daftykins2.5hrs later, lubuntu installed and booted00:24
daftykinshaha 4MB RAM free on boot00:25
diddledanthat's awesome!00:25
diddledanI wish I had 4MB00:25
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daftykins90MB free if i stop X :)00:41
diddledanwho needs guis anyway00:41
daftykinsi essentially did all this because another helper got on my back about saying it was a waste of time supporting the suggestion to put lubuntu on a 1GHz celeron with 256MB RAM00:42
daftykinsi said it would be unusable00:42
diddledanhe must be an eejit :-p00:43
daftykinsjust a bit optimistic ^_^00:43
daftykinspoor little thing is slugging its' guts out doing a dist-upgrade00:52
diddledanI think you might need to consider euthanasia00:53
diddledanI wonder why I disconnected at bang-on 02:00:0101:18
* daftykins whistles01:20
diddledanyou didn't take me up on the euthanasia idea and kill my connection, did you?01:21
daftykinsmaaaaaybe, it was the closest thing!01:21
diddledanI think google should do one of these type of things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_Echo01:22
daftykinsheeeey, interesting that says Lab12602:14
daftykinsif i look at the hardware page under systeminfo, in Kodi... on the amazon FireTV, it says "HARDWARE: LAB126 BUELLER"02:15
daftykinscoincidence as i just looked at that02:15
ali12341diddledan: every android phone is one of those type of things02:27
ali12341with M, they listen for "ok google" all the time, even when turned off (standby)02:28
daftykinsyou have to be really into those gimmicky features :D02:29
ali12341also, one time i installed ubuntu on a 486 with 64MB of RAM02:29
ali12341it took over an hour to boot up02:30
daftykinsthis ones screen dissolves into a mess of artefacting after a couple of minutes at the desktop02:30
daftykinssomeone claims it's heat but it doesn't even get that warm02:30
ali12341could be thermal expansion causing breaks in the PCB traces02:31
ali12341if the board has gone bad, it wouldn't even need to get that warm to cause problems02:32
Moodoomorning all07:25
diploMorning Moodoo / all :)07:32
TwistedLucidityWe're almost halfway there, we can survive the next two-and-a-bit days!07:59
MoodooI don't know, i want to sit at my desk and cry lol08:01
davmor2popey: I'm on 5.1 and lollipop here08:06
davmor2morning all08:06
Myrttireally don't know what to do with the new Nexuses08:15
davmor2Myrtti: flash ubuntu and have a party?08:18
Myrttidavmor2: it's not Android I'm having trouble with08:19
davmor2Myrtti: what's up08:19
Myrttithe new ones don't have Qi :-(08:19
Myrttiwe've got a grand total of 7 Qi chargers now, latest two we bought from IKEA bargain corner for 18 quid just a week or so ago08:22
Myrttiwell, 5 devices and 7 charging spots08:23
davmor2Myrtti: then don't buy the new ones08:25
Myrttibut new phones!08:25
Myrttisad trombone, I got my first Nexus in a Google event for free in 201008:26
Myrttiwe've had almost all the nexuses bar Nexus S and Q08:27
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Wednesday, and happy International Translation Day! πŸ˜ƒ08:38
davmor2Myrtti: ha I love it, USB C offers faster charging that even wireless charging which is why it was dropped :)08:40
Myrttidavmor2: faster charging isn't the point tho08:40
Myrttiatleast for me08:40
davmor2Myrtti: no but maybe it was for google08:41
Myrttisure, I understand that08:41
MyrttiI understand it being the reason worth dropping it for many people08:41
Myrttiit doesn't help with my lamentation over the issue08:41
davmor2JamesTait: if your school was the same as mine then this will make you smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM0UyNqrS0o08:42
davmor2Myrtti: maybe you can buy a case for it that has the qi bits in that can charge the device via the usb c, or maybe you can create one08:44
davmor2Myrtti: not as convenient but at least all you QI chargers don't go to waste08:45
davmor2So this morning head song starts Hey Girl, Hey Boy, Super Style DJ here we go.  Yet the song is called Hey Boy Hey Girl go figure08:52
JamesTaitNo, davmor2., this morning's head song is now Alouette, you git. 😝08:56
davmor2JamesTait: Song for every occasion that's me :) and you're welcome for that cultural trip down memory lane :)08:57
