TJ-Mycroft appears in several of the stories00:00
lotuspsychjefirst i hear of :p00:01
philipballewlotuspsychje, hey there00:01
lotuspsychje38 users, we have a new record00:01
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Yeah. with snappy - my bell is rung on respect to mycroft . Some move'n anda shake'n comin up .00:03
lotuspsychjeimagine android would run it, bad nightmare00:03
lotuspsychjehackers taking over your home00:04
TJ-Ironic how they write "Mycroft is always listening" in the same sentence as saying it needs to be constantly connected to 'the cloud' ... so any slight outage, its dumb00:04
Bashing-omI am going to keep and use my desk top !00:05
lotuspsychjei really dont like clouds and internet of things00:05
lotuspsychjesame here Bashing-om00:05
TJ-I don't mind IoT in the sense of having devices able to pass data and perform tasks under my control; I don't agree with the expectation of them being able to connect outside the local network00:06
lotuspsychjeyeah thats always a security flaw00:06
lotuspsychjeTJ-: and lets say the kid branches infected usb to the 'internet of things'-device, local net also infected00:06
TJ-I don't understand the mind-set of the majority that don't realise 'cloud' is such a threat to their personal information - until after they've been compromised00:07
lotuspsychjeTJ-: did you hear about the siri ios9 flaw00:08
TJ-lotuspsychje: I don't may much attention to Apple specifics, but I vaguely recall a few mentions over the years00:09
lotuspsychjeits recent security flaw for ios900:09
lotuspsychjeto be able to browse all content on the users phone00:10
TJ-Doesn't surprise me. Any remote link is a threat and and attach vector00:11
lotuspsychje<°)))))-< n chips mmmmm00:11
lotuspsychjeTJ-: so true00:11
lotuspsychjeHackerII: good evening mate00:13
TJ-I've spent the last 6 months focusing on security from boot-time onwards, trying to develop an installation process that is user-friendly but extremely secure. It really brings the attack vectors into focus00:13
lotuspsychjelil less crowdy here HackerII00:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: extreme security intersts me :p00:13
lotuspsychjefew nice distro focus on security aswell these days00:14
TJ-I'm currently adding detached LUKS header and other crypt-disk support in GRUB00:14
lotuspsychjeHackerII: the idea behind it is, we always doing support but never have real chance to talk 2 each other, so here wer are mate00:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: lordievader also playing with that00:14
lotuspsychjeHackerII: add to your favs or idle as you wish :p00:15
lotuspsychjeHackerII: wich distro you running?00:15
HackerII12 + 14  0400:15
lotuspsychjetrusty 64bit here00:16
HackerIIhavent gotten around  to loading 64 bit yet, any tips ?00:16
TJ-Dog-fooding 15.10 on my primary and secondary PCs here00:16
lotuspsychjeHackerII: download the 64bit iso and install00:17
HackerIIi might in a couple days00:17
HackerIIi am a electronics tech and am swamped , need to find time00:17
lotuspsychje!info preload | HackerII and install this aswell for a boost00:17
ubot5HackerII and install this aswell for a boost: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (vivid), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB00:18
HackerIIdoes that use alot of ram ?00:18
lotuspsychjeHackerII: it helps pre-load things00:18
HackerIIic  sure will00:18
TJ-lotuspsychje: I *think* systemd includes a readahead function itself00:19
HackerIIby default ?00:19
lotuspsychjeTJ-: would it conflict with preload you think?00:19
lotuspsychjeHackerII: preload is optional, so needs install00:20
TJ-lotuspsychje: I'm not sure what preload does.00:20
lotuspsychjeTJ-: try it out :p00:20
HackerIIi clock the hell out of  my systems, maybe preload will let them breath lol00:20
