these_eyesZero hour.05:00
these_eyesCore temperature high. Is there a boot time kernel param to force powersave cpufreq?05:03
these_eyesNew initscrips and rc.local echos do not work.05:04
these_eyesZagfeO New initscrips and rc.local echos do not work.05:18
these_eyesTrippeh New initscrips and rc.local echos do not work.05:38
these_eyesZyga New initscrips and rc.local echos do not work.06:30
these_eyesLone i?06:30
these_eyesAra New initscrips and rc.local echos do not work.07:26
zygathese_eyes: hey, what's up?07:32
these_eyesHello zyga.07:34
these_eyesThe host is overheating and attempts to make powersave frequency governor default have not been effective.07:36
these_eyesSo far I've made init scripts using the default on demand script and subbing in powersave. Also adding the echo to the appropriate sys settings file in rc.local. Neither show effect. However the echo powersave works when run manually.07:39
zygathese_eyes: sorry, can you work with ara 07:45
zygaI cannot spare cycles now07:45
arathese_eyes, what system are you running? and what version of Ubuntu?07:46
arathese_eyes, I would recommend you to file a bug using "ubuntu-bug linux". That will upload all the required logs and the ubuntu kernel team will be able to investigate it07:47
these_eyesI expect it to enter the cpu into powersave mode as it does when used manually from command line the settings look fragmented as though the configuration is done with some gui using more complicated methods some combination of things that interact with init scripts so trying rc.local is a simple alternative and even it doesn't work.07:48
these_eyesWork with ara sure do you know where ara come from? I have a guess.07:50
these_eyesMemtest is showing problems on another machine running an older kernel.07:51
these_eyesSo ara comes in.07:52
arathese_eyes, sorry?07:52
these_eyesAra sorry for what?07:53
arathese_eyes, I mean, sorry as I don't understand what you are saying :)07:53
these_eyesIt looks intentional. Sorry is usually not a response for intentional aras.07:54
these_eyesI notice the memory tests as bad but is not bad memory I can test it using another memtest and check but while that is happening I want the other machine to run cooler.07:57
these_eyesFind out how to set powersave as default cpufreq.07:57
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these_eyesOk ara?08:04
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xianghuiHello, does anyone know how to do 'modprobe uio' on ubuntu trusty?08:06
apwthese_eyes, it should also switch to powersave about 20s after boot08:06
apwthese_eyes, we default to performance to improve boot speed08:07
xianghuior I don't need to modprobe uio, it's already in kernel 3.13~ ?08:08
apwlooks to be a module08:12
xianghuiapw: thx thx08:14
smbxianghui, might be uio-pci-generic you are looking for08:16
xianghuismb: hmm, didn't find uio-pci-generic, seems it's in kernel 3.13.0-63-generic default, thx.08:19
dataHi, I was wondering if this fix made it into any release kernel yet: 11:14
apwdata, i know it is applied but not uploaded for wily, and as it is dave.miller i would expect it to go to stables is possible11:18
dataok great. we have some benchmarks where we always assumed that it was our wonky code, but I am putting some hope into this ;) Where can I find information like this?11:19
apwdata, information like what ?11:24
datawhich patches are applied? 11:25
apwdata, our git repositories are the ultimate definition of waht is applied11:45
caribouapw: Would you have a chance to review the proposal for a fix for LP: #1496317 ? 13:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1496317 in kexec-tools (Ubuntu) "kexec fails with OOM killer with the current crashkernel=128 value" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149631713:17
caribouapw: or maybe I can ask to someone in the server team. But you already know the context13:18
apwcaribou, cna do, do chase me if i don't today15:06
caribouapw: debdiff is in the patch. I'll ping you by tomorrow morning if I don't hear anything15:06
caribouapw: thanks!15:07
bjfquery sconklin 15:42
leitaoarges, hi there.16:58
leitaoarges, I understand that 1487085 is queued for this upcoming SRU for 3.19, right?16:59
rtgleitao, yup, should be out in the next day or so17:01
rtgby "out", I mean promoted to -updates17:02
argesleitao: what rtg said : )17:02
leitaortg, cool. And the SRu cycle is a traditional 3 weeks cycle, right?17:02
rtgleitao, generally. The stable team (in the form of bjf) publishes a schedule about every three weeks.17:03
argesleitao: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/kernel-sru-announce this list announces cycle dates, and yes typically it is 3 week intervals17:03
leitaogood. Thank you guys!17:03
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