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Le0n_well , no clues about daemonising an ubuntu touch app?04:50
dholbachgood morning07:02
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davidcalleMorning o/07:35
rpadovanimhall119, o/ I was taking a look to your MR to browser with keyboard shortcuts (works quite well) but where is KeyboardShortcut documented? I don't find it neither in ubuntu docs or qt docs07:52
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__marcoGood afternoon. I have a problem with two packages that I created12:06
__marcothe first is qemu compiled with vde support12:07
__marcoqemu (= 2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.3vde1)12:07
__marcothe second is a package that depends on that version of qemu12:07
__marcoAll worked fine until a new version of qemu appeared in Ubuntu12:08
__marcoNote the 1.3 vs 1.19 at the end12:08
__marcoThat specific version is still reachable by my repository12:10
__marcowhy apt-get refuses to install my package even it can install all dependencies?12:11
ogra_because 19 > 312:11
__marcoogra_: and?12:13
__marcothat can I understand, but why?12:13
__marconote that qemu is not installed. So no downgrade is required12:14
ogra_no, but the ubuntu archive is most likely enabled on your machine12:14
ogra_apt-cache policy qemu ...12:14
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__marcoogra_: can you read or the output is only in my irc client?12:15
__marco  Installato: (nessuno)12:16
__marco  Candidato:  2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.1912:16
__marco  Tabella versione:12:16
__marco     2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.19 012:16
__marco        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-updates/universe amd64 Packages12:16
__marco        500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty-security/universe amd64 Packages12:16
__marco     2.0.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1.3vde1 012:16
__marco        500 http://cnrl.deis.unibo.it/repo/ trusty/main amd64 Packages12:16
__marco     2.0.0~rc1+dfsg-0ubuntu3 012:16
__marco        500 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages12:16
__marco(sorry for the italian)12:16
ogra_you dont need to paste this here ... i knew what it would show ... this was to make you understand that the newer package is used first12:17
ogra_you will likely need to bump your PPA package to 0.1912:17
ogra_(also use a pastebin next time if the output is more than a few lines)12:18
__marcoogra_: Now I can't upgrade the version of qemu. I need now a fast fix. I will pin qemu to 100112:19
__marcothat should fix it12:19
__marco(I hope)12:21
mhall119rpadovani: it's in the webbrowser-app codebase, not the uitk12:50
rpadovanimhall119, yap, thanks, that was a dumb question12:56
mhall119rpadovani: if you have any idea why the unittests fail, i need some help there12:58
mhall119oSoMoN: ^ too12:58
mhall119that's about my MP to webbrowser-app12:58
rpadovaniargh my firefox crashed again13:00
rpadovanimhall119, I take the branch and take a look13:00
ogra_time to switch to webbrowser-app ;)13:00
rpadovanithe real problem is that firefox takes with it also xorg13:02
ogra_time to switch to M;ir on the desktop ;)13:02
rpadovaniahahh right13:02
* ogra_ grins13:02
rpadovaniI'm still on 14.04 on this pc13:02
rpadovanimhall119, if I understand well oSoMoN's comment, you need to move the KeyboardShortcuts inside the TabsBar component, and then forward the key events to it, if needed13:06
rpadovaniI'm not sure about dynamic instanstation (is that even a word?)13:06
nemorpadovani: about:crashes ?13:12
rpadovaninemo, no crashes reported13:14
nemoalmost all my crashes are on this machine are due to my obstinately trying to use layers acceleration on a sucky card/driver combo  but all the r600_dri.so in about:crashes makes that pretty clear13:17
pp__Hello guys, can you help me13:21
pp__I am trying to make run my emulator13:22
pp__after booting it13:22
pp__it is not connected to it13:22
pp__the device does not finish to boot13:22
pp__I can make it run only if using stable one13:23
pp__in 14.1013:23
pp__I would need latest 15.0413:23
pp__unfortunatly it stays stall, any ideas?13:23
oSoMoNmhall119, I commented on the MP to explain why the unit tests fail13:27
LocutusOfBorg1mcphail, hi, do you need help for hedgewars?13:34
mhall119oSoMoN: saw that after I pinged you, will look into it later today. thanks13:50
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ogra_did the WebView change ? my apps cant get the clicked URL anymore16:53
ogra_** (process:9600): WARNING **: Unable to dispatch url 'file:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/google-plus.ogra/0.2.1/qml/undefined':GDBus.Error:com.canonical.URLDispatcher.BadURL: URL 'file:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/google-plus.ogra/0.2.1/qml/undefined' is not handleable by the URL Dispatcher16:54
ogra_this is what i get since recently when tapping an URl16:54
ogra_chrisccoulson, do you happen to know ?16:55
ogra_qml: [JS] (:0) Entering fullscreen in an <iframe> with no allowfullscreen attribute is deprecated and will stop working in M46, around October 2015. Please use the allowfullscreen attribute.17:18
ogra_so i'm using a stable API for my app, how can it be that such things change ? (the above issue is obviously that WebView suddenly starts to decode urls on its own while my code did the decoding before)17:19
ogra_pmcgowan, our framework is a gross mess !17:19
ogra_(why does the 15.04 framewkr change in ways it breaks my apps)17:23
pmcgowanhow long has that deprecation been planed?17:25
ogra_the fullscreen issue is a bit older already ... i only found the tine now to check why videos dont go fullscreen anymore17:25
ogra_the url change is a massive breakage for me though and affects all apps i use that use a plain WebView and try to open external links17:26
pmcgowanogra_, is that a real change or just a bug n the url dispatcher? I saw an issue with it gettig confused17:27
* ogra_ is really angry, the 15.04 framework shouldnt change like this 17:27
ogra_pmcgowan, well my G+ app cant open any external links since a few weeks ... i just checked now and obviously the handling of the url property changed so my functions suddenly get the wrong or no content17:28
ogra_thats not really acceptable for a soo-called stable framework imho17:28
pmcgowanalex-abreu, is that a webap container change?17:28
ogra_thats not a webapp container17:29
pmcgowanogra_, this is on rc proposed?17:29
pmcgowanwhere then17:29
ogra_i use plain WebView from the SDK17:29
alex-abreuogra_, your is a home made container right?17:29
alex-abreuogra_, so is the failure in the dispatcher ?17:29
ogra_well, its a MinView with a WebView inside17:29
ogra_                function navigationRequestedDelegate(request) {17:30
ogra_                    var url = request.url.toString();17:30
ogra_url suddenly comes across decoded ... while it was encoded before17:31
ogra_i understand that this is an improvement (since it would save me from having to decode stuff myself now) ... but it shouldnt change like this for the "stable" framework17:32
ogra_and yes, this is rc-proposed ... but it is broken since before the last stable promotion17:32
* ogra_ will just fix the app, but i really wonder about our regression testing WRT the framework bugfixes17:34
alex-abreuogra_, mmh I am not aware of a change at that level ...17:34
alex-abreuogra_, I'll investigate17:34
pmcgowannot finding the culprit so far17:34
pmcgowanalex-abreu, let me know what you figure out17:35
ogra_might be an oxide change, not sure what navigationRequestedDelegate() talks to in the back17:35
alex-abreupmcgowan, yes, I am intrigued17:35
alex-abreuogra_, I'd be surprised if it was an oxide change, we careful about those api changes17:36
alex-abreuogra_, you are using oxide 1.9.x right?17:36
ogra_whatever is the default for the 15.04 framework17:36
ogra_my app simply declares the framework version17:37
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