RAOF*Man* I'd love a signal/slot interface here...01:09
RAOFAcceptance test that not only runs, but it also both fails to crash *and* passes!07:59
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* alan_g wonders how to get the screen "on" after stopping lightdm. "sudo powerd-cli display on bright&" gives a dbus error.09:04
alan_galf_: has something changed in the power management? I'm trying to run mir tests on the phone but can't get anything on the screen unless I've also got U8 running (and fighting over the display).09:08
alf_alan_g: I've had this problem too, not sure what changed. I think the behavior depends on the device09:15
alan_ggreyback: do you know what's changed? ^^09:16
greybackalan_g: that's been the case for many months now, afaik09:16
greybackstopping usc turns off hte backlight09:16
alf_alan_g: powerd-cli wants to communicate with Unity.Screen dbus interface which is implemented by USC09:17
greybackalan_g: I'm told there's a backlight util in mir-utils09:17
greybackI tend to hunt for a "brightness" file in /sys/devices and write 255 to it :)09:17
alf_greyback: alan_g: right, mirbackligh is a shell script that does more or less what you described09:19
* alan_g goes to update his notes09:20
alf_anpok: @extended-mock-of-libinput, Could you elaborate on "InputDeviceInfo of the device is no longer initialized on demand, this lead to adding umockdev those tests."09:23
anpokalf_: getting that device info means accessing evdev09:33
alf_anpok: isn't access to evdev mocked though?09:34
anpoknot yet..09:34
anpokI could actually use libevdev09:34
anpokin some sense that code which still accesses evdev should probably move to libinput some day09:36
alf_anpok: ok, so looking at the code, we seem to monitor all devices, shouldn't we filter somewhere only for input related devices?09:37
anpokyou are right09:42
alf_vogons: I top approved lp:~cemil-azizoglu/mir/merge-post-mir-16-changelog and it got merged without running an autolanding job. Has anyone seen this?09:50
anpokthat was the first landing since .. some time friday09:51
alan_galf_: yes, not sure what the logic is but I've seen it before09:51
anpokalf_: oh it seems I had no test for it.. but there is filtering happening10:11
anpokand the new test passes..10:12
alf_anpok: filtering in the sense that we get events only for interesting devices, or in the sense that we get events for all but then only succeed in creating mir objects for real input devices?10:14
alf_anpok: ah, never mind, I see it now "this->monitor->filter_by_subsystem("input");"10:15
anpokyes .. I was to tired to see it when skimming through the file10:16
greyback_alan_g: hey, would you please merge trunk into https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/qtmir/small-refactoring-of-MirWindowManager/+merge/26669811:42
greyback_I'd like to see why CI wasn't happy the last time11:42
alan_ggreyback_: on my list11:42
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* pixel_ ping facebook o_O19:34
* pixel_ he dead?19:34
robert_ancellkgunn, are there any existing Jenkins jobs that rebuild dependencies for checking?20:50
robert_ancellI know Jenkins can do practically anything, wondering if this is new ground or not20:50
kgunnrobert_ancell: i think we rely on the autopackage testing to actually do the building/running of rdep tests20:51
kgunnrobert_ancell: but i suppose, if you wanted to create jenkins jobs for xorg and mesa, you could...and as part of any update (via MP) you could do that same20:53
robert_ancellkgunn, being a traditional package, we don't do MPs for xorg / mesa. If we can now use Launchpad for git and link up to the MPs there we could link into this infrastructure.20:54
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kgunnrobert_ancell: i hear about lp for git working, but not real sure how that all works... i don't mind that approach20:55
kgunnbut is there something limiting wrt trying to use autopackage testing ?20:56
robert_ancellkgunn, I don't know how that works - is that just adding something into debian/ ?20:56
robert_ancellAnd the tests are run on upload?20:56
kgunnrobert_ancell: that's my understanding20:56
robert_ancellkgunn, do you know an existing packge to look at?20:56
robert_ancellSo, we can add something that essentially says "rebuild Mir for this upload and check it still builds"?20:57
kgunnrobert_ancell: afaik, this is the wiki for that20:58
robert_ancellkgunn, ta20:58
kgunnrobert_ancell: ....kind wonder if there's a newer wiki than that20:59
robert_ancellkgunn, that's suggesting to me that the tests can only run things, not rebuild anything (which is what I expected).20:59
robert_ancellThe particular case you were concerned about was Mir failed to rebuild (i.e. creating a FTBFS) or it failed on runtime?21:00
kgunnrobert_ancell: both actually...21:00
robert_ancellok, so we can solve the latter with this. The former will probably require manual testing to catch (as is the case for all packages AFAIK)21:01
kgunnrobert_ancell: but yes, aiui, there is a way to force the rebuild of rdeps to check for ftbfs21:01
robert_ancellok, we need to find that21:01
kgunnand i think it is in the debian/ files21:01
kgunnrobert_ancell: this is how stuff gets stuck in proposed migration in excuses sometimes21:02
robert_ancellkgunn, do you know of a particular package that has got stuck like this?21:02
kgunnrobert_ancell: yeah, i'm trying to rack my brain21:04
kgunngimme a bit of digging and i'll try to find an example21:04
robert_ancellMir doesn't trigger a rebuild of u-s-c does it? (it probably should)21:04
robert_ancellSeems Mir doesn't have any autopkg tests21:04
kgunnrobert_ancell: you are right...21:17
kgunnrobert_ancell: i think we are basically always rebuilding u-s-c/qtmir anyhoo b/c we break abi like we change our socks21:18
kgunnrobert_ancell: right, actually...now that my fog has cleared a little...it's the other way round21:19
kgunnso u-s-c should have a dep on mir that would trigger a rebuild for any new upload of mir21:20
kgunnlikewise, i think we have to add the dep statement to mir for xorg21:20
kgunnthat would then trigger a rebuild any time a new xorg is uploaded21:20
robert_ancellyou mean trigger a rebuild of xorg each time Mir is uploaded?21:24
kgunnrobert_ancell: nope the other way around...which is why i forgot for a moment, it's kind of backward feeling21:25
robert_ancellkgunn, I think we need a trigger on mesa to rebuild Mir on an upload, but xorg is the other way around21:25
kgunnrobert_ancell: actually...can be both ways...we have mir on x and xmir now21:26
robert_ancelloh right21:26
robert_ancellthat makes it more complicated...21:26
kgunnrobert_ancell: but i think mir has tests for x on mir probably21:27
kgunnso you're right xmir would be the thing we'd want to add21:27
kgunnrobert_ancell: so are you going to add a mir dep to xorg-xmir ?21:44
robert_ancellkgunn, If we can21:46
kgunnrobert_ancell: and do you look after mesa, or is that only timo ?21:48
robert_ancellkgunn, it's basically just timo at the moment22:18
robert_ancellkgunn, bug 150063422:20
ubot5`bug 1500634 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Rebuild Mir on upload" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150063422:20

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