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beunoogra_, it does not05:36
beuno(include types)05:36
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dholbachgood morning07:02
davidcalleMorning o/07:35
clobranoMorning :)07:36
clobranoChipaca: thank you ;)07:36
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longsleepGood morning snappy!08:18
ogra_moin moin08:21
longsleepogra_: nice release for the rpi2 - i whish i also could use a recent kernel :/08:26
longsleepbtw, i found why recent u-d-f stopped working for me - bug #149999308:27
ubottubug 1499993 in Snappy "U-d-f uses hardcoded names for kernel and initrd instead of the ones defined in hardware.yaml" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149999308:27
ogra_longsleep, sadly the verioned approach didnt work properly ... not sure what we can do (beyond finally getting a kernel snap), i guess we need to discuss that08:29
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longsleepogra_: you mean the webdm issue cannot be fixed?08:33
ogra_webdm ?08:33
* ogra_ reads the bug again08:33
longsleepthe problem that webdm did not work for side loaded oem snaps?08:33
ogra_oh, i belive Chipaca already has a fix for that, just needs some testing08:34
longsleepogra_: no my issue has nothing todo with webdm, but that could be fixed by adding a way to define the names for kernel and initrd files08:34
longsleepogra_: ok good, but you think the issue with the file name has todo with versioning?08:34
longsleepi guess i can name the uImage vmlinuz and the uInitrd initrd.img but that feels wrong08:35
ogra_indeed it does ... i didnt say its not a bug :)08:36
longsleepand i miserably failed to get the odroid boot a zImage on the weekend ..08:36
longsleepNny suggestions on how to debug early kernel load errors without having hardware support for to dump printk buffer on the console would be most welcome :)08:38
ogra_there is an android option to support /proc/last_kmesg .... i have seen that function in non android kernels in the past08:41
ogra_hmm, though that wouldnt help in this particular case (where you cant boot at all)08:42
longsleepogra_: how would that work when the kernel fails to boot08:42
ogra_yeah, sorry, brainfart08:42
longsleepogra_: yeah - the problem is that the kernel seems to crash or stop in uncompress - at least before flushin the printk buffer for the fist time08:42
longsleepessentially i see nothing until u-boot gave over to the kernel08:43
ogra_probably ppisati has an idea ... but i think he is out for another week08:43
longsleepand i "think" i got the zImage and initrd patch right - the bytes for the kernel image look right08:43
longsleepbut it just crashes08:43
ogra_he might know a trick to make uboot more verbose or some such08:43
longsleepwell, in u-boot i have added debug and everything looks good08:44
ogra_i assume you already use "earlyprintk" on your cmdline ?08:44
longsleepyes but that does not help so much when the arm hardware does not have a kernel debug driver to log this stuff to the serial console08:44
longsleepi currently think it is some crazy thing which is missing in u-boot when using bootz instead of bootm, though i did debug this and did not find any :/08:46
longsleepogra_: this means for now the only way seems to be to use the hardcoded names for kernel and initrd even if they have different formats. My fear is that they would be overwritten on update - or is that prevented somehow then a custom kernel was used during image creation?08:50
ogra_no, that was solely because we ended with duplicated kernels on upgrades when we used versioned binaries (i think nobody took uImage into account when that was hacked in)08:51
ogra_not supposed to be or stay like that ...08:52
longsleepogra_: ah you mean that was the reason to hardcode the file name?08:52
longsleepi see - so you think i can just use those file names and they would be overwritte on ubuntu-core update?08:53
ogra_and whoever landed it had already worked an 18h day and was focused on amd64 for the last days :)08:53
ogra_we need to look at it again and see how to get the old support back in08:53
longsleepmhm the patch was made by sergiusens but it was in July already08:54
longsleep"Normalize kernel and initrd with proper templating. by sergiusens approved by chipaca"08:55
