bregmajust FYI: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams/MeetupProposal18:44
geniiIf anyone is in Toronto area... Active surplus closes their doors today. 90% off18:45
bregmawhaaaat?  Tragedy!18:46
geniibregma: Yes, it's a landmark here for hackers and other electronics enthusiasts18:49
bregmaused to hang out there back in the day18:49
bregmamind you, haven't been to Toronto in 15 years, probably why they're closing :)18:50
geniiI think these days people just order stuff like that from Alibaba or so on18:50
bregmasparkfun.com for all your electronics porn18:50
geniiYeah, there and digikey18:51
bregmado not subscribe to their weekly newsletter18:51
geniiHow does that meetup.com "monthly organizer subscription" part go?18:59
geniiLike, I wonder if Canonical is paying or what19:00
geniiApparently Canonical is paying, LoCos just sign up for what plan they think is right for them. so not too horrible19:14

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