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sgclarkok kf5 backports uploading to staging.00:57
Riddellawooga! good to have you packaging sgclark :)01:01
sgclarkwill have to get to the others tomorrow. Had a bit of a hiccup today lol. but I think I have it sorted now.01:03
sgclarkwill run the restart builds though. 01:04
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sgclarkblech vivid backports shouldn't break wily. And getting to late to do anything further tonight.04:06
soeegood morning06:11
lordievaderGood morning.06:53
pursuivantkubuntu-driver-kcm (master) 15.04ubuntu3-11-g435542b * Harald Sitter:  (2 files in 2 dirs)07:16
pursuivantAdd I18n to target link libraries to get access to the KLocalizedString header and fix a build failure07:16
sitterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12622848/ -.-07:33
sittermass retrying failed unstables07:34
bshahI need packaging solution : so thing is plasma-phone-settings package ships /etc/xdg/kdeglobals file.. but I want to ship different files on both amd64 and arm08:16
bshahany idea how this could be achieved?08:16
bshahsitter: ^ ideaz?08:23
sittercmake if()?08:24
bshahactually whole plasma-phone-settings have null CMake magi08:24
bshahhttps://quickgit.kde.org/?p=plasma-phone-settings.git&a=tree&h=98fa94884787025f7de57177c533da810b3def25&hb=323c9498719a473e2941f2a8ebcc04ebf3d10440 08:25
sitterah, more tricky then08:25
bshah(ideally this repo should be nuked and distro should provide kdegloabals themself)08:26
sitterbshah: I'd suggest adding cmake TBH and changing the package to use cmake08:26
sitterbshah: in that case, nuke it :P08:26
sitteradd the files to the debian/ dir of the packaging08:27
bshahand how exactly architecture wouldbe if'def'd there?08:29
sittertricky tricky08:30
sitteryou want to have that override_dh_install target08:30
sitterinside that target you use $(overridden_command)08:30
sitterwhich will essentially call the overridden thing08:31
sitterand then you'll want to cp debian/kdeglobals.amd64 debian/tmp/etc/xdg/08:31
sitteryou can if with08:32
sitterifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH),armhf)08:32
sitterthere's also a whole slew of examples WRT arch ifdefs here http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/qt/qt4-x11.git/tree/debian/rules08:32
* sitter shakes fist at make being such a terrible language and rides towards the sunset08:33
sitterbshah: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/blinken.git/tree/debian/rules?h=kubuntu_unstable#n808:34
sitteryou can probably start with that override_dh_auto_install target there08:34
sitterand $(overridden_command) --destdir=debian/tmp08:34
sittertricky messy nonsense...08:34
bshahwhat the fuk is overridden_command?08:35
bshahI don't have to worry about that or?08:35
sittervariable defined in include /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/3/debian-qt-kde.mk08:38
* bshah cries... :'<08:38
sitteryou see. for us fancy kde people it wasn't good enough to use what everyone else uses, so we reimplemented what everyone else uses in make because make is such an awesome language, hence the include ....08:38
shadeslayerSays the guy who said make was a awesome piece of software 4 years ago at UDS08:40
shadeslayerAnd then told me to read a 1000 page make manual08:40
bshahI guess I could just cp debian/kdeglobals.$(DEB_HOST_ARCH) debian/tmp/etc/xdg/kdeglobals08:42
bshahinstead of ifeq08:42
sitterwhich you did not do08:42
sitterbshah: yes, except then you need to symlink for each new archtiecture that might need building in the future08:43
sitterfrom a packaging pov that'd be #wrong08:43
shadeslayerI'd rather not read a 1000 page manual for features I rarely use08:45
bshahokay then I guess have slight insight on how to do this.. I have to go out now.. will change it after coming back08:47
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* yofel is pretty sure that nobody here ever read the whole 1000 page manual...09:57
sitterneed review plz10:21
