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kalikianarhuddie: so, wrt http://paste.ubuntu.com/12613971/ "psutil.NoSuchProcess" this is now hopefully the correct place to chat about it10:33
rhuddiekalikiana, sure. in mtg now, so i'll take a look after10:34
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balloonsbrendand, did you get a chance to play with fixing the system-image job, or stubbing the providers in PT so they have testids?12:10
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brendandballoons, it's easy enough just to add a system-image job to the providers. as long as you don't care whether the results end up in PT or not13:19
balloonsbrendand, I care only to the extent we need to have some reporting13:19
balloonsand we don't want to reinvite the process, as it's intended to flow through PT13:20
brendandballoons, my understanding was that the reporting in the service was what you were after?13:20
balloonsbrendand, yes, but we didn't want to recreate PT inside the service remember?13:22
balloonsbrendand, I'd like to try stubbing out a testsuite in PT for the providers we are supplying and see if it works. I don't see why it wouldn't, but it could get tricky to build. I do get that13:22
brendandballoons, i haven't even started to look at any way of importing providers into testsets13:23
rhuddiekalikiana, problem is that the app is crashing as it tries to load, so the pid is no longer valid when autopilot tries to get the proxy object13:25
balloonsbrendand, can you do the work to make system-image results be optional anyway for PT results?13:25
balloonsbrendand, and looking at the system-image job, I only ever saw the resource definition with the system-image -i call13:25
brendandballoons, it is optional after the branch veebers landed, no?13:25
rhuddiekalikiana, I found that if you remove ActionSelectionPopover item from the test qml the app will load, so it seems something related to that13:26
balloonsbrendand, veebers made it sound like you needed to do something in qakit to make it optional13:26
brendandballoons, ok so right now results won't be succesfully uploaded to PT without a system-image resource job13:26
brendandballoons, but for the app test suites that's a moot point as they can't be uploaded to PT anyway13:27
balloonsbrendand, sure, I get that. But I'd like to try and find a way to get the app test suites to upload into PT13:27
brendandballoons, ok13:28
balloonssince I think that's the saner way of doing things. If we don't do it, it breaks our workflow idea13:28
balloonswe'd need to tag PT vs non-PT tests, fix the service, add more reporting, etc13:28
brendandballoons, that could alternatively be achieved by just adding those jobs...13:29
brendandballoons, i feel we might need a hangout...13:29
balloonsbrendand, sure. I'm free and it might help indeed13:30
brendandballoons, i just need to grab some coffee, i can give you 15 mins before our standup13:30
balloonsbrendand, ack, ty. Just send me a link when ready13:30
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brendandballoons, if you create the testset in PT we can take it from there - no panic :)14:06
balloonsbrendand, I'll work on putting things into PT now14:06
balloonsbrendand, 1 testset for each app, or ? It seems like that's the way PT wants it14:29
brendandballoons, doesn't have to be14:29
brendandballoons, is each app going to be a seperate test suite in checkbox?14:30
balloonsbrendand, each app is a provider in checkbox. They have several test plans for each provider14:31
balloonsso in checkbox, you see 15 testplans or so for the 4 core apps14:32
brendandballoons, ok14:32
balloonsbrendand, so I made test #1606 in PT14:33
balloonsand testset #653. Do these make sense?14:34
balloonsthe checkbox file used to create it was from : http://paste.ubuntu.com/12624869/14:35
kalikianarhuddie: hmmm how did you figure it crashed? I don't see it even starting14:47
kalikianarhuddie: but I'm thinking I might move it into a file. I hate inline qml because things like this get hard to investigate..14:48
kalikianaand funny thing, as you mentioned the popover might be at fault, removing its actions makes it run14:49
brendandballoons, seems fine14:51
balloonsbrendand, ok, so I'll do all of them like that, and then lump them into that testset. And we should be good after?14:57
balloonswe'll have a provider we can use?14:58
brendandballoons, we just have to get over the hurdle of associating the instances with checkbox jobs14:58
balloonsbrendand, afaik, after we do an export we'll have some checkbox providers that we can run through checkbox and submit back to PT just fine. They will however lack any steps to execute them. So instead we can replace the steps by hand before building the click and the resulting effort should just work.15:00
brendandballoons, ah the other way around. interesting. ok15:05
balloonsbrendand, do you agree with that would be easier, or no?15:07
brendandballoons, well different at least15:09
brendandballoons, either way we need to manually transcribe something into the jobs15:10
balloonsbrendand, right. So I'm open to how you feel it would be best to do it. So I don't end up re-working things in PT15:10
brendandballoons, i don't think it matters really if you're going to do it by hand. if i were to automate it i'd probably update the checkbox jobs with the instance id from PT directly15:14
balloonsbrendand, well when I said automation is out; is it possible at this hour to have any automation help that would point us to doing it one way or another15:15
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flocculantballoons: could you have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/1493917 please19:53
balloonsohh this was that irc testcase we spoke about19:53
