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nabni'm currently running 15.04 ubuntu-gnome. Should I be worried things will break if i do a release-upgrade?03:05
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chris_Hey guys, I think I found a bug. Where can I file a report?05:48
LinDol_phonehi all12:27
LinDol_phonei am going to Suwon in korea ~.~12:28
LinDol_phonebecause i went my hometown for meeting my family~.~12:29
tester55hello, is there a way to remove items from Gnome's Frequent Apps list? I am using gnome shell
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darkxsteliasps, hi21:44
eliaspsHi darkxst21:48
eliaspsHow are you?21:48
eliaspsI'm sorry for the large e-mail traffic, still learning :P21:49
darkxsteliasps, I'm good21:53
darkxsthad a big weekend snowboarding ;)21:54
eliaspsThat's awesome. I tried my luck with sports like that, free falling. Too exciting. :p21:55
eliaspsGot the PPA version of the package with chdist. I was sure I had run an update. But it's ok now!22:00
eliaspsI'm gonna try and update another package now.22:00
eliaspsdarkxst I'm updating gnome-online-accounts. I tag it as ~wily2, right? Cause the one in the ppa (3.17.x) was ~wily1.22:20
darkxsteliasps, no, leave that package, it will be a hard one22:21
eliaspsIt has no differences in dependencies. Are there extra steps for it?22:21
eliaspsBut ok, I'll leave it.22:22
AndChat-189569good morning :)22:22
eliaspsI guess the hardest ones are the most essential. gnome-control-center and relatives,shell, gedit and stuff, right?22:22
darkxstbut yes its tag would be ~wily222:23
eliaspsAndChat-189569 hi22:23
darkxstg-o-a introduced google drive integration, which needs gvfs update22:23
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eliaspsI see.22:23
eliaspsSo for that one to be built, needs extra steps before the build itself? on the source code?22:26
darkxsteliasps, it may do, haven't checked22:30
eliaspsI tried to build it, status says "Attempted", so failed. I won't mess with that one.22:31
eliaspsgnome-logs have some issues with a patch.22:53
darkxsteliasps, then you need to rebase them using quilt probably23:01
darkxsteliasps, but read the ubuntu changelog first ;)23:03
eliaspsI'm reading the changelog. Some change I saw is that libsystemd is required. the control.in has libsystemd-dev23:04
darkxstthat patch was cherry-picked from git23:09
eliaspsI'm sorry, I don't know what that means.23:12
darkxstit was an upstream patch, that was needed but not included in the last release23:13
darkxsttry quilt push -f23:13
darkxstand read the output23:14
eliaspsI did that, it said ignored (Red font).23:14
darkxstReversed (or previously applied) patch detected!23:16
eliaspsSo you don't need to apply it with quilt for the package to be built successfully?23:17
darkxstit is included in the new release, so you can just drop it23:19
eliaspsdarkxst Polari 3.18 seems to be built successfully, do I send you the polari_3.18.0-0ubuntu1~wily0.debdiff file only?23:20
eliaspsOh I see, thank you!23:20
darkxsteliasps, yes, just pastebin it and link here23:20
eliaspsdarkxst http://paste.ubuntu.com/12606483/23:22
eliaspsjust that?23:22
eliaspsshould i also build the 3.16.1 version (from debian) for the gnome3 ppa?23:27
eliaspsNo, it's on the main23:27
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darkxsteliasps, yes, uploaded, but don't use ubuntu pastebin in the future, its a pain23:41
darkxst(forces login just to get raw  text of the paste)23:41
eliaspsdarkxst I can upload the files as they are in http://people.ubuntu.com/~eliasps/gnome3/ if you prefer23:42
darkxsteliasps, pastes are fine, but use pastebin.com or any other paste service that does not require login23:43

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