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jamespagelots of openstack clients and oslo libraries being synced from experimental today - re-alignment for rc108:10
jamespage^^ that last sync is needed for barbican, which is its only reverse depends in the ubuntu archive09:17
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Riddellsomeone accepting things in double quick time or no packagset packages don't get blocked?14:37
Laneysecond one14:39
ogra_Riddell, there is a bot14:39
ogra_for the non-packageset ones14:39
coreycbbdmurray, can you promote software-properties to trusty-updates?  for bug 147258615:46
ubot93bug 1472586 in software-properties (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] Add support for liberty cloud-archive" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147258615:46
bdmurraycoreycb: I'll have a look this morning15:47
coreycbbdmurray, thanks15:48
wxlcould we turn the daily images cronjobs back on? pretty please?16:33
infinitywxl: I did so a day or two ago....16:33
wxloh yeah i guess i was a little early today, but for the past couple days, nope16:34
wxloh well, i'll assume all is well16:34
LaneyThat ubuntu-docs reminded me to run the old UDD query I had hanging around18:52
LaneyThere's a few other packages where vivid{,-updates,-proposed} < wily{,-proposed}18:52
Laneyjust mentioning in case someone is more aroudn than I am and wants to look at it18:54
LaneyOtherwise I can maybe look tomorrow18:54
* Laney fades away18:54
UkikieSeen ca-certificates get in there too.19:11
robrustgraber: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/queuebot/ping-everybody can you merge this please?19:25
infinitycyphermox: Yo.19:28
infinitycyphermox: modemmanager.  Isn't that something the phone uses?19:28
cyphermoxit's desktop19:29
infinitycyphermox: The phone is, AFAIK, still upstart, at least until they converge with snappy.19:29
infinitycyphermox: Oh.  No phone interest at all?19:29
cyphermoxno, no ubuntu phone interest at all, they use ofono instead19:29
ogra_infinity, ofono doesnt really like fighting with modemmanager over devices ;)19:29
infinitycyphermox: Kay.19:30
infinitycyphermox: The other bit I'm confused by is removal of the service link.  Do the sysv and systemd jobs still have matching names after that change?19:30
infinity(And does that mean they didn't before?)19:30
cyphermoxthe right name for ModemManager is ModemManager, the systemd service should be fine19:31
infinitycyphermox: But the systemd service must match the init script.19:31
infinitycyphermox: Or life goes topsy-turvy.19:31
cyphermoxinfinity: I'm just removing special-casing we had just for us, the package as it is in Debian should work 100%19:31
cyphermox(just for us -- just for upstart)19:32
ogra_well, it goes interesting at lleast, since the sysvinit generator of systemd would start generating another unit from the sysv script19:32
infinityogra_: Right.19:32
ogra_are actually both installed in the binary ?19:33
cyphermoxlemme get back some state about it, it's been on my hd for a little bit now19:33
infinityErm, that's not actually a delta at all, that's in the Debian source.19:35
cyphermoxright, so the service name needs to match, but we don't ship a sysv init script19:35
stgraberrobru: done19:35
robrustgraber: thanks19:35
cyphermoxinfinity: I know, I had convinced mbiebl to keep things in debian source.19:35
infinitySo the Debian package is buggy and doesn't ship a sysv init script? :P19:35
cyphermoxit ships systemd magic only19:37
cyphermoxthe sysv script may well have been dropped, MM is typically dbus-activated by NM when needed, not just started19:37
infinityAnyhow.  Fair enough.  Please jam this in Debian too, it's rather odd to have an Ubuntu delta to remove an Ubuntu delta. ;)19:38
ogra_inception !19:38
cyphermoxinfinity: yep :)19:39
* ogra_ doesnt like where that might go ... in the end it removes Ubuntu altogether 19:39
infinityogra_: I think it would be lovely if all Ubuntu deltas were in Debian, and all it took was changing base-files and dpkg/vendor and rebuilding Debian to get Ubuntu out of the other end.19:40
infinityogra_: I'm pretty sure some Canonical management would disagree with me. :P19:40
flexiondotorgMy Pebble Time has just altered me that I need to say a quick thankyou to cyphermox :-)21:57
cyphermoxyour pebble time alters you?21:57
flexiondotorgWell, that was a typo. But I suppose it does in a way ;-)21:58
flexiondotorgcyphermox, Can you take a peek at this merge proposal please? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/debian-cd/ubuntu-mate-logo/+merge/27243222:57

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