SergioEDuran1Hi there02:03
SergioEDuran1I am back again02:03
SergioEDuran1I have FINALY blocked ChanServ and NickServ users :)02:04
SergioEDuran1finaly I am free to join FreeNode with not worrying about the anoying messages from the nick and channel services02:05
cfhowlettSergioEDuran1, ask your ubuntu support question then02:06
function9xI have a secondary hard drive that is show on my desktop, how do i blacklist that secondary hard drive?02:06
function9xi got the uuid02:07
cfhowlettfunction9x, I don't know about blacklist, but you can edit automount settings.  ask in #ubuntu02:07
function9xok will do02:07
SergioEDuran1Ok cfhowlett02:15
SergioEDuran1I  will do my question but first  I will do an update of my repos and an upgrade :)02:26
cfhowlettfrom 11.04?  eolupgrade is going to be a whole lot harder than a clean installation02:27
SergioEDuran1Friends how can I solve  this issue with the Minetest installation? http://paste.ubuntu.com/12599522/02:36
sakrecoerHi! i'm experiencing problems with ssh-add in combination to gnome-keyring-daemon. For some reason, i can't remove identities from ssh-add. deleting the keypair in ~/.ssh has no effect, fro some reason, ssh-add still finds the identity. So i'm guessing it gets stored in gnomekeyring, but where are the remainings of the keypair stored?08:48
sakrecoerit's driving me nuts... there nothing to be found in ~/.ssh/ yet the system claims thats where it gets the identity from...09:57
sakrecoerssh-add -D is failing miserably. -d states the idenitiy was removed, but -l shows it anyhow..09:58
sakrecoerssh agent (gnome keyring SSH agent) is unchecked in the startup application... but it is present on ps aux...?10:06
sakrecoerok... this explains a lot... http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/53193 but then again, WHERE is gnome-keyagent storing my keys??10:12
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medicijnmanmy printer won't print any jobs i send. i rebooted both the printer and my machine but still nothing happens. i had to install hpdoctor in order to make the printer work10:33
medicijnmancancel -a and then sending a print job with evince does not help either10:33
function9xwas it working well before?10:34
medicijnmanyes up until i aborted the job while standing next to my printer because the ink cartridge was empty10:34
cfhowlettmedicijnman, ensure that the print queue is empty??10:35
medicijnmanso i replaced the black ink cartridge and printed a test print but now it doesn't accept any jobs10:35
medicijnmancfhowlett: lpq -a says 'no entries'10:35
medicijnmankey 20 in hp-info reads:10:36
medicijnman20 printer-state stopped (5)10:36
medicijnmankey 22 reads10:36
medicijnman22 printer-state-reasons paused10:36
medicijnmani don't know what the keys were when it worked, so i don't know what those keys should be10:36
medicijnmanmy model: hp officejet 7410 all-in-one10:38
medicijnmanusing google i can only find threads that state they can't print using wifi, but i use a cable. some threads say their printer won't boot but mine does boot.10:45
cfhowlettmedicijnman, bring it to #ubuntu for more eyes10:46
medicijnmancfhowlett: okay, i'll ask it there then. thanks for the print queue suggestion10:46
cfhowlettbest of luck10:47
knobGood morning/evening everyone =)11:36
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Guest44371Hi, can someone explain me I can add a fonction to only touch my pad to click?14:26
cfhowlettGuest44371, you mean "one click" ??14:26
Guest44371yeah for exemple14:26
Guest44371(I am french ...)14:26
cfhowlettthat's .. not a function, is it??14:27
Guest44371do not know that's why I'm asking14:27
Guest44371because it works on lubuntu but not on xubuntu14:27
Guest44371I am on a pc and i have bought this pad wich is exellent but I can not click by only touching in14:28
holsteinGuest44371: check the touchpad settings in the UI.. see if you find what you need there.. "enable touchpad clicks".. for example14:28
Guest44371what is a UI?14:28
holsteinGuest44371: in the menu, where the settings are, for the touchpad..14:29
dkesseli have a problem with my wife's xubuntu 14.04 installation. all of a sudden, a lot of icons cannot be displayed anymore. and when trying to create a screenshot of the problem, the system says "png is no supported image type" (in german).14:30