HackerIIKernel: Linux 3.2.0-90-generic-pae CPU[1]: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 270 Processor@4164.869 MHz CPU[2]: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 270 Processor@4164.869 MHz Mem/Use:   3865064 kB/  1047028 kB XInfo:  Screen #0: @ 1600x900 pixels (423x238 millimeters) /24 bit Uptime: 14:2700:20
lotuspsychje       preload is an adaptive readahead daemon that prefetches files mapped by00:20
lotuspsychje       applications from the disk to reduce application startup time.00:20
lotuspsychjeHackerII: ssd install, 64bit, and preload make a nicely match :p00:21
lotuspsychjeHackerII: whats your current hd?00:21
HackerIIya, thats another thing i need to get, 250g ssd00:21
daftykinsno point overclocking a museum piece :)00:21
HackerIIill bet thatl screem00:21
lotuspsychjeHackerII: try the samsung 850 pro00:21
HackerIIhaha, museum piece00:22
lotuspsychjedaftykins: i still have an amd 3200+ with ssd ubuntu 64bit00:22
HackerIIya, ill get the pro model00:22
daftykinswhat a waste of time :P00:22
HackerIIalready have it b-markt00:22
lotuspsychjedaftykins: ok give us your eyecandy atari specs :p00:22
HackerIIi have tons of old amd chips00:23
lotuspsychjemmm chips00:23
HackerIIi like your demeanor00:23
lotuspsychjede what00:24
TJ-My Huskies burned their mouths on my supper chips earlier :) Silver ended up burying 1 chip under the door mat :)00:24
lotuspsychjelol TJ-00:24
lotuspsychjeHackerII: you've joined the right channel for great attitudes00:25
lotuspsychjejust be carefull with daftykins he's nasty00:25
HackerIIive been here before under another nic, ill let you figure that 1 out00:25
* daftykins sharpens his cat's claws00:25
lotuspsychjeHackerII: incognito volunteer are you!00:26
HackerIIna, observer, undercover00:26
lotuspsychjefooling around users :p00:26
daftykinsvee have vays of making you talk00:26
lotuspsychjenice1 daftykins00:26
HackerIIpoor germany00:27
HackerIIall those immagrnts00:27
lotuspsychje800.000 of them00:27
HackerIIdoing damage00:27
lotuspsychjethe world is chancing like nostradamus predicted00:27
HackerIIpretty much00:27
HackerIIand the pope is running it all through proxy00:28
HackerIIhes here right now00:28
lotuspsychjehere where00:28
HackerIItelling us we need to take syrian refugees00:28
lotuspsychjeyeah that poe mobile is real evil00:28
HackerIIthe whole organization is00:29
wileeeget the bobble head00:29
HackerIIdoe it come with battrries ?00:29
lotuspsychjebut, there is hope, with ubuntu will take over the world underground!00:29
lotuspsychjewe will grow our community00:29
wileeenah, just need a moving stand00:29
lotuspsychjeand fight against big, evil corp00:30
HackerIImicroshaft is worse than cia00:30
lotuspsychjeopensource is a style of living, we are all ment to be00:30
HackerIIu got it00:30
HackerII10 yrs for me00:30
lotuspsychjewe all here with a reason00:30
HackerIIubuntu 6.0600:30
lotuspsychjesame digital generation flows in our blood00:31
TJ-I'm not sure about MS being worse; at least they respect the F/OSS licenses, unlike say VMWare00:31
HackerIIwent from win2k pro to ubuntu00:31
lotuspsychjelol i had xp for dinner few years :p00:31
HackerIITJ-, , have you seen what you have to sign and allow them to do for usimg it ?00:31
HackerIIyou sign over your cam and mic00:32
TJ-HackerII: but you have a choice. VMware is actively stealing code from Linux kernel and refusing to abide by the GPL00:32
TJ-I hope they lose in the court case; that'd really shake things up since with the GPL v2 any breach cancels the licence totally00:33
HackerIIif the judge isnt bought off, they will00:33
TJ-Unlikely in Germany00:35
lotuspsychjeim also member of a LETS group (local exchange trading system) in my region, bit like opensource trading for virtual coins00:35
lotuspsychjesaves a lot of money, and keeps the evil money system away00:36
HackerIIwhat determines its value00:36
HackerIIwhats backing it00:36
TJ-lotuspsychje: do you have much in the way of FreeCyle/RealCycle groups ?00:36
lotuspsychjeHackerII: 60 LETS coins for an hour00:36
lotuspsychjeTJ-: what you mean in the way00:36
HackerIIso, its basically  barter ?00:37
