superm1cyphermox: okay cool00:06
superm1cyphermox: if you want to push what you end up uploading to github, i can pull it into an 'ubuntu' branch to track at the debian packaging branch just so we have it in VCS until they can converge again after a debian FTP master lets it in to debian00:13
RAOFThat is the most awesome bug “grub can't be installed on systems with more than 26 discs” :)00:17
cyphermoxsuperm1: all I did was add an entry on top of your current git for "upload to wily". I'd really rather we have no delta at all, and I think there is no reason to have any01:47
cyphermoxI made sure we'd still be at a lower version than what will land when it's through new.01:47
cyphermoxi think I still had trouble building the packages because of the state of patches, maybe01:48
cyphermoxsuperm1: have you tried starting from a clean tree and trying the rebuild the package?01:49
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ogra_uhm, what ?10:25
ogra_why was ubuntu-core-config rejected ?10:25
Laneycheck your mail?10:26
ogra_didnt get one yet, but now snappy will be broken, half of the changeset was in livecd-rootfs10:26
apwogra_, should those two not dep on each other in some way to prevent them migrating separatly if that is the case ?10:29
ogra_well, i wouldnt like to make livecd-rootfs depend on anything not used for building10:30
apwogra_, no more thinking some kind of breaks or something10:30
ogra_ubuntu-core-config defines what paths on the resulting image are writable ...10:30
ogra_livecd-rootfs only manageds to build the image, but bits on it wont work now until u-c-c lands10:31
apwyep, i was hoping there was some way to represent this to prevent you getting broken in the future -- does not solve your current situation10:31
ogra_well, there are also seed changes involved ... its a triple place change :)10:32
ogra_not so easy to reflect that in packaging10:32
ogra_i just have to get u-c-c in before the next auto-build ...10:33
ogra_now if my mail server wouldnt be so broken i could see why it was rejected :P10:34
infinityogra_: If you never got your mail, it was rejected for the bogus version number.10:44
ogra_nipickars !10:44
ogra_and no, i'm still waiting for my IMAP server to drop the load under 25 :P10:45
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ogra_somehow that 200MHz/128MB/4200rpm PATA system starts showing its age10:45
* ogra_ has a snappy replacement in the works, but not ready yet10:45
ogra_there you go :)10:49
ogra_(and now the mail got through as well)10:49
apwcould someone reject linux-signed for me, i messed up the -v10:51
infinityapw: Er, no.10:52
infinityapw: Cause I accepted before you asked.10:53
apwinfinity, never mind, i'll close the bug by hand ... no biggie10:53
infinityapw: Oh, just for the closure?  Yeah, no big deal.10:53
Laneythat was a quick valgrind review12:05
cyphermoxhas anyone heard of a werewolf image yet for the slideshow? it would be nice to get that before the last few days before release :)13:27
dokochrisccoulson, are the aarch64 changes upstream for thunderbird?13:30
dokothese seem to get dropped in the pending upload13:32
cyphermoxdavmor2: would you happen to have time to run your install again on your XPS13 so I know for sure that bcmwl is good now?15:41
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davmor2cyphermox: sure is it in the latest daily or do I need to install something?15:44
cyphermoxdaily should be fine, let me check15:44
Laneycyphermox: for a werewolf I guess you want design (and willcooke might be able to help you find someone)15:50
cyphermoxLaney: ah?15:50
Laneymostly guessing - i've not been involved in this in the past (IIRC)15:51
cyphermoxLaney: I just know we always tend to do this wayy late in the release ;)15:52
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* willcooke speaks to design15:54
Laneycyphermox: quick, put it on your calendar for 5 months from now15:55
LaneyI almost said "put it on the beta checklist" :)15:57
cyphermoxno, we need that earlier. perhaps there is already something somewhere too, I just have no idea and I figure it was better to point it out now than one week from release15:57
Laneyso put a reminder to yourself to get it sorted early next time?15:58
cyphermoxlast time was later than now ;)15:59
Laneythanks willcooke ;-)16:08
Laneycould you maybe add it to that reminder of yours to get a refreshed slideshow too (at least the welcome page)?16:08
davmor2cyphermox: step one passes it shows up in additional drivers in live cd, Now I'll reboot and run an install and ensure it is install automagically \o/16:08
cyphermoxdavmor2: yay16:11
cyphermoxI did one more upgrade test earlier to make sure modemmanager was good, and it seems to be16:12
davmor2cyphermox: pfff16:12
cyphermoxif you disagree by all means tell me I did the test wrong ;)16:12
davmor2cyphermox: you did the test wrong ;) I'll give it go after and confirm for you :)16:13
Laneydoko: ↑16:21
davmor2cyphermox: I can haz wifi on the installed system \o/16:22
cyphermoxdavmor2: great.16:22
davmor2cyphermox: can you try something for me on a fresh wily, open firefox, close it, open libreoffice and close it, and then open the dash.  It should be FF on the right and then libreoffice right?   Now open nautilus and close that, it doesn't show up but now FF is on the left of LO right?16:25
cyphermoxok, just a second16:26
cyphermoxwhat do you mean by fresh, does it need to be recently-installed?16:28
davmor2cyphermox: it will likey happen regardless16:30
davmor2cyphermox: mine was a fresh install so I always go by what I had done :)16:30