ogra_i think u-d-f calls snappy at some point during installation ...08:55
ogra_i'd rather suspect a snappy patch from mvo from the last two weeks that broke it08:55
longsleepno http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/goget-ubuntu-touch/trunk/revision/19508:56
longsleeplook at the changes in core_uboot.go08:56
longsleepbefore it took whatever filename it got and copied to destination folder08:56
ogra_hmm, right08:56
longsleepnow it copies not to the folder but to the hardcoded filename08:56
longsleepso it does not seem to be related to the changes from the last weeks08:57
ogra_well, i'll bring it up with the team ... thouh everyone is at a sprint in budapest this week08:57
ogra_response time might not be great08:58
longsleepno worries - i will experiment with using these names for uInitrd and uImage and might eventually get the device to boot zImage as well08:59
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Drink Beer Day! 😃09:02
Chipacagood morning people09:20
Chipacalongsleep: if it's broken, it might be my fault, whatever it is :)09:20
Chipacalongsleep: I seem to have fixed webdm, but haven't uploaded it; I can give it to you to try if you want.09:21
Chipacaogra_: what's uImage?09:22
longsleepChipaca: uImage is the same as zImage but with a u-boot compatible container09:34
Chipacalongsleep: ogra_: when we did that boot simplification we knew we were most likely missing some ... *ahem* ... "corner cases"09:34
Chipacabut the good news it should now fit in our puny little brains and let us extend it09:34
Chipaca(note i haven't read all the backlog so i might be missing something ;) )09:35
longsleepChipaca: http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/UBootImages09:35
longsleepChipaca: well - yeah i was not able to follow the changes in july so closely as i should have09:36
Chipacawhat's "unity os"? :)09:36
longsleepi have no idea09:36
Chipacaneither does wikipedia09:36
Chipacaanyway. gotcha wrt header.09:36
longsleepChipaca: u-boot learned to boot linux zImage and initrd without u-boot container on 2012-03-3009:38
longsleepas lots of arm devices use u-boot from 2011 they do not support it and need uImage and uInitrd :/09:38
Chipacathat's relatively recent compared to lead times in getting uboot on the hardware09:38
Chipacahard to argue when getting a newer uboot means having to use a more expensive provider09:39
longsleepthe patches are small, but i failed to get the ODROID boot a zImage so far ..09:39
Chipaca(or is uboot firmware?)09:39
longsleepyes u-boot is firmware09:40
Chipacaah! we should be able to fix that then :)09:40
longsleepthe soc manufacturer usually ships a tree09:40
longsleeperr no09:40
longsleepthose trees are very messy and most often do not share common git history with upstream u-boot09:40
longsleepfor the aml meson8 platform the patch set is about 10000 lines of terrible patch code09:41
longsleepwhich will never be upstreamed to u-boot head09:41
longsleepand also cannot be rebased on upstream because u-boot has changed a lot since 201109:42
longsleepimho snappy should be able to work without too much pain when u-boot does not support bootz command09:43
Chipacaogra_: do you know offhand where the generic-* snaps are built from?10:06
ChipacaCPI seems to think they are architecture:all10:06
Chipacawhich is probably wrong :)10:06
ogra_Chipaca, https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems10:06
Chipacaogra_: ta10:06
Chipacaah, indeed, no architecture header10:07
Chipacaneed to query mvo & sergio about that10:07
Chipacas/header/package.yaml top-level line/10:07
Chipacaogra_: echo "config: {ubuntu-core: {autopilot: false}}" | sudo snappy config ubuntu-core -10:13
Chipacai find the yaml spec hard to read as a quick reference, but the above works \o/10:13
* ogra_ finally managed to file bug 150037510:13
ubottubug 1500375 in Snapcraft "inconsistent build results due to wrong usage of recommends" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150037510:13
ogra_Chipaca, oh, no -- - anymore ?10:14
Chipacaogra_: yeh, not sure when we picked that one up :)10:14
* ogra_ makes a mental note10:14
Chipacaogra_: but what i was pointing at was the lack of \ns and faffing with indentation for a single value10:15
ogra_yeah !10:15
Chipacaturns out, yaml has something it calls json-compatible maps10:15
