the 3 you mentioned seem to be new (even if forked out of koffice it seems). Enjoy the packaging12:17
clivejoI need help!12:20
clivejoRiddell: kamoso wont upload to LP12:22
yofelquestion is how calligra plans to ship those12:22
clivejoRiddell: File kamoso_3.0.0.orig.tar.xz already exists in Wily, but uploaded version has different contents. 12:22
Riddelluh oh!12:22
Riddellclivejo: send them over to me somehow and I'll take a look12:23
clivejoI hate versions!12:23
clivejohow is 3.0.0 bigger than 3.0?12:26
yofel"" is smaller than ".0"12:28
yofelyou can try the algorithm yourself with dpkg --compare-versions (see manpage)12:29
mparilloWhat would be a good channel to ask about mirrors? http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/15.04/release/ is down according https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1500010 But is that even a valid mirror?12:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1500010 in Kubuntu Website "15.04 Sweden download mirror URL is broken" [Undecided,New]12:43
sitterkubuntu ci down for maintenance12:49
sittersebas: btw, did your kmail improve in .1?12:52
sebassitter: .1 what?12:52
sitterRiddell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim12:52
sitterwhy is that at .0?12:52
sittersebas: apps, which apaprently wasn't landed12:52
sitterit's not like 15.08.0 was entirely broken12:52
sebasit's dysfunctional with all updates installed12:53
sebasthat is, akonadi and kmail start, but kmail says akonadi is not operational12:53
sebassame issue as last weeks12:53
sittersebas: nothing changed, for some reason kdepim is still at 15.08.0 but should be at .112:54
sebaslet me know when I should try again12:54
sebas(I don't really like claws)12:54
sitter🐼 kubuntu ci maintenance done 🐼12:55
Riddellhmm, good question, I'll see what else isn't 15.08.112:55
* Riddell fluffles sitter's panda12:55
sitterfor some reason that thing reports 15.08.0 on the watches12:56
sittermck182: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35180513:09
ubottuKDE bug 351805 in general "Configuration file "//.config/kwalletd5rc" not writable. Please contact your system administrator." [Normal,Unconfirmed]13:09
bshahsitter: mobile CI also down for maintainance?13:09
sitteror maybe 13:11
bshahmmm : http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/ ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED13:11
sitterRiddell: ^13:11
ricktimmismparillo: While your looking at mirrors, might be worth noting that torrents don't seem to be seeding and propogating correctly13:13
BluesKajhad problems with zsync finishing it's download with the dailiies a few days ago, same for the http ,oddly enough I had  had to zsync the image to finish the wget download 13:18
Riddellbshah: http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/ working for me currently13:35
bshahyep.. was giving error fe wminutes ago13:36
Riddellclivejo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kamoso/3.0.0-0ubuntu1 !14:37
Riddellclivejo: you might want to e-mail upstream and suggest they follow a sequential version number scheme with 3 parts to it in future14:40
Riddellclivejo: you know if calligra is too much of a beast that rsibreak applications is in need of packaging I read14:50
sitterin fact, tell kamoso to read the readme of their release script :P14:50
sitterin particualr the section going 'best practise'14:50
sitterRiddell: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/kdepim.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_wily_archive NONONONONOCI15:05
ronnocRiddell: Is there any kind of direct benefit to Kubuntu if I join the Ubuntu Testers team? 15:52
Riddellronnoc: I don't know what that team does15:52
sgclarkhi all15:53
ronnocRiddell: Similar to the QT we do here but a little more involved. You create a standardized hardware profile on GitHub, then so ISO testing and file bugs as neeed. Not sure if they'd be keen on Kubuntu ISO testing though. 15:54
ronnocI just figured maybe there'd be some kind of synergistic overlap perhaps15:55
* Riddell fluffles sgclark15:55
sgclarkanything needing attention?15:57
Riddellronnoc: I heard of automated ISO tests that ubuntu have which would be interesting for kubuntu, is that it?15:57
Riddellsgclark: valorie posted about rsibreak packaging15:57
sgclarkthat sounds cool.15:57
sgclarkRiddell: ok, I will give it a shot15:57
ronnocRiddell: Nope. See http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker and then  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Hardware. I uploaded a hardware profile already just as an excercise to see if it worked. 15:59
yofelFWIW, anyone here that does ISO/Upgrade QA might as well join the testers team, as that's what it's for16:06
yofelI think it's just a badge collector team anyway16:07
sgclarkooh badges16:07
BluesKaj"we don't need no stinkin' badges"  ... a widely quoted paraphrase of a line of dialogue from the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre16:12