dkesselwhich could even be the source of the problem :/14:30
cfhowlettGuest44371, user interface14:31
dkesselare there any logs i could check?14:31
cfhowlettstill trying to figure how wifi would lead to no .png support in screenshot ...14:32
flocculantcfhowlett: wife not wifi :)14:36
holsteindkessel: i would want to see a few things, personally.. i would test the memory, and hard drive, and file system.. then, i would check the user account config, and see if the issue is related to only that one user.. then, i would look for updates that may have "broken" something.. also, any unsupported PPA packages..14:37
cfhowlettflocculant, lol.  OK that was not the way I read it, so ... honest mistake.  sorry Mrs. DKessel.14:37
cfhowlettand with that, I clearly need to exit.  later.14:37
dkessellol :)14:38
flocculantdkessel: I'd start by trying guest account - which will deal with holstein's user configs suggestion14:40
holsteinyup.. thats an easy way to see if its isolated to the user config, or not..14:40
dkesselgood idea14:43
dkesseltried that. the guest session shows the same problems. uploading a screenshot...14:43
holsteinso, it can be a system-wide issue, with a PPA package, that is causing a conflict.. do you have PPA's? could be a system issue.. ram, filesystem, hard drive failing.. etc..14:44
dkesseli'll see what i can find. here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/c1asLtt14:49
dkesselmhhh "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" complains about unfinished package upgrades...14:50
holsteindkessel: are you using compositing? compiz? have you added any ppas?14:50
holsteini suggest "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and share error for troubleshooting..14:50
dkesseli'm running "sudo dpkg--configure -a" first, as apt-get suggests...14:53
bengukhi all14:54
dkesselhah. well... that solved it. maybe some trouble with the nvidia kernel module... it got rebuilt while "--configure -a" did its work14:54
dkesselthanks for your help guys. the ppa thing nudged me to have a close look if some upgrade went wrong..14:55
flocculantglad to see the wifi's machine is ok now :)14:56
bengukhas anyone sucsessfully got x11vnc to start using upstart? been reading guide after guide but ot just doesnt want to start14:56
benguklooking at the logfile for x11 vnc its suggesting cant open display 014:57
bengukwhich in turn suggests its trying to run before x has started. What it should be doing is running when the login screen comes up14:58
dkesselflocculant: yeah. "it" will be happy to hear that14:59
bengukfor the most part followed this guide and indeed every other guide or post is pretty much the same http://seb.so/vnc-from-boot-without-logging-in-ubuntu-lubuntu-xubuntu-and-mint-lmde/15:00
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xubuntu67whello everyone! i have a problem with my xubuntu install, maybe you guys can help !16:58
xubuntu67wi get a blank screen during the boot sequence, that is after the initial bios screen until my xfce desktop starts! no grub, no booting messages, no nonthing16:58
holsteinxubuntu67w: i have seen that, with certain GPU' and GPU drivers..16:59
xubuntu67wapart from that, everything works fine. i can see the shutdown sequence when im turning of the pc16:59
holsteini know, i just appreciated that it worked at all, since, i had had issues with the hardware supporting linux, in the past..16:59
xubuntu67whmm yes i think too its got to be something driver related17:00
xubuntu67wdo you know if i cn tweak the display settings for the boot sequence somehow?17:00
xubuntu67wmaybe change resolution ?17:00
xubuntu67wor something like that?17:00
holsteini typically just try different drivers, if they are available..17:01
holsteini'll even try the vesa driver, just to see if its related to GPU driver support17:01
xubuntu67wi think im using the latest ones from nvidia17:01
flocculantI don't see anything till login - I don't expect to17:01
holsteinyeah ^17:01
flocculantif you want to see grub for some reason - set that to do so17:02
xubuntu67wim used to seeing the boot sequence tho17:02
holsteinthats just what i expect from the nvidia drivers, as well.. though, i have been able to tweak around, and use the open driver, for example17:02