lotuspsychjeHackerII: whats barter mean sorry, im not english native00:37
lotuspsychjeHackerII: yes its trading, bt not one2one00:37
HackerIIi c00:38
lotuspsychjeHackerII: i bake bread for you: 60 coins, you use the 60 coins to buy apples from someone else00:38
HackerIInice, the way the paper currency is going, barter will be the next currency00:38
lotuspsychjeyou can also go under the limit -2500 +250000:38
TJ-lotuspsychje: In the UK we have vey active local groups that offer their unwanted property free of charge rather than dumping it.00:39
HackerIIsame here00:39
HackerIIfrom cars to computers00:39
lotuspsychjeTJ-: ah nice! its like transition00:39
TJ-I've cleared out lots of unwanted 'stuff' that way00:40
lotuspsychjeHackerII: i saved alot of $$$ already with this system00:40
HackerIIwho pays shipping00:40
lotuspsychjeHackerII: its local system00:40
lotuspsychjeHackerII: the one that grabs, comes get it00:40
HackerIIdoes it come with a life time warranty ?00:41
lotuspsychjeits also using elas opensource system00:41
lotuspsychjeto keep your coins/transactions online in a list00:41
lotuspsychjeso you can give/accept virtual coins00:42
HackerIIbasically, thats like the stock market, if you have 2 cats @ 50k a piece, and i have 1 dog @ 100k, we trade, and no one makes anything00:42
lotuspsychjeyeah the business coprs do this system long time already00:42
HackerIIim making fun of the stock market here00:42
lotuspsychjecontainer potatoes trade container bikes00:42
lotuspsychjeno $$$ for each00:43
HackerIIunless your a congress member, then you get to rip off the general public with insider trading00:43
lotuspsychjepolitics..those guys need to be thought a hard life lesson00:43
HackerIIits coming00:44
lotuspsychjewe need to go all to basics again00:44
lotuspsychjedid you know freenode has a basicincome channel00:44
HackerIIno, b ut i know they have every channel imaginable00:44
lotuspsychjeanother great idea00:45
HackerIIseems that would bring folks who like to argue economics00:45
lotuspsychjethe thought everyone needs to work till 60 for small pension $$ is dead00:45
lotuspsychjeeveryone wants to combine quality life time now00:45
HackerIIwell,with paper with nothing backing it, it cant win anyway00:46
HackerIIdebt is the new currency00:46
lotuspsychjethey invented debt to keep us low00:46
HackerIIthey socially re-engineered folks to accept that, if you dont have credit (debt) you are a no body00:46
lotuspsychjebut they didnt think we have the powers to turn the system00:47
HackerIIthats what created the housing bubble00:47
HackerIIall bubbles to be truthful00:47
lotuspsychjein few years the old thinking generation will die00:47
lotuspsychjeand we will stand up00:47
HackerIIalmost gone now00:47
lotuspsychjethats the biggest illusion for politics power00:48
HackerIIim 55, and i have studied economics for a long time, most of this generation have no idea00:48
lotuspsychjethey just live 80 years on this earth, and die after00:48
HackerIIits conditioning through public schooling and tv00:48
lotuspsychjealot of nice docu's waking us all up now00:49
HackerIIthe people who own the printing press, own those institutions that engineer society00:49
lotuspsychjecant hide the truth anymore in the aquarius age00:49
HackerIIrothchilds said, " give me control of a nations money, and i care not who writes their laws"00:49
TJ-I find the youngsters in university right now are actually pretty clued up about the problems; the folks wilfully ignoring them seem to be 40+ and happy with their personal status-quo00:50
HackerIIwell, the 401k and retirin g pention funds are next to go00:51
HackerIImost deprtments have gotton rid of them already00:51
lotuspsychjewe are really living a big lie00:51
HackerIIu got it00:51
lotuspsychjeno wonder the matrix was so popular00:51
HackerIIpaper only has the value it is given00:52
TJ-Living on an overdraft the youngsters have to clear00:52
wileeemyth underlies many areas old and new00:52
