bazhang<c|oneman> should I add the debian wheezy repo to my sources.list or dpkg it00:20
bazhangis that a trick question00:20
k1l_i am wondering why its the a "can i install .deb on ubuntu" again in one hour00:21
bazhangand the you can with rpm from robotadillo00:21
k1l_channelspam for #br-ubuntu ?!00:44
stevendaleCould somebody unban me from #ubuntu-offtopic please01:47
stevendaleI do think I've been under punishment long enough01:49
Flannelstevendale: Hi.01:54
stevendaleHi Flannel01:55
Flannelstevendale: Bans are not about punishment of you, they aren't "time out". They're about keeping the channel reasonably disruption free.01:57
stevendaleI am assuring you I'm not a disruption01:58
Flannelstevendale: And do you understand our difficulty with that?  You've said it in the past, we've had this conversation in the past.  You "understand" that what you do is not acceptable, and that if you do it again, you'll be banned.  Yet here we are again.  Not the second time, not the third time, but I don't even know how many times.02:00
stevendaleI do02:04
FlannelThat's good.  So, what do you think we should do about this?02:04
stevendaleThat's up to you, not me, you're the operators. But out of personal preference, I would appreciate it if you didn't tell me to find somewhere else to chat02:08
FlannelNo, it's really up to you.02:08
FlannelWhat do you think is a good way to handle this situation?02:08
FlannelAnd to be brutally honest, this would go much easier (and faster) if I got a response more frequently than once every five minutes.  If this is a bad time for you, we can handle it later.02:11
stevendaleI think unbanning me would handle this situation, so we wouldn't have to keep having this conversation02:12
Flannelstevendale: And what is going to happen when you're unbanned?02:14
stevendaleI'm going to follow the channel guidelines/TOS?02:16
Flannelstevendale: Including no harassing folks and no frequent nick changes?02:18
stevendaleAnd no destructive commands or code02:18
Flannelstevendale: Alright.  And what should we do if you then have problems following those things?02:19
stevendaleBan me02:20
Flannelstevendale: right.  And since this isn't the first time.  Does banning you for, say, six months, seem fair?02:21
Flannel(Which shouldn't be a big deal, since you're going to not have any issues anyway).02:21
FlannelPlus, whenever, during those six months, you won't be coming in here every few days to talk about your ban, because you understand that it's for six months?02:22
Flannel(again, this is academic, as we won't ever get to this point)02:22
FlannelAlright. I think we can agree to that.  And we're happy to have you back as a non-disruptive participant.02:24
Flannelstevendale: Your ban should be lifted.  I admit that there may still be some I missed, please let us know if there are in the future.02:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:27
ubottuabsklb called the ops in #ubuntu (stenchfootz using bad words in pm)05:57
ubottuabsklb called the ops in #ubuntu (http://imgur.com/kHPT640)06:01
absklbmay I please have anyones attention please?06:05
FlannelHi absklb, how can we help you?06:08
absklbFlannel: i typed "!ops" in #ubuntu. one user by name of stenchfoodtz pmed me and typed bad words. i even shhared screenshot in that channel.06:10
absklbFlannel: I have set mode +R now. I forgot to do so initially.06:10
Flannelabsklb: yes, we saw.06:11
FlannelSomeone handled it, and actually, the user isn't around anymore either.06:11
absklbok. Thanks.06:11
absklbSinnce I did not gott any reply in that channel from ops I thought ops did not noticed and he was continueing typing  in pm hence....06:12
absklbanyway Thanks for resolving Flannel . Have a good day. bye.06:12
ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:35
DJonesYou can tell the schools are back in session, just wish their primary school IT/computer lessons wouldn't autoconnect to #ubuntu07:38
k1l@mark #ubuntu j0sh1 trolling and racists part-msg12:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:05
hggdhzombie- (#ubuntu) seems to be a bot announcing warez14:56
bazhangor a webscale channel16:16
ubottuWelcome to - http://html5zombo.com/16:16
bazhangdissed the bot!16:18
bazhang<Kinoko> CodeChris: my antigogle phone is being monitored by some u.f.o.thing to prevent thr phone turns back ubuntu again16:41
bazhangwe have a winner16:41
bazhangchanserv lag k skip16:49
bazhangluks on an antigoogle phone17:03
bazhanghe wants help with luks on android,as linux is android!17:04
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bazhang<Kinoko> teward: your link is good. Thanks. So, think i am on android18:06
bazhangcalled it18:06
bazhanghe's not using any form of ubuntu on that android phone18:13
bazhangbut android and linux are the same, so same commands!18:14
bazhangwe should warn popey18:17
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