bekksThe last line is a valid crontab entry, all the rest is a valid bash script so far.00:00
bekksa crontab entry is a single line.00:00
holmsthere's bin a man somewhere that it's allowed to pass env vars00:01
holmsin crontab file00:01
bekkscrontab -l should reflect a single line invoking your script.00:02
bekksyour python script.00:02
holmsso they source a file00:03
holmsbefore command00:03
bekksI suspect you do know https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto00:06
holmsare you offering to add env vars just with "env"?00:07
holmssourcing from env.sh sounds better in this case, there's of them there00:08
holmswill be more latter on00:08
bekksNo. I am offering to either use a crontab file entry, OR a /etc/cron.*/ script00:10
holmsthat what serverfault offers http://paste.openstack.org/show/47475600:10
holmssource it from file00:10
holmscrontab -f doesn't give no errors, or any other output00:11
holmsusing crontab file entry. passing SHELL var in there is allowed in order cron to use bash instead of sh00:12
holmssourcing is also allowed it says00:12
holmswhat else :)00:13
keithzgHmm, have a BTRFS pool that's throwing an error on mounting on 14.04 during boot, but mounts fine after boot when invoked even just as part of "mount -a" or "mount /path/to/mountpoint". Am I just not able to use LABEL= during boot for BTRFS pools?00:38
keithzgAnd if that isn't it, what else might be the problem?00:38
bananapiewhen I call shutdown -h now, it does a bunch of work and at the end tells the kernel to powerdown. Is there a command line comand I can sent to the kernel to cause it to halt immediately without any other work ?00:39
bananapiewithout using init, upstart, or systemd ? Like sending the command directly to the kernel bypassing all startup/shutdown actions without using the sysrq key?00:40
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keithzgbananapie: Perhaps "poweroff"00:40
keithzgAh, maybe not that low level.00:40
bananapiepoweroff -f00:41
keithzgaha, good good :)00:41
bananapieI booted using init=/bin/bash, exiting bin/bash would cause a panic, and I was trying to find the "right" way to shutdown after I booted this way.00:41
keithzgNo problem!00:42
bananapiei'm setting up a computer for my kids. I replaced the gdm/lightdm/kdm/... with a script that calls startx which calls google-chrome. the next line in the script is shutdown -h now. So when the kids turn the computer on, bam! chrome! When they close chrome it shuts down00:43
bananapieI love linux :d00:43
bananapieunfortunately I made a mistake in my script and got stuck in an infinite reboot, so I had to emergency boot with init=/bin/bash :$00:44
bananapieactually, it was pretty funny. It would have been frustrating if I didn't know about the init parameter in grub :|00:49
bananapie12 years ago, I got a linux machine stuck in an infinite reboot loop, I just reinstalled the entire machine.00:51
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* keithzg tends to just be lazy and boot from USB or such and just chroot04:33
lordievaderGood morning.06:53
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Danny1Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why my phpmyadmin is not working on my apache2? or anything I guess?08:34
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dannysmc95Sorry say to this user08:37
lordievaderdannysmc95: Any errors?08:41
dannysmc95lordievader: how do I find out?08:43
lordievaderFirst tell me what state you are in. 'Not working' is very vague.08:44
dannysmc95State? what do you mean?08:44
lordievaderWhat do you see when you go to your phpmyadmin page.08:45
dannysmc95nothing, does not exist lordievader08:48
lordievaderdannysmc95: So you get a 404?08:48
dannysmc95lordievader: shinexusuk.tk/phpmyadmin08:48
dannysmc95I get that08:48
lordievaderYes, a 404. Is phpmyadmin installed? And if so, how?08:48
lordievaderAlso, don't make it publicly available...08:49
dannysmc95lordievader: what do you mean? it's not you have to login twice?08:54
dannysmc95and Its a dedicated server that is not located near me, so I need to get to it via phpmyadmin08:54
