Argazhello everyone, is there someone there?03:31
Stanley00Argaz: I see many here... j/k03:31
Argazcan someone help, i have a nexus 7 table with 5.1.1. i tried everthing to install ubuntu touch but without vain, any suggestions?03:33
Stanley00Argaz: what is your version of N7? and you can check here if it's supported https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices03:35
Argazandroid 5.1.103:35
Stanley00Argaz: I mean Nexus version, not android. As N7 has 2 verison 2012 and 2013.03:36
Argaz2013 nexus 7 wifi only03:38
Stanley00Argaz: what did you try to install ubuntu touch then?03:38
Stanley00Argaz: so, it should work fine with ubuntu-device-flash03:39
Argazthe table is rooted with multirom and when i try to install ubuntu touch it keeps failing.03:39
Argazi used ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrap. it comes back with an error saying it can not find channel03:43
Stanley00Argaz: I'm not sure about the multirom since I've never used it. But about ubuntu-device-flash, are you sure your device is nexus 2013 wifi only? or in other words, did ubuntu-device-flash detect it as codename flo?03:45
Argazi am sure when i type ADB device it shows on my the system says it03:47
Stanley00Argaz: can you try with "ubuntu-device-flash touch --device=flo --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu --bootstrap" ?03:48
argaz_this is the error i am getting when trying to install ubuntu touch on nexus 7  tabletwith 5.1.1  Device grouper not found on server https://system-image.ubuntu.com channel ubuntu-touch/stable/ubuntu04:30
argaz_anyone, please help04:30
argaz_anyone there?04:31
Stanley00argaz_: look like your nexus is 2012 version, the offical repo support verison 2013 only04:31
argaz_is there a fix?04:31
Stanley00argaz_: you may need to port, no official support atm, you can try searching the xda forum for the port or do it yourself04:33
argaz_is there an alternate for unbuntu touch, any kind of linux?04:34
Stanley00argaz_: android is one kind of linux already.04:35
argaz_i am looking for something similar to ubuntu that has more functionalities04:36
Stanley00argaz_: I think the multirom app can list many for your N7. Maybe debian or ubuntu desktop will be listed there.04:39
Stanley00argaz_: I have to go now, and multirom is OT here. Good luck to you.04:40
argaz_no listing of any kind of linux, thank you for your help04:40
RAOFargaz_: grouper means you've got a 2012 Nexus 7, which is unsupported.04:46
RAOFUrgh, sorry. Misread backscroll.04:46
argaz_is this mean i can not install ubuntu touch on it? if i flash andoid 5.1.1 and downgrad would that work?04:47
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RAOFYour hardware is unsupported.04:49
RAOFIt would require code changes (and for you to build your own image) to run Ubuntu Touch on your nexus 7.04:49
argaz_can ubuntu touch be installed on 10" Rca tablet model # rct6203w46? anyone please04:59
Stanley00argaz_: you can check if your device is supported via this url https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices05:16
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dholbachgood morning07:43
tathhumorning :307:52
* tathhu back to afk :/07:52
MrPickleshello guys08:33
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy International Translation Day! 😃08:38
Sleep_WalkerI guess that you're aware of problems with internet connection when travelling (moving between BTS), right?08:57
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binarHi, I'd like to try out ubuntu touch on a amd64-system (before going into porting to a ARM system). Should I use aosp_x86-eng or vbox_x86-eng?09:47
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binartrying to compile ubuntu for aosp_arm I  get host SharedLib: libEGL_translator (/home/benedikt-hbo/smartphones/phablet/out/host/linux-x86/obj/lib/libEGL_translator.so)11:19
binar/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL11:19
binarmanually adding -L$PHABLET/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/host/i686-linux-glibc2.7-4.6/sysroot/usr/lib to the gcc-call helps11:21
binarIs is possible there is something missing in one of the Makefiles?11:22
mcphailIs anyone else finding the "swipe right then delete" action for many list items isn't working (e.g. bookmarks in browser or alarms in the clock app)?12:13
