NairwolfHi, I would like to give my help to test Xubuntu before the release of xubuntu 15.1007:29
NairwolfApparently, it's better today to install the latest daily version, right ? 07:29
NairwolfIf I choose to continue with this daily version, will I have updates ? 07:30
flocculantNairwolf: if you install with a daily (or the last if you do so today) then just update it as you would anything 07:30
flocculantyou'll always be current 07:31
NairwolfAnd, do you know how I could do to still have my software installed in my last distribution ? Can I take my software installed from dpkg and install them again on 15.10 ? 07:31
flocculantif they're available no reason why not 07:31
flocculantthere is a command you can run to grab what you've got currently and then use to reinstall 07:32
flocculantI'd love to help - but just off to work now 07:32
Nairwolfokay, I'll search by myself07:34
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dkesselmy own support question coming up in #xubuntu :)14:30
dkesseli wonder if that problem affects other trusty users as well... she doesn't have a too customized install...14:32
dkesseltoo bad i cannot even create a screenshot because of the problem14:33
flocculantthis is ringing a bell - not very clearly though - just at the edge of hearing ... 14:33
dkesseltaking an old fashioned camera screenshot14:35
dkesseli guess some package upgrade might have gone wrong14:36
flocculantI'm convinced I've seen this before 14:43
flocculantand seeing that screenie - proved I'd seen it before - but still couldn't find anything :)14:57
dkesselmhh let's see if !vnc does anything...15:09
flocculantknome: can you not do anything at all with the QA page on site without letting me know please :)18:26
pleia2publisher flyers post http://xubuntu.org/news/printable-shareable-xubuntu-flyers/19:12
pleia2social media-ing now19:12
pleia2except facebook, which is being all wounded platypus19:15
knomeflocculant, huh?19:22
knomepleia2, huzzah19:24
pleia2I'll have another Xubuntu At... article up for review in a few days19:24
knomeoh cool19:24
knomei'm still waiting mine19:24
pleia2but my work/life is eating me, so /o\19:24
pleia2yeah, I still have questions out for another19:25
pleia2but I'll wait until November to publish another19:25
knomewe could set up a schedule19:25
flocculantknome: I'm doing some work with it locally - don't want to live one to change :)19:25
knomeflocculant, oh - righto - won't19:25
* Unit193 pokes the QA page.19:25
* flocculant pokes the Unit193 19:26
flocculanthaving bunches of fun with nesting lists ... 19:27
knomeflocculant, if you need formatting help, don't hesitate to ask for help19:27
flocculantyep I will - but trying not to ask :D19:28
flocculantlearning stuff bit by bit 19:28
flocculantknome: you has mail 21:10
* knome checks21:10
* flocculant has headache 21:10
knomeflocculant, we might want to mention that images == ISOs21:12
knomei mean, in a clearer way21:12
knomeor just talk about the other at all times21:12
flocculantyea was thinking about that while I was writing 21:12
knomemight be that it was like this in my previous draft, but kind of popped up now21:12
flocculantI'll probably change image to iso everywhere 21:13
knomesure too21:13
flocculantas most other places in *buntu talk of iso21:13
knomei'm doing some small changes21:15
knomei'll reply to you with the modded file21:15
knomelike fixing some links to cleaner forms21:15
knomeand i found a strong tag with no content21:15
flocculantapart from testcases on the trackers - which call them images :|21:15
knomemaybe file a bug against them ;)21:15
flocculantnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo 21:16
flocculantknome: why some tags em and some strong? 21:17
flocculantoh nvm 21:17
knomeyeah, em is italic, strong is bold21:17
flocculantyea 21:17
knomeok, replied21:17
knomefeel free to run a diff21:17
knomebut i basically only did what i mentioned21:17
flocculantremembered aas soon as I hit enter ... 21:17
knomeand s/Isos/ISOs/ in one place21:18
knomesome really small things really21:18
knomegood work21:18
knomeand yeah, as you can imagine by the time it took me to reply to that - the content review was super fast only21:19
flocculantheh 21:19
flocculantit was mostly just making sure syntax was right - I want to review it in a day or so anyway21:20
knomethat's also why only super fast review for content only21:20
flocculantapart from anything I got to filing and stopped - want to check that's what I want yet 21:21
flocculantpretty sure it is - but words 21:22
knomewords are words21:22
flocculantyep - and lot of words is that :D21:22
flocculantok cheers for those small changes :)21:29
flocculantnow that I've seen the tracker calling them images - and that's where we're sending people - probably better if our page matches that - we can note they're the same thing21:30
flocculantanyway - another day for that :)21:30
knomeok, look at the status tracker frontpage21:33
flocculantadded this reworking to bp 21:34
flocculantok looking - what am I missing that you;ve done? 21:35
knomethe titles are links?21:35
flocculantoh yea - I thought they were yesterday? 21:35
knomedid that change literally minutes ago21:36
flocculantI got Spec Actions Progress21:37
knomethe specification text21:37
knomeis a link...21:37
knomeit wasn't until a while ago21:37
knomeeg. you can click on the QA spec title21:37
knometo get to the qa spec work items21:37
flocculantaah - I guess I was mid change :)21:37
flocculantthat looks better than it did just a moment ago :)21:38
flocculantsuggest you lose Whiteboard 21:38
flocculantI still miss what I miss though 21:39
knomei should just make it work21:39
flocculantor that :D21:39
knomebecause it's clearly useful21:39
knomeand it's saved in the database21:40
flocculantwell - time for me to crash - night knome and lurkers21:44
flocculantoh - well I'll look first :)21:45
knomenighty flocculant 21:45
flocculantknome: looks the same to me Edit works, whiteboard links to http://tracker.xubuntu.org/#21:46
knomedo a hard refresh21:46
flocculantI did 21:46
knomectrl+shift+r in firefox21:46
knomeare you sure you have js enabled? :P21:46
knomethe link target *is* totally #21:47
knomebut it still does magic21:47
flocculantnot a clue - everything else works 21:47
* knome shrugs21:47
knomeit'll likely work for you when you'll least expect21:47
knomeor are we missing elliptical circles again?21:48
flocculantlike then - was expecting to middle click and it open in new tab at b/p whiteboard :)21:48
flocculantok - so now - night all :)21:49
flocculantthanks knome :)21:49
knomegood night21:49

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