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dholbachgood morning07:02
nhainesdholbach: good morning!07:05
dholbachhey nhaines07:05
svijmorgen dholbach and nhaines!07:05
nhainessvij: morgen!07:05
dholbachhey svij07:05
nhainesI'm happy because I got my "Writing and Publishing a Book with Free Software" presentation lined up to be featured on The Passive Voice later today, which is a very popular blog for self-publishers.07:08
nhainesSo that should be a good little boost for Ubuntu to a new audience.  :)07:08
svijcool :)07:08
nhainesAlso hopefully my book, but who knows? :)07:09
svijI also should write on my book, I don't want to be as late as you, nhaines ;)07:12
dholbachnice :)07:13
nhainessvij: I set the bar low, so everyone can say "well, at least I'm not as far behind as Nathan was."  ;)07:17
Kilosgreetings all08:59
elachecheMorning LoCos :)09:05
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