Chipacawhich i should look into sometime10:15
Chipacanot today tho :)10:15
Chipacaogra_: now, because it's yaml, the whitespace there is needed :-/10:16
Chipacabut a single space is tolerable10:16
ogra_yeah, definitely better than before10:16
* ogra_ notes that nobody from the budapest crowd is online ... must have been good beer last night :) 10:25
* ogra_ grumbles about bug 1500020 10:28
ubottubug 1500020 in ubuntu-core-config (Ubuntu) "/var/lib/opencryptoki needs to be in /etc/system-image/writable-paths" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150002010:28
ogra_i dont get why i dont see it on amd6410:28
ricmmogra_: we are all online11:44
ricmmwell not all I guess11:44
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biezpalasac, hey, is there any updates about https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/1498396 ?12:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1498396 in Snappy "Random string in data path breaks application" [Undecided,New]12:40
biezpalasac, it's really important for us..12:41
ogra_biezpal, the "current" link for data paths is supposed to re-appear12:41
ogra_but i doubt that will happen before the next stable release12:41
ogra_Chipaca, ^^^ do you knwo if anyone already works on this ?12:42
biezpalogra_, cool, thanks12:42
Chipacaogra_: it's next in my list, i think12:42
ogra_(also note that most of the snappy team is at a sprint this week ... quick answers might be rare :) )12:43
biezpalhmm, maybe it's a right time to participate in snappy development :)12:46
ogra_every time is the right time for that :)12:47
ogra_don't hold back :)12:47
longsleepthis reminds me, my boss told me he signed the Ubuntu Contributor Agreement, anyone can check?12:48
Chipacalongsleep: when did he do it?12:48
longsleepChipaca: Friday maybe or on the weekend, though it might be possible he already did it a month back (quote)12:49
Chipacalongsleep: basically, you (or your company? not sure how it works for companies -- i should check) would appear in https://launchpad.net/~contributor-agreement-canonical12:49
Chipacalongsleep: if it's been processed, that is12:49
longsleeplet me check12:50
Chipacalongsleep: there was a bit of a backlog but it should be cleared now (the person that used to do it left, and we bungled the transition)12:50
longsleepChipaca: Companies should appear there too?12:51
Chipacathat's what i don't know :)12:51
longsleepChipaca: anyhow neither company nor name on the list, but i do not see any companies there12:52
Chipacaand the person that i'd ask is not on irc right now; poking up the chain12:53
Chipacahah! had her timezone wrong. she should be around soon.12:53
longsleepChipaca: ok great thanks - i will resume work on snapcraft later this week and i would like to be produce mergeable patches this time12:54
ogra_these slackers in the US only start working in the afternoon ...12:54
* Chipaca understands12:54
ogra_they should take the chinese as example ! they start working in the middle of the night already :)12:54
longsleepbut they leave at 412:55
* longsleep wakes up at 412:55
Chipacaso, i should adopt the best of both worlds12:55
longsleep<<< nick name12:55
Chipacastart working in the afternoon, leave at 412:55
ogra_perfect !12:55
longsleepChipaca: best would be to add our https://launchpad.net/~strukturag team to the cla team if any such thing is possible12:57
Chipacalongsleep: i'll check12:57
* Chipaca ~> lunch13:27
* ogra_ takes a bit of Chipaca 13:28
Chipacaogra_: ow13:41
ogra_well, if you turn into lunch you shoudl expect that :)13:42
Chipacaogra_: not my fault you can't tell apart a "transforms into" arrow from a "begets" arrow13:43
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sergiusenszyga, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Snappy/Parts14:01
ogra_sergiusens, if the beer at the bar gets boring in the evening ... bug 150037514:02
ubottubug 1500375 in Snapcraft "inconsistent build results due to wrong usage of recommends" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150037514:02
sergiusensogra_, oh, we used to do no recommends, I guess it got lost when we moved to our private apt cache14:07
ogra_well, i dont care either way, only the consistency counts14:08
ogra_(i gues without recommends is generally better for this use case though)14:09