cyphermoxdavmor2: I can confirm your assessment makes sense, it should be in reverse chronological order; when I do that I initially have just firefox, no libreoffice, and then when I open nautilus I get libreoffice listed in the dash, but not nautilus or firefox anymore16:30
cyphermoxah, firefox is at the very end of the list behind "6 additional results"16:31
davmor2cyphermox: weird thought right nautilus shouldn't move another apps position right?16:32
cyphermoxyeah, it should be in the dash, as the very first item16:32
cyphermox(ie. the latest opened app16:32
cyphermoxI'm not sure where you get that this must be in reverse chronological order though, maybe it's not the case16:33
cyphermoxI don't know what order is would be otherwise though16:33
cyphermoxit certainly isn't alphabetical16:33
davmor2cyphermox: no no, I opened FF first, so it showed in the dash, I then opened LO, that appeared to the left of FF.  This I expect.  I then opened nautilus, Nautilus didn't show up in the dash but FF was now to the left of the LO not the right as expected16:35
cyphermoxwell, I get a different order of things and nautilus never gets in the list16:36
cyphermoxbut it doesn't make any more sense.16:36
davmor2cyphermox: that's my point, if you open the dash look at the order, close the dash and open the dash the order doesn't change at least for me it doesn't, it's only after hitting nautilus that it changes16:38
davmor2cyphermox: it's like opening nautilus randomises your app list16:40
willcookecyphermox, Laney - I have a werewolf for you16:52
willcookeIt's in a zip file, so email ok?16:52
cyphermoxof course.16:52
willcookecyphermox, on its way16:53
Laneythat werewolf is scary16:59
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davmor2cyphermox, jibel: so that is good news, xps upgrade worked well not stalls for modemmanger \o/ and also no issues with wifi in the live system or the installed one \o/17:18
cyphermoxnow to keep fixing everything else ;)17:18
* davmor2 goes off to break some more stuff as cyphermox seems far to pleased with himself17:19
cyphermoxdavmor2: did you ever run into that timezone crash?17:19
davmor2cyphermox: nope but aren't most of the issue for that being reported from russia?17:21
cyphermoxnot all17:21
davmor2cyphermox: fix it!!! I still see the monkey in the help window should be a werewolf by now ;)17:21
cyphermoxzug zug!17:22
davmor2cyphermox: do we have any ideas when the final artwork is landing I thought it had landed by now?17:23
cyphermoxI don't know17:24
davmor2infinity, jibel: any ideas on the final artwork? ^17:24
cyphermoxis there an artwork freeze? :)17:24
ograjust paint it over ...17:25
cyphermoxdavmor2: as I understand, we already have the right wallpaper17:25
davmor2cyphermox: indeed but if you open the help app, from the settings indicator it is the monkey not werewolf icon17:26
cyphermoxright, this will need to be changed, but one thing at a time17:26
cyphermoxalso, wow, does that logo look menacing ;)17:26
jibeldavmor2, is it just to update the vervet to a werewolf?17:27
cyphermoxdavmor2: so, what settings indicator so we can file a bug about it?17:27
jibeldavmor2, last time infinity used his gimp skills to do the update17:28
cyphermoxjibel: looks like we have a vectorized werewolf now17:28
cyphermoxjibel: want to review my changes?18:05
davmor2jibel, cyphermox: yeah it's the yelp app I believe just the front page of ubuntu help from the system/settings/session indicator whatever it's called nowadays18:13
cyphermoxyou mean "about this computer?18:14
cyphermoxthe help, I see18:14
davmor2cyphermox: no the one under that that says Ubuntu Help ;)18:14
cyphermoxyep, I see18:15
cyphermoxI have no idea what ships that :)18:15
davmor2cyphermox: the app itself I believe is yelp18:15
cyphermoxyeah, it rings a bell18:15
davmor2and it is as I start it from the terminal18:15
davmor2cyphermox: no idea where it gets the artwork from though18:16
* cyphermox greps18:16
cyphermoxdavmor2: the mouse-over image changes are scary18:21
jibelcyphermox, this is beautiful ;)18:24
cyphermoxscary though :)18:28
cyphermoxwe should move the release date a few days forward to hit halloween.18:28
davmor2cyphermox: This must be lost in translation does Scary mean Awesome in Canada?  You know like bad is good?18:28
cyphermoxdavmor2: so, looks like it's ubuntu-docs and already updated to have the right mascot18:28
cyphermoxdavmor2: Yes?18:29
davmor2cyphermox: hmmmm then why it is not displaying the right mascot I wonder18:29
cyphermoxnot uploaded yet18:29
davmor2cyphermox: ah okay18:29
cyphermoxit's unreleased, in the bzr branch18:29
davmor2cyphermox: ah okay18:30
cyphermoxat least it's ready18:30
davmor2as long as it isn't forgotten18:30
superm1cyphermox: i didn't have any issues building in a clean tree back to back18:46
superm1cyphermox: i agree it would be best to avoid no delta, but if it ends up being a necessary evil, just want to make sure it's tracked18:47
cyphermoxsuperm1: yep, no problem18:51
cyphermoxso far, no delta, but I'll keep you aware if we need any changes -- hopefully there won't be anything that wouldn't also apply to Debian18:52
superm1Okay.  Yeah, presumably can just put whatever else is needed in the UNRELEASED entry for Debian for now to do on the next upload once it clears NEW18:53
coreycbrelease team,1:5.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu2 re-introduces some binary packages ( ceilometer-agent-{central,compute,ipmi} ) that were dropped in 1:5.0.0~rc1-0ubuntu119:25
dannf^ can someone reject that first libguestfs trusty upload? I forgot to update-maintainer :( 2nd upload fixes.22:53
dokodannf, done22:58
dannfdoko: thx!22:58

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