cjwelbornTagging or setting a comment on a file with Dolphin sets the 'user.xdg.tags' and 'user.xdg.comment' extended attributes and can be seen with the 'attr' command. I set some manually with 'attr' and Dolphin seems to only show them when more than one file is selected. Is this expected?00:00
cjwelbornI disabled baloo when the '%100 CPU' bug hit me, but I've re-enabled just now to see if it can pick up my tag/comment changes.00:04
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th3s3_3y3s+OK D/NB3/dqcSj.02:14
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Guest39478Today, I am beginning to use Kubuntu.04:08
Guest39478There are anyone has installed the NVIDIA driver on a laptop?04:17
Guest39478I installed nvidia-346 driver, but receive an error.04:20
Guest39478acpi pcc probe failed. starting version 21904:21
Guest39478Somebody help me04:23
shurtagulFor some reason plasmashell isnt working after I restarted my computer.. it takes a minute or so to respond to each action. I can still start applications with baloo though05:30
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lordievaderGood morning.07:39
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Copernicus22Kubuntu doesnt recognize my hardware raid drive :(11:08
Copernicus22it used to work just fine11:08
Copernicus22after I tried to upgrade to 15.04 a while back, it stopped working11:09
Copernicus22I have dual boot11:09
Copernicus22I can still mount my ext4 partition using windows11:10
Copernicus22any idea how to fix it ?11:10
lordievaderCopernicus22: Hardware or software raid?11:16
lordievaderCopernicus22: Ah now I remember, did you replace the 'bad' ssd?11:18
BluesKajHi folks11:30
Copernicus22lordievader: I have a MSI GS70 2QE11:46
Copernicus22hardware raid I think, 500 MB/sec11:46
lordievaderCopernicus22: Is the MSI a replacement?11:46
Copernicus22lordievader: do you really think I need to replace the hdd while it works fine using windows?11:47
Copernicus22I can even access the linux partition from windows11:47
lordievaderDidn't we determine last time that the raid was running in degraded mode?11:47
Copernicus22lordievader: I did a sudo badblocks -nvs /dev/sda11:48
Copernicus22no errors11:48
Copernicus22http://paste.ubuntu.com/12593160/ fixboot info11:49
lordievaderReading from my logs: < TJ-> Copernicus22: " Slots : [_U]" suggests you need to enter the BIOS RAID setup and try to fix it from there. the "_" suggests a mising array member11:49
lordievaderIs that any different now?11:49
Copernicus22lordievader: in the bios it shows 2 disk members11:50
lordievaderBut what does mdadm say?11:50
Copernicus22you can see in the fixboot info link I think11:50
Copernicus22oh no wait, it doesnt11:51
lordievaderERROR: isw: wrong number of devices in RAID set "isw_bchcigjdaa_RAID0IMSVolume" [1/2] on /dev/sdb11:51
Copernicus22I booted windows11:52
lordievaderSays enough I guess?11:52
Copernicus22at the moment11:52
Copernicus22lordievader: so I need to buy a new disk ?11:52
lordievaderError: Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/sda11:52
lordievaderError: /dev/sdb: unrecognised disk label11:52
lordievaderDoesn't look good.11:52
Copernicus22lordievader: with the windows installer it still recognizes the raid drive11:53
lordievaderNah, the disks might still be fine. But it looks like the raid itself is toast. <-- is the major downside of raid0.11:53
Copernicus22lordievader: so I need to recreate the raid in the bios to fix it?11:53
lordievaderCopernicus22: Can you read the files stored on the raid?11:53
Copernicus22yes, my windows boots from the same raid volume11:53
Copernicus22dual boot11:54
lordievaderCopernicus22: That is not what I am asking ;)11:54
lordievaderCan you read the linux files, if you will.11:54
Copernicus22lordievader: yes11:54
Copernicus22lordievader: I made a backup of my raid drive11:54
Copernicus22home folder*11:54
lordievaderHmm... Then make a backup and rebuild the raid, preferably in raid1.11:54
lordievaderDoesn't windows boot of sdc?11:55
Copernicus22no it's another disk11:55
Copernicus22I have 3 hdd's, 2 ssd, 1 hdd11:55
Copernicus223 hard disks I mean11:56
