dholbachgood morning07:43
pleia2dpm: sigh, can't make the call today, had an appointment open up with a doctor and I need to take it15:21
dpmpleia2, no worries, I can follow up with an e-mail15:22
pleia2great, thank you :)15:22
superflydo those stupid bots never go out of fashion? I really don't need to be "slapped around with a fish(bot)" anymore18:02
tsimonq2lol superfly 18:25
elacheche_anisHi the family! :)20:46
elacheche_anisWhat tsimonq2 ? Is that weird?! :)20:51
tsimonq2elacheche_anis: just a littttttttle bit20:52
elacheche_anisI don't think it's weird at all tsimonq2 :) My LoCo is my family :) All the community is my family :) 20:53
tsimonq2elacheche_anis: do /msg DragonEyes ;)21:04
tsimonq2elacheche_anis: do "/msg DragonEyes ;)"21:04
elacheche_anishahaha tsimonq2 :) That's your bot?! x)21:06

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