mamarleyQuick question:  Why does 4.2.0-13 disable HWP support for Skylake-S?  I saw it in the changelog but there isn't a bug report linked and I can't find the change upstream anywhere.13:20
apwmamarley, that was discuessed on the kernel-team@ mailing list iirc13:21
mamarleyAh, OK.  Thanks, I will look there.13:21
apwmamarley, and the tl;dr was "it causes some kit to hang really really early in boot, and we are waiting for fixes"13:21
apwmamarley, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2015-September/063132.html is the thread i believe13:23
* rtg should have put that list URL in the changelog13:27
apwrtg, actually i should add it to the annotations, but as i have utterly redone them in my s390x bits, i might need to do it there13:28
apwrtg, with hindsight i think that that should have a commandline override if we are releasing with it13:37
apwrtg, and its not an annotations thing, we should rewrite that commit to contain the link at least13:38
rtgapw, perhaps. I was just going with the upstream expert13:38
apwrtg, as you'll be rebasing for stable "some time"13:38
apwrtg, yeah but when its fixed they won't be able to test it is fixed without a way to turn it off13:38
rtgapw, I didn't propagate that change into unstable, which is where I'll likely start from for X13:39
rtgapw, non sequitur. How do you update the kernel on your raspberry pi ? flash-kernel does not appear to have support for pi2 in Wily13:42
rtgthis is in a pure Ubuntu install (no Snappy)13:43
mamarleyapw: I agree, my Skylake-S system is completely stable with it, so being able to manually override would be nice.  For now I am just compiling the kernel myself.13:51
apwrtg, i don't know if i have had an update as yet13:52
apwrtg, though i might have a special flash-kernel from pp's ppa13:52
ogra_rtg, there is a bug with patch from ppisati somewhere 13:53
rtgapw, so you're on a 3.18 kernel ?13:53
ogra_rtg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flash-kernel/+bug/149471913:53
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1494719 in flash-kernel (Ubuntu) "Support for the RaspberryPi2 platform" [Undecided,New]13:53
rtgogra_, cool, thanks13:53
ogra_but i think that needs name adjustments :P 13:53
ogra_uses rpi2 instead of raspi213:53
rtgogra_, I just happen to have a platform for testing.13:54
apwrtg, yes, i think i am stil on pp's kernel, i can switch if we have bits to test14:01
rtgapw, the wily archive raspi2 kernel should work. I'm busily confirming, though ogra_ has been using it in Snappy.14:02
ogra_yeah, works fine in snappy 14:02
ogra_no idea how it would work in any other setups, i'm not even sure what these other setups use as bootloader14:03
ogra_(snappy chainloads uboot)14:03
PHLinjsalisbury, hello14:31
PHLinjsalisbury, bjf suggested me to ask you for some help on this bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bcmwl/+bug/149874314:32
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1498743 in wpasupplicant (Ubuntu) "[BCM4313][14e4:4727] Unable to connect to the network with proprietary driver installed" [Undecided,New]14:32
PHLinjsalisbury, it's about the wifi issue on a specific Broadcom chip14:33
tjaaltonhum, upgraded a machine from precise to trusty, but now networking is busted. r8169 is loaded but no eth0 available14:44
tjaaltonoh, says link down14:45
tjaaltonwhich is weird14:45
argessforshee: hey. LP: #1497070, what kind of testing have you done with it14:45
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1497070 in HWE Next "please update i915 firmware" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149707014:45
argesor perhaps tjaalton has already verified the above ^^^14:46
argesunfortunately i am away from my kit at the moment otherwise I'd fire it up and try it out14:46
sforsheearges: yeah I don't have hw, tjaalton is the one who has tested14:46
argessforshee: oh and I see the comment now. : )14:46
tjaaltonnew fw fixed at least one hang-after-resume bu14:47
argestjaalton: ok and its been in wily for a bit (which I have been testing with)14:47
argeslooks good to me14:48
jsalisburyPHLin, I'll take a look at the bug now14:49
PHLinjsalisbury, thanks!14:49
jsalisburyPHLin, it looks like your not seeing this bug anymore on this system, per comment #11.  Is that correct, or does it require some time to reproduce?14:53
PHLinjsalisbury, let me try the Wireless Internet connection again now14:54
jsalisburyPHLin, ack, thanks14:54
PHLinjsalisbury, yeap, it failed again15:05
tjaaltonreloading the r8169 module restored network, huh15:05
PHLinjsalisbury, with "wpa_supplicant[1251]: Association request to the driver failed"15:05
PHLinjsalisbury, it's quite random I must say15:06
jsalisburyPHLin, would you say it's specific to a kernel version?  Does this not happen if you boot back into a prior kernel?15:08
PHLinjsalisbury, hmmm, we didn't notice this issue during the last cycle15:09
PHLinjsalisbury, maybe it's because it just failed so we noticed that in this one15:09
jsalisburyPHLin, That would be a good thing to test next.  Boot back into the prior kernel version and see if the bug can be reproduced15:10