flocculantyea - I did things - then forgot all about it :p19:54
balloonsthis looks just fine. I'm curious if facebook still works actual19:54
flocculantwouldn't know - didn't try - haven't got any social media things at all here - not in the slightest bit social :p19:55
flocculantI assume that Istimsak did the whole testcase and only irc failed19:56
flocculantballoons: thanks - all merged and tracker updated20:09
* balloons high fives flocculant20:09
balloonsflocculant, right. I too can't really try20:09
balloonsbut I'm guessing it might fail20:09
balloonsflocculant, ah-hah20:10
balloonsif you'd like, feel free to remove it :-)20:10
flocculantballoons: you ok if I just do it - without getting you (or someone) to check20:11
flocculantif so - I'll do it now - while the iron is hot20:12
balloonsyes, I'd do it now20:13
balloonsI remember them changing the API.. And it's something that could cause headaches in the future. I'd can it20:13
flocculantI've done that - just got the google test left now20:16
balloonsthanks. poor empathy20:17
balloonsthe days of the multi-client messenger seem to have diminished20:17
flocculantI've not got much empathy for it ...20:17
balloonseverything is going back to locked up messaging20:17
flocculantcan't remember now what empathy replaced - without any empathy for it's predecessor ...20:18
flocculant2 dad jokes in 3 lines \o/20:18
* balloons is empathatic about remembering20:18
flocculantballoons: manual testcase bugs - do we really think that the kde ones will ever see traction?20:20
flocculantperhaps you could find out if they're ever going to use tracker? if not I'll make the bug list much much shorter ...20:20
balloonsflocculant, excellent question. I don't believe so. They've decided against it20:21
flocculantok - I'll invalid them then20:21
balloonsyou/we could confirm with .. umm.. it'll come to me20:21
* balloons cannot remember her name20:21
flocculantnot sure - think I am - or you could ask one of the council - valorie is about on irc iirc20:22
balloonssgclark was who I was thinking of20:23
flocculantright - not sure tbh - have little to do with kubuntu20:23
flocculantI think it's probably fair to say that after 2 years it's pretty unlikely that anything is going to happen now20:24
flocculantbut I won't clear the list until you're sure :)20:25
balloonsflocculant, I'm sure, hah. I know they use other tools20:25
flocculantI'll try and catch zequence re the studio things20:25
flocculantballoons: if you're sure - then I'll do it20:25
balloonsin general, I think we can invalid anything not yet covered, as suggested20:25
flocculantwould really like a manageable list of bugs there20:25
balloonsit's been a bit20:25
flocculantok - taking that as a green light :p20:26
* knome sends a brown signal20:27
* balloons waves to knome20:28
knomebetter wave...20:28
balloonsI got to make an icon today20:28
knomehello balloons20:28
knomeaha, interesting20:28
balloonsmy artistic side comig out, hah20:28
balloonsyou'll find out why tomorrow ;p20:28
knomeshow us20:28
* flocculant suspects wolflike 20:30
balloonsyou guys never like to wait20:31
balloonsare you offering to make a proper icon? not simply a resized photo?20:32
flocculantI'm not ...20:32
flocculantat all20:32
flocculantever :D20:32
knomeflocculant, but you just worked with html too ;)20:32
flocculantand be thankful for that20:32
flocculantha ha ha20:32
balloonsknome, depends on how poor mine is?20:32
knomewell show it and we'll see :D20:33
* balloons uploads20:34
knomeso... where's the icon? :P20:35
balloonsdon't you love it?20:35
knomeit's fine, but that's not an icon :P20:36
balloonsindeed, it' snot20:36
knomeit's snot?20:36
flocculantballoons: invalid or won't fix?20:36
knomeflocculant, won'tfix20:36
flocculantthat's what I thought20:36
knomeballoons, what are you using that for?20:37
balloonsa phone application20:39
knomeis that the smallest size?20:39
balloons256x256 is indeed the size20:40
flocculantballoons: ok so if I'd had the slightest bit of sense I'd have check the tags instead of opening the bugs ...20:42
flocculantbecause you shouldn't read an app name and blame KDE for it20:42
flocculantzequence: there are 50 testcase bugs - eg this testcase needs building - are you actually going to use the tracker and testcases?20:43
flocculantI'll try and catch stgraber about the 59 edubuntu ones :)20:45
balloonsflocculant, :-)20:45
flocculant1 kde bug ...20:46
flocculantha ha ha - what an idjit I am :D20:46
flocculantballoons: I guess that edubuntu and mythbuntu forgot all about this as they're both LTS only releases20:47
flocculantballoons: last one today :) https://code.launchpad.net/~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/149390821:09
flocculantballoons: ta - all done21:14
balloonsnice to get things in order21:14
balloonsthank you much flocculant21:14
flocculantbit by bit21:14
flocculantyw of course :)21:14
zequenceflocculant: We'll use them once someone starts writing tests. I haven't had the time yet, but I might get to that before next LTS.21:40
flocculantzequence: okey doke :)21:41
flocculantballoons: could you answer Brendan's query on - I'd not want to send him to the wrong place :)22:14
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1466574 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "test 1438 Install (kvm +jeos) cannot select UTC" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:14
balloonsflocculant.. hmmm. I'm not sure off the top. quality ml isn't a bad place; someone might chime in22:16
flocculantpossibly - no idea of the spread of people reading it22:17
flocculantserver-bugs maybe?22:18
flocculantgone with both of them22:23
flocculanttime for me to toddle off now - night :)22:23

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