TJ-Both monetarily, and environmentally00:52
HackerIIloaning paper with interest which is printed out of nothing, creates debt that can not go away, its  by design, the imf is the long arm of the federal reserve which is foreign banks, private companies00:53
lotuspsychjethis guy from holland describes it very nicely00:55
lotuspsychjeex-banker reveals how it all works00:55
HackerIIthe goal is a world currency00:56
lotuspsychjeyeah and its comming soon00:56
lotuspsychjemaybe the pope will lead00:56
HackerIIthats why they are dropping the dollar incrmemently00:56
lotuspsychjeand bill orchester the smartphone addicted herd00:56
lotuspsychjeall slaves of technology will follow00:57
HackerIIyour on the ball00:57
lotuspsychjesame 2 u :p00:57
TJ-As long as enough people believe... it works :)00:57
HackerIItypically, 54% of high school grads here, cant read00:57
lotuspsychjeschool, another evil corp00:58
HackerIIowned by the same people who own the printing press00:58
lotuspsychjebringin big ego's to simple human00:58
lotuspsychjeonce you live 'your title' your nailed for life indeed00:59
HackerIImust be linux00:59
lotuspsychjeit is us, the underground opensourcers that make the difference thinking00:59
HackerIIive never met a more smart people who use it00:59
lotuspsychjelike i said, we are born to do this01:00
lotuspsychjethis is real out of the box thinking01:00
HackerIIi remember my windoze days, everything in life became a mouse click01:00
HackerIIits the hegalien dialect01:01
HackerIIwow, its 9pm here already01:02
lotuspsychjetime flys in the world of the mind01:03
HackerIIsure does01:03
lotuspsychjelucky us we have a soul too01:03
lotuspsychjetimeless and immortal01:03
HackerIImost tho, only have to pennies for an intellect, one cant find the other01:03
lotuspsychjewe will use whats beyond the intellect aswell01:04
lotuspsychjeboth become 101:04
ubot5life is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic01:05
lotuspsychjethis was an interesting quality ubuntu discussion for sure :p01:05
HackerIIits hard to have like minded folks, agreed, not on every level, as we are individuls, on purpose.01:06
HackerIIeinstein was right tho01:07
HackerIIhe said01:07
HackerIIwhen technology overlaps with humanity, we will only have a generation of idiots01:07
lotuspsychjeand its so true01:07
lotuspsychjedid you hear about transhumanism HackerII01:08
HackerIIi study that too01:08
lotuspsychjethis is the digital cage their preparing for us01:08
HackerIIgeo engineering thumanity01:08
HackerIIthey have been doing that since the 40's01:08
HackerIIi can only imagine whats laying for us behind closed doors01:09
HackerIIincluding chimera01:09
lotuspsychjeslowly this snake flowing inside the lifes of human01:09
lotuspsychjebit by bit, its taking over01:09
lotuspsychjesmartphone zombies cant wake up anymore01:09
HackerIIright now, the pentagon is trnshumaning soldiers01:09
lotuspsychjeits everywhere01:09
lotuspsychjerobots taking over work01:10
lotuspsychjetaking over your fantasy with virtual reality01:10
HackerIImerging the mind with computers, gates is heading it01:10
HackerIIever hear tom horn ?01:10
HackerIIgoogle, tom horn transhumanism. he is right on it01:11
lotuspsychjeill do01:11
HackerIImany vids on it01:11
HackerIImixed dna from goats and spiders01:12
lotuspsychjeyeah ive went to a reading with marcel messing explaining about his books01:13
HackerIIgoogles marcel01:13
lotuspsychjeHackerII: http://www.projectavalon.net/lang/en/marcel_messing_en.html01:14
lotuspsychjeHackerII: deep guy, knows alot and helped alot of ppl wake01:14
HackerIIi have to use another browser, i have ff pretty locked up with security01:16
HackerIIso you are aware fo vaccines01:17
HackerIIgood job01:17
lotuspsychjeim not sick, why would i need01:17
lotuspsychjealot of ppl die with this coktails01:17
HackerIIits a live virus01:17
lotuspsychjebaby's in my country get like 6 shots of those01:17
HackerII50 yrs ago, autism was unherd of, now its 1 in 5001:17
