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hypermistwell ubuntu-touch offically froze my nexus 402:36
hypermistGreaat so adb doesnt detect my phone02:46
hypermistcan't power off or anything02:46
hypermistwell that was luck02:47
hypermistthanks google02:47
hypermistAdb. or fastboot wont detect03:36
tathhu_... something like that happened on my n7 yesterday05:57
hypermisttathhu_, yea i changed back to android now05:59
hypermistI only lasted 24hrs with ubuntu-touch xD05:59
hypermistits a nice feel05:59
tathhu_it froze, hold power n secs, rebooted and now it seems to works05:59
hypermistFunny thing is though06:00
hypermistThe automatic brightness control was still working06:00
tathhu_I was on lock screen and clock just updated06:01
* tathhu_ afks for a while, school ->06:01
guest42315-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> good morning06:35
hypermistif i pulled my phone out in class if i were at school tathhu_ i'd be insta snapped and i probalby wouldn't hand it over and end up being sent to the principle06:58
dholbachgood morning07:02
hypermistafternoon dholbach :P07:03
dholbachhi hypermist07:03
hypermisthow is you07:04
dholbachgood good, how about yourself?07:05
hypermistDoing reasonably good thanks for asking ;)07:05
guest42315ogra_, do you know what they  are talking about? https://www.glasswall.nl/ubuntu-phone-security-we-zijn-er-nog-niet/08:01
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nhainesI thought the browser was unconfined.08:04
Stanley00and... the got a bug report about that browser permission too08:05
Stanley00s/the got/we had/08:05
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ogra_guest42315, well,  apps cant look at anything outside of their work environment, the browser is an exception because it supports the file:// protocol and runs unconfined ... any app from the sotre cant do that08:17
guest42315ogra_, thanks :D08:18
ogra_guest42315, for that particular issue they describe there is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/139351508:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1393515 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu RTM) "browser allows browsing the phone filesystem" [Critical,Confirmed]08:18
ogra_so yes, they are right ... but only for the browser (and indeed the phone needs to be handed unlocked by you to the hacker08:19
guest42315i am not giving my phone to anyone!08:20
Stanley00well, but I have my phone allows access via adb even in locked state... <= I will have to set this config back after I finish with the keyboard layout :(08:23
Stanley00by the way, do I need to fire a bug report to add a new keyboard layout, or just a merge request is enough?08:24
_morphisrsalveti: ping08:29
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ogra_Stanley00, if you want it secure, yes, you should switch that back ... why not use ssh instead ? it only allows key auth so nobody who doesnt have your key can in ... locked or unlocked08:32
ogra_*can get in08:32
Stanley00ogra_: oh, I don't know about that ssh thing. Thanks for the hint, I'll look for it now :308:33
ogra_android-gadget-service enable ssh08:34
ogra_then copy your .pub key in place in /home/phablet/.ssh via adb (make sure the permissions are correct for the file and dir) and then you can use ssh08:35
ogra_(and disable unlocked adb access)08:35
Stanley00ogra_: yeah, thank you very much.08:35
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Drink Beer Day! 😃09:02
ogra_isnt that every day ?09:03
ogra_dbarth, oSoMoN, are there plans to make tabs closeable again in the browser ? since you guys moved the tab close button to the other side i need like ten attaemps to get a tab closed10:18
ogra_the active area of the close button seems to be really tiny now10:19
jibelogra_, bug 150033910:19
ubot5bug 1500339 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) ""Close tab" button difficult to tap" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150033910:19
* ogra_ me-too's10:20
ogra_super annoying if you play a game that has ads inbetween10:20
ogra_(and accidentially tap the ad)10:20
ogra_hah, and such a simple fix10:21
hypermistI changed back to android and it nearly failed so hard. today cause i thought i lost my backup of my bitcoin wallet stuff10:27
dbarthnice fix indeed; we can problably test and land as-is; oSoMoN ^^10:35
oSoMoNdbarth, will test and land soon, yes10:39
