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PaliHi! Can you help me? I deleted all packages in my PPA ( https://launchpad.net/~pali/+archive/ubuntu/test/+packages ) but I still cannot upload to that PPA anything... In email is: Rejected: PPA exceeded its size limit (2781.00 of 2048.00 MiB).11:53
PaliWhat to do in this case?11:54
wgrantPali: It can take up 12 hours for the space to be freed. I've increased your quota to work around that.11:55
Paliwgrant: ooo, thanks!11:55
Palibtw, why is not delete operation instant?11:55
Paliand take 12 hours?11:55
wgrantRemoving old files from disk isn't a high-priority operation.11:56
wgrantThe delay is only every a problem when someone's running close to their quota.11:57
grossmjHello, I represent a open-source project and we would like to know if there is any process when having only one admin in control of a PPA and this admin is gone/missing/dead? We would like to re-take control of that PPA.13:13
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dobeygrossmj: if you want multiple people to own a PPA, you chould make a team, and create a PPA for that team. Then, anyone in that team can upload to that PPA. you can copy packages from another PPA into the new PPA if you wish, to start with13:56
grossmjdobey: it is currently owned by one person which doesn't reply to our emails, we don't have control over the PPA. We really want to re-take control since it is marked as the official PPA for our project.14:00
dobeygrossmj: what PPA?14:01
dobeyoh, it is a team with only one member14:03
geserit's already a team PPA, so you "just" need a ticket explaining the situation and get hopefully the new admin of that team14:03
grossmjIs the ticket to be posted on Launchpad Answers?14:04
dobeygrossmj: you need to ask a question at https://ansers.launchpad.net/launchpad/ about changing the team owner14:04
grossmjwe already did: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/27174714:05
dobeythen be patient? :)14:07
grossmjI guess so... thanks :)14:07
dobeywell, you only asked what the process was in there. you need to ask to change the team owner, not what the process is, or to add an admin to the team, i think.14:08
grossmjWe will post a new ticket then14:08
dobeyyou can edit the same ticket14:08
dobeyor clarify in comments14:09
grossmjSounds good. Thanks for your help14:09
dobeycjwatson: if you're around, could you maybe take care of grossmj's request? ^^14:10
cjwatsongrossmj: You say "I'm a member of the gns3 project as you can see here https://github.com/orgs/GNS3/people" but that link doesn't mention you?14:14
noplayHi opened the ticket14:14
cjwatsonOh, sorry, wrong person14:15
noplaycjwatson: I just add a comment asking to add grossmj as team owner14:15
cjwatsonCan you answer my question above?14:16
cjwatsonIt makes me nervous when supporting documentation is provided that doesn't seem to actually support14:16
grossmjThat's correct, I don't appear on the list when not logged in14:16
cjwatsonI'm logged into GitHub14:17
grossmjJust added myself14:17
grossmjLet me know if you need more proof... I have a @gns3.com email or we can add a webpage on gns3.com for instance14:19
noplayOr pushing something to the git14:19
dobeygrossmj: you're already listed in the "Our Team" part of the gns3.com site14:19
grossmjright :)14:19
cjwatsondobey: Where's that?14:20
cjwatsonOh, I see it14:20
cjwatsonRight, I'm just trying to avoid being social-engineered here14:20
grossmjThis is understandable14:21
cjwatsonCan you explain the prior situation?  What relationship does/did Daniel Lintott have to your project?14:21
grossmjDaniel is a contributor to our project, used to create the Debian packages for GNS3. Is is not employee or anything else14:21
grossmjHe cannot reach him anymore (doesn't reply to our emails) and we need to create new Debian packages for recent versions of GNS314:22
cjwatsonaha, right, I can see how this happens14:22
cjwatsonsent mail, please cause somebody to reply :)14:26
grossmjJust replied14:27
grossmjI've been added to the team. Again, thanks a lot for your help and have a good one.14:44
cjwatsongrossmj: Right, that's done via our sysadmins.  They added noplay as well, which I hope was OK; if not you have the ability to undo that :-)14:47
cjwatson(Or maybe you did that)14:48
noplayMarked as solved14:48
noplayThanks a lot14:48
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