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robert_ancell_bye all04:03
* Trevinho did it again... :/ I'll be here again a little late in the morning.04:48
dufluMorning hikiko05:42
* thumper feels pangs of nostalgia05:49
didrocksgood morning06:08
didrockshey larsu!06:23
larsumorning didrocks! How goes?06:23
seb128hey didrocks larsu desktopers06:23
didrockslarsu: still sneezing a little, but near the end, and you?06:23
didrocksre seb12806:23
larsuhello seb128! What's up?06:23
larsudidrocks: started to sneeze yesterday :/06:23
larsubut doesn't seem *that* bad06:23
seb128larsu, I need coffee, a bit tired this morning ... what about you, feeling better than yesterday?06:24
larsuseb128: a little bit better. Had a good night's sleep06:24
larsuI hope it doesn't get worse over the day06:24
pittibonjour tout le monde !06:24
larsubonjour pitti!06:25
pittiça va seb128 et didrocks ! comment allez-vous ?06:25
didrockshey pitti, et toi, comment vas-tu ?06:25
seb128salut pitti, comment ça va ? C'est bien à Budapest?06:25
pittije vais bien, merci ! je suis allé courier le matin06:25
pittiet on a eu des bonnes heures de "hack sessions" hier soir06:26
seb128vous avez hacké sur quoi ?06:26
pittiseb128: helping people with some beaglebone issues, and I taught britney another corner case06:28
pittithere was free beer :)06:28
seb128good :)06:29
Sweet5harkmoin all07:11
didrockshey Sweet5hark07:13
seb128hey Sweet5hark07:16
Sweet5harkdidrocks, seb128: hey there ...07:17
darkxsthey all08:01
didrockshey willcooke, Laney! You guys are both in sync :)08:03
didrocksevening darkxst08:03
larsuhi Laney, willcooke, darkxst08:03
larsuwhat's up08:03
larsuman I hate icons08:03
* larsu puts another item to the sprint08:03
darkxstspent the weekend and a bit up in the mountains enjoying the last of the snow, before our first heatwave arrives this weekend ;(08:04
larsudarkxst: meanwhile, we are enjoying the last rays of sun over here08:04
seb128hey willcooke Laney darkxst08:05
larsuas usual, I'm glad launchpad sends me an email when I edit a blueprint08:05
larsuI had almost forgotten!08:05
Laneylooking like it's going to be a nice day!08:09
larsuwillcooke: BUD?08:11
willcookeSnappy sprint08:12
didrocksfinally: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/udtc-trusty-tests/1966/08:12
larsuwillcooke: ah!08:12
didrockshum, public url once synced to our jenkins mirror :)08:12
larsuwillcooke: that will be an intersting discussion - will we have a snappy packagekit backend?08:12
didrocksand done! https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/udtc-trusty-tests/1966/08:12
willcookelarsu, it's rather looking like.... "if we build it we will have"08:12
didrocksstill have to have the distro fixed. /me looks at our python maintainers…08:12
willcookelarsu, but I will be having a meeting with those guys when they are back from Budapest to work out exactly what the requirements are08:13
willcookelarsu, right now it looks like we have a couple of options:08:13
willcooke1) Add Snappy support to USC08:13
willcooke2) Add Snappy, and paid-for-apps etc to G SC08:13
larsuusc is basically unmaintained, isn't it?08:14
seb128larsu, I guess I missed the start of the discussion, or is that backlog from yesterday?08:14
seb128"that will be an intersting discussion"08:14
* seb128 tries to find what "that" is08:14
larsuseb128: no willcooke just moved and item around on the sprint planning blueprint and I wondered what BUD stands for08:14
seb128ah ok08:14
darkxstseb128, Laney ok to upload gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.18, its just one bug fix, on typo fix and lots of translation updates08:15
larsu(didn't have "cities" in mind, but "business units")08:15
seb128darkxst, no objection from me if that's what you described08:15
Laneywill go to the queue for someone to double check anyway08:20
larsuLaney: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/humanity/eog-fullscreen-toolbar/+merge/272879 and https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/ubuntu-themes/eog-overlay-buttons/+merge/269482 fix eog's theming08:22
larsureviews/landing appreciated ;)08:22
Laneylarsu: who is the person you asked for a review from?08:24
larsuLaney: do you have approval chops for icons?08:26
* Laney doesn't understand icon themes really either08:26
Laneyapparently so08:27
darkxstseb128, Laney k, uploaded08:27
