tgm4883Are snappy apps able to play audio?00:42
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fgimenezgood morning07:18
davidcalleMorning o/07:21
dholbachgood morning07:43
zygayashi_: hey07:59
zygayashi_: how are you, do you have a moment to talk about https://code.launchpad.net/~yashi/snapcraft/snapcraft/+merge/27233708:00
sergiusensvmayoral|pc, lp:~sergiusens/snapcraft/catkin08:22
sergiusensvmayoral|pc, I'm still stabilizing it though08:22
vmayoral|pcsergiusens: awesome, thanks08:22
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy International Translation Day! 😃08:38
ogra_Guten Morgen; einen schönen Mittwoch, und einen schönen Tag der Internationalen Übersetzung! 😃08:45
ogra_JamesTait, appropriate ?08:46
JamesTaitogra_, ja, sicher!08:46
JamesTaitI never quite grasped German (I struggled with ein, einer, einem and all that), but my son is learning it at school now, so I'm having another go. 😝08:48
ogra_good luck :)08:48
JamesTaitDanke. 😉08:49
loolsergiusens: are build-packages from yaml inherited across plugins?08:58
loolsergiusens: it seems not08:58
loolsergiusens: so if I'm extending python3-project, and python3-project said build-packages: python3-pip, my plugin wont pull pip08:58
loolI need to repeat build-packages08:58
sergiusenslool, no08:59
sergiusenslool, that requires the refactor08:59
loolsergiusens: do you agree python3-project should install pip3?09:00
sergiusenslool, yes09:02
sergiusenslool, oh, don't install the ubuntu pip, it won't work09:03
vmayoral|pcricmm: https://github.com/gnab/rtl8812au09:05
ricmmvmayoral|pc: thx09:08
longsleepogra_: either you or my IRC client has a problem with Umlauts. Test ÃÄÃäöüä09:15
longsleepah - my client :)09:15
ogra_yeah, utf8 :)09:15
* longsleep wonders how that is possible in UTF-8 land09:15
ogra_what client ?09:15
longsleepsomebody screwed up my console setup on this host09:15
ogra_xchat here09:16
longsleepmhm must be irssi, in the console it works just fine09:17
longsleepfunny, looks like i did not use german in IRC since a very long time09:17
* ogra_ finds it really hard to switch his brain to erman on IRC ... 09:19
longsleeplol, the command-not-found helper has unicode issues09:19
longsleepFile "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/CommandNotFound/CommandNotFound.py", line 41, in lookup key = key.encode('utf-8')09:19
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longsleepUnicodeEncodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't encode character '\udcc3' in position 5: surrogates not allowed09:19
tbrlongsleep: IIRC zyga's statement was "send patches if you want it fixed"09:19
* tbr CBA to look for the g+ post09:20
longsleepogra_: Is there somewhere a description what the difference is between developer mode and no developer mode when building a image with u-d-f?09:29
ogra_user visible is that your ssh key gets copied into /home/ubuntu ...09:29
ogra_beyond that it allows you to provide a lical oem snap ... i think thats all09:30
longsleepok, nothing else?09:30
longsleepyeah - i want to release an image without development mode - it just seems to work fine so i was wondering if there are other differences09:30
ogra_not sure, i think a local device tarball can be used without it, i'd have to test09:30
longsleepyes i already tested that09:31
longsleepdevice tarball can be used09:31
longsleepand the image boots fine when loading the oem from store09:31
vmayoral|pcricmm: recompiling the kernel succeeded this time10:09
ricmmvmayoral|pc: ah, perfect10:19
vmayoral|pcricmm: driver works now, all good10:20
ogra_ricmm, did you guys get anywhere with the changing MAC address ?11:01
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ricmmogra_: mac is fine11:34
ogra_ricmm, could you ask vmayoral to close the bug then ?11:35
longsleepI always wanted to ask you folks, why Snappy uses a FAT partition to store the boot files. Is there any particular reason i should be aware of?12:49
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mvo_longsleep: ogra or ogra_ probably knows better, my understanding is that we need it because its what uboot supports best to store the uboot environment on a filesystem13:35
ogra_not really, i didnt make the decision for FAT13:36
ogra_i think the BBB requires it to find the SPL13:37
ogra_beyond that i personally would rather have gone with some extX13:37
ogra_but the decision pre-dates my snappy involvement13:37
tbryou can also put the MLO at a fixed offset13:37
ogra_in RAW space, yeah ...13:38
ogra_but that would mean to special case ... or to have all boards set up like that13:38
Maxxiwhy is there no .iso for ubuntu snappy?13:38
tbrdepending on how you partition things13:38
Maxxii want to install it on my vmplayer13:38
ogra_theer are plenty of VM images ... not sure there is one for vmplayer though13:39
tbrcould qemu-img help here? :)13:39
ogra_(KVM, qemu, vagrant, virtualbox and i think lso vmware itself should eb available)13:39
ogra_and yes, you might be able to convert one13:40
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longsleepmvo_, ogra_ thanks for the details, i might consider building a snappy based image without fat - uboot has plenty of ways to store the env / might not even use a boot partition at all13:55
longsleep(i am doing this for normal ubuntu already)13:55
ogra_longsleep, well,, you would have to patch ubuntu-device-flash ... after all it creates the partitions13:55
ogra_and you would have to patch snappy too, since it changes the vars after boot13:57
ogra_to notify about a successful update/rollback13:57
longsleepogra_: yeah sure, i am aware of this - but i would have to do this anyways to support own infrastructure for os and snap sources13:58
longsleepogra_: we are not quite there yet, but we will need this for corporate environments13:58
clobranotbr: this might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226016914:01
