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Kiloshellooo africa08:59
elachecheMorning Kilos :)09:05
Kiloshi elacheche :D09:05
craigbrashMorning Kilos , elacheche09:45
elachecheMorning craigbrash :)09:46
Kiloshi craigbrash09:49
craigbrasheish these 18 hr load shedding is killing09:52
Kilosthat really sucks09:52
craigbrashfortunately industry is fairly safe09:52
craigbrashwe adapt :(09:53
craigbrashhave to start googling 1800s technology :)09:54
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elacheche_anisYo Dro__ :)20:05
stickyboyYoung dro20:59
elacheche_anishahahha Dro__ :D21:00
Dro__hi old stickyboy21:00
stickyboyDro__: Hey hey21:02
stickyboyAnyone played with Google Slides lately?21:02
stickyboyThey have some really slick new themes.21:02
stickyboyModern, clean, nice typography, good colors.21:03
elacheche_anisnope.. I was trying some JS based slides21:03
elacheche_anisI'll take a look :D21:03
stickyboyelacheche_anis: I've done quite a bit with reveal.js.21:06
stickyboyIncluding one on using GitHub Pages!21:07
elacheche_anisstickyboy: I'm not a JS ninja :p So I was looking at this → https://hovercraft.readthedocs.org/en/1.1/21:12
stickyboyelacheche_anis: I only edit HTML in vim, no JS required. :P21:12
stickyboyNever heard of Hovercraft, lemme check it out.21:13
stickyboyelacheche_anis: I like what I see so far. :)21:14
elacheche_anisYep :) It's better to edit  reStructuredText :) :d21:18

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