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* rick_h_ goes back to bed 11:37
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding11:52
brouschcmaloney: Were you up all night mooning?12:06
cmaloneybrousch: We live in Michigan. We got our little windows of non-cloud cover and called it good12:08
DrDaemonEyemorning everyone14:42
DrDaemonEyehow goes?14:56
cmaloneyit goes15:05
DrDaemonEyeDoing okay.  Dealing with the joys of a chaotic life15:10
cmaloneyMore chaotic than normal?15:19
brouschAt least it's not the tribulations of a chaotic life15:22
DrDaemonEyecmaloney: yeah... house I am living in just finished being remodeled, work is starting the remodeling phase, and the house I am in is going on the market soon15:24
cmaloneyDrDaemonEye: Nothing like adding more folks to the equation15:27
DrDaemonEyeAnyway, anyone looking for an apartment in Ann Arbor?15:28
cmaloneyNot currently15:28
* DrDaemonEye nods15:28
brouschI was going to make a "what year is this" joke about mutt, but then I realized I worked in Vim all day long today.20:12
GC02-mobilehey, has anyone had issues with boot after the latest update of 15.04?23:14
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gamerchick02there we go23:17
gamerchick02so. has anyone had issues booting into Ubuntu 15.04 since the last update? i updated yesterday afternoon and then shut down... and then used my laptop again, went to shut down and it took forever so i did a hard power button press and now it's not booting. i get thrown to a terminal.23:19
brouschgamerchick02: I see linux kernal and xserver updates in there23:25
gamerchick02yeah. yeah. i'll have to work on it another night this week23:25
gamerchick02i went on a wild goose chase tonight23:25
gamerchick02and i'm tired. too tired to concentrate23:29

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