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[Relic]Anyone know how to get two monitors to have the proper default screens in 15.04?04:50
lordievaderGood morning.06:53
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danorby_Does anyone run Trinity as their desktop?08:27
danorby_I cannot get ELF file to run when I double click on them.  They are setup as executables, but a double click asks "Open With...." but when I open terminal in the folder and I run via the terminal it works.08:30
hateballdanorby_: Kubuntu uses Plasma08:37
hateballDidnt think Trinity was alive, at all08:37
hateballSurely they have their own channel08:37
danorby_Not that I am aware of08:38
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dexterlabsHi, I'm  running plasma 5.4, but sometimes after a locked session returns, and I've been afk for a while. the entire desktop is unresponsive.10:05
dexterlabsI can stop sddm and it relaunches successfully, but can you give advice on how to figure out what is going wrong?10:06
dexterlabswhat logfiles should I check?10:06
carloshi there10:13
carlosdoes anyone know how to disable kmail from autostart?10:13
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hermierhi, I have 2 kubuntu system where muon doesn't seems to fetch the available updates until I manually do an update. What is the *service* that is supposed to do that update call ?10:45
hateballhermier: muon-updater should perform apt-get update in the background when it launches with your user-session10:49
hermierhateball: seems there is an other problem, might be related10:51
hermierI just updated the system (1 packages) and muon tray insist to say that there the update is still available10:52
hateballYeah that's... my experience with muon as well :p10:53
hermierfor me it is a minor annoyance because I run systematically run synaptic on startup, but the other machine is owned by a noob and rely on muon for updates10:57
hermierand it is annoying10:57
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BluesKajHey folks11:37
jemandHi! What is it that keeps the the window-bar, the starter and the sys-tray from working.13:46
jemandOnce in a while it reacts after minutes. Or it does not react.13:47
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sb_9starting mount filesystems on boot fail14:20
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patrolhey, I try to upgrade to 15.10 beta from 15.04, but when I invoke kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade it says that there are no new releases16:16
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[Relic]Anyone have any idea on how to get 15.04 to accept and make 2 xscreen desktops with two different monitors on one card?  All I get on the second one is a black screen with the icon X any time I mouse over it.16:28
TJ-[Relic]: I think that's a regression since 14.0416:34
[Relic]dual monitors work just fine in 14.1016:35
TJ-The multiple X screen problem is with kwin_x11 > plasmashell16:36
gorgonzolahello peoples. I have a laptop with an NVIDIA Optimus hybrid card, and I used to have it configured to work with bumblebee, with no issues. After updating to vivid and installing nvidia-current-updates, I noticed X is using the discrete NVIDIA card as default. How can I make sure that the discrete card is not used by X by default? I still want to have it available to use with bumblebee, so disabling it in BIOS or removing nvidia16:39
gorgonzoladrivers is not an option. Thanks!16:39
BluesKajgorgonzola:  not sure that bumblebee is supported in 15.04 any longer, and the nvidia  driver srequired for hybrid nvidia/intel Optimus graphics is the nvidia-prime afaik16:45
gorgonzolaBluesKaj so does that mean that the default X video provider should always be the NVIDIA card under the new setup?16:47
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BluesKajgorgonzola:  not sure, thought the switcheroo app was added to make the load switch between the intel and nvidia gpus16:50
CoffeeJhello, is it possible to get the phone numbers from my sim card in the phone connected by bluetooth into Kontacs (on kubuntu here) thx in advance16:52
gorgonzolaBluesKaj switcheroo? never heard of that. I'll go RTFM, if i can find it. thanks for the tip16:54
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: it seems the switcheroo mechanism olny works for machines with a hardware MUX. This one doesn't, the integrated video card has control over the VGA output and the discrete card is used for off-screen rendering that is then sent to the itegrated card as a stupid sink17:00
[Relic]So is there anyway to get two monitors running seperate xscreens properly on 15.04 or does it just handle single monitor set ups?17:01
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: Solved it, in case someone else asks; nvidia-settings allows switching the default video card. installation of the propietary nvidia driver set the discrete card as default. Setting the intel card as default allows to configure bumblebee to use the discrete card on demand.17:03