lesamouraiclues on daemonising an app in ubuntu touch or a non GUI app?10:55
ogra_not via an officially confined app from the store10:57
ogra_you can build an unconfined app for your personal use that you can sideload via adb ... with that iit might be possible10:57
lesamouraihello ogra_ , app is running in unconfined mode10:57
ogra_but if you do that anyway you could as well just have a script that gets started via a session service10:59
ogra_no need to roll an actual app for it10:59
Mirvogra_: hmm, where does the /etc/environment come from on touch, it wasn't lxc-android-config?10:59
lesamouraisorry im not aware of making it work through a script11:00
ogra_Mirv, thats a leftover from the OEM team hackage in live-build/livecd-rootfs11:00
lesamouraibasically im building a client server app11:00
ogra_lesamourai, you put the binary somewhere into /home/phabllet and create an upstart job for it that you put into /home/phablet/.init or so11:01
Mirvogra_: thanks, I see it's still being hacked/updated11:01
ogra_(not sure thats the right location you have to read up about it)11:01
lesamouraii see , thanks , and also thanks for tips you gave other day about that shell scripting it pretty much solved the issue11:02
ogra_Mirv, yes, it should be completely empty except for PATH ... but someone needs to test each of these options to see if they can be dropped or need to be moved11:02
ogra_thats a little time consuming, which is why nobdy ever did that cleanup yet11:02
Mirvogra_: I'm just planning to add a new one ;)11:02
ogra_NO !11:02
ogra_definitely not11:02
Mirvhehe, ok. where would one set for example the existing QT_SELECT in the future?11:03
ogra_Mirv, isnt that enough in the session ?11:03
ogra_add it to /etc/profile.d then11:03
ogra_there is some Qt stuff already11:03
ogra_(and ubuntu-touch-session sources it)11:04
Mirvogra_: it might be so. thanks for keeping the line on sanity!11:04
ogra_/etc/environment is definitely the wrong place11:04
ogra_Mirv, hmm i thought we have a bug open about it but i cant find one11:07
ogra_(about cleaning up the file)11:07
ogra_perhaps worth filing a new one and pointing pmcgowan to it for his collection11:07
lesamouraiogra_ , non GUI app is possible , on touch?11:10
ogra_not via the store11:10
lesamouraii mmean in unconfined mode11:10
ogra_you can indeed run scripts etc from commandline11:10
ogra_and you could as well package that in a click package ...11:11
ogra_but you wouldnt be able to start it from a .desktop file or so11:11
ogra_that would have to happen from a script you run from the terminal or adb or ssh11:12
ogra_which makes having a click package rather useless ...11:12
ogra_so you could as well just use a tarball11:12
Mirvogra_: filed11:12
lesamouraithought touch only supports click installer11:13
ogra_Mirv, i guess that requires some joined effort from QA and whoever will remove the hack to make sure dropping the mess doesnt cause regressions11:13
ogra_lesamourai, well, via adb, ssh or the terminal-app it is a normal ubuntu11:14
ogra_you wouldnt be able to do it via any official way ...11:14
lesamouraiohk , i will look them up11:14
ogra_yes, officially only click packages are supported11:15
lesamouraisince app is using dbus , official way seems impossible11:15
ogra_well, apps can use dbus i think ... for services that are in the rootfs11:16
lesamouraiand last issue ( hopefully) im stuck is running server part as a daemon or  gui less background process :)11:16
ogra_i.e. client side shoudl always work11:16
lesamouraii need to register my own service as well..11:16
ogra_you are not able to add a new service though11:16
lesamouraiclient side is np11:16
lesamouraiyep , thats why unconfined mode comes to rescue11:17
ogra_not really, since no official packaging mechanism could install your service11:17
ogra_it would have to be included in the rootfs by default to have it officially available11:17
lesamouraii will look up for rootfs11:18
ogra_(and note that we dont allow long running daemons there without a very valid reason (since it drains your battery) .... it should be activated by the dbus call only11:18
lesamouraii see11:19
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maggotsany cool console apps that are useful that i could install?12:27
ubot5A list of common questions and answers about Ubuntu: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommonQuestions - Official documentation: http://help.ubuntu.com12:31
