diddledanroll-on october. I want my virgin!00:02
diddledan(speed bump)00:02
zmoylan-piyeah that did need a qualifier :-P00:03
daftykinsthis the 300Mb jump i've heard about?00:03
diddledanprolly some silly figure like 30400:03
daftykinspretty impressive doing a doubling when it's already that high00:03
diddledanapparently BT's plans for G.Fast will mean that by 2020 they might have fttc running at 30000:04
diddledanvirgin pretty much blows that out of the water if they're doing 300 now. the only competition would be fttp00:05
zmoylan-piand sneakernet :-)00:05
diddledan(currently BT runs fttp at 300 max - dad has it at standard 40/10 tho 'cos he doesn't want to pay the high cost - his only option was fttp due to the weird setup they have over there)00:05
diddledant'was a bit of a farce getting them enabled anyway - they won a bt comp back along called "race to infinity" by getting 100% of the population to say they wanted fibre (supposedly 100% according to the figure quoted by BT) but it took YEARS to actually get installed. they have their own exchange but the fibre network runs from the andover exchange about 8 miles away00:08
diddledanso BT dug the road up all the way from andover instead of using the infrastructure they had in place in whitchurch already00:08
zmoylan-pisounds a bit of a cock up00:08
diddledanit was00:08
zmoylan-piaiming for deliberate failure so that they can keep pushing old/slower for longer?00:09
diddledanit actually seems like real-honest-to-goodness idiocy00:10
* zmoylan-pi remembers ireland flogging isdn when rest of world was on dsl00:10
daftykinsi'm confused, they put fiber in so surely that's better?00:11
diddledanwho remembers homehighway?00:11
zmoylan-pisounds like they made a meal of the installation.  more work than necessary00:11
diddledanit took over 5 years to actually get what was promised00:12
zmoylan-pisounds very bt :-)00:12
diddledanthat was from 2014 - here's one from 2013: https://recombu.com/digital/article/bts-fibre-broadband-infinity-slow-whitchurch_M11160.html00:14
diddledanand here they claim it will be active by 2012: http://www.marketingmagazine.co.uk/article/1047736/bt-names-winners-race-infinity-campaign00:14
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daftykinsnice lunar eclipse there02:24
daftykinsjust walked down to the seafront to see02:24
daftykinswow that's... that's how to fail03:43
zmoylan-picomes across as someone who doesn't use tech themselves03:48
daftykinsindeed :S03:48
daftykinsand they wonder why they're in trouble :)03:49
zmoylan-pifor a lot of people who want a keybord they'll look past the crappy salesman and buy it anyway03:49
zmoylan-piand a *lot* of people want a keyboard03:49
daftykins*nod* got a client who hangs onto a blackberry solely for it03:49
daftykinsi don't get it personally03:50
zmoylan-piit may be a small % of overall users but if they can claim that % it's a lot of phones03:50
zmoylan-pii prefer keyboards03:50
zmoylan-pityping on virtual keyboard would drive me nuts at more than >1k per day03:51
daftykinsah i think if you try enough of the virtual apps ones you can find one that'll work well :>03:52
zmoylan-pii've tried many, they fail on so many levels.03:52
zmoylan-piwhen i type on real keyboard i can use muscle memory to type03:52
zmoylan-pii can rest fingers on keyboard03:53
zmoylan-pii know what i've type without looking at screen03:53
zmoylan-piand i flippin hate the smudges on screens from touching them.  they can end up manky.03:56
daftykinsmmm definitely not ones to be shared03:56
zmoylan-pii've been handed touchscreen devices and my first impulse was to drop them in boiling water to sterilise the buggers03:57
daftykinseven other folks keyboards and rodents are a bit unpleasant03:57
zmoylan-piso i like to have something were i touch one part and look at another.  so keyboard AND screen. thank you very much :-)03:58
zmoylan-piit's great that others can get on with virtual keyboards but the real keyboard is not going away03:59
daftykinsit almost entirely has though oddly, can't think of any phones with one as standard that are new04:00
zmoylan-piand back...04:08
daftykinswow 5am again :D04:08
zmoylan-piseemed like a good time to pick at the time :-)04:09
daftykinsah i thought you had a regular issue that occurs then, you mentioned it the other day04:10
zmoylan-piit seems to have calmed down my adsl modem/ap from borking once a week that needed a phyiscal reset which is awkward as it's in landlords part of house04:12
zmoylan-piterrible leccy and i suspect the phone line is iffy too.  an old house04:13
zmoylan-pibut free data i do tech support :-)04:14
daftykinsah no the SeaMeWe-3 undersea cable has been cut!04:14
zmoylan-piso australia is offline?04:16
daftykinsjust some slowdown04:17
zmoylan-picould take a while for the albatrosses to implement ip via avian...04:17
zmoylan-piyou'd think by now they could retrench a repaired cable04:20
daftykinsor threaten seafolk enough to be more careful ;)04:22
daftykinsreminds me, my folks said they were down Land's End the other day and saw the spot where all the links come in04:22
zmoylan-pii do like that when they laid the first transatlantic cable it came ashore on a sandy beach to protect the cable04:23
daftykinsreally they just wanted to frolick on the beach ;)04:24
zmoylan-pii'm sure the telegraph operators were hackers and their cats appreciated the litter box :-)04:25
Moodoomorning all07:08
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diploMorning all08:05
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Moodoomorning diplo08:29
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Drink Beer Day! 😃09:02
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:25
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon09:27
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:28
brobostigoni have a question, is it possible to make dovecot/postfix thats on one server with one domain think its on another, and serve a different domain?09:29