tbrclobrano: I don't have that problem and frankly IDGAF. I suggest you reread scrollback.14:03
clobranotbr: LOL sorry, misread nicknames14:04
elopioChipaca: we need help here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy/+bug/149829315:20
elopioany idea what could cause a successful boot to leave snappy_mode=try and snappy_trial_boot=1 ?15:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1498293 in Snappy "fake rollback integration test fails" [Undecided,New]15:20
Chipacaelopio: systemd fubar'ed?15:21
Chipacaelopio: sudo jouralctl -x, look for things (usually in red) about cycles15:21
peacememorieshuh... seems ubuntu-device-flash doesn't like being run inside a docker container15:22
peacememorieskernel mismatch15:22
Chipacaelopio: in any case, search for ubuntu-snappy.boot-ok.service15:22
Chipacaelopio: (or boot-ok for short :) )15:22
Chipacaelopio: it's possible also that you're running your test too early, before boot-ok ran15:25
elopioChipaca: I don't think that's it. When it fails, I can ssh and the grubenv is still wrong.15:26
Chipacaelopio: ok. When it fails, ssh in, and inspect the journal15:26
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elopioChipaca: you might actually be right, who would have thought...16:01
elopioI added a wait for mode=regular, and the test passed.16:01
fgimenezelopio, Chipaca that makes a lot of sense, i haven't been able to reproduce manually on kvm, only when the test runs16:02
Chipacaelopio: i'm shocked16:02
elopioChipaca: so what would be the bug? you can't rollback before boot-ok has run?16:02
Chipacaelopio: can you log in before boot-ok has run?16:03
Chipacathat'd be a bug16:03
Chipacathe tests running before boot-ok has run, that's a bug also16:03
elopioChipaca: I print the /boot/grub/grubenv as soon as I can ssh, and it shows mode=try.16:04
elopiolet me do more runs to confirm. This could have been a lucky execution.16:04
Chipacathat might be a bug in our unit ordering, then16:05
elopiofgimenez: you are leaving now, right?16:05
Chipaca_might_ :)16:05
Chipacai'd be interested to know whether snapd is running as soon as you can log in16:05
fgimenezelopio, yep, in a few minutes16:05
fgimenezelopio, let me know if i can help you, i can stay a bit yet16:06
elopiofgimenez: ok, nevermind. I'll do runs in my other machine to confirm.16:06
ricmmChipaca: what versio of snappy are you using to build?16:07
elopiofgimenez: no no, please don't stay after your EOD.16:07
elopioI will make two boot tests, one to check that mode is regular and one to check that snapd is running.16:07
Chipacalaunchpad.net/snappy    bzr     snappy_tarmac-20150925153317-7acittvlm7idwcwl   71816:07
Chipacaricmm: ^16:07
fgimenezelopio, i can put it to run, still 20min left, any special command?16:08
ricmmChipaca: yup thats what I had built with16:11
elopiofgimenez: lp:~elopio/snappy/wait-boot-ok16:11
fgimenezChipaca, elopio from this log http://paste.ubuntu.com/12603352/ you can see in line 141 that snappy_trial_boot is 1 after calling snappy list and snappy rollback, not sure if it can be a timing issue16:11
elopiofgimenez: after calling snappy rollback, it must be try16:12
elopiobefore calling rollback, it must be "regular"16:12
fgimenezelopio, snappy_mode yes, but not snappy_trial_boot16:12
ograsnappy_trial_boot is only used internally16:13
ogradont touch it16:13
elopioah, right. That's what I think that happens when you call rollback before boot-ok. Things go crazy.16:13
elopiobut just a theory.16:13
fgimenezelopio, yes, it seems that when it reboots it switches the partitions without rolling back http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snappy-hub/snappy-systems/view/head:/generic-amd64/grub.cfg#L2416:14
elopiofgimenez: after 3 successful runs, I reverted the waits and got the same failure. Chipaca has won the QA smiley sticker today.16:29
ograelopio, well, you cant really call rollback before boot-ok in real life :)16:29
fgimenezelopio, great! :) mine is stuck updating16:30
ograboot-ok runs way before the login service16:30
elopioogra: I think that's the bug we are hitting.16:30
ogramake your unit wait for getty or the login bits then16:30
peacememoriesif building a custom oem snap, can i use local snappy images or do i have to create a store?16:30
elopioogra: we are running this through ssh, and we are seeing snappy_mode=try.16:31
ograelopio, then ssh comes up earlier than boot.ok i'd guess16:33
fgimenezelopio, finished without errors :)16:33
ograpeacememories, you need to use --developer-mode in your ubuntu-device-flash command to build the image ...16:33
fgimenezelopio, leaving, i'll catch up tomorrow16:33
elopiofgimenez: bye, thank you.16:34
ograpeacememories, beyond that there are no further restrictions16:34
peacememoriesogra, so if i use a file path in my oem-snap definition file it will use that when building it? (i haven't tried yet, just thought i'd ask beforehand)16:38
ograa file path ?16:39
ograyou mean for something you ship inside the oem snap ?16:39
peacememoriesyes, for preinstalled snaps16:39
peacememoriesi can understand if that doesn't work. it goes a bit against the update philosophy i guess16:40
ograah, i have never installed any local snaps ... i guess the --install option should work for that for a local build16:40
peacememorieshm, i don't relaly see how i would, for example, set the default username and password of a snappy install17:16
ograyou cant17:18
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peacememoriesoh, i just noticed that with my own oem package i apparently also need to supply my own boot images?18:04
Chipacadoes the intel compute stick do sse?19:58
Chipacawait, not the compute stick, that's an atom19:58
Chipacawhat was the weird one, the edison?19:59
Chipacaintel quark. on the galileo. no sse.20:00
tbralso depending on the silicon you need to rebuild your whole userspace20:06

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