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jak2000hi all i opened the port 8000 sudo ufw allow 8000 and try do a telnet localhost 8000 and get an error "connection refused" why? http://pastebin.com/zk7Qun1905:02
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lordievaderGood morning.07:38
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jamespagecoreycb, hey - I've synced and merged as much as possible from Debian exp - see tracking sheet for details10:01
jamespagecoreycb, a few core project uploads done as well - again on sheet10:01
jamespageuniverse ones mainly as I know you can't upload those...10:01
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coreycbjamespage, awesome thanks11:56
jamespagecoreycb, trove baking now11:58
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T3DYzIm in college and bored as fuck, I have ssh to my ubuntu cluster and will do anything for some fun. Anyone know anything fun I can do with my ubuntu server or is ubuntu boring af?12:11
ogra_T3DYz, can you tame your language a bit please12:13
T3DYzFrom that reply I take it ubuntu is boring12:13
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bancikhi, I get the E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.12:19
bancikwhen I run sudo apt-get update12:19
bancikshould I run the proposed command12:19
AvatarAif it was interrupted, of course12:19
bancikAvatarA, ok thanks12:22
lordievaderbancik: It gives that command for a reason ;)12:26
bancikI am sure it does :)12:26
bancikjust I don't remember interrupting dpkg12:27
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coreycbbeisner, can you promote juno-proposed to -updates when you have a chance?  regression testing completed successfully.13:35
beisnercoreycb, yep, will paste back here for you to confirm those pkg moves shortly13:37
beisnercoreycb, plz review and confirm juno proposed-to-updates:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12602729/13:50
coreycbbeisner, looks good, thanks13:50
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beisnercoreycb, thx for confirming.  pushed pkgs to updates for juno.14:04
coreycbbeisner, cool thanks14:04
beisnercoreycb, yw :-)14:04
tedmcox_hello, everyone! i'm in cincinnati ohio for the openhelp documentation sprints14:26
tedmcox_for the next three days i'm work on closing as many bugs as possible on the ubuntu server guide: https://bugs.launchpad.net/serverguide14:28
jrwrentedmcox_: awesome! welcome to the midwest :)14:28
tedmcox_i'll need help from subject matter experts14:29
tedmcox_this is my first time running a documentation sprin14:30
tedmcox_the plan is to find open bugs, post any questions here, and then hopefully submit branches to fix the bug or update the status14:35
tedmcox_i'll start with typos. those should be pretty easy14:46
tedmcox_here's one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/serverguide/+bug/143103414:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1431034 in Ubuntu Server Guide "crontab typo in the Backups / Shell Sctipts / Executing the Script / Executing with cron section" [Undecided,New]14:46
tedmcox_from that bug report, i fed the crontab file into a cron translator, and it looks like the sh file in the example would indeed run every day at 12:00 a.m.14:54
tedmcox_so i'll mark this invalid14:55
* belkinsa pokes tedmcox_15:43
tedmcox_hi, belkinsa!15:44
belkinsaHow are you and how is the spirits going for you?15:44
tedmcox_ok, so far. working through them one by one.15:46
belkinsaAre you with anyone else (in person or online)?15:46
tedmcox_i'm in the same room as the gnome team and the other conference attendees. we're all plugging away on our laptops15:48
belkinsaAh.  Say "hi" to them from me.15:49
tedmcox_i will :)15:49
belkinsatedmcox_, question, do you remember what topics we talked about yesterday?  I remember, n00bs, site generators, feedback forums, meta docs, and virtual spirits. Am I missing one?15:53
tedmcox_that was it for the discussions16:01
belkinsaGotcha, thanks.16:02
belkinsaAnd do you have a link for bilp?16:05
tedmcox_bilp? not sure what that is16:13
belkinsaIt was a doc status checker tool that Shaun shared.16:15
belkinsaAnd I think I know why Jorge didn't come: http://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/09/28/executive-summary-from-the-juju-charmer-summit-2015/16:16
jcastroI will be there on friday!16:32
coreycbjamespage, software-properties was just released to trusty-updates16:34
belkinsajcastro, it's already past, but the OLF is this weekend16:40
jcastroyeah that's what I am coming for16:41
bancikI have Dell poweredge with PERC 6i with OS Ubuntu Server 14.04 and OMSA installed16:42
bancikbut I do not get anywhere tasks dropdown16:42
bancikis it common16:43
belkinsaOh, I guess I miss understood you in the first place.16:45
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tedmcox_would someone comment on this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/serverguide/+bug/67677717:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 676777 in Ubuntu Server Guide "need to add Ipv6 localhost address in /etc/postfix/main.cf to make mailman work" [Undecided,New]17:51
tedmcox_i don't know if the fix suggested by the person who reported the bug is correct17:54
RoyKdamn - are people starting to use ipv6 these days? ;)17:56
jrwrenyes. been on it for years.17:57
arooniabout to upgrade my server from ubuntu 12.04 ==> 14.04 (server) ... anything I should keep in mind?17:58
shaunotedmcox: my mailserver's on debian jessie, but I just testing that postfix thing and found his statement to be true, at least for postfix-2.11.3-1 in jessie18:05
shaunoif I have just, I can relay if I telnet smtp, but not if I telnet localhost smtp, because it tries ::1 first (and should)18:05