lordievaderI know.11:56
lordievaderAnyhow, I'd rebuild the raid in mode 1.11:56
Copernicus22in  the bios?11:56
Copernicus22was hoping I could fix it11:57
lordievaderSmall chance, I think, of fixing this mess.11:57
Copernicus22lordievader: I'll make an extra backup, and rebuild the raid :)11:58
Copernicus22still using raid 0 but with a good backup system :)11:58
Copernicus22500gb/sec is awesome :)11:58
lordievaderIs it worth rebuilding everything when something fails?12:00
Copernicus22lordievader: yeah, I get your point, i'll think about it12:01
Copernicus22lordievader: anyways, thx allot, good luck in your upcoming movie :p12:02
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niks_hey...i am comparatively new to gnu/linux and have been using ubuntu with unity since 4 months. I want to start using kde. Which option is better: installing kde alongside unity in ubuntu or installing kubuntu separately?17:24
lordievaderniks_: Both are possible. KDE along side Unity might result in cluttered menu's but that is the only downside I can think of.17:26
niks_lordievader: I tried to install kde along side unity but after that i got stuck at the login screen and couldn't use either of the environments...still will try again... :)17:27
wldcordeiro_Anyone here know how to disable HDMI audio? I have a sound system plugged into my line-in but Kubuntu keeps trying to use the monitor speakers rather than the line-in.18:30
usr13"trying to use the monitor speakers rather than line-in"?18:33
usr13wldcordeiro_: Try to tell us your situation in more detail, (more accurately).18:35
usr13wldcordeiro: you "have a sound system plugged into line-in"?18:36
mrbinaerwldcordeiro_: You can disable the sound card under audio settings.18:38
TJ-I'm not surprised it doesn't work if speakers are connected to line-in, rather than line-out, or speaker/headphone out :)18:39
mrbinaerTJ-: I think it was a typo. ^^18:40
TJ-mrbinaer: It's being repeated in other channels several times then :)18:40
TJ-It's a common mistake folks make if they're not clued up on the output colour coding, or if there is none18:41
wldcordeiro_TJ-: yeah line-out, I didn't realize that was what I typed.18:45
wldcordeiro_mrbinaer: I don't see a way to disable it in the 15.04 audio settings.18:45
wldcordeiro_I see a drop down that lets me select but not a disable option.18:46
TJ-wldcordeiro_: OK :) If you've got several outputs, the mixer control  should have an option to Confgure, where the priority of multiple outputs can be set18:46
TJ-On the System Settings > Audio Volume Settings > Output Devices > Port18:47
TJ-On that tab, I see a 'mute' icon far-right of the Device Name that mutes the entire device18:48
wldcordeiro_TJ are you using KDE 5? Because system settings doesn't have audio volume settings in KDE 518:49
mrbinaerwldcordeiro_: On the profile drop down should be an option to turn the soundcard off.18:50
wldcordeiro_It has a "multimedia"18:50
TJ-wldcordeiro_: I right-click the icon in the task-tray, Audio Volume Settings ...18:50
soeewldcordeiro_: no audio volume settngs ?18:53
wldcordeiro_When I right click on the speaker it has a menu for kmix with "audio setup"18:54
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WelshmanHi everyone 'in' this room.  Also, because I am a 'newbie' to Linux (used to use Windows) I have 2 questions about or on Kubuntu. Q1. Can any of the available versions (iso) be 'burnt' onto a usb flash/pen drive?; and if "Yes" then Q2. Which version do I choose - Kubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support or Kubuntu 15.04 Latest Release, Stable And Supported? Thanks. :)19:18
soeeWelshman: all this isos can be used with USB19:19
soeeWelshman: what version you pick is your choise. 14.04 is LTS with KDE4, 15.04 is first Kubuntu version with Plasma 5 as defaule DE19:20
Welshmansoee: Thanks for your reply. At the moment I am using Linux Lite which is installed after 'burning' it onto a 8GB flash drive! :)19:21
soeeWelshman: this si how Plasma 5 will look in 15.10 :)19:23