larsuLaney: ah thanks for the catch. I reassigned08:27
larsuI had accidentally proposed to merge into lp:humanity08:27
larsuthis whole project is a mess08:28
Laneyanyway, will look shortly08:28
seb128didrocks, could you have a look to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oneconf/+bug/1421884? do you remember if oneconf use the apt cache without taking a lock? (can it take one if it's not root?)08:28
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1421884 in oneconf (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/oneconf/oneconf-query:SystemError:/usr/bin/oneconf-query@245:async_update:update:update:compute_local_packagelist:__init__:open" [High,Confirmed]08:28
Laneydid you give the toolbar a background?08:28
Laney(don't have the new theme on the laptop atm)08:29
Laney(so can't check right away)08:29
larsuLaney: yes, that's the 2nd mr I linked08:29
larsuLaney: actually it's missing that commit, let me push it08:29
willcookeoh boy - looks like today is fsck day08:29
larsuwillcooke: no ssd?08:30
Laneythe theme branch is the one we already looked at08:30
larsushall I do a new one?08:31
didrocksseb128: ah, I may not take a lock, let me look at the api08:31
willcookelarsu, yeah this has got an SSD, but suddenly errors.  This laptop has been telling me it's getting old for a few months now.08:31
seb128didrocks, thanks08:31
larsuok I'll push then08:32
didrockshttps://apt.alioth.debian.org/python-apt-doc/library/apt.cache.html -> doesn't mention any lock, apart from a lockexception :p08:32
* didrocks continues looking08:32
didrocksseb128: nothing on the doc about lock if I'm right08:34
didrocksseb128: it's doing on your behalf supposively08:34
seb128didrocks, let me comment reply to that email08:34
didrocks        lockfile = apt_pkg.config.find_dir("Dir::Cache::Archives") + "lock"08:35
didrocksit's done for you when you update the archive08:35
didrocks(which is where it's failing)08:35
didrocksseb128: wait08:35
didrocksI found it another class08:35
* seb128 waits08:35
didrockslet me test that's possible as a user08:36
didrocksseb128: yeah, if you can ask how we can get a system lock as this is running during user's session…08:40
didrocksseb128: getting the exception due to this08:40
larsuwhat's the "quiet volume down" key?08:48
larsuu-s-d grabs XF86AudioLowerVolume twice because of it (and confuses unity in the process)08:49
pittilarsu: the one that doesn't rattle?08:49
larsuoh got it: it changes the volume without making those plop sounds08:50
larsu(which we don't have anyway in unity, do we?)08:50
pittilarsu: I do get plopps when I press the vol up/down keys08:51
larsuI don't :/08:51
* ogra_ too and i would be unhappy to not have them08:51
* Laney strokes ogra_ 08:51
pittiif you want quiet, use mouse scroll on the indicator08:52
larsuah! I guess this is because of the same race in unity?08:52
Laneyhey what is speech-dispatcher?08:52
larsubecasue the same key is bound to both actions08:52
* darkxst make xomnad point to gnome-shell, just for Laney ;) 08:52
larsu(volume up and quiet volume up)08:52
Laneyhow do you bind quiet volume up?08:53
larsuyou don't08:54
larsuit's hardcoded08:54
larsuif you want quit volume up, set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys volume-up to something other than XF86AudioRaiseVolume08:54
larsuand the press XF86AudioRaiseVolume08:54
larsuthis is amazong08:55
larsuLaney: ah, I was wrong: this is when pressing <alt> as well08:58
larsu(but hardcoded to that)08:58
Laneyoh nice, that's a cool trick08:58
* seb128 doesn't understand what's going on with those keybindings08:59
seb128not sure I want to though09:00
larsuTrevinho: are there any other duplicate key grabs? (the volume one turns out to have <alt> modifier)09:00
LaneyI'm happy to let larsu deal with it :)09:00
Laneyand Trevinho09:00
larsuseb128: what's the problem?09:00
larsuLaney: biggest issue right now is in unity, indeed09:01
larsuu-s-d code is convoluted, but seems to do the right thing09:01
seb128larsu, just trying to understand what you wrote about the double actions on the same key09:01
larsuseb128: if you ask unity to grab the same key twice, it only sends you a signal for one of those grabs09:02
larsuwhich is the bug we're seeing09:02
seb128can you bind the same key to 2 different actions?09:02
larsuthere was some confusion about u-s-d doing that in normal operation09:02