mcphailDoes anyone know what component I should be searching to find/report bugs?12:15
anpok_canonical-system-image is one of the major starting points12:17
jgdxmcphail, uitk provides some (most?) swipe-to-deletes12:17
mcphailCheers guys12:17
mcphailTa. Checking now12:20
mcphailA lot of bugs open there, but I can't find this one. Can anyone on a dev channel check to see if ti happens for them, just in case it is fixed? If not, I'll file12:29
mcphailMake a new alarm in the clock app. Slide the alarm to the right, just enough to bring up the trash icon and let it go. Now click on the trash icon. The icon will disappear but the alarm will remain. Now try dragging the alram far enough to the righ so the trash icon reaches the middle of the screen and repeat. this time the alarm delates with the icon12:31
SmilexIs it possible to install Ubuntu Touch on my Samsung Galaxy S5?12:56
binarSmilex: no12:57
victor_bqone question!12:58
ogra_Smilex, after you created a port (pretty advanced task) it surely is ... i doubt there is any working recent port for it12:58
ubot5`You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices12:58
victor_bqdoes Krillin and Vegeta support hash numbers?12:58
SmilexI've looked over the devices list, but I see people have actually done it12:58
victor_bqone customer asked us about it12:59
ogra_Smilex, right, but most likely stopped doing it long enough ago that it isnt usable with todays images12:59
Smilexhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je7G5OJ0Y0E <- Here for example.12:59
ogra_victor_bq, can you be more specific ?12:59
binarogra_: do you know if there are any leftovers of those attempts?13:00
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ogra_binar, if there are, they should be linked from the wikipage above13:01
victor_bqwell, a customer obsessed with security asked us about if is possible having hash numbers13:01
victor_bqjust that13:01
Smilexogra_: It is still the Linux kernel right? Android is using the same kernel13:01
binarogra_: they aren't, just some "Sam W." is mentioned13:01
victor_bqbut I'll ask for more info13:02
ogra_victor_bq, well, the md5sum and sha*sum tools are definitely installed ....13:02
binarSmilex: ubuntu touch uses a modified android kernel, which itself is a heavily modified linux kernel13:02
Smilexbinar: Right there you said that Ubuntu uses the android kernel13:03
ogra_Smilex, it uses the android kernel with ubuntu patches on top ... and it uses the binary drivers from android to get the HW working, for this it runs a very minimal android-hardware-apstraction layer inside of an lxc container ...13:03
binarogra_: if there was a link, I wouldn't ask ;-)13:04
ogra_porting means to build the content of this minimal container from the android source for your device13:04
Smilexogra_: I did not know that Android was full of binary blobs13:04
ogra_it is :)13:04
Smilexwell then it makes sense that it isn't reliable13:04
ogra_sensor dirvers, graphics drivers ... GPS13:04
binarogra_: I would rather say "it is :("13:05
ogra_nearly everything for the HW is binary13:05
Smilexogra_: I guess it was naive of me to think otherwise13:06
binarHow can I use the hardware keyboard inside the ubuntu touch emulator?13:10
ogra_i dont think thats wired up in any way13:11
binarogra_: Ok, thought it would be somehow similiar to the android emulator13:14
ogra_it is the android emulator underneath13:14
mterryoSoMoN, sorry for the flood of webbrowser-app bugs  :)  I've just been dogfooding it on desktop and have noticed various nits13:18
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binarogra_: I assume there's just a keymap missing: <Esc> gives '&', <F3> gives '{', so adding some keys shouldn't be hard. Maybe I'll search for the code later.13:21
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oSoMoNmterry, don’t be sorry, dogfooding, feedback and bugs are very welcome!13:25
oSoMoNthanks for using it (and for your contribution too)13:26
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binarogra_: I just had to add hw.keyboard=yes to development/tools/emulator/skins/HVGA/hardware.ini13:54
ogra_HVGA ?13:55
ogra_i thought it uses EDGE13:55
binarogra_: I just dig into ubuntu touch. What do you mean?13:58
