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balloonsgood day everyone13:55
flocculantballoons !!!!!!!!!!!14:00
flocculantwb :)14:00
balloonsflocculant, ty14:01
flocculantwelcome :)14:01
balloonswas a bit of a stressful weekend. It's nice to have that all in the past14:01
flocculantoh dear :(14:02
dkesselgood day balloons :)14:28
brendanddobey, i tried your pastebin from friday and the online-accounts-ui doesn't seem to pick up the testability variable when launching14:28
dobeybrendand: hmm, it should. weird that it wouldn't even.14:30
dobeycan you verify via /proc/<pid>/environ ?14:30
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pvsenanballoons, Hi19:05
balloonshello pvsenan!19:05
pvsenanballoons, Any help needed in writing autopilot tests ?19:07
balloonspvsenan, always :-) The core apps developers are always looking for some help19:26
balloonsat the moment, the clock app developers in particular need help in getting there current testsuite to work19:27
balloonsit broke when they migrated to the new components19:27
pvsenanballoons, great. I think I can help :)19:28
balloonsbzr branch lp:ubuntu-clock-app19:28
balloonspvsenan, and I can introduce you to the developers, who can help you out and point out things as needed19:29
pvsenanballoons, thats great.. I just did clean Install of 15.10 beta 219:29
balloonspvsenan, can you pm me your mail again, I'm away from my normal pc. I'll send the intro mail and cc you :-)19:30
balloonsor you can ping them yourself if you wish. Essentially all the tests fail, and making any of them work would be excelelnt19:30
balloonsso it's very straightforward work ;-)19:31
balloonspvsenan, I can help you out on it if you want to start right now even; but basically you'll need to find out what has changed with the objects to update the tests19:36
pvsenanballoons, I need to setup things first. Could you please help me in doing that19:37
balloonspvsenan, certainly19:38
balloonspvsenan, do you have autopilot installed or ?19:45
pvsenanballoons, No I have a fresh ubuntu installation now19:45
balloonspvsenan, ok, so start here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsSetup19:45
pvsenanballoons, have to start from scratch19:45
balloonspvsenan, once that's all done, install python3-autopilot19:46
balloonsthat should get you all setu19:46
pvsenanballoons, should I need qt-qml specific libraries ?19:52
balloonspvsenan, ahh yes.19:55
balloonspvsenan, also install the ubuntu-sdk metapackage19:55
balloonssudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk19:55
balloonspvsenan, that will install 99% of the qml libraries you need to work on core apps, and the SDK20:02
balloonsflocculant, knome you see this? https://icebergs.io/20:19
knomei can see their styling fails on my browser20:20
knomewhite text on white background20:20
balloonsinteresting they chose xfce20:23
pvsenanballoons, I've installed everything20:26
flocculantballoons: seems logical to me ;)20:47
flocculantnuclearbob: thats \o/ news then :)20:59
nuclearbobflocculant: yep. jibel helped me crack the job autogeneration, but I need to restart jenkins for the publishing plugin to work right, and existing jobs are running, so I'll have to do that later20:59
flocculantjust seeing "are running" in a sentence is good21:01

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