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:06
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:08
brobostigonmorning bigcalm09:08
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davmor2Best bumper sticker eva! http://img.odometer.com/slides/3/6/6/3/0/1/3663014249/da2ad3c17a8dde4047ef1dca50eadcc0d2bd54ca.jpeg09:55
foobarrycan anyone explain electronic prescriptions?09:59
foobarryhow do they work/09:59
DJonesDr types the prescription into his computer & gets sent to the nominated pharmacy10:01
DJonesPresumably using a secure system rather than just email10:02
foobarryi filled out a form at the chemist, do i have to fill out a form at the docs too?10:02
zmoylan-pior... just email :-)10:02
foobarry"Ask any pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor that offers EPS or your GP practice to add10:02
foobarryyour nomination for you. You don’t need a computer to do this."10:02
foobarrysounds like i dont need to go to doc surgery to add it10:03
DJonesChemist will probably send the form to the Dr's, I filled in a form at the doctors nominating a chemist, didn't have to do it in both places10:03
foobarrythx guys10:03
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diploAnyone use web whatsapp ? I'm not sure about it.. use Telegram most of the time but one person won't use it and I am getting fed up of picking my phone up rather than using a desktop app :)10:26
zmoylan-piset up a vnc server on your phone and vnc into it to send the message? :-)10:53
foobarrydiplo: tried it out, yeah10:58
diploAnygood foobarry ?11:02
diploRead it had a security vuln but that's been fixed... but you had to click a vcard to do it which I wouldn't anyway11:02
foobarryits  bit meh11:09
foobarrybut so is hangouts web page11:09
zmoylan-pirun android in vm on desktop and use app in that :-)11:14
diplo Need a number though zmoylan-pi ? As it sends a text.. I guess I could sign up to something and do that... but web sounds easier :D11:17
diploI'll give it a go  Iguess11:17
zmoylan-piseems crazy when you can only get a mobile app...11:18
diploI *WILL* get them on Telegram soon11:19
diploLess people on different chats the better11:20
zmoylan-piemail it is...11:20
foobarryyou can run 1 android app on linux11:21
foobarrythrough chrome11:21
diploConsidering the profession I'm in, I seriously suck at email11:21
diploI forget to reply or read it half the time11:21
Seekeryou can read email now?11:22
Seekerwhen did they start letting pople do that? I've been ignoring it for almost 20 years11:24
* diddledan shivers12:23
* zmoylan-pi walks over diddledan's grave...12:24
diddledanSeeker: email is meant to be ignored. why else would google give you a huge storage capacity?12:24
zmoylan-pii'll have you know i get 5mb of storage from my email provider... :-P12:26
diddledanzmoylan-pi: sounds like the competition when gmail launched :-p12:26
diddledanhotmail gave you 15MB IIRC while google started out at 1GB12:27
diddledanyoohoo now offer 1TB12:27
zmoylan-pii spent a few mins flushing out old emails in gmail to get it below 90% capacity a few weeks back12:28
TwistedLucidityYou only need 15mb, but the marketing cretins insist on sending bloated HTML.12:42
foobarrybest cd ripper for buntu?14:31
diddledanfoobarry: for music?14:34
diddledanI tend to just use the rythmbox facility14:35
TwistedLucidityHandbrake for DVDs...CDs...be interested to hear about a good one.14:38
davmor2+1 for rhythmboxs own also sound juicer is is good still14:39
davmor2cli the best is abcde14:40
davmor2dvd/bluray makemkv14:40
diddledanyeah, makemkv is good for dvd/blurry14:40
Moodoosoundjuicer is another good on14:41
davmor2foobarry: I found that abcde gave crisper mp3's than rb or soundjuicer as they both use variable bit rate even though it says 128bit etc. however if you don't care about format or quality rb or soundjuicer are way easier to setup14:46
foobarryrhythmbox doesn't work really, the sound settings are non editable14:51
foobarrythere's an old bug about it14:51
foobarrymight have been fixed by now14:51
davmor2foobarry: you need to install the other backends14:52
foobarryhold the line, looking for bug #14:52
* foobarry plays wind pipes14:52