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: what do you mean exactly?09:29
MartijnVdSyou can configure postfix to accept mail for any domain you want. And it'll work as long as you point an MX record at it09:29
MartijnVdSand dovecot will happily serve mailboxes for anything on the system too09:30
brobostigoni have dovecot/postfix setup on jabber.* would there be a way of making it serve my taylorworld domain without setting it up allover again?09:30
brobostigonso i just change the mx record on taylorworld* to point at jabber* ?09:32
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: yes. But you do need to tell postfix (in its config file) to accept mail for that domain too.09:33
brobostigonah i see. ok.09:33
MartijnVdSI haven't configured postfix in a while, so I don't know exactly how to set it all up, but there's a ton of HOWTOs out there09:34
MartijnVdSalso Postfix documentation, while a bit dense, is actually quite good09:34
brobostigonyes, should be easy enough to find out how.09:34
JamesTaitIIRC there's a $mydomains setting that sets which domains Postfix will consider local.09:36
* brobostigon makes notes.09:36
JamesTaitBut my setup (which I haven't needed to touch for years) just accepts mail for three separate domains and delivers to the same mailbox regardless of domain, i.e. foo@example.org and foo@example.com land in the same mailbox.09:38
brobostigonah i see.09:38
JamesTaitNot sure if that's what you're after, or if you want different mailboxes for taylorworld and jabber.*09:39
brobostigoni think it would nominally work having them all combined into the same box.09:40
MartijnVdSyou can set up different "routing" for the different domains too so brobostigon@some_domain goes to one mailbox, and brobostigon@jabber.some_domain goes to another09:41
TwistedLucidityI want to configure email so that tl.foo@domain and tl.bar@domain go to the same mailbox.09:53
TwistedLucidityA bit like how you can have tl+foo@gmail.com or tl+bar@gmail.com; but most sites reject the "+" as invalid.09:54
TwistedLucidityHeck, some sites even reject a hyphen as invalid!09:54
jpdsTwistedLucidity: http://www.postfix.org/VIRTUAL_README.html09:55
TwistedLucidityjpds - I'm being thick, I don't follow how that document helps me09:57
jpdsAh, sorry, I read that you wanted another domain09:58
TwistedLucidityNah, same domain but with a wildcard kinda idea on the local part.10:00
TwistedLuciditySuch a pain that so many websites can't validate an email address (I am aware of the complexities, but it is perfectly doable)10:00
TwistedLucidityTo every single one I submit a complaint. I doubt anyone listens.10:01
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diploAny of you guys in here used systemd in anger?12:51
diploWe're just learning service files, and moving all our stuff over12:51
MartijnVdSservice files are horrors12:52
diploWe have a init script to stop and start a load of services at once, trying to google a way to do that with systemd to have 7 service files being able to be started or stopped by one command but still be able to use the seperate service files to stop each service individually12:52
MartijnVdSespecially the magic overriding12:52
MartijnVdSyou can make stuff depend on each other12:53
diploWe're finding that, but also like the way some of it works too12:53
diploYeah, that's what we're leaning towards atm MartijnVdS12:53
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diddledanliquid water on mars!15:57
diddledanquiet in here this afternoon16:30
diddledanI might do something family unfriendly to wake you all up!16:51
* diddledan scrawls a big thingy on the wall16:51
zmoylan-pithe pi is alive \o/16:52
zmoylan-pigood pi, preciousssss pi16:52
diddledangood pi, warm pi, little ball of furr16:52
diddledanhappy pi, err. purr purr purr.16:52
diddledanI forget how it goes16:52
zmoylan-pihappy pi, sleepy pi, purr purr purr16:53
zmoylan-pihad to look it up :-)16:54
zmoylan-pijust died at 1030 this morning, 2 rboots didn't happen as it didn't even try to access sd card, then it did but didn't allow web while allowing me to sms in...16:54
zmoylan-piwalk away for 3 hours and it comes back all on it's own...16:55
zmoylan-pi*me to ssh in16:55
diddledanerr, yey?16:55
zmoylan-pithough irc has been laggy all day on freenode for some reason...16:55
zmoylan-pimy other irc servers seem fine16:56
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diddledanI wondered why that disappeared21:29
diddledangood job it wasn't an sudo followed by a password :-p21:30
diddledanthis could be a good reason for monotasking or cli-only21:30
brobostigonlolz. quite.21:30
* diddledan wanders off in search of liquids21:36
diddledanand back21:40
* brobostigon has gin and tonic.21:42
diddledanalcohol == evil :-p21:42
diddledan(only 'cos I don't drink much)21:43
brobostigonthats what my gf says as well.21:43
diddledanI usually go months without drinking anything and then my brother drags me outside and I get bladdered :-p21:43
brobostigonusually, me and my gf go out for food every two weeks and then go to the pub afterwards, thats about it.21:44
daftykinsdiddledan: i see, so you leave for your brother but not for your buddy shauno :(22:12
AzelphurThis is so strange, the guy who I bought my 4x 4k monitors off, I paid him and he stopped responding 10 days ago, issued a PayPal dispute and will get my money back if he doesn't reply within 7 days22:57
diddledanwhy did you issue a dispute? are the monitors broken?23:00
diddledanor did he not send anything?23:00
Azelphurdiddledan: he stopped responding and didn't send the monitors23:00
diddledanbar steward!23:01
Azelphurwell, either that or he stopped responding, sent them and they are in the post23:01
Azelphurimpossible to know23:01
diddledandoes seem odd that he's not replying tho23:01
diddledansounds like it might be scammish23:01
Azelphurdiddledan: yea, except he has 12.5k ebay feedback and this was via paypal, the scam potential here is zero :s23:03
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