ogra_apw, hmm, is rtg on vacation too (i know ppisati is)14:13
T-monhello everybody! Since the last update my sideload snappy packages get some kind of uuid as version14:29
T-monis there a possiblilty to keep the snap version?14:30
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T-monI see the pros/cons of that concept...but it would be helpfull if this could be configurable :)14:31
ogra_T-mon, there sill be a "current" link in the /apps/<package>/<version> dir14:33
ogra_in the ~/apps/<package>/<version> dir14:34
ogra_regenerating the version at install time is necessary because you can keep the same version when generating a sideload snap ... installing the same version again wouldnt update the confinement profiles14:35
T-monogra_: yes, but my confs are gone with each new upload and I have to figur out the name of the sevice bfore i can follow the service log14:35
ogra_the UUID enforces that14:35
T-monyes :) that is one of the benefits14:36
T-monit makes the development harder...and easier, depending on what you are doing14:38
ogra_well, it makes sure security cant be broken ...14:38
ogra_which was the case before14:38
T-monis this only for sideloads or also for store versions?14:40
ogra_only sideloads14:41
ogra_in the store you can upload the same version twice14:43
T-monso i loose the configs in every new version?14:46
T-monif I use /var/lib/apps/...14:47
ogra_why would you ?14:47
ogra_existing configs get forward copied since forever on upgrades14:47
T-monI am using the SNAP_APP_DATA_PATH for configs14:48
* ogra_ too14:48
ogra_never had issues with it14:48
T-monok, have to check that again...14:50
T-monI always remove the old version before uploading the new one...maby I sould not do that? :D14:51
ogra_ah, yeah, then snapp cant really forward copy anything14:51
* T-mon testing14:52
T-monok :) not removing did the trick :D14:55
tedgsergiusens: Idea: What if we had a global debug flag that would install debug symbol packages and compile things with debug symbols.14:58
tedgsergiusens: Or, I guess, we should have some way to pull the symbols out of a package to generate our own symbols packages.14:59
ogra_tedg, uhm, that might make you end up with gigantic snaps14:59
tedgogra_: Sure, but for developer debugging, not for release.14:59
ogra_well, we should be pretty clear about what it does15:00
tedgBut it would be interesting if you could strip all those symbols out as a whole and then interpret crashs with *all* the symbols.15:00
* ogra_ imaines someone packaging wget and using that flag ... and then ending up with a 50MB wget snap while he just wanted to debug a wrapper script for the deb wget15:00
apwogra_, i thought he was about15:06
ogra_apw, yeah, i catched him on the internal channel15:07
tedgogra_: I think it shouldn't be a flag that is used lightly :-)15:14
tedgAnd we shouldn't take them in the store.15:15
elopiotedg: it sounds really useful for snapcraft run.15:16
ogra_tedg, and we should have detailed documentation about it :)15:18
tedgAnd a big warning: <blink>DEVELOPER MODE ENABLED, MAY CAUSE A BLACK HOLE, BE VERY CAREFUL</blink>15:19
ogra_also <red></red> ... <blink> alone is rarely enough :)15:20
sergiusensrickspencer3, install godd :-)15:31
jdstrandsergiusens: are you still around?15:56
jdstrandsergiusens: I have a two quick questions on snapcraft and the review tools. I want to file a bug but not sure who is at fault15:58
sergiusensjdstrand, I'm still here15:58
sergiusensjdstrand, you can default to affecting both and we can later invalidate one or maybe none if both are wrong :-)15:58
jdstrandlet me get a paste15:59
jdstrandright, but if it is in the review tools I wanted to fix it today15:59
ogra_just file it against https://launchpad.net/~sergiusens and it will get fixed :)16:00
jdstrandsergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12603461/16:00
jdstrandsergiusens: in the past, we said that 'architectures' was deprecated and people should use 'architecture' now. snapcraft is using 'architectures'16:00
jdstrandsergiusens: is that intentional? (ie, should I change the review tools?)16:00
jdstrandsergiusens: the other is the external symlinks check (external symlinks are where an app has a symlink to something outside of its app dirs). are external symlinks something that is supposed to be allowed? I can say in the case of this snap, /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/security/cacerts would be a dangling symlink16:03