jgdxmaggots, clickapps are graphical apps, so not really.12:31
maggotswell i reflashed the phone in write mode so regular console apps12:32
tathhumoo :P12:33
tathhu... eh no12:33
tathhunvm :P12:33
maggotsis it a big job to re flash the phone?12:41
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akikhi. i've got the meizu mx4 ubuntu edition. anybody have news when it's getting the convergence mode?13:15
popeyakik: it isn't.13:15
popeyI don't believe the hardware is capable.13:16
akikwhat's missing?13:16
* ogra_ thinks the hardware is ... but the driver isnt13:16
akiki can't believe i spent 300 euros for it13:16
pp__Hello everybody13:18
pp__May anybody help me?13:19
ogra_how would anybody know ?13:19
guest42315akik, lucky you, it's sold out now... you can't even buy one13:19
pp__I would like to create an emulator in devel13:19
pp__unfortunatly after booting the new device13:19
akikguest42315: a friend got me the permission slip utilizing chrome's incognito windows13:19
pp__the sdk can not connect to it13:20
ogra_akik, permission slip ??13:20
pp__how to solve this?13:20
akikogra_: the origami wall13:20
guest42315ah, yeah! i remember the wall game13:20
ogra_pp__, try #ubuntu-app-devel,  there are more SDK guys13:20
pp__ty ogra13:21
pp__for your nice help13:21
ogra_akik, ah, that was only for the first few weeks13:21
pp__I try13:21
guest42315akik, that was months ago, right?13:21
akikguest42315: yes13:21
guest42315akik, so how do you like the mx4?13:21
akikguest42315: well it's just a phone now. i bought it mainly because of convergence13:21
ogra_it was never promoted as convergence device13:22
ogra_in fact it was clearly said it would likely not ever get convergence mode13:22
ogra_what made you think it would ?13:22
* guest42315 waiting for OTA7 :D13:22
akikbecause it is 2015 :)13:22
ogra_well, that doesnt make the HW or drivers any better :)13:22
akikso what hw feature is missing from mx4 ?13:23
ogra_a convergence device is announced for end of year,/ early next year13:23
ogra_display output to an external display13:23
akikit's got mhl tv-out13:24
ogra_i also doubt you would be happy with a 16G device for convergence13:24
ogra_the HW has13:24
ogra_the driver doesnt support it13:24
akikoh mi god. it's linux13:24
guest42315and the driver is closed source, right?13:24
ogra_the driver is closed source13:24
akik:( i feel like crying13:24
ogra_worse than nvidiaon desktops13:24
ogra_( you wont find usable open drivers for phones)13:25
akik16 gigs storage is just fine. it's not a deal breaker. missing hw support is13:25
ogra_well, if 8G would be taken by the OS, 16G is small :)13:26
ogra_the converged image will likely have a bigger footprint13:26
akikogra_: you know, i mostly use a terminal and web browser13:26
guest4231599.99% of the time13:26
akiki was at nokia when n900 came out in 200913:30
akikthat's 6 years ago13:30
akikcpu ti omap 3430 600 MHz13:31
ogra_that was an awesome device ... yet it also had to use closed source drivers for nearly everything13:33
guest42315ogra_,  uh :| so, woke up the phone, in network the wifi is on, and it's telling me that i'm connected to my router but the indicator is no signal and g+ does not load13:33
* ogra_ has one collecting dust sitting on a shelf here ... got it in amsterdam 13:33
guest42315ogra_, i've tried tapping the wifi connection twice, still nothing13:34
ogra_(when nokia gave them for free to devs)13:34
ogra_guest42315, sounds liek a bug13:34
guest42315ogra_, yep, woa.. and now it can't find my router :D13:35
guest42315probably turnning off and then on wifi will fix it13:35
guest42315let's try13:35
ogra_wait for awe ... i bet there is a bug open about that13:35
guest42315ogra_, thanks :D13:36
abeatojhodapp, conflict fixed13:36
jhodappabeato, cool thanks13:36
ogra_abeato, you diplomat you :)13:37
guest42315ogra_,  btw.. turning it off and on again didn't work13:37
guest42315ogra_,  awe_ i can adb into it and look for stuff if you tell me where13:37
guest42315else i'm gonna restart the phone13:37
ogra_well, perhaps tell awe_ about your prob first :)13:38
* ogra_ doesnt work on the phone anymore 13:38
tathhustill not thursday :(13:38
tathhubut soon!13:39
guest42315awe_, o, woke up the phone, in network the wifi is on, and it's telling me that i'm connected to my router but the indicator is no signal and g+ does not load, i've tried tapping the wifi connection twice, still nothing13:39