BluesKajgreat old flick, that one16:12
BluesKajsomewhat offtopic , but due the above comments by yofel i couldn't resist :-)16:19
ronnocRiddell: If nothing else, having our own testers group make a hardware profile that is easily referenced (stored on a wiki page perhaps) might be of some value? I'm just thinking out loud a bit here.16:28
ronnocyofel: That's the conclusion I was coming to as well ;)16:28
sgclarkI uploaded my profile a long time ago16:29
sgclarkthough i am not on that team, perhaps I should join16:29
yofelronnoc: the hardware profile should match whatever hardware you did the test on16:30
ronnocyofel: Of course...otherwise it would be of little value. The trick long-term is to remember to update it whenever something changes on your system.16:31
ronnocI was thinking if there were a recognized "Ku Testers Group" (official or not) it would be nice to have these HW profile links stored on a Wiki page somewhere for easy dev-checking when something comes up.16:32
ronnocPerhaps it could save on some back-and-forth communication with a report or here on IRC. Just a thought though.16:33
yofelthere is https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-testers which is dead because nobody cares about the documentation16:34
ronnocyofel: I am already a member. Didn't even remember that. Do you mean Wiki pages for instructing users? I could probably handle that if there's interest.16:36
ronnocRight now I beleive that anyone wanting to help with testing are generally just instructed to come here and bug someone. 16:37
yofelright, you'll see that there's a wiki page linked from the team page, which surprisingly actually exists and isn't in that bad of a shape16:38
yofelbut yeah, we don't really have much testing documentation as we practically don't do any testing except ISO qa (which is somewhat ad-hoc) and KCI16:39
BluesKajoh great that means I's have to keep 2 profiles since I run dev releases on a desktop and a laptop ;P16:39
ronnocBluesKaj: If we wanted to utilize that feature, then yes :P16:40
BluesKajthen I'd probly just run the dev release on my desktop which is getting a bit long in the tooth16:41
ronnocyofel: Excellent! Perhaps all that needs done really is fixing the broken link for Testing/Kubuntu/Current (https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Testing/Kubuntu/Current). I'll see what I can do to get that page in better shape.16:42
BluesKajaltho I'm looking at upgrading to a new pc in a yr or so16:43
ronnocBluesKaj: All you ever have to do is re-run that shell script and you get an updated hardware profile URL to bookmark. Really couldn't be much simpler.16:44
BluesKajronnoc,  ok, seems fairly simple then 16:48
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Riddellhmm I don't get that, it looks built18:03
soeeyofel: thanks for taking care of this Dolphin bug18:36
soeelooks like now it works fine :)18:36
clivejosoee: what was the problem?18:37
soeeclivejo: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2015-September/009945.html18:37
clivejoso, let me rephase it, what was the solution to the problem18:39
soeeclivejo: you should ask yofel, he fixed it but updateign some packages i think18:40
yofeluh... something about not doing something without a db connection I think18:41
yofelwould have to read the patches18:41
yofel(in baloo-kf5)18:42
TJ-Is that the package that brings in the mysqlserver-core ?18:49
yofelno, that would ba akonadi-backend-mysql18:50
soeethere is another annoying bug in Dolphin i just confrmed on #kde-devel :/18:51
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Riddellsoee: what's that?18:58
soeeRiddell: what ?18:58
Riddellthe annoying bug18:58
soeeRiddell: ah, if we put some stuff in trash and click to empty it, the icon doesn't change and we can see all files in trash (but they were removed) and if we close dolphin and open it again we can see trash empty. But if we do not reopen Dolphin and try to remove manually some of those fiels in trash, we will see in systray indicator with endless loop19:00
soeethis might be related to https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35209719:01
ubottuKDE bug 352097 in general "Dolphin Version 15.08.0 trash strange behavior after deleting files." [Minor,Unconfirmed]19:01
clivejoRiddell: did you get kamoso files I sent?19:01
Riddellclivejo: yes thanks that got uploaded19:02
clivejowhat was the issue?19:02
clivejowhy wouldnt LP let me upload it?19:02
soeecan someone of you mark it as confirmed https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=352097 ?19:15
ubottuKDE bug 352097 in general "Dolphin Version 15.08.0 trash strange behavior after deleting files." [Minor,Unconfirmed]19:15
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Riddellsoee: done20:46
soeeRiddell: thank you20:47
clivejoRiddell yofel: how do I indicate a 3.0.0 Alpha ?21:22
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