jdstrandsergiusens: the security policy handles this fine, but the check is there to try to alert people to issues in their snap, since a symlink out to a minimal system like Ubuntu Core is likely dangling16:04
sergiusensjdstrand, architectures is deprecated? I thought it was the other way around16:07
jdstrandsergiusens: the tools enforce 'architecture' and have for a while16:08
sergiusenshmm, Chipaca can you chime in?16:08
Chipacasergiusens: context?16:09
sergiusensChipaca, architectures and not 'architecture'16:09
jdstrand./go-example-webserver/meta/package.yaml:architecture: [amd64, armhf]16:09
jdstrand./hello-dbus/package-dir-fwk/meta/package.yaml:architecture: [amd64, armhf, i386]16:09
jdstrand./hello-dbus/package-dir-app/meta/package.yaml:architecture: [amd64, armhf, i386]16:09
jdstrandsnappy-examples use 'architecture'16:09
jdstrandsnapcraft uses 'architectures'16:10
sergiusensChipaca, yech?16:10
Chipacasergiusens: ugly16:10
jdstrandthe review tools know about 'architecture' and complain on 'architectures'16:10
Chipacalet me confirm it's the right way around at least :)16:10
sergiusensjdstrand, yeah, the examples have this big problem of always lagging on change :-/16:10
Chipacano, that's backward16:10
Chipaca"architecture" is the deprecated one16:10
ogra_and the format seems different16:10
ChipacaDeprecatedArchitecture deprecarch `yaml:"architecture"`16:11
ogra_- amd6416:11
ChipacaArchitectures          []string   `yaml:"architectures"`16:11
ogra_thats what i have in snapcraft-built snaps16:11
Chipacaand that is correct16:11
ogra_(no brackets and a dash)16:11
sergiusensjdstrand, what we do do, is have manifest.json write 'architecture' to not break the store, but in package.yaml, 'architectures' is preferred16:12
ogra_(and also on a new line)16:12
jdstrandis architectures still a list?16:12
jdstrandsergiusens: ^16:14
jdstrandok, so I'll fix the tools for architectures16:16
sergiusensjdstrand, architectures is a list and only a list (contrary to architecture which would be both a string and a list)16:17
jdstrandsergiusens: can you comment on the symlinks issue?16:17
jdstrandsergiusens: re list> ack, I'll fix16:17
jdstrandsergiusens: but note, 'snapcraft' produced a snap with the architecture warning in the past, so if it is meant to be compliant with the store, it isn't16:18
sergiusensjdstrand, wait, what symlink issue?16:22
jdstrandsergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12603461/16:22
sergiusensjdstrand, that's a bug!16:22
jdstrandok, so there is a review tools bug and a snapcraft bug16:22
* jdstrand files16:22
sergiusensjdstrand, thanks16:22
jdstrandsergiusens: note, these are going to block store uploads (which is why I'm fixing the review tools one today)16:23
sergiusensjdstrand, I'll be fixing these fast16:25
sergiusensjdstrand, if you have a part that generates this bug please put it in the bug and I'll fix16:25
jdstrandsergiusens: just so we're clear, I'll fix the review tools16:29
jdstrandsergiusens: for architectures16:30
fgimenezelopio, some progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/149829316:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1498293 in Snappy "fake rollback integration test fails" [Undecided,New]16:31
elopiofgimenez: haven't looked at it yet.16:31
fgimenezelopio, this is the patch i used to get the grubenv contents http://paste.ubuntu.com/12603681/16:32
elopiofgimenez: I thought it was reproducible, but  as you said it seems random. I got two good and one bad today.16:33
jdstrandsergiusens: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/150050516:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1500505 in Snapcraft "snapcraft produces snaps with dangling external symlinks" [Undecided,New]16:33
elopioit might be a real bug. I'll do more runs on the evening.16:33
fgimenezelopio, ok, i'll catch up tomorrow, nice evening everyone16:33
vmayoral|pcchipaca: ping16:54
Chipacavmayoral|pc: pong16:54
Chipaca*just* :)16:55
vmayoral|pcchipaca: do you know if there's a tool to make a snap inactive (disable it)?16:55
Chipacavmayoral|pc: no, but it's easy to do16:56
ogra_vmayoral|pc, there is an "unpublich" button in the store page of each app16:56