Welshmansoee: The reason why I am 'looking' for another, possibly, Linux OS is because I do not like Linux Lite. Also, I have another question to ask: Which version of Kubuntu would you recommend - Kubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support or Kubuntu 15.04 Latest Release, Stable And Supported? :)19:26
soeeWelshman: you should not ask me this question :) I'm a big fan of Plasma 5 so i would use 15.04. Anyway i'm now on 15.10 beta2  -.-19:27
Welshmansoee: Thanks for reply. But, okay I will ask my question in a different way: What is the difference between Kubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support and Kubuntu 15.04 Latest Release, Stable And Supported? Will be back in a few minutes. But I do await for your reply! :)19:30
soeeWelshman: 14.04 is supported till April 2019, 15.04 is supported till January 2016. 14.04 uses olde DE - KDE4 while 15.04 uses shiny Plasma 519:32
adrian_1908hello, I'm planning to switch to Kubuntu for 15.10 and was wondering if I can install an RC version and seamlessly update into 15.10. or whether you'd advise against that and to wait for the final release instead.19:40
Welshmansoee: Thanks for reply. Also, if I do decide to install Kubuntu (iso) onto this laptop after 'burning' it onto an USB flash/pen drive I will be choosing 14.04 Long Term Support. I am now leaving this room. But I do thank you for the chat. Lastly, all the best for the rest of 2015 + the future.  :)  Welshman is just about to leave the room!19:49
WelshmanWelshman hsa]]19:55
WelshmanWelshman has left the room!19:56
polygon6789is it ok to ask for support here?21:52
valoriewhat's your issue, polygon678921:55
valorieadrian_1908: upgrade from RC has been without incident for me countless times21:55
polygon6789I can't get the kde-polkit to work. I keep getting "this operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided" in important programs like muon updater21:56
valorieand 15.10 has been running great for me (mostly) since alpha21:56
valoriepolygon6789: what version of kubuntu are you using?21:56
polygon6789kubuntu 14.0421:56
valoriecan you run updates in the commandline?21:57
valorieI mean, does it work there?21:57
polygon6789i just wanted to be able to use the graphical program instead if i could21:57
valorieright, there have been some rare and difficult to fix problems with polkit for awhile21:58
valorieI suggest just using the cli since it is so fast21:58
valorie`sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`21:59
polygon6789ok. thanks!21:59
valorieevery time you visit konsole or yakuake, just use your up-arrow21:59
valorieand hit return21:59
valorieso quick!21:59
valoriealso, you can paste into konsole with shift+control+v21:59
s3cz0neHi guys, does anybody know of a way to re-enable the directory sharing feature in the dolphin properties pane that does not appear in plasma. Its a royal PITA to have to edit the smb.conf every time you want to share a directory especially if it is only temporary and being done often....22:20
s3cz0neDoes anybody at least know of a half decent smb config GUI.... most of the time for my lab servers I hand modify the config but I'd prefer a graphical solution for my workstation from just having switched from LMNT to Kubuntu22:26
TJ-s3cz0ne: samba used to have one but last time I checked it had been deprecated/dropped22:41
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acadiancrusaderi need help23:20
acadiancrusaderati radeon r7 37023:20
acadiancrusadergetting no audio via hdmi23:21
acadiancrusadergreat, no help here either?23:24
s3cz0neTJ - ty... any idea why the sharing feature has been removed in plasma 5/dolphin? It's a real pain to do manual smb configs if you're not doing them frequently enough to memorize the syntax... At least thats the case for me, whenever I have to setup various smb configs, especially with complex options, off to the documentation I go.... too bad there isn't some web based config editor that allowed for all of SAMBA 4's various options23:45
s3cz0ne- cont. to printers that allowed for a distro specific smb.conf entry with all the options23:45

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