larsuseb128: no09:02
seb128the u-c-c ui doesn't let me09:02
seb128k, what I though09:02
seb128so how did you end up there?09:03
larsuthe problem happens when u-s-d restarts after a crash09:03
larsuit ask unity to grab the same keys again09:03
larsuand unity sends signals about the old grab09:03
seb128shouldn't unity ungrab the first one if asked for an already assigned one?09:03
larsuso u-s-d doesn't see them and does ... nothing09:03
larsuseb128: yes. that's the bug09:03
seb128also didrocks said in his case there was no u-s-d crash or restart09:03
larsuseb128: also it should ungrab anything that someone who just crashed had grabbed before09:04
seb128darkxst, do you know if anyone is working on bug #1432098? it's ranked high on e.u.c issues09:04
ubot5`bug 1418771 in gjs (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1432098 gjs-console assert failure: *** Error in `/usr/bin/gjs-console': free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x00007f74a804b240 ***" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141877109:04
larsuseb128: I'm hoping he's wrong on that. If he isn't, I'll need a dbus log of his session's startup09:04
larsuseb128: I spent quite some time trying to reprocduce09:05
seb128maybe u-s-d restarts for some reasons09:05
didrocks(and I told it multiple times :p)09:05
* larsu changes location. bbiab09:05
didrocksso no, no crash, can restart for some reason09:05
didrocksbut clearly no crash09:05
seb128let's fix the restart issue and see if that resolves it09:06
larsudidrocks: if that happens, Trevinho's fix will solve this issue for you09:06
didrocksbut still would be great to have a 100% understanding of the issue09:06
seb128didrocks, I guess having a bustle log of your login when getting the issue would help09:10
didrocksyep, how to get this already?09:11
didrocksthe upstart ted's post?09:11
seb128didrocks, https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=800501#22 btw09:11
ubot5`Debian bug 800501 in python-apt "SystemError on missing files in /var/lib/apt/lists" [Normal,Open]09:11
didrocksseb128: thanks, so nothing I can do for now on the apt thing09:12
didrocksseb128: ok, will add that and relog later09:12
seb128didrocks, I reported bug #1323586 as well but that got wontfixed and should be handled in oneconf (or declared a buggy system)09:13
ubot5`bug 1323586 in oneconf (Ubuntu) "oneconf crashes if one apt list file is unreadable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132358609:13
seb128I think that one is less common09:13
didrocksseb128: hum, yeah… I don't think that client should have to deal with it, but I'm happy to just ignore it09:15
seb128I think it's best09:15
seb128one user just commented saying it currently apport prompts every hour09:15
didrocksseb128: note that we need the lock fix first, and the crash is at the same place09:15
seb128so probably better to just catch it09:15
didrockswell, he decided to put into that state and knows that he did it09:15
seb128yeah, but I guess some people don't realize they added a file which is not world readable09:16
seb128like they copy from another disk with different uid or something09:16
didrocksseb128: can be… anyway, let's get the lock fix in, then, I can handle that one propertly09:16
seb128or a backup from a vfat drive09:16
didrocksand I'll just catch this exception09:16
seb128thanks ;-)09:16
didrockskeep me posted if you are subscribed on the python-apt thingy09:17
seb128yeah, I reported those so I can do that09:17
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seb128pitti, let me know when you are around and have a minute to discuss the recent apport changes09:24
pittiseb128: I'm on-and-off ; what's the issue?09:44
pittiseb128: apart from the dkms hook crash in bug 150045009:44
ubot5`bug 1500450 in apport (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/apport/package_hook:FileExistsError:/usr/share/apport/package_hook@64:make_report_file" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150045009:44
seb128pitti, you dropped make_file_path from apport.utils09:44
pittiseb128: ah09:44
seb128is that wanted?09:45
seb128wasn't there a way to keep it and make it at least write some warning?09:45
pittiseb128: ish; we need to fix all hooks for the recent security issue, so /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/dkms_packages.py needs to be adjusted too09:46