dannysmc95and yeah its installed08:54
lordievaderdannysmc95: How?09:03
dannysmc95lordievader: how what?09:03
lordievaderHow did you install phpmyadmin?09:03
dannysmc95sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin09:04
lordievaderdannysmc95: Right, what do you see in your apache logs?09:07
lordievaderI get the feeling the phpmyadmin configuration ain't enabled.09:07
dannysmc95Where are thet? lordievader (I am new the Ubuntu)09:08
lordievaderThe logs or the config? (logs: /var/log/apache2, config: /etc/apache2/09:10
dannysmc95I have "access.log", "error.log", "other_vhosts_access.log"09:12
lordievaderdannysmc95: Could you pastebin the output of 'apache2ctl -S'?09:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:20
dannysmc95I know what that is, should I do pastebinit apache2ctl -S09:20
lordievaderapache2ctl -S |pastebinit09:21
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lordievaderHmm, right it doesn't list aliases.09:23
dannysmc95So how do I fix that?09:24
lordievaderI'd dig around in the conf dirs to see where the phpmyadmin alias is configured.09:24
lordievaderThen see if it is enabled.09:24
dannysmc95where would they be?09:25
lordievaderNo idea, I don't have phpmyadmin installed.09:26
lordievaderI rather dislike it.09:26
dannysmc95Oh, do you have a better version? that is easy to use?09:28
jpdsCommand line is the way to go09:28
lordievaderPhpmyadmin is just another vulnerability waiting to happen.09:28
lordievaderSsh to your sql server and connect locally.09:28
dannysmc95Helpful, I need to be able to see what is in the database on screen09:28
dannysmc95I am new to this, I don't know how to do a lot of things, plus where would my sql server be hosted at?09:29
jpdsdannysmc95: show tables; select * from table_name;09:29
lordievaderdannysmc95: You should know that ;)09:29
dannysmc95Maybe, but never used it on command line, do I need something installed?09:30
lordievaderIf you ssh to your sql server likely everything is already installed.09:30
dannysmc95Where is my sql server hosted?09:31
dannysmc95It's the same server already?09:31
lordievaderYou should know that. We don't.09:31
dannysmc95do I ssh to a port?:S09:31
dannysmc95I am on the dedicated server where it is09:31
lordievaderdannysmc95: Do you host the sql server?09:32
dannysmc95Yeah it's hosted on my dedicated server09:33
jpdsdannysmc95: You've just answered your own question09:34
lordievaderSo ssh to your dedicated server -> mysql -u <some user> -p09:35
dannysmc95so it does mysql>09:36
jpdsThat's what the my in phpmyadmin stands for09:36
dannysmc95So how do I view databases? I used to have a web server, so I had one database, I do not know how to "create" and "view" databases >.<09:37
lordievaderYou mean you now have a promt 'mysql>'? That means you are logged in.09:37
jpdsdannysmc95: "show databases;" after you get to the prompt09:38
lordievaderdannysmc95: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/09:38
dannysmc95lordievader: yeah09:38
cyclobshi guys, anyone with some bind9 zone experience i can't work out why my local dns isn't resolving correctly09:53
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jamespagecoreycb, yes please could you review the ceilometer-polling stuff11:58
jamespagecoreycb, I think we need all the binary packages that got dropped; we just needed to switch the daemon to use polling with appropriate flags12:02
coreycbjamespage, I'll take care of hte ceilometer-polling bits today.  at a quick glance it seemed like updating init scripts to use ceilometer-polling with flags is what's needed.12:57
jamespagecoreycb, yeah - zigo did that in debian12:58
jamespagecoreycb, if you want me to review before upload +112:58
jamespageI can do that12:58
coreycbjamespage, thanks I'll let you know when I'm done12:58
jamespagecoreycb, ok - I have 1hr back of my day13:08
jamespagecoreycb, if you want to look at the ceilometer stuff, I'll pickup why ryu ftbfs on i38613:08
coreycbjamespage, I won't argue with that proposal13:08
jamespageoslo utils and config also in the UNACCEPTED queue for wily13:09