guest42315awe_, turning the wifi off and on again does nothing13:39
guest42315awe_, mx4 ota613:39
abeatoogra_, :P13:39
awe_guest42315, any non-std software installed?13:40
guest42315this will be my 3 restart today, it locked up/self restarted (unity?) twice before todat13:40
guest42315awe_, nope13:40
awe_( ie. did you make the phone writable? )13:40
guest42315awe_, i just have the open store13:41
awe_can you run a few commands for me?13:41
guest42315is that non standard?13:41
awe_welll... ogra_^^?13:41
guest42315and from open store i have tweak geek13:41
awe_ogra_, does the open store require writable permissing?13:41
ogra_awe_, no idea, i never used it, thats a mzanetti toy13:42
awe_no guarantees with tweak-geek installed.  From what I know, that works around certain touch policies, and therefore *could* interefere with networking.13:42
guest42315i don't think it does mzanetti13:42
guest42315awe_, i just use that to go into windowed mode, because i'm too lazy to write stuff in the terminal13:43
awe_if you go to system settings / WiFi13:44
awe_can you find your AP in the list?13:44
awe_Is it checked?13:44
guest42315yep, wifi on13:44
guest42315and it doesn't show my router13:45
guest42315it shows me that i'm connected to a random dlink router13:45
guest42315now i can see mine13:45
guest42315and is gone again13:45
guest42315it just pops in and out13:46
awe_is the random dlink router secure?13:46
awe_( ie. is there a lock icon present? )13:46
guest42315awe_, yep13:46
awe_hmmm, and you don't recall every typing in the pw?13:46
guest42315and now the list is empty13:46
guest42315usually there are at least 6 router there13:46
awe_this is system-settings, correct?13:47
guest42315system settings \ wi-fi13:47
awe_If it showed dlink as connected, what you need to do is make the device forget that AP13:47
awe_so if you see the dlink AP come up again, click the arrow next to it, and then click the "forget" button13:48
guest42315awe_, i can restart the phone and it will probably fix it :D13:48
awe_not is there's a connection13:48
awe_another thing you can do to manually get rid of it13:48
guest42315ok, clicked on forget this network, and now the list is empty again :D13:49
awe_is cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections as root, and rm the associated connection file13:49
guest42315and now i have a tenda and ubuntu :D13:49
awe_but you probably want to stop network-manager first13:49
awe_then start it again13:49
guest42315awe_, i don't want to fix it :D a restart will do that13:49
guest42315awe_,  hm.. let's restart13:50
awe_can you please check system-connections first?13:50
awe_If you have a bad connection file in there, it's always going to try to re-connect to that AP13:51
awe_and will cause problems13:51
guest42315rebooted :(13:51
awe_well check after it restarts13:51
awe_also, please check /var/crash to see if there's any NM crash files present13:52
guest42315awe_, hm.. restarting didn't fix it :\13:52
guest42315ok.. lemme connect to the desktop13:52
awe_guest42315, please try my suggestions then13:52
awe_I have a mtg in 5m, so will be unavailable for awhile13:53
guest42315awe_, i'm trying right now, just a sec to connect the cable13:53
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guest42315awe_, /var/crash http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/12602769/13:56
guest42315i don't see any nm crash files13:56
awe_yea, but plenty of other crash files...  ;(-13:57
guest42315it usually crashes 2 or 3 times / day :D13:57
guest42315mx4 ota613:57
guest42315i got used to :D13:57
rsalvetimorphis: pong13:58
awe_well... I'd recommend uninstalling tweak geek and see if your phone fixes itself.  Anyways, I have to jump into a mtg now13:58
* awe_ falls over13:59
guest42315awe_, thank :D go13:59
awe_it's rsalveti!  w00t!13:59
* ogra_ quickly shoves a pillow under awe_ 13:59
tathhuanyone can pop bug report about rando mfreezes on bq devices? (random aand gotta reboot)14:00
guest42315rm * in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections as root14:00
rsalvetiawe_: hey hey :-)14:00
guest42315ok, all clean14:00
ogra_awe_, he's a top manager now !14:00
guest42315still can't see my router :D14:01
guest42315pff :(14:01
pixel_ogra_, yay! restarted the phone and the router and now wifi works again14:04
pixel_now i'm wondering what fixed it? the router or the phone restart :))14:05