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clivejoyipppeee 5 lemmings home!11:12
clivejonice work Mr Sitter11:28
sitterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/12623572/ still needs a revu11:29
sitterclivejo: what did I do?11:29
clivejosaving lemmings!11:29
clivejoand another!11:30
clivejoyour on a roll!11:31
sitterhardly has anything to do with nice work but rather bad work on launchpad's part making things fail to begin with 11:32
* yofel continues to kill lemmings11:34
clivejoyou just retried them?11:34
BluesKajHey folks11:37
ahoneybunseems everything is building11:39
sitterclivejo: yeah11:50
sitterkjobswidget i386 failed because of chroot problems which made everything else fail since deps couldn't be installed11:51
sitterRiddell: pingping12:24
sitterRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12623572/ I needs me a review12:28
Riddellhi sitter12:39
Riddellsitter: looks good 12:40
Riddellsitter: want me to upload?12:40
bshahgetting no clue still about plasma-phone-settings.. :'(12:40
Riddellbshah: what's up?12:40
bshahRiddell: plasma-phone-settings upstream ships /etc/xdg/kdeglobals.. but I want to ship different file for both arm and amd64..12:44
bshahHarald mentioned some black magic but I still can't make it out12:44
bshahsitter: I am going in right direction? http://ix.io/l6j ?12:52
sitterRiddell: yeah12:55
sitterRiddell: or wait12:55
sitterI'll commit12:55
sitterthen you can upload xD12:55
bshah(yes I don't have if but I want to confirm if this is somewhat right or totally worng)12:56
sitterRiddell: pushed12:56
Riddellbshah: either some Makefile magic in debian/rules or make plasma-phone-settings.install.amd64 and plasma-phone-settings.install.armhf12:56
sitterbshah: configure is wrong12:57
sitterother than that it captures the idea12:57
bshahconfigure is wrong in the sense?12:58
Riddellbshah: should be override_dh_auto_install12:59
Riddellsitter: what's pushed?13:00
sitterRiddell: kdepim-runtime13:00
* sitter has a wicked headache again13:01
bshahsitter: new revision : http://ix.io/l6r/diff13:07
sitterbshah: I think you want to design this the other way around if armhf ... else 13:08
sitterand move the override up13:08
sitterotherwise this should work13:08
bshahsince this is arm thingie armhf is quite normal IMO13:09
bshahonly amd64 would be special13:09
bshahs/arm thingie/phone thingie/13:09
bshahRiddell: I seems not to have write access to plasma-phone-settings-packaging.. can you commit there?13:10
Riddellbshah: sure, the diff you just posted?13:10
bshahno.. a moment..13:10
bshahhttp://ix.io/l6v this one13:11
bshahRiddell: or can you make me member of plasma-phone-packaging org?13:15
Riddellhang on13:15
Riddellbshah: pushed, I made armhf the exception and everything else use amd64 and I ran the install command after that cp so it gets added to the package13:17
Riddellbshah: invited you on github13:19
Riddelland marco-parillo!13:20
Riddelltoday is a good day13:20
bshahdon't laugh at me sitter.. :\ thats not how you welcome newbies.. :p13:20
sitterI am resident grumpy person. it is how *I* welcome newbies :P13:21
sitterask sgclark13:21
* Riddell gives sitter a head massage13:21
geniiRiddell: You always go the extra distance :)13:23
sgclarkgood to see my backports was not the cause of last nights explosion.13:23
clivejoI need to learn how backporting works13:23
marco-parilloRiddell: Good morning!13:23
bshahRiddell: sure you pushed?13:23
Riddellbshah: yes, it's in a branch https://github.com/plasma-phone-packaging/plasma-phone-settings-packaging/tree/kubuntu_unstable13:25
bshahah.. gotcha13:26
bshahsitter: http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/job/vivid_unstable_plasma-phone-settings-packaging_bin_amd64/8/ :(13:33
bshahit doesn't have anything cmake so I am skeptical13:33
bshahrun, Bhushan run.. battery is donw13:35
sitteroh yeah13:41
sitter-dh $@13:41
sitterbring that back13:41
sitterloose the include13:41
sitterreplace the overridden_command thing with 'dh_auto_install'13:41
sgclarkwho are you talking to?13:43
sgclarksitter: ^13:43