sarnoldRoyK: 10% of facebook's traffic is over ipv618:06
RoyKsarnold: not bad18:09
sarnoldRoyK: it's helped along a bit by mobile users, 30% of their traffic from 4G cells is over ipv618:09
RoyKsarnold: I work for hioa.no, and we're the #1 on ipv6 amongst Norwegian colleges/universities18:10
RoyKthe network guys are always like "can we run this natively on ipv6?"18:10
tedmcox_here's the current mailman configuration section: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/mailman.html#mailman-configuration18:12
sarnoldthings feel different this year; it was always "oh that's ipv6, that's kind of neat, something to look into" and now it feels more like "oh you're not on ipv6 yet? hmm, that makes it harder for some users to get to your content"18:12
tedmcox_should the suggested fix be added to the postfix section?18:14
RoyKsarnold: North America IPv4 stock is |empty|18:14
RoyK*empty* even18:14
shaunoI think it'd be more apt in https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postfix.html  as it's not specific to mailman18:14
sarnoldRoyK: I knew I should have asked for a class B a decade ago..18:14
RoyKor two18:14
RoyKdecades ago18:14
sarnoldyeah, even a /24 would have required some justification a decade ago18:15
RoyKI don't think you would have gotten a /16 block ten years back18:15
jrwrentedmcox_: no, that postfix config is specifically about associating the lists.example.com domain for postfix. It is right where it belongs IMO18:17
RoyKwe found an interesting issue with Android - it turns off IPv6 when the monitor blanks out, so if you receive a call on Lync^WSkype for Businness, and pick up the phone, put it to your ear, the monitor blanks and (oops)18:17
sarnoldRoyK, that's crazy o_O18:18
RoyKsarnold: I know - possibly fixed now, though18:18
RoyKsarnold: and android doesn't (or didn't) support DHCPv6, which raises some issues18:18
sarnoldI mean, i'm all for saving those precious mwh, but "wants to use networking while the screen is off" just makes sense..18:18
sarnoldRoyK: do people use dhcpv6 in production? is it just to distribute dns resolvers?18:19
RoyKsarnold: we do, I don't remember why - some things weren't settable with ND18:20
RoyKwhich might have been fixed now, really, I don't remember - I don't work with networking (mostly)18:20
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tedmcox_the server guide page for postgresql links to the administration documentation for postgresql 9.1: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postgresql.html18:53
tedmcox_but i think trusty is using postgres 9.3 and the link should be updated to that version18:54
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opt1malThere's an issue with OpenVPN on Ubuntu 15.04 that needs fixing. To start and stop OpenVPN clients individually on previous versions of Ubuntu, one used this type of line: "sudo service openvpn start/stop clientconfigfile". But now it's more like "systemctl start openvpn@myvpn.service"18:55
aroonianyone using mr / vcsh  here?  i'm having trouble getting mr update to run and actually work.  i've got vcsh working.  i think its because of my mr config is a bit off.  also; if i added a config file on one machine and its setup on the config on mr... do i need to vcsh TOOLNAME first ?18:55
opt1malthis isn't anywhere in documentation. I found the answer to the problem here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/639855/how-to-start-the-openvpn-client-service-on-ubuntu-15-0418:56
opt1malit would be great if there was some documentation for this for Ubuntu 15.04.18:56
ponyofdeathhi, is there a way to make ubuntu install target disk a variable and determine that based on certain bash script?18:57
sarnoldopt1mal: it's not exactly "don't do this for openvpn but do that instead" but the vivid release notes do mention the change to systemd and provides links to more information about what it means https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/ReleaseNotes19:00
opt1malsarnold, as you mention it's not explicit enough. I think what's really needed is a server guide for 15.04. I've really liked the guide for 12.04 and 14.04. This is the kind of thing the wiki should have. I've been surprised at lack of info throughout the Ubuntu wiki.19:10
opt1maland there's a lot of outdated info throughout the wiki19:11
sarnoldopt1mal: the bane of every wiki :(19:13
sarnoldopt1mal: just yesterday I was reading something that said "a known bug in lucid, maverick should have this fixed..."19:13
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TJ-opt1mal: The primary problem is we have no standardised way to tag info by release/package versions/date added, which would go a long way to flagging out-of-date info20:11
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tewardanyone know if it's possible to run a small Landscape instance on 1GB of RAM, or whether I need to upgrade the system?21:33
sarnoldteward: hah, I read the question first, and thought "that suonds like just the sort of thing teward would know" :)22:10
tewardsarnold: you failed :)22:11
tewardsarnold: the server that Landscape *was* on was 2GB, then 8GB, but with a kaboom'd mobo... :/22:11
sarnoldoh man :(22:12
tewardsarnold: yeah.  i have two smaller slimline machines that were WinXP/WinVista, but they're *nix now xD22:14
sarnoldlucky machines got an upgrade :)22:15
tewardsarnold: they're also small refurb'd.  I ran out of barebones equipment and needed more.22:25
aroonihey everyone;  when i'm using tmux, how can i set the window title i see in ubuntu's terminal to something like, "user@hostname" ?23:22
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