RoyKoslo utils?13:14
* RoyK lives in oslo13:14
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jamespagecoreycb, ryu test failures resolved - uploading now14:20
coreycbjamespage, cool thanks. so how does unaccepted affect us, as I see oslo-utils and config are in wily-proposed.14:21
jamespagecoreycb, they have been accepted now14:21
coreycbjamespage, ok14:22
jamespageit means we're still testing with the previous version14:22
jamespagecoreycb, ceilometer for some reason won't unit test on the jenkins backport-o-matic14:25
jamespageI've been backporting and testing that one manually14:25
coreycbjamespage, hmm ok I'll look into it14:28
jamespagenot a priority for now14:28
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zburnsHow can I add /dev/sdb (LVM) to existing Ubuntu install?15:19
zburnsfdisk shows as 8e (Linux LVM)15:20
zburnscan I just format that and add to fstab or do I have to do something special?15:20
RoyKzburns: pvcreate /dev/sdb ; vgextend vgname /dev/sdb15:21
RoyKzburns: then lvextend ...15:21
RoyKsee the manual15:22
zburnsRoyK: ok will do thanks15:23
coreycbjamespage, ceilometer's pushed if you want to take a look15:32
coreycbjamespage, hmm15:33
coreycbjamespage, shoot I might need to restore the binary packages15:34
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jamespagecoreycb, yup16:03
jamespagesorry had to reboot16:03
jamespagecoreycb, your agent packages need to depend on ceilometer-polling I think16:08
jamespagecoreycb, and --namespaces -> --polling-namespaces16:11
jamespagecoreycb, also the pidof check in the autopkgtests won't work with the switch in underlying binary16:13
jamespagecoreycb, I also don't think we need a daemon running for ceilometer-polling16:14
jamespageits just a binary imho16:14
jamespagecoreycb, we might be better to move ceilometer-polling to ceilometer-common16:15
jamespagecoreycb, lemme tweak and push16:19
jamespagecoreycb, ok pushed16:23
jamespagecoreycb, testing a bit as well16:23
coreycbjamespage, ok. I'll drop my add of the agent binaries then.16:35
coreycbjamespage, nevermind my last comment, just looked at your updates16:41
jvwjgamesHow do I configure udev16:49
jvwjgamesHow do I configure the 70-persistent-net.rules file16:55
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jamespagecoreycb, hmm I can't see DAEMON_ARGS being picked up17:31
jamespagecoreycb, ok so that approach does not work17:33
jamespagewe need to set DAEMON17:33
coreycbjamespage, hmm, let me test it out, you're probably close to EOD17:35
coreycbjamespage, ok yeah I just noticed that in another package..  my mistake17:35
coreycbjamespage, I'll fix it up and install test to verify the init scripts are good17:35
jamespagecoreycb, I have a fixup17:35
jamespagetesting now17:35
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DulcinWhat's the best way to set website permission/ownership18:03
DulcinI was once told it is bad to set ownership to www-data18:03
DulcinIs that so?18:03
tewardDulcin: different web apps need different permissions.  I tend to give group access www-data and keep the site as root or some other ownership.18:04
tewardbut meh18:04
Dulcinso root:www-data for all files, and then something like 775 except for cache/upload folders?18:05
shaunoI see no value in giving www-data write-access to anything it doesn't need to write to.18:06
tewardDulcin: as i said it depends on the web application18:07
DulcinI suppose you're right but could you run me through some scenarios?18:07
DulcinI want to get better/smarter at this18:08
Dulcinbut as you can see, I would simply do something like 77518:08
tewardwordpress needs 775 on its cache and upload dirs.  755 is typically what I see on web server directories, or 750 in cases where there's 'private' data that doesn't get exposed to the rest of the system18:11
tewardthe problem is it deoends on the web application in use18:11
tewardand what *it* needs18:11
teward(static content, 750 or 755 is typically what I use)18:11
DulcinOk that makes sense18:12