davmor2pan pipes14:52
foobarrybug 94598714:53
lubotu3`bug 945987 in transmageddon (Ubuntu Precise) "No Settings are available in "Preferred format", only preset defaults are used" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94598714:53
foobarrySorry to bring this up again, but despite all fixes, it still doesn't work here.14:53
foobarryRhythmbox will ignore all settings and invariably create a quality 0.3 vorbis file, no matter what I do.14:53
foobarryunclear as to the status of that actual bug14:54
foobarrysoundjuicer has no editable mp3 bitrate settings14:59
foobarryit's in rhytmbox now, wonder if this works!15:03
davmor2foobarry: worked for me in wily15:05
foobarrylook at you with your wily15:05
foobarrywhat's a good variable bit rate setting please?15:05
diddledandavmor2: wave that wily15:05
foobarryi.e 192 constant roughly = 6 ?15:06
bigcalmThat's a terribly rude name15:06
diddledanbigcalm: yes. I am struggling to remain family friendly15:06
foobarrylike the hairy hardon version15:06
davmor2bigcalm: I agree! diddledan stop saying wave as a name ;)15:06
foobarryogg quality settings seem to be the reverse of mp3 vbr settings !15:13
foobarrydavmor2: does a CD icon appear on the left hand list in rhythmbox?15:17
davmor2foobarry: did for me15:17
foobarryah, i had to mount it15:19
foobarryis musicbrainz still going?15:20
foobarryi never get matches. maybe i'm too obscure (i tihnk not)15:21
davmor2foobarry: I think with stream less people are buying cd and so they are not being updated as often as they were15:22
diplofoobarry: I still use freedb ?15:36
diplocdex does a good job of it for me15:36
foobarrydiplo: cdex is windows or lin?15:38
diploWindows, but I use it in linux as well15:42
diploWorks perfectly well under Wine15:43
diploI prefer it to a lot of the other linux apps15:43
diploAlso use mp3tag.de to fix stuff as well, also works well under wine15:43
foobarrynot sure if rhythmbox allows it15:45
diploAllows what ?15:46
foobarryanything other than musicbrainz?15:46
diploYou're changing the id3 tags I'm guessing ?15:47
foobarrysome ripping apps i've used allow you to choose the db source15:47
diploOr images to mp3's ? Sorry all I read was musicbrainz which last I heard was for tagging/name15:48
diploAh right, sorry these are seperate ripping programs15:48
foobarryyep, this is for tagging when i rip tem15:48
diploCan't believe theyt don't use freedb anymore ?15:48
diploI had so many issues with Linux progs I tried the ones I used on windows on it and never looked back15:48
* foobarry checks for a rhythmbox plugin15:49
foobarrythis is the linux desktop problem15:50
foobarryno one app that does it all well15:50
davmor2foobarry: abcde15:50
foobarrynot wife friendly15:50
diploYep, although I don't use music players to tag my stuff in windows either15:50
diploI use specific programs that do a job well15:50
foobarrya good ripper should tag at rip time15:51
davmor2foobarry: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Rhythmbox/Plugins/ThirdParty15:53
foobarrydavmor2: thanks, i was on that page, got scared off by the cddb plugin's age, and gnome2 mentioned15:54
diplocdex does that for me foobarry :)15:55
foobarryis it free oSS diplo ?15:55
diploNope :/15:58
davmor2foobarry: https://github.com/HessiJames/soundkonverter/wiki and https://github.com/HessiJames/soundkonverter/wiki/Feature%20list might be worth a look at15:58
foobarrydiplo: just gon ethru 3 screens of "install this malware?"15:59
foobarryto get cdex installed15:59
diddledanyey. malware!15:59
diploI've not installed it in years, been on this machine for 5+~ years15:59
diddledanfoobarry: I hope you selected "heck yes, I want evilwares!"16:00
diddledanI really hate that to get the ask toolbar I have to download java :-(16:00
Laneythings you don't hear every day16:07
Azelphurhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B012VFLIOI Interesting deal, does anyone know about the prohttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B012VFLIOIbability of getting Ubuntu running on it?16:07
AzelphurHaha, I love the good old delayed paste if your a multi x screen user bug, can't wait to be rid of multi X screens \o/16:08