lotuspsychjebefore their 6months old01:18
HackerIIhere, they drop like flies at 18 months, they get up to 6001:18
daftykinsi looked away for a few minutes after the antique hardware and now you guys have turned it into #ubuntu-conspiracy-theories01:18
lotuspsychjesoon the world will see that 'conspiracy thinkers' all were right about it01:18
HackerIIyeah lotuspsychje , were kooks for now, but, many are waking up01:19
lotuspsychjedaftykins still sleepin :p01:19
HackerIIthey ignore it, till it comes to their front poarch01:19
daftykinswell i didn't really read anything of what you said :D01:19
daftykinsbut it's all pretty pointless at the end of the day :)01:19
lotuspsychjedaftykins: better scroll up for quality hahaha01:20
HackerIIpublic schooler you01:20
lotuspsychjedaftykins: and your just jaleous of our hardware01:20
HackerIIi am a asus man here01:20
lotuspsychjebling blind -=AMD=-01:20
HackerIIwho knows what they are putting in intel chips any more01:21
daftykinsi'm typing from an asus laptop :)01:21
daftykinsbetter stuff than AMD sadly :(01:21
daftykinsexplain why AMD are so far behind then01:21
HackerIIi7 ?01:21
lotuspsychjeoh-oh the amd vs intel war01:21
daftykinsnah that line was at your comment regarding what's in intels01:22
HackerIIooo,  your on an atom 1.6 gig, i c01:22
daftykinsi think you're more confused than i am about what your point is XD01:22
daftykinsi'd love for AMD to come back and be competitive, but it's a bit of a dream01:23
HackerIIintel = hot dogs... amd = real hamburger01:23
lotuspsychjethey way i see it, running ubuntu every machine is value01:23
lotuspsychjeeven if its a tandy01:23
daftykinsHackerII: how can you have such a flawed opinion when the benchmarks speak for themselves 0o01:23
lotuspsychjeor c6401:23
TJ-The new micro-x86 architecture might help them, but once they sold off the fabs they lost control of their own destiny01:23
daftykinsTJ-: yeah, destined to play catch up now :(01:24
HackerIIthe reason i dont use intel is, what they do and are doing01:24
TJ-and reliant on the Fabs giving them capacity and R&D resources, and doing the investment for process shrink01:24
TJ-HackerII: what are you referring to?01:26
HackerIIthe evilness of microsoft01:26
daftykinswe're talking about intel and AMD, you can't swing it around to MS :P01:27
HackerIIwell, it was my initial intent if you were here 10 mins ago01:27
daftykinsright but the topic changed01:27
HackerIIok you win einstein01:28
* daftykins blinks01:28
* HackerII coughs01:28
lotuspsychjemaybe we should keep truth and hardware seperated for now01:28
daftykinsi rejoined the channel but there are no questions! :O01:29
daftykinsa quiet Sunday night, well Monday morning01:29
HackerIIi will credit intel on getting me to work back in 92, i had a ps2 that was so huge , all i did was put a set of tires on it and drove it to work01:30
lotuspsychje!find intel01:31
ubot5Found: intel-gpu-tools, intel-gpu-tools-dbg, libdrm-intel1, libdrm-intel1-dbg, xserver-xorg-video-intel, xserver-xorg-video-intel-dbg, intel-microcode, i965-va-driver, i965-va-driver-dbg, intel2gas (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=intel&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all01:31
daftykinsintel having something to do with the PS2?01:32
* daftykins blinks again01:32
HackerIIconsult your local doctor01:32
daftykinsno need.01:33
daftykinsyou seem to be taking offense from what i'm saying01:33
HackerIIna, just going with the flo01:34
TJ-I think his AMD SMM got him :)01:38
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
TJ-One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them - in this case, ring -2 :D01:41
* lotuspsychje draws his blade01:43
daftykinslotuspsychje: no more collecting nutjobs ;)01:46
lotuspsychjedaftykins: he's allright mate01:47
lotuspsychjegive him some credit for me01:47
daftykinssaying intel worked on the PS2? nah01:49
daftykinsthis guy can't even retype the website right :(03:55
