redbanhi, I need help.02:31
redbanfirefox won't play mp3 files02:31
redbanI have installed ubuntu-restricted-extras02:31
redbanhow do I enable audio plugins?02:33
Unit193The libav module for gst1.0.02:41
redbanthat what i have t install?02:43
redbanUnit193: what's the exact package name please?02:45
ignacioI need help. I have installed Lubuntu 15.0402:52
ignacioWhen I turn on my laptop with the external monitor connected, the mouse doenst appear02:52
ignacioI mean, the cursor02:52
ianorlinignacio: what is the resolution of the external monitor?02:53
ignacioianorlin, 1280x102402:54
ianorlinis it bigger than the laptop and is the monitor powered on?02:54
ignacioYEs, it is02:54
ianorlinand laptop resolution is ?02:54
ianorlinhave you tried moving the cursor to see if it was offscreen?02:55
ianorlinignacio: what happens if you disconnet the laptop then plug the monitor in later?02:55
ignaciono img of cursor02:55
ignacioThe cursor doesnt appear02:56
ignacioIt only appearsw hen i start the laptop without the external monitor02:56
ianorlincan you switch to a tty and then run sudo systemctl restart lightdm after starting it connected does it still have no cursor02:57
ignacioianorlin, let me test02:57
ianorlinignacio: just to tell you that will log out all graphical sessions on the latpop02:58
ignacioianorlin, that works03:00
ianorlinignacio: I wish I could help you more but am have other things I need to do03:03
ignacioianorlin, don't worry. Thanks03:03
ignacioGood night06:11
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amariHi is lubuntu gonna change to lxqt in 15.10/16.04? What are the plans? thanks20:49
wxllikely 16.10 amari20:49
amariwxl: Why? LXQT not yet fully ready for daily use?20:50
wxlamari: it's not just a matter of plugging lxqt. we have to revise apps, etc.20:50
amariDon't mean to rant or anything, just curious on what is the current state of the things for lxqt and lxde20:50
eipi10keys to launch terminal and use scrot stopped working.  Is there any other file besides ~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml that determines what C+A+T and Print do?20:51
wxlamari: close. probably could make it to 16.04, but i don't want to ship new features in an LTS.20:51
wxleipi10: should be /lubuntu-rc.xml, no?20:52
eipi10yes, that's what I meant.  Thank you.20:52
wxleipi10: that should  be the one.20:52
amariwxl: Are you using kwin from plasma5 in lxqt?20:53
eipi10the terminal keybinds are correct according to everything I've referenced, but still nothing.20:53
eipi10and this:  http://pastebin.com/d7hJjmXq should execute scrot20:58
wxllooks like openbox amari https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/lxde/lxqt-metapackage/view/head:/debian/control20:58
wxleipi10: try xev and see if it's registering the right keystroke??21:01
eipi10thanks.  I'll learn what that is and try it.21:03
eipi10keycodes..and check against showkey21:05
Chicken_WrapIs LXQT going ot be significantly faster?21:13
tsimonq2Chicken_Wrap: Hopefully ;)21:13
Chicken_WrapFingers crossed. :)21:13
ianorlinChicken_Wrap: not really that much unless you mean better launcher than lxpanelctl run21:19
Chicken_WrapThat works too.21:24

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