seb128pitti, I just uploaded a fix for bug #1499842 but I guess we need to do security update with that change as well?09:46
ubot5`bug 1499842 in dkms (Ubuntu) "dkms_packages.py crashed with AttributeError in __main__: 'module' object has no attribute 'make_report_path'" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149984209:46
pittiseb128: we can keep the old interface, but we'd then hide the vuln09:46
pittiseb128: oh, you already did? thanks!09:46
seb128pitti, k, it would have been nice to mention the api change in the changelog09:46
seb128it puzzled me a bit09:46
seb128pitti, I just did for wily, I guess we want to do that for other series but it should be done through -security since that's where apport went?09:47
seb128mdeslaur, ^09:47
seb128pitti, yw!09:47
pittiseb128: yes, I agree; that, or we need to put the old insecure API back09:47
pittibut as we need to upload the other hook users anyway, we might just as well use the new API09:47
seb128or replace it by a function that raise a error explaining the issue09:48
seb128like "is replaced by ... because of ..."09:48
seb128pitti, anyway, I handled dkms for wily and09:49
seb128it seems it was the only hook using that function09:49
pittiseb128: ah great -- I was about to ask to check other hooks09:49
seb128pitti, thanks for the reply09:50
pittiseb128: I'll release the current packages in -proposed to "clear the way"09:52
seb128pitti, danke09:52
seb128darkxst, could be worth raising with robert_ancell but https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/27941445d596fb71be692b9008c0847d2ce6c428 (xorg abort issue) is ranked high on e.u.c for wily and the recent report all look like gdm ones10:03
seb128bug #1499508 seems similar10:12
ubot5`bug 1499508 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT in OsAbort()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149950810:12
seb128https://launchpadlibrarian.net/218756042/XorgLogOld.txt has10:12
seb128"(EE) Cannot establish any listening sockets - Make sure an X server isn't already running(EE) "10:12
Laneyseb128: do you have a vcs version of your eds upload?10:45
seb128Laney, let me check10:47
Laneyotherwise i can commit the diff10:47
seb128Laney, I don't understand, the 1ubuntu1 version from the archive has different content from the vcs10:50
seb128-#ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS),linux)10:51
seb128-#      DEB_CONFIGURE_EXTRA_FLAGS += --with-phonenumber=/usr10:51
seb128in the rules10:51
seb128and some .symbols difference10:51
seb128Laney, I forgot that eds was in a vcs so I don't have a stacked/ready to push change but I'm happy to fix it, unsure what to do with those divergences though?10:52
seb128Laney, if you do an upload can you include https://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution-data-server/commit/modules/ubuntu-online-accounts/e-signon-session-password.c?h=gnome-3-18&id=1765be5703f4e129ecc5c821dbffac4e18d26e68 ? (I can also commit to the vcs once it's sorted out)10:57
LaneyI probably forgot to bzr bd -S again after merging some more stuff in from Debian10:59
Laneythose changes make sense10:59
seb128so I let them in the vcs, commit 0ubuntu2 different from the archive and you build a 0ubuntu3 that includes them and reconsiliate archive and vcs?11:02
LaneyI would mention them in the changelog of ubuntu311:03
mdeslaurseb128, pitti: I'll take care of the dkms update11:04
seb128mdeslaur, thanks, I did the wily one11:04
seb128Laney, ok, you can pull11:06
seb128yw, sorry for forgetting the vcs in the previous upload11:08
* larsu goes for lunch11:16
seb128Trevinho, andyrock, if any of you look at ups/menu things could you add bug #1501289 to your list as well while you are at it?11:19
ubot5`bug 1501289 in unity (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service "Source ID was not found when attempting to remove it" warnings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150128911:19
pittimdeslaur: thanks; sorry, not much time this week on the sprint11:22
seb128mdeslaur, pitti, there seems to be some regressions from the apport update btw, e.g bug #150045011:26
ubot5`bug 1500450 in apport (Ubuntu) "/usr/share/apport/package_hook:FileExistsError:/usr/share/apport/package_hook@64:make_report_file" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150045011:26