Chipacawell, easy-ish16:56
Chipacavmayoral|pc: what's your use case?16:56
Chipacavmayoral|pc: or, in clearer language, what're you trying to do?16:57
vmayoral|pcchipaca: so we'll have snaps that are several MBs and we'd prefer not installing them every time16:58
vmayoral|pcif the "disable" tool from webdm doesn't get rid of the packages then that works16:58
Chipacai'm not sure, but "disable" might mean turn off services, in that context16:59
Chipacavmayoral|pc: i'm not sure i understand the connection between "installing them every time" and not getting rid of the packages16:59
Chipacai'm missing something :-/16:59
vmayoral|pcChipaca: i'm probably not making it clear, sorry. Let me put it differently:17:00
vmayoral|pcImagine i've got two facial recognition algorithms abstracted as snaps the first one's size is 10 MB and the second one is 15 MB. I'd like to have both installed in my device and enable one or the other depending on the scenario (without access to the cloud) thereby i need them both installed but one disabled. Is this possible now?17:04
Chipacavmayoral|pc: it is possible.17:04
Chipacavmayoral|pc: well, that's a half-lie, actually :-/17:05
Chipacavmayoral|pc: all the bits are there to do this, but there isn't an easy way to bring it about17:05
Chipacavmayoral|pc: could you file a bug requesting this feature?17:06
vmayoral|pcmoving to a different room ,sorry17:07
vmayoral|pci'll do that17:07
Chipacavmayoral|pc: do these snaps require hardware access?17:07
vmayoral|pcthey might, for our intentions they will since our goal will be to embed different robot behaviors (with different peripherals) on each snap17:08
Chipacavmayoral|pc: so, there is a workaround17:09
asacbiezpal: if its about the current link one, then yes, we decided to land this change asap17:21
ogra_asac, well, from a stable POV asap would be in ~4 weeks17:22
ogra_(or 6 ... or whenever we plan the next release)17:22
asacstill asap17:24
asacthink 317:24
Chipacavmayoral|pc: you there?17:25
vmayoral|pcChipaca: back again17:25
Chipacavmayoral|pc: hi again :)17:25
Chipacavmayoral|pc: i was saying, there is a workaround17:25
Chipacavmayoral|pc: but it's a bit of a kludge17:25
Chipacavmayoral|pc: interested? :)17:26
Chipacavmayoral|pc: you install the snap, and then fake-install the skeleton of an old version of the snap17:27
Chipacavmayoral|pc: and then 'sudo snappy set $snapname active=$skeletonversion'17:28
vmayoral|pc thanks. I'll give it a try.17:30
vmayoral|pcIt'll be great though to have this functionality implemented at some point. I'll file a bug as advised. Thanks!17:30
Chipacavmayoral|pc: yes, please; a feature request from a user carries more weight than if I just say "this'd be cool to have" :)17:31
asacogra_: do i need to select a size for udf still or does it create the most minimal one now so it resizes?17:36
beunoChipaca, also, here's here with us this week17:37
beunoso he has... lets say, leverage17:37
Chipacabeuno: hah!17:37
ogra_asac, i think it still hardcodes 4GB by default ... thats a sergio question17:37
Chipacabeuno: fwiw, if you discuss it at all, it's a very very easy one to implement unless a lot of things change :)17:37
Chipacabeuno: POST {"action":"disable/enable"} to the package url (same place you already install/remove)17:38
Chipacaor was that a PUT17:38
ogra_asac, it would be nice to have Bug 1485306 fixed, then we could create an 1byte writable partition by default17:38
* beuno nods17:38
ubottubug 1485306 in Snappy "ubuntu-device-flash should not create data in writable partition" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148530617:38
Chipacaanyway, that's the idea17:38
ogra_or 512byte rather ... i.e. 1block17:39
asacogra_: i am running udf for latest pi217:39
asacWARNING: this option should only be used to build azure images17:39
asacis showing17:39
ogra_yeah, UDF needs to suppress the warning for the rpi arch17:39
ogra_or it should say "azure and rpi" or some such17:40
asacogra_: did you put the pi2 in a stable channel?17:43
asacseems not?17:43
ogra_asac, i had to17:44
ogra_else u-d-f wouldnt work with system-image17:44
ogra_(to produce a stable img)17:44
asacogra_: it doesnt work for me17:45
asacstable just fails17:45