ogra_there shoould be an EDGE skin for the touch emulator13:59
binarogra_: ok, using -skin EDGE on the commandline resulting in reading HVGA is odd14:02
binarogra_: emulator output is at https://www.cvh-server.de/~bwildenhain/ubuntu/ubuntu-emu-20150930160714:09
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kalikianarhuddie: FYI found the problem. syntax error.... I hereby declare inline qml my arch enemy because it didn't show an error.... thanks for your help, though15:04
rhuddiekalikiana, oh great, well at least problem is solved15:06
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maggotsanyone seen maps.me15:25
maggotsoffline maps someone should mak an app for ut15:26
maggotsforever alone :(15:27
* justCarakas pats maggots IEW15:42
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maggotsany canonical devs in here?16:47
k1l_yes, but some may be sleeping in their offices :)16:48
davmor2maggots: yes16:48
mcphailmaggots: you can try the trigger word "appdevs" in #ubuntu-app-devel16:48
k1l_maggots: but if you ask a specific question people can see if they can help16:49
maggotsbasically maps.me have opensourced the app and maps it's basically offline maps don't know if you have heard16:49
k1l_maggots: then make a app :)16:50
maggotswould make a cool app for the phone since we have nothing like it, google maps is a dud and nokia maps is not great16:50
ograsounds like a great first project for you then maggots ;)16:51
maggotsi can't make the app i don't know c++ it a qt/qml app anyway so why dont canonical make one16:51
maggotsi have two apps on the store already16:51
davmor2maggots: because we have a maps app already why do we need another.16:52
maggotsa very poor (unfinished) game and a web app for proton mail16:52
maggotsi don't know any C++ all i know is python, html javascript and java16:53
maggotsall i'm saying is it's a cool app and if they need maps this is it.16:53
ograQML isnt C++ :)16:55
ograit is rather javascript ...16:56
maggotsi know but the back end all i know is they os it today16:56
maggotsheres the github page: https://github.com/mapsme/omim16:57
davmor2maggots: it's just OSM with an algorithm we have several apps in the store that can do that16:59
maggotsyes but lets you download entire countries and view offline do we have that?17:00
oSoMoNkenvandine, hey, I just filed https://launchpad.net/bugs/1501428 , do you know who I could bug about it?17:01
ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1501428 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "TrustStoreModel fails to expose application name for non-click app" [Undecided,New]17:01
davmor2maggots: https://uappexplorer.com/app/osmscout.fransschreuder17:02
maggotsdavmor: i downloaded it and it says no map available, dud app17:05
maggotsok so how would i view .mwm in the sdk? i know nothing about this format17:07
davmor2maggots: you need to install the map first from the selection of countries and states17:12
maggotsI cant do it someone more Knowledgeable than me will have to do it.17:23
dobeywhat is an .mwm?17:25
dobeybtw, #ubuntu-app-devel is probably a better place to ask about app devel :)17:25
ograits a suffix17:25
ograthat someone made up :)17:25
maggotswho knows :(17:25
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dobeyit's some file created by maps.me17:26
maggotsthey were a paid service now they have OS the code, but it's a mess17:27
dobeyoh well17:28
dobeythe internet is full of messy code17:29
maggotsis it true that ubuntu phone uses the modified android kernel?17:30
dobeyit's how the drivers work, yes17:32
dobeya minimal android container is used to manage the hardware17:32
maggotsdo you have the bq or the mx4?17:32
dobeyi don't. i have a nexus417:33
maggotsoh nice can you dual boot?17:33
dobeyon devices that are supported both by MultiROM and Ubuntu, yes17:34
dobeyi don't though. this nexus4 only has ubuntu on it.17:34
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kenvandineoSoMoN, i saw your bug link earlier, i might have a fix20:06
kenvandinewaiting for debs to test20:06
oSoMoNkenvandine, yeah, I was just looking at your merge request, thanks for working on it so promptly, I’ll test on my side as soon as there are debs available20:07
kenvandineoSoMoN, thx20:07
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