daftykinscopying install logs O_O00:13
TJ-I used to run a 486DX-20 as a mail server, ssh server, web server and more00:13
daftykinshow long ago did you retire it?00:14
daftykinsok that's 2.5hrs to install00:14
daftykinsi'm typing from a VM :)00:16
TJ-Hmmm, probably around 200200:16
daftykinswaiting for the reboot atm00:17
daftykinsi should've just unmounted the disk and powered down, way faster ;)00:17
daftykinshaha 4MB RAM free on boot00:25
daftykinsto me this proves my point, practically _any_ app post boot would be swapping00:25
TJ-It depends on what is running already though. Lots of cruft can be removed on most installs, especially GUI based.01:20
daftykinsit's ok, the OS doesn't work on this laptop anymore XD01:21
daftykinson reboot it wouldn't get past the POST logo, then on a cold boot it has major graphical artefacting :)01:21
TJ-probably got a weird GPU01:22
daftykinsyeah, pretty rare01:22
daftykinsi did dist-upgrade though01:22
TJ-there used to be a variety but now there's only really 3 for x86 PCs01:22
TJ-matrox, S3, etc01:22
daftykinsmmm hardware is my specialty01:22
daftykinsimpressive, now it doesn't POST01:23
daftykinsi think lubuntu killed it01:24
daftykinsthough oddly some time unplugged from mains let it POST again01:50
daftykins(no battery fitted)01:50
daftykinsi was just installing the b43 firmware package when the graphics went wonky again :D01:50
TJ-Sounds like dry thermal paste on the heatsinks. Older kit really does need the paste refreshing01:50
daftykinsit's not even warm to the touch right now01:51
TJ-do you have your finger on the heatsink?01:54
daftykinsthe earlier kernel is working fine, i really don't see it being a temp issue01:58
TJ-hmmm, weird. I know i've seen about 40% of kit over 10 years old needing thermal paste replacing02:10
TJ-I'd best get off anyhow, it's 3am and I thought it was only just after midnight02:11
pauljwHi everyone03:04
pauljwhow ya doing daftykins :)03:04
daftykinsmmm not bad ty, the odd slices of #ubuntu support today - how's you?03:05
pauljwdoing well thx.03:06
pauljwfinely got some much needed rain today, not enough, but some...03:07
daftykinsah-ha, you're not in the ravaged west coast US are you?03:08
pauljwno, southern indiana03:08
pauljwgnite all03:37
lordievaderGood morning.06:53
MonkeyDustbleachbit freezes on my 14.04, that's not a good sign... bleachbit is supposed to improve performance ;)14:46
lordievaderWasn't use of bleachbit discouraged?14:55
MonkeyDustwas it?15:17
MonkeyDustit's been a long time since i last used bleachbit15:17
MonkeyDustso that partly explains it, i guess15:17
MonkeyDustpurged bleachbit...15:18
lordievaderI thought I read that somewhere, but don't quote me on that.15:36
daftykinsyeah definitely seen one or two users claiming it killed something or other20:02
daftykinsbut given #ubuntu is often a new user resource, you can't really tell whether that's them or the software...20:03
lordievaderHehe, more likely them :P20:03
Bashing-omOh Boy, Holding hands in an attempt to promote our operating system of choice .20:05
daftykinswhat's the worst request you guys have had, in a 'support' style context?20:13
lordievaderToday someone in #ubuntu-server, who clearly wasn't ready for server management, wanted to install phpmyadmin. It didn't work and he didn't have a clue on how to debug the problem. It ain't the worst but it is the freshest.20:16
daftykins:) sounds all too familiar20:16
daftykinsat least it wasn't one of the ones that wants you to SSH in and set it all up for them20:17
lordievaderUsually they offer teamviewer, I guess ssh is too advanced for many people...20:18
lordievaderI mean setting up ssh that is way hard!20:18
daftykinsyeah when they've got a server with a GUI that's already warning sign #120:18
lordievaderUgh, those people...20:18
daftykinsyou must see it a lot in -server now, folks buying VPSs then installing a GUI, trying to VNC in to run minecraft servers... >_<20:19
daftykinsbye bye RAM20:19
lordievaderVNC must die. Just like FTP. <-- also something people still seem to use.20:20
daftykinsah yes20:20
daftykinswell, a while back a client email'd to ask if i could change their homepage to google20:23
lordievaderHehe, wow.20:24
MonkeyDusteven with a vm running, my laptop's temp stays under 70°C21:45
TJ-GPU or CPU?21:48
TJ-mine runs about 45C21:49
daftykinshaha just assembling a new NAS with some spare old disks, both are dead21:53
daftykins1191 pending sectors, 75 reallocated - no record breaker :)21:53
Bashing-omuys, things have come up, and I will be away from the keyboard for a spell.23:22
daftykinshope all is well23:39

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