ogra_well, if you'd done proper debugging you would only have restarted one of them at a time :)14:05
ogra_... next time then14:05
pixel_ogra_, :D haha yes :D14:05
pixel_noted :D14:05
abeatoxavigarcia, indicator-sound and media-hub updated in silo 5514:05
xavigarciaabeato: cool, thanks!14:06
mterryoSoMoN, re: bug 1500444.  my setting is fine -- it should be saving the session.  My session.json file does seem to be stuck at the old session that wasn't restored correctly.  So I guess it is corrupted somehow.  I could send it to you, but would want to know exactly what is in the savedState base64 field, before I can tell how sensitive the data is  :)14:10
ubot5bug 1500444 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Isn't remembering old session tabs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150044414:10
oSoMoNmterry, savedState contains a (base64-encoded) binary state of the page, that includes form data, current scroll offsets, navigation (back/forward) history, and maybe other things, so it is potentially sensitive14:12
xavigarciaabeato: I've tested it and seems to be OK now...14:12
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mterryoSoMoN, yeah...  I had a lastpass vault open.  So maybe too sensitive to hand around.  Can I help figure this out another way?14:12
mterryoSoMoN, I will point out that this was the session that was open when I rebooted14:12
mterryDon't know if that's a clue14:12
abeatoxavigarcia, good, but I guess we need to address/explain the other 2 issuesç14:13
abeatojhodapp, have you seen rvr's comments in https://trello.com/c/BWPvIkY7/2276-269-ubuntu-landing-055-qtubuntu-media-media-hub-jhodapp ?14:13
abeatojhodapp, there are 3 issues mentioned, the first one is solved now in indicator-sound14:13
abeatothe second might be music-app14:14
abeatothe third is a design issue according to xavigarcia14:14
oSoMoNmterry, you’d need to instrument the code that loads the last session, see where it blows up, the entry point is there: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/webbrowser-app/trunk/view/head:/src/app/webbrowser/Browser.qml#L138314:14
jhodappabeato, yes indeed, and #2 is how the current app chooses to handle hitting the start of the tracklist or the end of the tracklist14:15
xavigarciaabeato: I think the 3rd is just a known issue, as the media role changes when the music is paused14:15
oSoMoNmterry, it would also be interesting to see if it fails with a trimmed session.json file where the savedState blobs are removed14:15
oSoMoNmterry, if it does, then you could hand me the trimmed file, with no sensitive data14:15
mterryoSoMoN, ok, will experiment14:15
abeatojhodapp, xavigarcia, so14:16
xavigarciaabeato: it happens any time the audio role changes, (for example at the end of a playlist.... the music stops and the role changes back to ringtone)14:16
jhodappxavigarcia, yes, that's how it's supposed to work14:16
jhodappat least by design14:16
abeatojhodapp, xavigarcia, I see, so what do we do with the silo? is it good enough? do we need to land music-app at the same time?14:16
xavigarciajhodapp: yup14:16
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jhodappabeato, we can't land music-app at the same time...there's a lot of other things that need work both in music-app and media-hub14:17
mterryoSoMoN, ah...  the lock file was still there14:17
mterryoSoMoN, moving the lock file out of the way fixed it14:17
jhodappabeato, we might be able to get the music-app guys to release a new version that just handles the end of tracklist/beginning of tracklist better14:17
oSoMoNmterry, interesting, that would be a bug in QLockFile, it should have discarded the stale lock14:18
abeatopopey, jhodapp who can be ping about music-app?14:18
jhodappabeato, ahayzen14:18
jhodappor victorp14:18
jhodapperr, victor14:19
popeyabeato: what do you need?14:19
jhodapppopey, music-app to handle the second point made by vruiz here: https://trello.com/c/BWPvIkY7/2276-269-ubuntu-landing-055-qtubuntu-media-media-hub-jhodapp14:20
popeywhich build of music did they use?14:21
jhodapppopey, not sure the specific version, but should be the latest stable version14:21
popeyis https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xzI4D6knVJ6VmXxqJ2gyGSMowbtVVoNPgQl1fywim_U/edit up to date (not touched since sept 11)14:21
jhodapppopey, #4 is probably fixed now14:23
jhodapppopey, so mostly up to date, but definitely needs some updating14:23
