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dholbachgood morning07:43
kividholbach, o/07:49
dholbachhey kivi07:52
kividholbach, any idea if the next bq phone is north american compatible?07:53
dholbachno, I'm afraid I don't know07:53
BlackJohnnymay I ask if anyone knows ubuntu-touch scopes dev aspects? I want to use the "attributes" feature and there is no example on how to work with that ... at leas I cant find one08:26
BlackJohnny... the attributes on a card that is, from CategoryRenderer08:26
davidcalleBlackJohnny, see https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/scopes/guides/scopes-customization-branding/08:27
BlackJohnnydavidcalle, thanks for that, I have used it but there is no mention about the JSON structure for the "attributes"08:28
BlackJohnny"attributes": "attributes"08:28
BlackJohnnydavidcalle, it should be a key value dictionary but the way to define that is not clear08:29
davidcalleBlackJohnny, indeed, let me find you an example08:30
BlackJohnnydavidcalle, thank you08:31
BlackJohnnydavidcalle, I am afk for a few minutes. If you find it pls paste it here. Thanks again08:33
davidcalleBlackJohnny, the soundcloud scope uses three attributes on each card, for each one it only sets a "value" string (for track duration, playback count and favorites count) , see at line 289 http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/unity-scope-soundcloud/trunk/view/head:/src/scope/query.cpp#L28908:36
BlackJohnnydavidcalle, thank you, I will dig in08:37
davidcalleBlackJohnny, so, it only sets "value", but you can use "icon" as well in the tuple eg     builder.add_tuple({{"value", sc::Variant(string)}, {"icon", sc::Variant(icon_path)}});08:38
davidcalleBlackJohnny, np, ping me if you have issues with it, I agree it lacks a good example :)08:41
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mcphailLocutusOfBorg1: Hi. I think nemo had wanted to try to get hedgewars running on a mobile/touch platform. I was trying to help out to get it running on Ubuntu touch (as it would be good to have another game on the platform, and it will help us to find the broken bits of Ubuntu touch). I'm unlikely to be able to devote much time to it before November, though, as work is crazy just now15:53
mcphailLocutusOfBorg1: we'd got as far as getting a lot of linkig errors, where SDL1 was being looked for rather than SDL215:54
LocutusOfBorg1mcphail, do you have a build script or what?16:10
LocutusOfBorg1I need: 1) where do you take the source code 2) how do you build it16:11
LocutusOfBorg1or how can I reproduce16:11
LocutusOfBorg1because dpkg-buildpackage works fine on armhf16:11
LocutusOfBorg1I'm not sure what do you do16:11
mcphailLocutusOfBorg1: the problem is the display server on Ubuntu touch. It uses Mir rather than X11, so the default armhf build won't work. It needs to build against SDL216:14
mcphailLocutusOfBorg1: (and it doesn't use opengl)16:14
mcphailLocutusOfBorg1: see https://adoptingubuntu.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/creating-an-emulated-armhf-chroot-for-development/ for my build environment16:17
maggotsanyone home?17:28
maggotsi think i'm in love with..............17:33
maggots:( i have never felt so alone.17:34
tathhuthat was fast :(17:44
xdsctHi ;d18:35
xdsctI use Ubuntu and pyotherside sdk and I have a problem18:35
xdsctwhen trying in the directory "~" create a config gets the error "permission denied".18:36
xdsctcan you help me?18:44
davmor2tathhu: he does that a lot18:45
davmor2xdsct: try /home/<username/ instead of ~ it might be that it just doesn't understand the tilda option18:46
xdsctbut how will I know what everyone in the smartphone has a username?18:48
xdsctwhen the terminal on your smartphone typed: "python3" and try to go to the "~" and create a config is done successfully.18:48
xdsctbut when an application wants to do, that is the problem18:49
xdsctmaybe something to set in, "AppArmor"?18:49
xdsctyou have any ideas?18:53
DanChapmanxdsct: you can only read/write to you app specific directories due to confinement. The allowed locations are ~/.local/share/{app_name}/* ~/.cache/{app_name}/*  and ~/.config/{app_name}/*. Take a read here for more details https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/platform/guides/app-confinement/18:56
xdscthmm, ok19:02
brendandxdsct, python won't automatically interpret ~ in paths, you need to use os.path.expanduser, but that's probably not your issue. just an fyi19:04
xdsctI know19:05
xdsct{app_name} - name or name.author?19:06
xdsctworks good :D19:16
xdsctand is there any way to get permissions to the folder where the application?19:20
brendandxdsct, where the application what?19:21
xdsctI have a file in the project directory python, which I have to start by subprocess19:21
xdsct /project/19:25
xdsct /project/main.qml19:25
xdsct /project/main.py19:25
xdsct /project/launcher.py19:25
xdsctfrom main.py by subprocess must by running launcher.py19:25
xdsct*with main.py I have to run through the subprocess "launcher.py"19:26
xdsctany ideas?19:33
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