Bashing-omdaftykins: Some peoples' children !04:05
lordievaderGood morning.07:38
MonkeyDusthello, what is the best linax distro?13:02
lordievaderThat is very subjective.13:28
lordievaderSome like Ubuntu, others Debian, still others Arch, etc, etc.13:32
MonkeyDustlordievader  what is the best windows distro?13:38
lordievaderWindows is an OS ;)13:40
lordievaderWhat I usualy say: use the right tool for the job.13:40
MonkeyDustis linax a windows distro?13:41
EriC^^lordievader: you have to /join #ubuntu to get the joke13:48
lordievaderMeh, the joke ain't worth that.13:55
lotuspsychjegood afternoon15:28
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: evening mate16:55
lotuspsychjehi lordievader16:55
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje16:56
lotuspsychjeanyone knows chipset of passport readers thats working by default on ubuntu?16:57
lotuspsychjeidentity card16:58
lotuspsychjegood evening MonkeyDust16:59
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  i looked for it too, there used to be a e-id app in the repos17:03
lotuspsychjeyeah ive tested this eid for latest linux17:03
lotuspsychjebut doesnt work with many cards17:03
MonkeyDusthavent managed to get anything to work17:03
lotuspsychjeme neither17:03
lotuspsychjewould be nice to know at least 1 brand/chipset to work17:04
MonkeyDustfun hack of the day: cronjob... */30 * * * * saytime17:31
lotuspsychjehi Bashing-om18:15
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: I am back in .. refreshed and bushy tailed ! I miss anything exciting that warrents reading the log ?18:16
lotuspsychjeit got bit n00by today with trolls18:17
lotuspsychjeyou can takeover slowly Bashing-om now18:20
lotuspsychjethis fella will hit the feathers18:20
MonkeyDustresistance is futile, you will be assimilated18:20
lotuspsychjeTJ-: good evening18:26
TJ-Hiya :)18:28
TJ-Been a good day - away from technology :)18:29
lotuspsychjesame here, was pretty sunny too18:29
TJ-Style over substance once again! They should devote some resources to fixing the bugs in ubiquity and debian-installer, and adding more functionality18:36
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Back in-channel. lemme look at the ailment :)18:36
TJ-My feet are tingling because I've been out with bare feet around the fields and stung by nettles; feels like they're thawing out on a cold day :)18:37
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Looks like it is going to be a Monday !18:39
Bashing-omTJ-: Practicing to become a "hill-biily" ?.. keep on bare foot'n, uou will develop immunity . I do speak from experience ( Qualified Arkansas ridge runner - I am expected to be bare footed ) .18:42
TJ-Bashing-om: I've been doing since I was a baby ... hot shower tends to make it more noticeable18:43
TJ-Most of the time there are too many thorns in the grass to go fully bare-foot, but I was mowing a path through the nettle patches around one of the fields where the dogs run - Pepper has sensitive feet and hates having them stung :)18:45
Bashing-omTJ-: I m still stuck at "  hot shower tends to make it more noticeable " it referring to the tingling feet ? Or --- what my mind conceives . We live on a black top road, had to put our dogs behind fences ... dang it !18:49
TJ-yeah... hot showers makes the tingling much more noticable :)18:51
TJ-Our Huskies aren't allowed out the yard without supervision, but we've got ~1000 acres and there's one 63 acre field they love to explore (rabbits, hares, mice, voles, foxes, badgers, Herons, gulls, etc.). We have a lane between the house and the field so I keep them on-leash to get to it.18:52
lotuspsychjeTJ-: you live in north pole? :p18:56
TJ-Haha fortunately not - they'd never come out the Igloo if we did, they're so comfort-seeking18:58
lotuspsychje ubottu has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:12
lotuspsychjeyou guys going to rough with that poor bot19:12
lotuspsychjebbl guys19:14
Bashing-omwileee: Good help has also arrived :)19:43