pittiyes, I'll handle this11:31
Trevinhoseb128: mh, oh... Is that UPS? :o11:31
seb128Trevinho, yes11:31
* Trevinho just up... Long night hacking again :P11:32
Trevinhothat's weird, I mean couldn't be an indicator?11:32
Trevinholarsu: have you seen the branch I proposed?11:34
Trevinhoalthough it crashes on CI, while testing (nothing should be related to the keys)... seb128 is there any way to get a core file from ci on jenkins?11:35
didrockspitti: I would be really greatful if you get bored during one of the meetings if you can have a look at the jayatana vivid SRU (it's a one line change and the issue got quite some press yesterday…)11:36
Trevinholarsu: it should also address the issue you were saying this morning, but let's see :)11:37
pittididrocks: sorry, I can't -- I misspelled jajatana like three times now :)11:38
didrockspitti: ahah yeahatana :p11:39
seb128Trevinho, unsure core on jenkins, maybe jibel can help you?11:39
Laneydon't those machines report to whoopsie?11:39
seb128or what team maintains those?11:39
* Laney thought they did11:39
Laneybut maybe not11:39
pittididrocks: fait11:39
didrockspitti: merci !11:40
seb128lunch, bbiab11:40
didrocksenjoy seb12811:40
TrevinhoLaney: I'm not sure as they'd also report issues that are only on a proposed branch, wouldn't that be distracting?11:41
Laneymaybe it's a different set of machines which does that11:42
Laneyprobably best to ask whoever runs the machines :P11:42
TrevinhoI've no idea who... fginther is the process owner, I'll ask him when back.11:46
jibelseb128, Trevinho jenkins just attach any file the test gives it in a location defined in the job. I don't know these jobs but they must be configured to export the core or crash from the testing environment to a predefined location that jenkins has access to. fginther can surely help with that11:49
Trevinhojibel: ok thanks11:50
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qenghogood morning.12:06
willcookehey qengho12:11
larsuTrevinho: no I haven't seen it (not subscribed to unity)12:35
Laneylarsu: am I missing a fix for the fullscreen button?12:40
Laney"Leave fullscreen"12:40
Laneyit has a black border on the lfeft12:40
Laneyoh I think it's transparent12:41
Laneyah is it a separate button from the toolbar?12:41
Trevinholarsu: it's on https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/gnome-keygrabber-refactor, I'm trying to understand why the CI crashes, but it works fine here. Adding support for only sending the signal to who has requested it makes it a little more complicated, but should work12:50
larsuTrevinho: hm okay, I'll have a look12:56
andyrockgood morning13:12
larsuhi andyrock13:12
seb128hey andyrock13:17
seb128pitti, thanks for fixing the apport issue, but I'm not sure to understand, does it means the new apport can't write crash file when one is existing?13:28
seb128or in which case do those trigger?13:28
desrtgood morning #ubuntu-desktop13:34
seb128hey desrt13:35
seb128how are you today?13:35
desrtlast day at the sprint13:35
desrtmore file monitor fixing today, i think :)13:35
seb128good :-)13:36
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willcookehey desrt andyrock13:37
desrthello willcooke13:37
larsumorning desrt!13:39
pittiseb128: right; that's what the main apport does for unseen crashes; we don't have this fine-grained logic right now for package failures14:00
pittiseb128: we probably need to refine that, like remove an old report if it was seen already14:00
seb128pitti, is there a reason we need to make an user visible error out in those cases?14:01
larsuTrevinho: cool, works for me :)14:01
pittiseb128: sorry, WDYM?14:01
seb128right, I was going to say, what is cleaning old reports and making room for new ones?14:01
pittiseb128: normally the daily cron job14:01
seb128pitti, sorry I think I misread your change, I was expection some .warning, I though what you did would stop trigger apport prompt14:03
seb128but I guess it just make apport exit?14:03
pittiseb128: yes, the fix in trunk will now just log an error, and don't produce a "follow up apport crash:14:05
seb128k, sounds good14:05
seb128pitti, thanks14:05
seb128attente, hey, could you have a look to bug #1494331? or to talk to happyaron about it14:07