BluesKajgorgonzola:  so bumblee actually works then ?17:20
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: not sure yet, I'm having trouble getting the right configuration. I'll report when I figure it out.17:21
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: Where did you hear that bumblebee was not supported any more?17:21
BluesKajerr bumblebee even :-)17:21
BluesKajoh after 14.10 or so in most 'buntu chats17:23
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: ok, got the correct config values set, and it works.17:29
gorgonzolaBluesKaj: with glxgears, at least... haven't tried with any AAA titles, but at least it's rendering pictures to the screen :)17:29
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Elsahfriend says he sees black screen when doing ctrl+alt+f1 on kubuntu 15.0522:27
Elsaher 15.0422:27
finetundraElsah: fully blank or is there text?22:28
Elsahfully blank, apparently22:28
finetundratell him to hit ctrl+alt+f722:28
Elsahwell...ctrl+alt+f7 that's another thing22:29
Elsahi told him to do ctrl+alt+f1 beause he says he's stuck in some sort of 'mode' or something22:29
Elsahwhere he can only move windows22:29
* Elsah totally doesn't understand that :p22:29
Elsahoh, so 'window mode' is a thing??22:29
finetundracan he text/im you a picture22:30
Elsah5:31 PM - Rider in Red: It's kubuntu with the mouse acting as a tool to move windows and the keyboard disabled22:31
Elsah5:31 PM - Rider in Red: It looks absolutely normal22:31
finetundraElsah: I can't make any sense of that statement. A picture would be better22:32
finetundraHas he tried restarting?22:34
Elsahindeeapparently not yet22:36
Elsah5:35 PM - Rider in Red: Here, I hold left mouse button http://m.imgur.com/Vsmomu622:36
Elsah5:36 PM - Rider in Red: Right mouse button is left-right panning of selected window22:36
Elsah5:36 PM - Rider in Red: Middle mouse button moves it into the background22:36
Elsah5:36 PM - Rider in Red: Er right mouse button is resize, my bad22:37
finetundrahang on22:37
finetundraElsah: has he tried left clicking?22:38
finetundraIt looks like he's in resize22:39
finetundrasorry, not resize, move22:39
Elsahfinetundra, yeah22:40
Elsahhe has it seems22:40
ElsahFinetunrda_: it's super weird right?22:40
Finetunrda_Elsah: lets have him try ctrl+alt+f2. Ask him if any text appears22:40
Finetunrda_Elsah: you got that right22:41
Finetunrda_Elsah: did you set the system up or did he?22:43
Elsah5:21 PM - Rider in Red: You know what ctrl alt f2 is22:43
Elsah5:21 PM - Rider in Red: A black screen22:43
Finetunrda_Elsah: alright, tell him to force power off the machine. Just tell him to press and hold the power button till it turns off. Then have him turn it back on22:44
Elsah5:44 PM - Aizexa: it's a virtual terminal22:45
Elsah5:44 PM - Aizexa: at least pressing a key, you should get the 'Login' text flashing22:45
Elsah5:45 PM - Rider in Red: no there has never been text22:45
Finetunrda_Elsah: Just have him force power it off. It'll probably get him out of whatever menu he managed to get himself into22:47
ElsahFinetunrda_: yeah sure, that'll probably work22:47
Elsahbut what about the virtual terminal screens not showing up?22:47
Elsahhe's told me they don't show anyting a few other times22:47
Finetunrda_Elsah: odds are it'll fix that too22:48
Elsahit's persistant22:48
Elsahthis isn't the first time22:48
Elsahplasma has crashed for him a bunch of times22:48
Elsah(since plasma 5 is new and all rite)22:48
Elsahand doing ctrl+alt+f1 hasn't helped at all for him22:48
Elsah"no text at all, just a blank screen"22:49
Finetunrda_Elsah: tell him to try the first answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162535/why-does-switching-to-the-tty-give-me-a-blank-screen22:49
Elsahwe...did that22:49
Elsah5:21 PM - Rider in Red: Your update did jack shit22:49
Elsah5:22 PM - Aizexa: did you do sudo update grub etc22:49
Elsah5:23 PM - Rider in Red: I did it back when you typed it for me22:49
Finetunrda_alrighty then.22:50
Finetunrda_Elsah: have you tried the guys in #ubuntu?22:50
Elsahhe's kinda stubborn to get on IRC himself -.-22:50
Finetunrda_He's not helping22:51
Finetunrda_Elsah: Alright I put the question in.22:53
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hay207hi guys, how to setup my 3g usb flash?23:29
hay207it is not detected by system23:31
keithzghay207: This is some kind of 3G wireless dongle? Does it show up if you run "lsusb" in a terminal?23:49
hay207no it won't show23:50
hay207it is usb flash mobile broadband hawaei k377023:51
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hay207it is showed now23:52
hay207Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. K3770 3G Modem (Mass Storage Mode)23:53

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