gamerchick02Rick_h did you see what I posted? Is that a hard drive error?00:04
rick_h_gamerchick02: no idea, I'd just google the message myself tbh00:25
rick_h_gamerchick02: maybe run a smart tools check00:25
rick_h_cmaloney: the new starbucks they put in blocked port 22/ssh00:25
gamerchick02Ok. I'll look tomorrow. I'm tired tonight.00:25
gamerchick02Maybe I can get some help tomorrow night after I look into it more.00:29
cmaloneyrick_h_: That's horseshit01:43
jrwrengood morning12:17
cmaloneyWho the hell thought that was a case design worth pursuing?14:50
jrwrencmaloney: WOW!14:52
jrwrenDVR is a technology which I think I'll end up skipping in life.14:52
jrwrenI've never had one. I have no desire for one.14:52
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding14:52
jrwrenI like that it supports 1.3X playback. Sometimes when I binge watch stupid shows, I playback at 1.5 or 2X or if it is a terrible show that I still want to watch, 2.5X :)14:53
greg-gheh, it skips commercials but only offers 1.3x?15:14
greg-galso, +1 to cmaloney, that is an infuriating case design15:14
jrwrenbut really.. when was the last time tivo was relevant?15:16
greg-g2003, I think15:17
greg-gthat's the last time I saw one in a home first hand15:17
jrwrensounds about right.15:21
jrwreni'm always surprised when I hear they are still around.15:21
jrwrenI figure they must OEM some stuff for the cable and sat DVRs or something.15:21
greg-gonly makes sense15:23
jcastroyeah I don't get how people still need DVRs16:24
jcastrobut like, if you talk to normal people, they still do the whole "I need to tape a show or I miss it."16:25
jrwrenall comcast customer have xfinity to watch missed shows, AFAIK.16:25
jcastrohave you seen the UI for that?16:26
jcastrojust punch yourself in the face instead16:26
jrwrenits terrible16:26
jrwrenit does work though.16:26
jrwreni hate the ads.16:26
jrwreni feel like i'm being punched in the face by the ads and the woman reading them yelling at me.16:27
rick_h_jcastro: http://www.worldheritageairmuseum.org/#!contact/c2q4 moving in right by the house!19:02
jcastrorick_h_: are you going to OLF or going directly to seattle?19:12
rick_h_jcastro: seattle19:12
rick_h_jcastro: though thinking of hanging out maybe into the next week if my wife promises to not divorce me...so might see you there19:12
jcastroI am there next week19:12
jcastrojust not the week after19:12
rick_h_jcastro: oh? when do you fly out?19:14
jcastrosunday morning from columbus19:14
rick_h_ah cool19:14

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