mterryoSoMoN, maybe because the pid listed in the lockfile is an actual process upon the reboot?  (an indicator-printers-service process)14:23
jhodapppopey, but that's using the development version of music-app that is using background playlists14:23
mterryoSoMoN, oh wait, I see it saves the process name14:24
oSoMoNmterry, I don’t remember the internals of QLockFile14:24
popeyabeato: can you file a bug in lp:music-app ?14:24
popeyI'll point the guys at it (and they'll see the bug mail)14:24
akikstill hope for meizu mx4? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvEWAz-iFfg "it's a good demonstration of convergence"14:25
abeatopopey, sure14:25
jhodapppopey, have you seen ahayzen since he started back to university?14:25
popeyjhodapp: yup, we spoke on friday.14:26
popeyI said I'd pounce on you today :)14:26
jhodapppopey, ha!14:26
jhodapppopey, cool, I'm sure I'll catch him online soon then and will discuss this with him14:26
popeyjhodapp: lets pounce on him when he's around14:27
jhodapppopey, sounds good14:27
abeatojhodapp, popey https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/150045714:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1500457 in Ubuntu Music App "Pressing previous button sets duration to 0" [Undecided,New]14:27
popeythanks abeato14:27
jhodappthanks abeato14:28
oSoMoNwhere does the code for the video scope live?14:30
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jhodappoSoMoN, check with dednick on that14:33
dednickoSoMoN: what part of the video scope? the content of the UI?14:34
oSoMoNdednick, I want to know with which URL the scope invokes the browser when opening a popular youtube video14:36
dednicktsdgeos: ^14:37
tsdgeospstolowski: that's probably you right? ↑↑14:38
davidcalleoSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/unity-scope-youtube14:38
davidcalle(oSoMoN, there are several Youtube scopes on launchpad, this is the one used on Unity8)14:39
jhodappabeato, reviewed the MR, some comments14:39
oSoMoNdavidcalle, thanks!14:39
davidcalleoSoMoN, np14:40
abeatojhodapp, ok, taking a look14:40
davidcalleoSoMoN, and to answer your question directly, it's using "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=" + id14:41
pstolowskioSoMoN, lemme check14:48
pstolowskioSoMoN, ah, davidcalle already replied14:49
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mterryoSoMoN, indeed, seems a bug in QLockFile.  The unix implementation of QLockFilePrivate::isApparentlyStale() does not use the appname information at all -- merely checks if the pid exists14:56
tsdgeosmterry: it does, maybe not in our version?14:59
tsdgeosat least 5.6 uses appname in there15:01
mterrytsdgeos, indeed15:02
mterryoSoMoN, this stale lock issue would affect the phone too, eh?  Not just the desktop15:16
oSoMoNmterry, most probably yes15:16
mterryoSoMoN, ick.  That might be worth backporting then15:16
mterryoSoMoN, there's a patch sitting in qt, doesn't seem too gross15:17
oSoMoNmterry, agreed15:19
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gerlowskijaHi all, quick question about Ubuntu Touch perf.  I'll occasionally see some solid lag when unlocking my phone and doing other various tasks.  I'm familiar with the process for reporting bugs in core-apps and other parts of the OS, but I'm not aware of anywhere to go to discuss/help with perf issues.  Is there any place I should be looking?  I'm more than willing to report issues when I see see them, gather logs, etc, but I'm not sure w16:23
gerlowskijahere to go.  Does anyone have any pointers/suggestions?16:23
morphisrsalveti: sorry for the late re-ping16:31
morphisrsalveti: wanted to check with you on how the audio routing is implemented in touch for HFP16:32
morphisI am coming along with porting that to bluez5 but just want to recap if you have a short moment if I got things right16:32
jgdxgerlowskija, it's a known issue, if I'm not mistaken.17:01
jgdxgerlowskija, if I17:02
jgdxgerlowskija, if I'm not, it's bug 1480877 and will be fixed in OTA7 (next major update).17:03
ubot5bug 1480877 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Access points' "PropertiesChanged" dbus signals freeze UI on mobile devices" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148087717:03
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taiebotWaouh you guys are going to be busy or is it just a redesign of the first set up of the phone ? http://design.canonical.com/2015/09/why-the-first-impression-matters/17:11
