ahoneybunmhall119: ping01:01
ahoneybunhttp://imgur.com/EZwf1AZ mhall119^ what do you think?01:01
Garheadeahoneybun: are those moo minis?12:19
mhall119ahoneybun: what is that image for?12:34
ahoneybunGarheade: they are mini moo cards18:41
ahoneybunmhall119: the image?18:41
ahoneybunthe contact image from design.ubuntu.com18:41
Garheadeahoneybun: I won't lie, I'm not a fan of the mini's. I bought some a couple years ago and people kept complaining that they would lose them.19:02
ahoneybunyea I know19:07
ahoneybunits more about the design that I'm asking about Garheade19:07
ahoneybunmhall119: ^19:07
fsfsmariWhat did I just walk in on?19:10
ahoneybunjust talk about that card I was making19:12
fsfsmariOh, cool. I'm imagining that everyone likes it as much as I do? :)19:13
ahoneybunfsfsmari: Garheade does like that I was using the mini size19:16
ahoneybunbut other then that I 'm not sure19:16
fsfsmariI didn't know they were mini size.19:16
fsfsmariThat is quite cool.19:16
ahoneybun<Garheade> ahoneybun: I won't lie, I'm not a fan of the mini's. I bought some a couple years ago and people kept complaining that they would lose them.19:17
fsfsmariSounds like their problem, not yours. ;)19:21
Garheadeahoneybun: I think I still have some if you want to see them.19:22
Garheadeand fsfsmari if they lose my contact info it IS my problem because then they wont reach out to me.19:22
ahoneybunI'm looking at the full size one as I can fit the whole loco link in that one19:22
Garheadeahoneybun: Good choice19:23
ahoneybunI've seen one before Garheade the LibreOffice guy I met last year had one19:23
ahoneybunGarheade: http://imgur.com/JhgC5wV19:24
ahoneybunfsfsmari: mhall119 ^^^19:24
fsfsmariDo not want.19:25
fsfsmariIt's like some kind of ancient runic riddle or something, haha19:25
fsfsmariAlso, too much information.19:26
Nothing_Muchwhoa, that's that?19:26
ahoneybunyea perhaps fsfsmari19:27
ahoneybunNothing_Much: LoCo card I'm working on19:27
fsfsmariI don't think the G+ link looks very good.....I think people will look for you on there anyway.19:28
ahoneybunfsfsmari: you know the trivia is not on meetup19:29
fsfsmariYeah......I got lazy.19:30
fsfsmariEveryone knows it's every week now. ;)19:30
ahoneybunit looks pretty clear for a bike ride19:31
Garheadeahoneybun: That looks decent19:34
Garheadeahoneybun: you need a http://gplus.to/ link to shorten up your g+ profile link19:35
GarheadeAlso, hi fsfsmari 19:43
fsfsmariHi Garheade!!19:43
Nothing_MuchAmazon instant video works on Linux now.19:50
ahoneybunNothing_Much: in Chrome, yes19:59
ahoneybunfsfsmari: 6:45 trivia?19:59
Nothing_MuchWhat about Chromium?19:59
fsfsmariIndeed! See you there?20:00
ahoneybunI plan on it fsfsmari, let's see if the world agrees lol20:00
ahoneybunNothing_Much: I think Chrome has pepper flash plugin builtin20:01
fsfsmariHa. I'm still at work...I'm NEVER here this late on Wednesdays.20:01
ahoneybunNothing_Much: I'll test, just need to grab it just have firefox and chrome atm20:02
Nothing_MuchAh cool.20:02
DammitJimis iptables default on ubuntu?20:57
GarheadeDammitJim: yes20:59

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