wileeehardly, heh19:44
Bashing-omNow now, give credit, where the credit is due ! It's a Monday !19:45
TJ-FYI: Many Acer E15 UEFI systems have a firmware bug. The issue manifests as an installed Linux not being visible in the UEFI boot menu, despite the OS 'efibootmgr -v' showing an entry, and the boot files being in the EFI-SP. The cause is due to Acer introducing a concept of 'trusted' boot exectuables. In Setup, on the Security menu, is the option "Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing:" which21:02
TJ-brings up a file-chooser dialog. That needs to be used to select the grubx64.efi and/or shimx64.efi. To use the Chooser requires SecureBoot being enabled, and to have SecureBoot enabled requires a supoervisor password being set for UEFI Setup. Once the executables are set to be trusted SecureBoot can be disabled.21:02
daftykinsTJ-: ah i spotted that one in that last guys screenshots!21:05
daftykinsugh Acer have made life very difficult21:05
TJ-Was it barjac? I was helping him last night in #grub and he's just reported back with success21:06
daftykinsalthough that was an E11, hmm21:07
daftykinsnah before the weekend at least21:07
daftykinsi'm not good at the passage of time :D21:07
TJ-Yes, I recall that one too. This is another instance of the same issue.21:09
TJ-Nasty firmware bug too - Linux/GRUB gets the blame21:09
daftykinsbtw you guys traceroute'd 'bad.horse' yet? :)21:10
TJ-there used to be a 100-hop version for Star Wars21:29
JanCTJ-: I've seen a lot of worse firmware weirdness than that  :)22:38
TJ-JanC: yeah, me too, but this seems to be a recent phenomenon or else there's a rush of users repurposing them to Linux22:39
JanClike the internal NIC not being visible if you enable Secure Boot22:39
JanCnot sure anyone found a way around that yet22:40
JanCit's on Toshiba laptops22:40
TJ-That makes sense of course22:40
JanCTJ-: I mean the internal NIC not being visible, even after booting :)22:41
TJ-JanC: oooo, that's neat!22:41
TJ-JanC: I'd have thought there'd be a method in the ACPI DSDT to enable it, but might only be available to Windows22:42
JanCand I would understand an external NIC not being visible, but an internal one could have a checksummed firmware or whatever22:42
JanCTJ-: possible22:42
JanCsigned firmware22:43
JanCI haven't tested that one with the latest kernel22:44
TJ-It does sound like an oversight bug22:44
TJ-I usually disassemble the DSDT, look at the OSI strings and what the config flags value associated with each is (Windows 2012 usually has the most functions enabled), and then check the Methods to see whether the power-control methods are active when OSI=Linux22:45
JanCthe Asus EEE PC 900 netbooks also had a nice "feature" where you had to enable a cryptic feature "First Boot" in the BIOS if you wanted to boot from any external drive22:46
TJ-I blame the Chinglese translations :)22:47
JanClike, you could put external USB devices before the internal SSD in the boot order, but it would just ignore that without that switch enabled  :)22:48
JanCTJ-: would have been nice if it came with Chinglese docs  :P22:48
TJ-I thought they mostly were already22:49
JanCmost computers come without any firmware docs at all these days22:49
TJ-right! I'm going to get to bed before midnight... 5am was bad last night!22:49
TJ-JanC: yeah, the bane of my life.22:50
JanCso Chinglese would be an improvement22:50
TJ-Luckily most UEFI is based on EDK2 so its not too difficult to infer what's what22:50
JanCTJ-: haha, sounds like we went to sleep around the same time, except, I'm 1 hour ahead of you  ;-)22:51
TJ-I waited up to see the 'supermoon' eclipse... to find fog and 10 metre visibility here22:51
JanCor :(22:52
JanCI was reading news sites and watching a couple of episodes of Humans22:52
TJ-Night night. I'm gone.22:52
daftykinstoo many cooks ~23:50
wileeea bad one at that23:50
wileeeI had the 2x4 right above their heads23:51

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