gerlowskijaOk, thanks jgdx.  If a similar perf issue crops up in the future, is there anywhere particular to report it, or do I have to actually know the package responsible to report/discuss the bug?  (The bug you mentioned above it tied to network-manager and dbus at least).17:20
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dobeyso much white17:27
dobeygerlowskija: to know exactly which package to report against, you'd need to do a little debugging and find out what is causing the issue; ie, is something using 100+% CPU, is something flooding dbus, etc…17:28
pixel_gerlowskija, https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image17:29
taiebotawe_ Sorry to bother you. Any progress on https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1323837  ? Just coming back from holidays abroad and due to the above did not have any network.17:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1323837 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Sim toolkit is not available on UT" [Wishlist,Triaged]17:40
awe_taiebot, we have no plans currently to support SIM toolkit17:40
awe_what phone are you using? BQ?17:40
awe_also next time you go abroad, you should consider purchasing a local SIM17:41
taiebotawe_ nexus 4 well that is bad that means UT will depend completely of the network carrier.17:42
awe_taiebot, patches are always welcome17:43
awe_that said, SIM toolkit requires UI work, and that's not my area17:43
awe_if you really want SIM toolkit, you need to convince our product team of the need.  There's not much I can do about it17:44
taiebotawe_ who is the product team17:44
awe_the people at Canonical who make decisions about the product17:45
awe_feel free to start an email thread17:45
awe_on the mailing list17:45
taiebotawe_ it was done a year ago and bumped it 3month ago with no reply17:45
awe_taiebot, that's probably because nobody else has asked for it17:46
awe_it actually is pretty old-school tech17:46
awe_and therefore hasn't been considered critical to the product.  If it was, we'd probably head about it from Meizu or BQ17:46
awe_but we haven't17:46
awe_I'm sorry, but as mentioned there's not much I can do about it17:46
taiebotawe_ I understand will try to convince more people to make this happens. :-D17:49
taiebotawe_ thank you for your answers17:52
awe_taiebot, your welcome17:54
KinokoIs posible to the ubuntu adms change my user@id: from my phone remotely?18:16
ogra_you mean your PIN ?18:17
KinokoI am curious about that. Seriously18:17
Kinokoogra_: no, my user@id linux terminal18:17
ogra_the user account is hardoded .... the user is "phablet" everywhere18:17
ogra_and no, there is no way ro change that remotely :)18:18
ogra_(well, technically there probably would be with a lot of scriptery ... but that doesnt exist)18:18
Kinokoogra_; no way? How my user@host: changed 3 times in 2 days without usermod or some another app?18:19
ogra_given that a lot on the phone is bound to that phablet user, a lot would break if that would be changed18:19
ogra_(it is still not clear to me what you mean by user@host ... the "phablet@localhost" you see in the terminal app or via adb or ssh ??)18:21
ogra_(or rather phablet@ubuntu-phablet)18:22
Kinokoogra_: today is my bizarre user@id18:23
Kinokoogra_: today is my bizarre user@id18:24
* ogra_ doesnt really get what you mean ... there is only one user on the pühone that is called phablet, and the password DB is readonly 18:24
ogra_(and neither adduser nor any other tool work with that setup currently)18:24
Kinokoogra_: today is my bizarre user@id18:25
* ogra_ gives up18:25
tathhuogra_, <318:26
Kinokoogra_: i really don't understand18:26
ogra_Kinoko, i dont understand what you mean by user@host18:26
ogra_there is exactly one user on an ubuntu phone ... and that user is called pahblet ...18:27
KinokoThis id is the third. Changed alone without advice18:27
lotuspsychjeKinoko: maybe you should explain wich device and Os your on18:27
lotuspsychjeKinoko: wnad what your trying to do with this18:28
Kinokoogra_: if i becxame root? Mi id change or not?18:28
ogra_Kinoko, on the ubuntu  phone ?18:28
Kinokoogra_: yes...18:29
ogra_sure, if you do something like "sudo -s" or "sudo -i" it prints root@ubuntu-phablet at the terminal prompt18:29
ogra_but generally that should just be ohablet@18:30
ogra_and there are no other users18:30