ogra_sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --channel stable --oem pi2.canonical --enable-ssh --install webdm -o rpi-edge.img --device raspi2_armhf 15.0417:45
ogra_asac,  thats how i built the image that was released17:45
ogra_still hgave the command inn my history17:45
ogra_well ... -o rpi-stable.img :)17:46
asacogra_: can i create a chroot on the pi2?17:47
ogra_asac, why wouldnt you ? scp http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/daily/current/wily-core-armhf.tar.gz to it ... untar in a "wily-chroot" subdir in /home/ubuntu ... copy resolv.conf in place and chroot away17:48
ogra_thats what i do here ...17:48
ogra_asac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1260419017:49
ogra_works just fine here17:49
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/rpi/preloader/newstable/tmp$ ls -lh rpi-edge.img17:49
ogra_-rw-r--r-- 1 ogra ogra 3,7G Sep 28 19:48 rpi-edge.img17:49
ogra_ogra@anubis:~/datengrab/rpi/preloader/newstable/tmp$ dpkg -l |grep ubuntu-device-flash17:49
ogra_ii  ubuntu-device-flash                                   0.31-0ubuntu1                                          amd64        Flash supported devices with Ubuntu17:49
ogra_sergiusens, i assume asac poked you in person already ... can we suppress the azure warning when --device raspi2_armhf  is used ?17:55
ogra_i.e. http://paste.ubuntu.com/1260419017:55
ogra_would also be nice if the oem snap could be enabled to define the subarch so i dont need the --device option at all in udf17:56
sergiusensogra_, just create an azure oem snap and get rid of that device channel ;-)18:01
ogra_sergiusens, i'm talking about rpi18:02
sergiusensogra_, oh, as soon as I thought I could get rid of device channels...18:02
ogra_sergiusens, to have u-d-f pick the right subarch on system-image i need to use --device18:03
sergiusensogra_, you bring them back :-P18:03
ogra_tell me a solution that allows a different device tarball without using a device channel :)18:03
ogra_that no-device-channels idea only works if everyone uses the same device tarball ... which isnt possible with rpi18:04
asacogra_: the piglow does not glow out of box18:07
ogra_asac, how would it ?18:07
ogra_asac, and how would i even test it ... i dont have one :P18:07
asacogra_: it just worked for me18:08
asaclast time18:08
asacon image 418:08
ogra_asac, install the piglow snap and call the right hw-assign bits for it18:08
asacit uses i2c18:08
ogra_then it shoudl work18:08
ogra_though i had to enable more than i2c OOTB for rickspencer ... that might have regressed the I2C behavior18:08
ogra_(we shouldnt enable anything beyond i2c by default, but rick insisted ...)18:09
asacogra_: hw-assign doesnt work18:10
asactells me invalid device18:10
ogra_what device ?18:10
asacand i2c-118:10
ogra_should be /dev/i2c-118:10
ogra_what would ttySO be =18:10
ogra_i guess you mean ttyS018:11
ogra_asac, seriously, make sure ppisati and I get an orangematchbox, that the only way for him and me to make sure these bits work18:12
asacit worked :)18:12
asacricmms mistakes18:12
ogra_so typical !18:12
=== pixel_ is now known as Guest53123
=== Guest53123 is now known as pixel_
asacso we have a npm/node plugin for snapcraft yet?18:53
* ogra_ doesnt know 18:53
ogra_i have htop and wget snapcraft trees for unconfined snaps though :)18:54
ogra_(and bip indeed ... but confined)18:54
asacProcessing triggers for systemd (225-1ubuntu4) ...19:21
asacFailed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory19:21
asacdpkg: error processing package systemd (--unpack): subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 119:21
asac/bin/df: cannot read table of mounted file systems: No such file or directory19:21
asacErrors were encountered while processing: systemd19:21
asacE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:21
asacpitti: any idea what to do about that?19:21
asaci am in an lxc/d container19:21
ogra_asac, wow, one would mean you have a valid /dev, mounted /proc and /sys in that container19:22
ogra_sounds like an issue with lxc actually19:23
asacyeah its buggy wily in lxc19:23
ogra_thats update-initramfs printing all these errors btw19:24
ogra_(from the /bin/df on)19:24
ogra_(at least i dont know about any other package calling df from postinst)19:24
* pixel_ ping facebook o_O19:34
* pixel_ he dead?19:34

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