jayjoI have a ubuntu 14.04 server that is running very slow with mysql queries. Are there some very quick speed checks to see if something blatant is going on before I just try to upgrade my cores?18:14
dftjayjo: check your disk IO18:16
dftwhat sort of underlying storage are you running for your volumes18:17
dftbut....it could also be just inefficient queries too18:17
jayjodft: I don18:19
jayjosorry. I don't think it's the queries, I run the same on postgres on a different server and it's fine, I've been running these same queries for months.18:20
jayjodo you mean iotop?18:20
jayjoor is there a better tool18:20
dftjayjo: a quick check on disk io would be to run top and look at your wait times.  If they're high, you typically have a iops issue18:21
dftdstat works too18:21
dftdstat --disk-util18:23
dftdo that before/while/after your queries are running and18:23
dftsee what's up18:23
dftregarding same queries different server/rdbms18:24
dftwhat is the storage backing on that postgresql box?18:25
dftis there RAID involved?18:25
cpaelzer_jayjo: dft: if those servers are supposed to be same HW same SW everything there should not only look good but also similar18:28
cpaelzer_so if in all the tools you (dft) described nothing is obvious, jayjo can run them on both systems and spot the difference18:29
cpaelzer_my favorite there would be to start with "iostat -xtdk 10" (especially avgrq-sz, avgqu-sz, and *await) but with Linux Performance Tools everyone has his own favorites and that is fine :-)18:30
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dftcpaelzer_: he's already identified different rdbms backends which can have nuances in query performance depending on how they're structured as well.18:39
dftbut like all investigations, start from the ground and work your way up the stack18:40
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kyle__Does anyone know what exactly the 'PCH Temp' reported by ipmi is?19:13
sarnoldkyle__: part of the chipset: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platform_Controller_Hub19:14
kyle__Oh ok.  So it's the temp for the chipset.19:17
kyle__I tried figuring out some of these from the super-micro docs.19:17
sarnoldheh, the supermicro docs I've read were fairly dissapointing19:18
kyle__sarnold: Not as dissapointing as their hardware can be sometimes ;)19:19
sarnoldoww :)19:19
sarnoldI've never worked with it, I always had an impression they were pretty good19:19
kyle__Heh.  I've got some great boxes from them, but their QC is nearly non-existant, so sometimes you get one that just won't work, and it's like pulling teeth to get them to swap it for you.19:20
sarnoldow :(19:22
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patdk-wkyou must not read supermicro docs, but the documents for the chips used :)19:24
geniisupermicro has documentation?19:27
kyle__genii: Yup.  Not very good often.19:28
sarnoldgenii: it's fun to watch firefox pdf.js draw the lines of the servers slowly when rendering the things..19:28
geniiI got 3 bad boards in a row from them and then decided not to use them anymore19:29
sarnoldgenii: heh, this took about 40 seconds to progressively draw the server on the front page of http://www.supermicro.com/manuals/chassis/tower/SC846.pdf19:29
* genii twitches19:30
sarnoldit's almost as if they said "we want a cute little loading animation when downloading the docs"19:30
kyle__genii: I got two preconfigured servers from them, that they forgot to apply the license to the BMC.19:30
kyle__genii: Using the tools they provide to the user, I could get it to claim it was licensed, but it would reset the system on almost every remote management comand, via IPMI or their web UI.19:31
kyle__'ipmi chassis power status' should not, under any circumstances, for any reason, reboot a server.19:32
patdk-wkkyle, but what if it didn't know?19:32
patdk-wkrebooting puts it into a known state19:32
patdk-wkso it can answer19:32
jgeHey all. Anyone's got some spare cycles to help me make sense of these mysql logs in ubuntu: http://is.gd/uHvZU620:44
jgethey keep getting logged, no idea what's causing it though..20:44