ogra_and since the filesystem is readonly the password db cant just change back and forth18:30
Kinokoogra_: ok. Now i will change the phone to android. What you think?18:31
tathhuwhaaaaat is going on18:31
ogra_yu mean you want to flash android on your ubuntu phone ?18:31
* ogra_ wonders if Kinoko is a bot or just badly trying to troll ... or simply not capable of getting across what he meaans 18:32
Kinokoogra_: is posible to someone hack ubuntu phone ontheair amd change the whoami name?18:32
ogra_not if you didnt tinker with the phone18:33
ogra_if you made it writable, installed stuff on the commandline or some such, then no guarantees ... a default ubuntu phone is secure18:33
Kinokoogra_: thanks. Now change to android. Is posible to someone hack android ontheair for change the whoami name?18:34
ogra_no idea18:34
ogra_probably ...18:34
ogra_androids security model isnt so particulary safe18:34
ogra_well, not necessarily java ... simply the fact that any app can access any data18:35
jgdxjava applets!18:35
ogra_but java adds to that indeed ;)18:35
Kinokoogra_: i prove. That. My name from qhoami was changed 3 times in 2 days without any installed tool to do that on android...18:35
jgdxogra_, that's true?18:35
jgdxogra_, app A can read from app B's files?18:36
ogra_i think so ... how else would an app be able to read your addressbook :)18:36
ogra_without you knowing18:36
ogra_or to track your location18:36
dobeyKinoko: you are going to have to more explicitly state exactly what your problem is18:36
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ whoami18:37
dobeyyour whoami isn't going to change unless you explicitly broke something18:37
ogra_^^^^ that hasnt changed since i started using this phone about a year ago18:37
Kinokodobey: is a simple question about remote exploits in ubuntu if someday i buy one18:37
ogra_tathhu, we definitely need to add more layers of phablet :)18:38
dobeyKinoko: no, your question was not simple. you stated that your whoami has changed 3 times without you doing anything. that isn't a question18:38
tathhuogra_, I can put my bq when it arrives on top of my nexus :P18:39
ogra_oh, i could stack quite a few ubuntu phones onto each other ;)18:39
dobeyKinoko: there is a communications problem here. we do not understand what you are claiming, or wanting to know18:39
ogra_not sure you can call that inception if you dont fold them though ;)18:39
Kinokodobey: not a question? Of course is a question: is posible to renotely someone change my username@host: in ubuntu phone?18:39
ogra_Kinoko, no18:39
ogra_it isnt even possible for an app to do that18:40
ogra_(i.e. locally)18:40
pixel_Kinoko, on mx4?18:40
dobeyKinoko: not unless they've gained root access to your phone and changed the root partition to read-write18:41
Kinokopixel_: on anything that haves unix ubuntu linux...18:41
pixel_ok lol18:41
dobeyie, if you installed an insecure sshd and have it running on an open network or something like that18:41
dobeyby default, the phone is secure though18:42
Kinokodobey: if yes this, how to detect and prevent?18:42
dobeyso you will have to explicitly do something to enable that, or some kernel exploit will have to be found that affects the specific kernel on the device (but then, that likely won't get you into the ubuntu side of the system)18:42
dobeyKinoko: don't break security of your phone and install the updates as they are available18:43
Kinokoallright... :D18:43
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ogra_what a funny conversation18:53
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pmcgowanogra_, where are the image manifests again19:34
* pixel_ ping facebook o_O19:34
* pixel_ he dead?19:34
ogra_pmcgowan, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/19:34
pmcgowanogra_, thanks much19:34
ogra_pmcgowan, interesting that the i386 rootfs is 40MB bigger btw ...19:35
* ogra_ remembers they were never tthe same size ... but 40MB sounds like quite a diff)19:36
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Sander^homehave anyone thought about implementing lxc containers for all apps in ubuntu touch?23:51
Sander^homeThat way you could isolate every app on the kernel level from eachother.23:51
Sander^homeThere is little memory footprint of it.23:51
Sander^homehttp://www.janoszen.com/2013/01/22/lxc-vs-openvz/ <-- Here is a overview of what type of isolation LXC have.23:54

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