Unit193thafreak: So, Docker, juju (not quite the same), lxc, and any others I'm forgetting?00:38
thafreakUnit193: other what? Those are all tools with some things in common, but not normally all lumped together01:37
thafreakLike docker can use lxc01:37
thafreakjuju is a provisioning thing, which I've never really used01:38
thafreaklibcontainer, runc, lxc, openvz those all more or less go together i would say01:39
Unit193Ah, I see.01:39
thafreakjuju belongs more with things like puppet, chef, ansible, and saltstack01:39
Unit193Was going loosely, as I've not played with them.01:40
thafreakwhat are you looking for? I just started reading about otto today01:40
thafreakotto is by the people who made vagrant, and it's what they're deeming as it's successor01:41
thafreakand it seems pretty neat, although it does a little too much for you.01:41
thafreakI get weirded out when some tool is doing things that I don't know how or why or what it's doing and can't do them manually01:41
Unit193More just looking at the things to see what I'd like to poke, though of course not looking interestedly at juju.01:42
thafreakIf you're looking for something to mess around with on linux, I would just look at docker and maybe docker compose01:42
Unit193docker or lxc are the "hip" ones, and the latter may be interesting.01:43
Unit193Basically, chroots you can "start"01:43
thafreakyeah, juju is kind of like if you combine docker, docker-compose, docker-machine together01:43
thafreakyeah, i started down the lxc road, but more or less abandonded it01:43
thafreakI didn't like how from inside an lxc container it didn't feel enough like a separate machine01:44
Unit193Ah, well will look into it still I guess, but maybe not poke too much.01:44
thafreakfor example, if you bind mounted a directory from the host to inside the lxc container, you still saw the host path in the container's mount output01:45
thafreakit's fine if you're just doing like package building/testing i would say, which is your interest correct?01:45
thafreakBut so is docker, and docker is really much simpler to work with01:46
thafreakFrom a security stand point, like running containers to host stuff in my DMZ, I don't really like any of them01:46
Unit193I use pbuilder/chroots for building, though I do need to use an amd64 ubuntu host to chroot in or something to amd64 stretch/sid to live-build something, when I get the motivation. ;P01:47
thafreakunless the host running the containers is also in the dmz, then i guess it doesn't matter01:47
thafreakah yeah01:47
thafreakit's easier to just go with an amd64 host these days and use containers to run anything 32bit01:47
Unit193My Debian host is i386, so I've done a few of those with the ISO, but I really need to get an amd64 one uploaded.01:47
Unit193Meh, in this case, old hardware so no-go.01:48
thafreakyeah, that sucks01:48
thafreakthe only real nice thing about 64bit hardware is it's more flexible. Can run either system in a container/chroot01:49
Unit193But anywho, was thinking more to poke than actual help me on that project.01:49
thafreaki would say docker is a bit more versatile right now.01:50
Unit193And since you'd mentioned them...  Got a few good pointers out of this.01:50
thafreakit's REALLY easy to install and just play with01:51
thafreaklxc the last time i used it, the tools to manage the containers weren't as nice01:51
thafreakplus docker has this registry, so you can download all kinds of stuff with a single pull command01:52
thafreakright now I'm fascinated with alpine linux...and am seeing wht all packages it has01:53
thafreakIt's using musl libc01:54
Unit193I do stuff with Debian packaging, such that it's harder to move away from a debian base.01:54
Unit193I mean, doesn't everyone have a supplimental repo of their own these days? :P01:54
thafreakoh, I'm running debian jessie, but I have docker installed and I play with alpine in docker01:54
thafreakYeah, I've been meaning to set up my own supplimental repo...sadly I just don't have the time to invest lately01:55
Unit193(Meanwhile, I stay far away from Stable.)01:55
thafreakoh, ha, you on sid?01:56
Unit193Even with Ubuntu current, development, or testing/unstable I need more.  Well, no desktop is, but I do have a headless host/server on stretch.01:56
Unit193(I'm an Xubuntu developer, so I tend to run it after all. :P )01:57
thafreakah, I'm down to basically just my laptop that I upgraded, and well, a server running VM's with KVM/libvirt for all my server needs01:57
thafreaknp, I'm heading upstairs for the night anyway. I'll be lurking more tomorrow though01:58
belkinsahttp://senseopenness.com/change-of-plans/ Sorry, I can't make it to OLF.11:48
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dzhoI think I have A Plan for the OLF trip, more or less.22:20
dzhogoing to shoot for getting to the Mayfield Heights Microcenter on the way down Friday.22:20

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