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DannySMcHello, I have a question, I am running a server as a ubuntu service and once the server is loaded, when I tail the upstart log, the console is being spammed with unknown command, please do "/help" for more help options, this is running about 50 times a second, and I have no idea where it is coming from... it only happens when it runs a service... Here is the service code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12628072/23:42
DannySMc^ as a service* and I ran it outside of the service and it does not have this problem23:43
DannySMcAnyone? Even the smallest idea? does the respawn command send commands to the server? or is there something I am missing?23:45
sarnoldDannySMc: can you pastebin the /srv/minecraft/Survival/start.sh script?23:48
sarnoldDannySMc: line 4 of that file looks funny; it's probably unrelated, but try adding a space between the 'runlevel' and the '[' char23:49
DannySMcsarnold: Added the space, and: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12628122/23:50
tewardsarnold: remember I asked if Landscape can run on 1GB of RAM?23:50
teward(unrelated to support, but an observation)23:51
sarnoldDannySMc: okay, two thoughts from here: (a) perhaps that 'java' command isn't in the PATH that exists at this point -- try giving the full path to the java executable (b) make sure this file is set to be executable too23:51
sarnoldteward: yeah, any luck? :)23:51
tewardsarnold: well, i got it to run...... with severe limitations23:51
sarnoldaww :(23:52
tewardsarnold: either old hardware or too much resources needed, but i could get landscape-server up, with 1GB of RAM, but it only could handle 3 computers23:52
tewardHATE my laptop23:52
tewardsarnold: after the 4th computer connected, boom, death23:52
tewardso meh23:52
DannySMcsarnold: I can actually run that start.sh script inside the directory and I get no log at all?23:52
sarnoldDannySMc: when you run it by hand it has a very different execution envirnment than when it is run by upstart23:52
DannySMcOkay may I ask a silly question sarnold but what is the path to my java?23:53
sarnoldDannySMc: most programs fail because they expect to find an executable in the PATH that you use in your shell, but the services start with a much smaller PATH environment variable23:53
DannySMcsarnold: but the thing is the server runs23:53
sarnoldDannySMc: run 'which java' to find out23:53
DannySMcsarnold: the server runs, please beware slight lag: http://paste.ubuntu.com/12628010/23:54
DannySMcsarnold: This is a fresh install so nothing else is prepacked with it23:55
sarnoldDannySMc: oh! it's a minecraft thing :)23:55
DannySMcsarnold: yep, I was on yesterday :P23:55
DannySMcsarnold: as you can see in the space of 4 minutes it called this unknown command just over 700,000 times23:56
teward"unknown command" sounds like an internal failure23:56
sarnoldDannySMc: heh, I just meant that it's probably not upstart's fault then, if minecraft is actually running now..23:56
DannySMcsarnold: no it is inaccesible23:56
sarnoldDannySMc: but there it is :) it's running and spewing endless errors about it :)23:57
DannySMcsarnold: the server runs then seems to time out, because "I assume" the spam23:57
sarnoldDannySMc: what kind of config files does minecraft take? I suspect an error in one of those23:57
DannySMcsarnold: It works without using upstart though23:57
DannySMcsarnold: if I did ./start.sh in the directory it runs perfectly23:57
DannySMcsarnold: only does it error when it runs with upstart23:58
DannySMcsarnold: which is why I thought you guys may see if there is some kind of recursive part of the scripts I gave you, that is attempting to send a command to the server...?23:58
DannySMcsarnold: and they mainly take either .properties or .yml23:59
tarpmanDannySMc: when you start it yourself with ./start.sh does it fork off to the background, or stay in the foreground until you ctrl-c it?23:59
tarpmanDannySMc: if the start script forks, that might not play as you expect with 'respawn' ...23:59

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