ubot5`bug 1494331 in unity-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "fcitx can't use extra trigger key to activate" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149433114:07
seb128there is a suggested change (not using fcitx_input_method_activate)14:07
attenteseb128: sure14:10
seb128attente, thanks14:10
Trevinholarsu: cool, sorry I was otp :)14:11
Trevinholarsu: it should allow also multiple sources to grab a key, but it's released once the last left...14:11
Trevinholarsu: also if you call Ungrab with gdbus you're not allowed to do that...14:12
larsuTrevinho: right, because only the grabber can ungrab14:12
larsuman, this interface is bad14:12
larsu(not sure if I mentioned that before :D )14:12
Trevinholarsu: yeah, you didn't but it was quite obiouvs14:13
TrevinhoI only need to have better names for variables (/me is so bad on that)14:14
larsunaming things *is* one of the biggest challanges14:14
Trevinhosometimes I'd like to be like vala....14:16
Trevinhotmp1, tmp2...14:16
seb128mdeslaur, you might want to include changes similar to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~apport-hackers/apport/trunk/revision/3013 to the dkms change14:20
mdeslaurseb128: hrm, ok, thanks14:21
seb128mdeslaur, yw! bonus point if you would do wily as well? ;-)14:21
mdeslaurseb128: grr :)14:22
mdeslaursure, I'll do wily14:22
* seb128 is going to pay back with fixing some other GNOME bug when he can14:22
seb128mdeslaur, 'ci14:22
Laneylarsu: did you see my questions about the button?14:43
larsuLaney: no?14:44
larsuoh, it scrolled off screen and I only saw Trevinho's ping sorry14:44
larsuLaney: I think you're missing it, yes14:45
Laneywhich bit?14:45
Laneythe toolbar has the right background now14:45
Laneyicons are the right size14:45
larsushould be in the menubar branch of eog14:45
* larsu checks14:46
larsuLaney: ah no sorry, it's here: https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/eog/fullscreen-button14:47
Laneythe first two pictures in my ~/Pictures make me angry14:56
Laneyscreenshots of the destruction of loads of big old trees done by the council to build a new tram line14:56
Laneyless eog testing14:56
larsutest with /usr/share/backgrounds14:56
larsuthat's what I did because the first pic in ~/Pictures was my profile picture14:57
* larsu was tired of seeing his own face all the time14:57
Laneyseb128: did you find out what's going on with the theme?15:05
Laneycan we just slip this eog branch in before the dual landing maybe?15:05
larsubut the one I have here is 960²15:05
seb128Laney, the landing you mean?15:07
seb128no, pete was not online yesterday, but I added the eog bugfix branch to the silo15:07
Laneycan't upload it if it a dual though15:07
seb128upload where?15:08
seb128I don't understand15:08
seb128you can publish the silo15:08
Laneywhich part?15:08
seb128which is equivalent to an upload?15:08
Laneyyou think I should upload to the stable phone overlay?15:08
seb128no, I think you should add mps that we want to land to the silo15:09
seb128and we should publish then15:09
seb128those eog changes are noop for the phone15:09
seb128no reason they refuse them in the vivid overlay15:09
seb128dual landing is fine15:09
Laneybut the actual change they want in is waiting for QA there15:09
Laneyso if you upload you bypass that15:09
seb128right, but I guess icon changes are easy to get QA verified15:10
seb128we can ping jibel if needed, I'm sure he can help us to get that reviewed this week15:10
Laneyif you want15:10
LaneyI don't really see the need for us to ask for something to be sped up when we can just upload the thing we want to wil15:11
seb128because if we do that we screw their silo15:11
seb128and then need to reconfigure it to be single landing15:11
Laneywhy is that?15:11
seb128because upload is going to be rejected if it already exist in the archive15:12
seb128well maybe the CI handle that15:12
Laneyrebuild, don't see how it is screwed15:12
seb128but feels like hackish to me to just land the thing15:12
seb128or easier15:12
seb128that needs to land in both series anyway15:12
seb128it feels like we are one button press away15:12
seb128and dput + rebuild silo is more work that it's worth15:13
seb128let me ask on the other ci-eng channel since pete is not there15:13
seb128kenvandine, hey, com.Gwibber.Service is not a thing anymore, right?15:16
kenvandinebeen dead for a long time15:16
seb128like it's deprecated and no other replacement took over the service?15:16