PHLinjsalisbury, let me install the prior kernel first15:12
PHLinjsalisbury, I did switch to 3.2.0-90 before, but the driver seems not working at all15:12
jsalisburyPHLin, great thanks.  We should confirm if this is a regression or not.  15:12
PHLinjsalisbury, the previous result for 3.2.0-90 is in comment #9, but it's useless as the driver is not working15:15
jsalisburyPHLin, ok.  Do you happen to know if the driver was ever working prior to 3.2.0-90?15:16
PHLinjsalisbury, yes, it passed the last cycle SRU testing15:17
PHLinjsalisbury, http://people.canonical.com/~hwcert/sru-testing/precise/3.2.0-90.128/precise-proposed-froze.html15:18
jsalisburyPHLin, Can you try that prior kernel and see if this bug can be reproduced?  If we can identify the last good kernel and first bad one, I can perform a kernel bisect.15:18
PHLinjsalisbury, ok15:24
PHLinjsalisbury, btw, do you know how to boot into a specific kernel remotely?15:24
jsalisburyPHLin, do you have access to the console, if so, you can use the GRUB menu.  Another way would be to change the value of GRUB_DEFAULT and re-run update-grub 15:26
PHLinjsalisbury, ok I will try the GRUB_DEFAULT stuff, I'm not in the lab now15:27
jsalisburyPHLin, do you only have ssh access and not console access?15:27
PHLinjsalisbury, I have only ssh access, for console, you mean if I can hit shift / esc to enter the grub menu, right?15:28
jsalisburyPHLin, yes15:28
PHLinjsalisbury, yeah, that system is in the lab, I can only ssh into it now15:29
jsalisburyPHLin, ok.  there should be a wiki on changing the GRUB_DEFAULT setting.  15:30
PHLinjsalisbury, ok15:30
jsalisburyPHLin, this one might be helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:31
PHLinjsalisbury, hmmm, I think I mistakenly boot it into the recovery mode15:34
PHLinjsalisbury, it's not accessible anymore15:34
PHLinjsalisbury, I will need to check it tomorrow15:35
jsalisburyPHLin, ack15:35
PHLinjsalisbury, for the bisect, a tricky thing is that we only began to test it with the Broadcom driver since 3.2.0-9015:36
PHLinjsalisbury, it was certified with the Broadcom driver15:36
PHLin(at the very beginning)15:37
PHLinjsalisbury, and later on, it works without the driver, so we didn't test the driver until 3.2.0-9015:37
PHLinjsalisbury, anyway, thanks for your help, I will ask my colleague to take over this on tomorrow morning15:40
PHLinjsalisbury, any specific information that you want to know?15:40
henrixPHLin: just to clarify: the wl driver wasn't working with 3.2.0-90, but it was never tested before that (except from the "very beginning").15:42
jsalisburyPHLin, If this is specific to the kernel version, it would be good to know the last kernel version that did not exhibit this bug and the first version that does.  Or if this bug is specific to bcmwl regardless of the kernel version.15:42
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henrixPHLin: by "very beginning" you mean early Precise kernel releases?15:42
PHLinhenrix, the wl driver may be not working when this system was certified https://certification.canonical.com/certificates/1206-4010/15:43
PHLinhenrix, it's 3.2.0-23.3615:44
PHLinhenrix, and after it was chosen as a precise sru system15:45
PHLinhenrix, we test it with the wl driver as it works without any issue15:45
PHLinhenrix, I think it's in the test pool since 3.2.0-39.6215:47
PHLinhenrix, just randomly checked some test report, no sign of bcmwl-kernel-source15:47
bjfPHLin, it's hard for me to see this as a Precise regression.15:48
PHLinhenrix, and recently we found this system should be tested with the Broadcom driver, as it's certified with that15:48
PHLinbjf, ok15:48
bjfPHLin, jsalisbury can help you out a bit with the bug but let's get the precise kernel out.15:49
PHLinbjf, no problem, should I push the result to the kernel tracking bug?15:50
PHLinbjf, ack15:50
henrixPHLin: ok, thanks for the clarification.  i guess this info should go into the bug report, along with the latest working kernel version (as jsalisbury suggested)15:50
PHLinhenrix, okok15:52
PHLinbjf, tracker bug updated15:52
bjfPHLin, thanks15:54
rtglool, the patch for bug #1494719 does not contain a flash method. Should it be "generic" for rpi2  ?16:14
ubot5`bug 1494719 in flash-kernel (Ubuntu) "Support for the RaspberryPi2 platform" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149471916:14
loolrtg: that's a good question16:17
rtglool, guess I can just try it. it can only brick my system :)16:18
loolrtg: generic is the default, so you dont need to specify it, but feel free to16:18
loolrtg: I tried a slightly different version on Mark's rpi2, but this should work16:19
loolHis version was just 4 lines:16:19
loolMachine: Raspberry pi 2 Model B16:19
loolMachine: BCM270916:19
loolMethod: rpi216:19
loolKernel-Flavors: rpi2 raspi216:19
rtglool, it looks like it just falls through in the code if a methid is not specified in the DB16:19
loolmethod="$(get_machine_field "$machine" "Method")" || method="generic"16:19
loolis what I see in the flash-kernel on the rpi2 here16:19
rtglool, ah, ok16:20
rtgI'll look closer at the log16:20
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