bshahwith me13:44
sgclarkahh ok13:44
sitterI am not that mental :P13:45
sgclarknah. I just a kf5 port yesterday and that whole conversation could have applied to me.13:46
bshahsitter: http://ix.io/l6x13:48
sitterlooks good13:50
bshah ifeq (amd64,armhf)13:55
bshah13:55:33 /bin/sh: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")13:55
bshah (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) 13:56
sitterah lol13:56
sitterbshah: $(dh_auto_install) -> dh_auto_install13:57
sittersorry, tired eyes :)13:57
sitterat least I think that is your problem13:57
sitterbshah: the dh $@ has a \t right?13:57
bshahI think this would convert it to 4 space13:58
bshahso no, no \t13:58
sitter\t as the character13:59
sittermake needs \t as indention for targets13:59
bshahactually it is tab..14:00
bshahlets see this dh_auto_install thing fixes it for one and all14:00
bshahsitter actually armhf runs fine but not amd64 :O14:05
bshahwhich is crazy!14:06
sitter00:00:27.901 ifeq (amd64,armhf)14:09
sitterwhy is that sh'd14:09
sitterbshah: you mustn't tab the ifeq/else/endif14:09
sitterthose are make instructions14:09
sitterI think at least14:09
sitterbshah: make is a very lovely language :P14:10
sitterit has another language built into the language14:10
bshahso I just change it to use space right?14:10
sitterno indention at all14:11
sittere.g. http://paste.ubuntu.com/12624755/14:11
sitterbshah: they are like preprocessor directives essentially14:11
bshahyep, gotcha14:12
bshahsitter: still mystery it works with armhf14:12
sitterbshah: armhf is not built14:14
sitterbshah: check debian/control it says Architecture: all14:15
sitterchange that to Architecture: any14:15
bshahcraziness.. you guys should go back in time and fix this...14:15
sitterArchitecture: all means that the package only needs to be built on one architecture and can be used on all architectures on account of it containing the same data on all architectures14:16
bshahwhole deb packaging14:16
sitterany OTOH indicates that the package can be used on any architecture but must be built for the architecture14:16
bshahalso would need to fix my cp14:17
bshah14:14:31 cp: 14:17
bshah14:14:31 cannot create regular file ‘debian/tmp/etc/xdg/kdeglobals’14:17
bshah14:14:31 : No such file or directory14:17
sitterthis needs some more adjustments14:18
Riddellbshah: want me to test it locally?14:19
bshahI've reached at point where I am throwing random things at it..14:19
bshahRiddell: sure.. and also fix it :p14:19
Riddelllet me look14:19
sitterkill the kdelgobals in the kde git repo + in debian/plasma-phone-settings.install you need to add debian/tmp/* /14:19
sitterand the architecture change of course14:19
sitterbshah: did I tell you that this is gonna be tricky? :P14:20
bshahyes.. :p14:22
RiddellI think I sorted it14:23
Riddelllet's try a build14:23
sitterI will however add that this is made needlessly complicated by the fact that the actual source doesn't use cmake and is conceptually wired into the packaging in ways that aren't profoundly usual 14:24
bshahI should've decided to port to cmake this morning14:25
bshahI removed kdeglobals from upstream14:26
bshahseems green but amd64 still have wrong kdegloabals14:32
bshahperhaps because my upstream change didn't made it to anongit14:34
bshahoh wait it is not pushed yet14:35
bshahdone now14:35
Riddellbshah: you building it again?14:37
bshahRiddell: yep... but now package doesn't have etc/xdg/kdeglobals at all..14:38
Riddellhttp://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/job/vivid_unstable_plasma-phone-settings-packaging_bin_amd64/14/console  says it copied14:39
Riddellbut you're right it doesn't14:39
* Riddell confused and looks further14:39
bshahsitter | kill the kdelgobals in the kde git repo + in debian/plasma-phone-settings.install you need to add debian/tmp/* /14:40
bshahRiddell: we have solution ^14:40
Riddellbshah: want to do it or shall I?14:42
bshahon it14:42
Riddellsitter: http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/job/mgmt_docker_wily/ is unhappy, what did I miss?14:43