bigcalmWhere do peeps go for their packs of multiple network cables these days? Looking at something like these http://www.amazon.co.uk/Multi-cable-multi-coloured-Cat5e-cables/dp/B00IO0FI2S16:09
foobarryoh hooray rhythmbox crashed already16:09
davmor2foobarry: seriously take a look at sound konvertor :)16:11
foobarrydavmor2: but all those kde libs :)16:12
foobarry200mb :(16:15
foobarryhope its less ugly than cdex16:16
diddledanit's kde. of course it's ugly.16:21
foobarryat least it matches CD tracks \o/16:26
* TwistedLucidity quite likes KDE; just wish Plasma 5 was more stable.16:29
foobarrydavmor2: do you use this soundkonverter regularly?16:35
foobarryseems to have good array of features16:36
foobarrywondering what "high" mp3 means. doesn't explain VBR etc16:36
davmor2foobarry: Not at all I was looking for a gui app that had the features of abcde that was top of the list16:36
foobarrydoes amazon prime streaming have anything good?16:53
foobarryseems to be old tat that i would never dream of watching if it was on freeview16:55
davmor2foobarry: http://www.stuff.tv/features/netflix-vs-amazon-vs-now-tv-battle-streaming-services17:06
foobarryrealised i only have 3 weeks left of the trial :S17:09
zmoylan-pibut the big javascript book will prop up a wobbly sofa... :-)20:08
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)20:51
daftykinsoy, setting up a new synology 2 bay NAS but it's beginning to seem like perhaps the disks aren't as healthy as they seem...20:55
diddledandaftykins: throw it at the wall and try again21:03
zmoylan-pitried that approach with a nokia once... damaged the wall...21:07
bigcalmGiven a hashed password from /etc/shadow, how easy is it to crack?21:12
diddledanbigcalm: hard21:13
diddledanbigcalm: you need to brute-force it21:13
zmoylan-pido you have access to a lump hammer and the person who's password it is? :-P21:13
bigcalmHard enough for it to be okay to store hashed passwords in a private git repo?21:13
daftykinsisn't this one of those situations where someone could spin up an amazon instance to throw lots of work at it, if they cared enough - paying only a few pence for the time?21:15
bigcalmI'm provisioning some servers. If I store the password hashes, I can automate the user creation as well21:15
* popey is pooped21:16
bigcalmBetter than being poped21:16
diddledanpopey: wb21:16
popeylong day is long21:17
daftykinsoh dear, and the culprit shows itself on delaying a desktop machines POST and boot...21:19
daftykinsnow to use the high tech piece of hardware - the ear - to pick the winner21:19
zmoylan-pii always found that resting hand on drive would let you feel the heads move.  handy in noisy environment.  good old vulcan drive meld :-)21:21
daftykinsweird, the other one is still preventing boot21:21
* diddledan melds with his computer21:21
zmoylan-piand remember... my drive to your drive, your drive to my drive...21:22
* diddledan is liquid metal21:22
* diddledan makes a stabby finger21:23
daftykinsholy moly this thing is still in warranty21:27
daftykinsrecertified on the 22nd may 2012 :D21:27
diddledan\o/ RMA21:28
daftykinsit's itself a replacement21:28
zmoylan-pithe nas went back the very next year... β™ͺ β™«21:32
daftykinsah the unit was diskless thankfully, this was trying to put some old ones from that WD unit into a synology21:33
daftykinsoh ok the other one is toast too 8D21:45
daftykins1191 pending sectors, 75 reallocated21:45
daftykinsdiddledan: i am the disk reaper21:45
zmoylan-piyay, i shall walk through the data recovery lab and i shall fear no data loss as i have 2 reliable backups21:46
daftykinsonly 2!?21:48
daftykinsaww this other disk has no warranty21:48
zmoylan-piof the unimportant replaceable stuff... more of the important stuff21:49
directhexmy phone is off for RMA21:59
directhexwonder if they'll piss & moan about liquid damage21:59
daftykinsdid you get annoyed and drown it? :)22:00
daftykinsdirecthex + arsenip - someone purporting to be an old quakenet-er identified me yesterday, spoke of hanging out with arc and Rys over on some other server O_O22:01
daftykinsi'm nipping up to England again on the 8th btw folks, if anyone is on the path between Gatwick airport, Hatfield and Brighton22:02
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