holsteinxubuntu67w: sure. but, do you *need* to see it?17:02
xubuntu67w(even hitting escape to see each line as it pops up.. very hacker-y lol)17:02
flocculantif you really want to see booting text then set it do so17:02
flocculantyou can do both editing grub iirc17:02
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode17:02
xubuntu67wi know ubottu, but i dont see the grub menu during boot17:03
flocculantholstein: I think removing quiet and/or slash would be more appropriate17:03
xubuntu67wi will probably have to change the settings after startup and restart..17:03
holsteinsure.. i dont think that will actually effect it.. but, you are welcome to try17:03
xubuntu67wso if you had to bet17:04
xubuntu67wgpu drivers ?17:04
holsteinxubuntu67w: ^ try that, first.. see that grub is set to be shown..17:04
xubuntu67wid guess it wont hurt to try and  use some other driver..17:04
holsteinxubuntu67w: ^ try that first..17:04
xubuntu67wyeah i guess ill give it a shot17:04
xubuntu67wthanks guys ! i hope i wont come back with the same problem !17:05
holsteincome back all you want .. this is not really a problem, but something you'll need to configure :)17:05
flocculantyep :)17:05
xubuntu67wyeah probably more an annoyance than a problem17:05
xubuntu67wanyways thank you all :)17:05
holsteinwell, if its just that grub is hidden, thats a "feature"..17:05
ReplopHi !17:08
ReplopI'm currently downloading the LTS   .  how can I get a LiveUSB from it  ?   just dd if=xubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso  of=/dev/sdX    , for relevant value of X ?17:10
Replopmy next step will be to boot the system with it,  and mount an existing partition  .... remotely , while trying to explain it to the one doing it17:13
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function9xhi guys, how do i check which version of xfce i have17:47
function9xnm found it17:48
exussumHi all. I have just installed xubuntu on a new machine, All of my others when sshing ask for a key to unlock the private key, The new install asks on the command line each time. What am I missing to make  it ask me once per session ?18:55
* m3n3chm0 nasZ19:22
bahaahi guys19:31
bahaaI'm new here and I like xubuntu19:31
knomehello, glad to hear19:32
bahaaI'm using ubuntu on my desktop for 8 yrs till now19:32
bahaaand I choosen xubuntu for my old netbook19:33
* rampiesxubuntu31 slaps rampiesxubuntu31 around a bit with a large fishbot20:06
knomerampiesxubuntu31, excuse me?20:17
xubuntu78wWhenever I restart, my file explorer (thunar) opens.20:22
xubuntu78wTo a specific location.20:22
xubuntu78wI'm thinking this is related to me using the "save session for later" option at restart. However, this happens even when the option to save for later is not selected20:23
xubuntu78wSo, I'd like to stop thunar from automatically opening at start-up20:24
drcrename ~/cache/sessions make sure "save session for later" is not checked, log out in and.20:24
drcrename ~/.cache/sessions that is.20:25
drcYOu probably saved a session earlier and it's still there.20:25
xubuntu78wIn "~/.cache/sessions" I see three files along with a thumbnails folder20:26
xubuntu78wone of those three is named "Thunar-28e7a066e-3b25-457f-8ac0-5fdf582e3d33"20:27
xubuntu78wthe second is a .bak file20:27
drcRename sessions, so you can rename it back if it turns out you need something there.20:27
xubuntu78wand the last one ends in ":0"20:27
xubuntu78wI renamed the folder.20:28
xubuntu78wGoing to try a reboot and name it back20:28
drclog out/in20:28
xubuntu78wOkay, log out20:29
tajust installed xubuntu, do you know of a good web dev editor?23:37
drcNope, you'll have to wait for someone who actually does that stuff.23:38
tano prob, thanks23:40
drcHave you taken a look in the Software Center?23:40
tano, xubuntu is installing right now, im still on a live CD, but there was a link to this chat in the installler23:42
drcAh, ok.  Once installed, take a look in the Ubuntu Software Center, search for something like "editor" "web editor".  The apps often have ratings and reviews, so you can look at those.23:44
drcNot sure if the USC lists everything on the LiveCD, but you could look.23:44

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