Unit193PerfM: You need something from #ubuntu-ops?00:17
PerfMI just want somebody to love, Unit19300:20
Unit193Oh no, this isn't the hippy channel.  This is the old, cranky, and bitter channel.  You wanted two doors down on the left, this is 6 down on the right.00:20
PerfMold, cranky and bitter is right00:21
PerfMmy feelings always get hurted in this channel :(00:21
Unit193Well, if you want to go there, -e s/^m/M/ -e s/el\ /el\.\ /00:47
PerfMphunyguy, it sounds sadder my way00:51
hggdhPerfM: if there is nothing we can do for you, please /part01:01
PerfMdo ya'll have top sekrit convos in here?01:01
PerfMcause I've been in here for like 3 hours and aint nothing happenning01:01
PerfMfk you hggdh01:02
PerfMthat really hurted my feelz01:02
Unit193PerfM: That's not nice!01:02
PerfMhggdh wasn't nice either01:03
hggdhPerfM: you should know better.01:03
tonyyarusso"the old, cranky, and bitter channel01:55
tonyyarussoshould be our new /topic01:56
ubottuBen64 called the ops in #ubuntu ()08:16
* Ben64 pokes everyone in the channel08:19
Ben64Myrtti: tried asking nicely 23hrs ago, didn't work then. good luck though08:20
k1leveryone coming to #ubuntu using mint does that on purpose. they have the mint channels set to startingchannel in their irc clients09:46
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ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag10:52
k1lah, maybe he got that !mint too often already10:52
ikoniak1l_: he's in the mint channel10:59
ikoniaand knows what he's doing10:59
ikoniathe problem is, the mint support is really weak apart from a few good guys,10:59
ikoniathere is no moderation, so it's just random people messing around10:59
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (guest91921)11:05
k1l_that brandon guy is the pm harassment guy form north of wichita, kansas. again11:14
Piciwilly werewolf16:08
k1l_at least genii seems to understand what the user is talking about :)16:15
Picithank goodness16:15
geniiWell, perhaps at least I've given them something distracting to go find out about ... ;)16:16
k1l_[Avenger_Q] (~brandon@ Brandon   our nice guy from kansas again17:15
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k1l_what about Chicken_Wrap (4072de73@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. ?20:12
k1l_joining this channel here several times now20:13
Unit193k1l_: kiwi is banforwarded to here, he doesn't know it/know why.  FWIW it's not against him specifically, he's a bystander.20:14
k1l_ah, where is kiwi banforwarded?20:14
k1l_ah ok20:15
k1l_could not find anything about that user in bantracker, that is why i was asking20:15
Unit193Yep, no ubottu.20:15
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