Riddellsitter: and what are mgmt_docker_vivid_unstable mgmt_docker_vivid_unstable_amd64, do I need to make copies of them for wily?14:43
sitterRiddell: the 46. are DO slaves, they havd 404 for some reason. the 212. are scaleway and apparently the docker arm image provider doesn't have wily14:46
sitterformer probably needs retries, latter we cannot do anything about because someone decided to hard transition the entire tooling so it is broken right now and needs sorting for mobile still14:47
bshahyay this works...14:49
bshahthanks Riddell and sitter 14:49
bshahI will mark this day on calender for future references..14:49
Riddellsitter: something on DO needs an  apt update?   http://mobile.kci.pangea.pub:8080/job/mgmt_docker_wily/label= 14:51
Riddellbshah: sorry it was so much hassle, you can ask me to make packaging changes if you like14:51
sitterdeploy_in_container probably does14:51
bshahno need for sorry, I wanted to learn this anyway14:51
sitterbut we can't change deploy_in_container because then the image names change :P14:52
sittermass retrying wily stable14:53
sitterRiddell: really I'd just postpone this until after the bloody tooling deployment is working again14:54
Riddellsitter: ok, should I revert pangea and ci-tooling and delete jobs or just leave it for now?14:55
sitterleave it, I don't think the jobs will trigger14:55
Riddellok thanks14:55
sitterI might be able to stopgap this tomorrow14:55
sittershadeslayer: btw if you fancy a bit of reading you could check out if and how packer can help with image deployment14:57
sgclarkany reason kservice was bumped to 5.14.3 while the rest of kf5 is at .0 ? 15:13
Riddellsgclark: kservice got a bug then a fix which caused a bug then another fix which caused a bug and finally another fix which made bshah report a bug15:14
sgclarkclear as mud. ok15:14
Riddellso currently we're at 5.14.3, stay tuned for the next exciting episode15:14
sgclarkI don't remember having this much symbols madness doing backports in the past. hmm15:28
sgclarkRiddell: there are seriously tons of missing symbols. Any thoughts on how to proceed?15:32
clivejodo they have to be redone for a backport?15:33
sgclarknot sure, this has not happened to me in the past.15:34
clivejosurely they would be the same on both vivid and wily?15:34
sgclarkone would think15:34
sgclarkI am baffled as to why this is.15:35
Riddellsgclark: just rm the .symbols files15:36
Riddellsgclark: it'll be due to the gcc 5 transition, vivid has gcc 415:36
sgclarkoh right15:36
sgclarkmakes sense now15:36
* clivejo nods15:37
Riddellsgclark: the point of symbols files is to check if symbols have not disappeared and broken ABI, we know that's not the case so you can just ignore them for backports15:37
sgclarkexcellent. thanks15:37
Riddellhmm, it might be nice to have packages of davetray for testing (it'll go into plasma for 5.5) http://blog.davidedmundson.co.uk/blog/xembed_back15:39
sgclarkhaha davetray15:40
Riddellit's a technical term15:40
sgclarkwell I would but I am working on the world of backports lol15:41
* Riddell eyes up clivejo15:43
sgclarkwth why would wily pick up a backport commit16:22
sgclarkRiddell: seems sitter is gone. kservice has an error with git behind behind by one commit. If you can fix such a thing.16:32
sgclarkand I am not sure if I am seeing correctly, it looks like wily is picking up my backports commits, this would have very undesirable results.16:33
soeeso yesterday i aksed if krunner works for you - it didn't worked for me16:48
soeeit seems that  during some updates all options (what to look for) in kurunner were unchecked ..16:49
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soeePobieranie:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ wily/main qtbase5-dbg amd64 5.4.2+dfsg-2ubuntu6 [152 MB]19:36
soeelol 152 MB ;o19:36
ubottutesters is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information22:05
sgclarkstaging-frameworks vivid backport needs testing22:05

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