seb128s-c still has code to try to use it15:16
seb128going to clean that out15:16
mzanettiChrisTownsend, hey, last friday I tried to get legacy apps running in unity8 but I failed. how is the status of that? should it work?15:36
mzanettion my laptop that is, not pocket-desktop15:37
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: It works fairly well.  What did you do and what was the failure?15:37
mzanettiChrisTownsend, I was struggling to create a libertine container... only type chroot would succeed, lxc failed to start.15:38
mzanettithen I managed to install something in the chroot container but failed to start...15:38
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: On Wily or Vivid?15:38
mzanettivivid + overlay15:38
mzanettiso the same as the pocket-desktop channel intheory15:39
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: It's probably easiest to run create_bespoke_container and install libertine-demo.15:39
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: I've had to ignore lxc for a bit to get the chroot stuff working, so it may be broken.15:40
mzanettiI don't really mind which container I'm using tbh... as long as it allows me to test if things work correctly in unity8 with legacy apps15:41
mzanettiparticular things I wanted to test is window titles etc15:41
mzanettiso if you say chroot is fine, works for me15:41
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Ok, create_bespoke_container will make the chroot, install Compiz in it along 5 apps.15:41
mzanettiwhere do I get that command from?15:41
mzanettiah... from the demo15:41
mzanettihave it15:41
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Right15:42
mzanetticool, will try. thanks a lot!15:42
ChrisTownsendmzanetti: Sure, lemme know if you still have issues.15:42
seb128Laney, thanks for the u-s-d review15:42
mzanettiyep, I will15:42
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
Laneynp, thx for the commit15:42
seb128grrr, can't build s-c on my wily machine15:49
seb128   dh_auto_build15:51
seb128python setup.py build --force15:51
seb128Failed to connect to Mir: Failed to connect to server socket: No such file or directory15:51
seb128why is it trying to connect to mir?!15:51
seb128k, dpkg-buildpackage doesn't have the issue, only debuild15:52
seb128I guess some env problem there15:52
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Laneythat's what it says when there's no DISPLAY15:56
seb128I guess fakeroot or something clean the env15:59
Laneystill, it must be possible to build it on the builders so that's weird15:59
seb128yeah, dunno...16:00
seb128kenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/software-center/dont_use_gwibber/+merge/272941 if you fancy reviewing that one16:00
didrockstime for some rest, have a good evening guys16:01
seb128didrocks, have fun16:01
didrocksseb128: thanks, you too (and not too much tennis tonight :p)16:01
seb128dobey, mvo_, hey, asking in case but did one of you ever looked at those warnings16:02
seb128  File "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/backend/reviews/__init__.py", line 377, in _dump_bsddbm_for_unity16:02
seb128    0600)16:02
seb128DBInvalidArgError: (22, 'Argument invalide -- BDB0054 illegal flag combination specified to DB_ENV->open')16:02
seb128just asking before spending some time on that16:02
dobeyseb128: wasn't aware of any, so no i haven't. i didn't even know it was using a db16:15
dobeyseb128: that removing gwibber branch looks ok to me. you've already uploaded a distropatch for it?16:16
seb128dobey, not yet, was going to wait for a review and I want to look at the db bug16:36
seb128but time for sport now so that's going to be for tomorrow16:37
seb128nice evening everyone16:37
seb128dobey, thanks for the review16:37
dobeyhave a good evening seb12816:37
davmor2Hey guys just noticed something odd if you open and close nautilus it never shows in the dash but it randomises the apps list on unity7 wily16:44
willcookedinner time, g'night all16:58
* Laney gone too17:01
Laneyclimbing -> fun fair -> GBBO17:01
qenghoWhoa! Click on a date in calendar in panel. 100% CPU on evolution-calen, unity-panel-ser, indicator-datet, and 20% for dbus.  Niiiice. I updated this morning, but haven't rebooted.18:52
robert_ancellhi all19:51

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