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nhainesHad a nice Ubucon conference call this week.  I think we'll have some announcements to make in about a week or so.  :)19:16
ianorlinI think gvfs could be something quite useful for the audience to know about19:37
ianorlinas it will work with all flavors but kubuntu with the file manager and is really awesome and could help new and more expirenced users alike19:38
ianorlinhmm might not be the easiest thing to demo19:38
nhainespleia2: when the call started and dpm said you couldn't make it I said "her treachery will be remembered!"19:39
pleia2doctor had an opening, and I had to take it :(19:39
nhainesYup, we all understood.19:39
nhainesThe good news is that Richard is going to look for evening party venues.  Presumably with food and alcohol.19:40
pleia2I was disappointed to miss it though19:40
nhainesI said I'll be in charge of collecting unused drink tickets, so that those would be properly taken care of at the end of each night.  :d19:40
nhainesI asked SCALE for a larger booth, and I asked Canonical for some things to put into the booth.  So we'll see how that starts to cement over the next couple of weeks.19:42
nhainesBut the plan is that we won't use the extra table just for me to sign copies of my book!19:42
nhainesianorlin: We might have a space for you to talk about that.  :)20:09

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